June 29, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: Review of PTLS Questions Remix

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
June 29, 2016-TCS # 502

Buonasera, My Readers. By The Way, “Buonasera” is Italian for “Good Evening”. Thought that I would try a Different Greeting than what I normally do. So, Whenever I write about PTLS or Talk about PTLS, it seems like I have to Every-so-often Repeat something that I said or have written about. Because I have written up to 500 Newsletters, I realize that I have written some really Good Newsletters either Recently or A Few Years Ago, and I mean, Really Good Ones, Brilliant Ones! Problems is, unless You go to My Newsletter Site regularly and look at Past Newsletters, They are in a way “Pushed Down” to make way for New Newsletters. It is part of The Blogging Process, I guess. So, I am going to Rerun one of My Gold Newsletters but, This Time, Re-mix and Edit a little bit. This Newsletter was originally written in May of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 450). Enjoy!

So, as Joan Rivers would say, “Let’s Talk” and This is a “Let’s Talk” Newsletter indeed. (Joan Rivers recently passed away and I figured that I would honor her) As My Veterans know, I often cover the Same Thing about PTLS In Introduction but, As I say, There are always New PTLS Family Members that are “Admitted into The Union” per se. But, I am sure that There are Those who have been reading a while, or Started Reading, and are Curious about PTLS. You See, When A New PTLS Member is Admitted into The PTLS Family, To be fair, They are a Bit Scared when They come in and See what PTLS has to offer. They worry about Many Simple Things that Most People would not; PTLS is Unique! Haven’t You Heard? (breaking out in Song) The, The, The Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird Is The Word! Just Kidding about The Bird, It is Family Guy Reference. Aaaannnnnyway, So I, The Caring Guy that I am, is going to try and Help both New Members and Refresh for The Standing PTLS Members. So, I’m going to take this in sort of a Political Candidate/Interview kind of Way. So, Here We Go.
First Off, I would to like Welcome You to The PTLS Family! My Name is Christian Smith-Centeno (also known as “Christian Centeno”) I am currently 28 Years Old and I have PTLS. I usually say that statement Very Proudly. Even though I edit it to My Age, Every Year, I still say it Proudly. I have had PTLS my Whole Life, Diagnosed at 3 Years Old. I was 4th In The World and 1st in The United States in through the week long research study (done Way Back then) but, that is just a Title! So, now that We have done the Introduction, Time to go for The Deep Stuff! By The Way, New Members, Please Take Your Time reading this, You don’t have to Digest It at all at Once! 
So, With New Members, They have Different Priorities when It comes to The First Question, We’ll call it, The Leap of Faith. Here We Go! 

Are You Okay?/Is My Child Going to be Okay?/ Are You at Least “Close to Typical”?: To Answer That Question. Yes, I am Okay. I am a Happy Person and Most PTLSers are Generally Happy. In Fact, They say that PTLSers have “The Happy Gene”. Second Question, This and VERY Important! Yes, Your Child Will Be Okay (Capitalized for Emphasis). Am I at least “Close to Typical”, As Good as I can be. Sometimes, It is not Easy to “Try to be Typical” because I don’t want to stand out TOO Much! I see Myself as “Unique”, In Other Words, I am Me, Simply Put.

What on Earth is PTLS?!
PTLS is shorthand of “Potocki-Lupski Syndrome”. Potocki-Lupski Syndrome is named after Two Doctors in Houston named Doctor Potocki and Doctor Lupski. and While we are at it, PTLS is NOT a Disease, It just happens. It is also worth Mentioning that Potocki-Lupski Syndrome has Autism-like Behaviors.

Oh My Lord, What do I do about Potty Training?! 
Okay, now This is My Bias Story, So it may or may not work for You. One Day, It was Raining and My Mom had a Frustrating Moment and Told Me that “The Baby down the Street needed My Diapers and I could not go in My Pants” Long Story, Short. I looked at Her like She had Two Heads and I eventually went to The Bathroom, by My Self. Needless to Say, Us PTLSers are Very Stubborn! 

Important Stuff
The Stuff I feel that You should know about us. That I consider to be Important. We are Detail Oriented (All about The Details!), Routine Oriented (as in Getting Up at Same Time and Going to Bed at The Same Time, Predictability at life helps us focus!), We do get Overwhelmed at Too Much Noise or Activity. In Other Words, VERY Sensitive Hearing when We are Young, It does go down as We get Older. We are a bit OCD and Obsessive about Things. and, Most Importantly, We are Rule Followers, If You tell us a Rule that We will Follow It and Expect Others to Follow It. We (or at least, Myself) have an Issue with Gooey Textures or Things that Look like that. 

 That They will do at Their Own Time. I personally Ate nothing but Macaroni and Cheese, Yogurt, Apple Sauce, and Pasta most of My Childhood. PTLSers these Days, Love Fruit and Veggies. More so Fruit. So, The Next Part gets a bit split in The PTLS Family with Different View Points.

Walking and Talking (Plain and Simple) 
Usually, Anywhere around 3 Years Old, They start Walking (some earlier) and, around 4 to 5 Years Old is when PTLSers start trying to Talk(Some Earlier, Some Later, and Some Non-Verbal). It should have a Disclaimer here that, PTLSers have a range, so Those Stats are Give or Take. But, One Thing that I want you to Know in This Segment is that PTLSers are Smarter than You realize. They soak in Everything and In Turn, They end up Mimicking What They are around. 

Schooling. Oh The Complication:
So, This is My View, so Do with It What You Will. Throughout School, My Mom made sure that I had a Good Mix of Special Ed and Regular Classrooms. The Special Ed was more for The Subjects that I needed extra help in, like Math, Writing (With an Aide), English (With An Aide), and finally Reading. Now I should mention that We are Very Literal. So, Spacial Learning is The Best Way to Go. Now, I did Regular Classrooms like Geography (With An Aide), Environmental Science (With An Aide), Aqua Science, and Art (Both Regular and Sculpture Art, without an Aide). I Will mention that Back in High School, I did a little “Job Crew” Class and I got to do something, I referred to as “Parking Lot Duty”. My Job was to Check the Big Staff Parking Lot (about 100 or so Cars) and Make Sure that Everyone was parked in the right place. I had to write The License Plate Number if They weren’t. I had 100% Compliance that Year. 

 So This One is a bit hard for Me. I really don’t like People who are Not Understanding asking Me if I go to College. Disclaimer Here, Your Child CAN go to College if They are Ready or Want to. Me, Personally, I did not go to College because My Math and Writing Levels were not at College Level. However, In A Way, I attempted a College Class. See, I tried to take one Online. I took a “Globalization Class” because after all, I am interested in how Geography, History, and Politics all mix together. As Crazy as it sounds, I used to think that History was boring, It had Nothing to do with Geography. Boy, Was I wrong! But, Anyway, in Said Class, I had Read from a Text Book (on The Computer), Checked out Websites They told me to Check Out, Watch The Video Lecture, and then A Knowledge Check Test. I tried One Week of It and It was a Bit Overwhelming in learning about Things that I probably should not. I did passed Two Knowledge Checks without Reading the Whole Chapter It told me to read. 

Dating. Oh Boy!
 Okay, Those of You are wondering if I have Ever Dated, The Answer is Yes. I have had Two Girlfriends and I have been to a Homecoming Dance. By The Way, Homecoming in Texas is The Autumn Equivalent to Prom. Now, as For Future Dating, I plan on Finding The Woman of My Dreams, Bridgett (I am believing that is Her Name) and Dating Her, and Eventually, Marrying Her. 

Do I Plan on Getting Married?! 
Now, This is Not a Common Question of New PTLS Members, but I know it is One of Those Curious Questions that People are a bit afraid to ask. The Answer to This Question is Yes. Well, I think I pretty much answered that one at The End of The Last Question I answered, funny how that happens. Now, Although I do plan on Getting Married, I pray that it is goes off really well. The Thought of It, I have to say, makes me Anxious. As For The Other Stuff, I do plan on that too and I hope that My Texture Issues will not flip on me. And, Final Question

 The Future
 Hard to Answer but, I know I plan on Getting Married, I plan on a Job that has Structure and Predictability in a Field that I Love, and Probably Most of All, I plan on Traveling The World to see It’s Great Beauty. All in all, With all The Questions I answered, I want you to know Most Importantly that with All The Craziness of Figuring Out PTLS along “The PTLS Highway”, I Want You to know that Your Child WILL be Okay!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Give Us Opportunity and We will Meet Those Expectations

June 22, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: PTLS and Loud Music

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
June 22, 2016-TCS # 501

Hej, My Readers! Hej, by the way is the Swedish Greeting for Hello. It is Pronounced like the American “Hey”, only said twice in Sweden to sound like “Hey, Hey”. So, We had quite The Celebration last week, didn’t We? Well, now it is Time to get back to Work! Okay, now, Where were We again? Just Kidding. Anyway, This Week I am going to talk about something that I have not talked about in a while, PTLS-Related Stuff, more on the lines of, Something that can really bother us. You See, I was reminded of This and Sometimes, I hate when I am reminded of things that Having PTLS blocks me (Blocks sounds like a Harsh term, How about Slows Me Down) from Doing Things. Anyway, so My Mom, Her High School Friend (A Local one; not to be confused with Cindy Lockwood) and I went out on Saturday Night to Downtown McKinney. We figured that It would be Good to get me out of The House as well as get My Mom out for a bit too. It went well, We went out to Eat at This Nice Down-Home kind of Eatery, but We had something that We are going to do next. The High School Friend, We will call her, Barb, had a Couple of Friends ask if We wanted to go to This Pizza Pub and Listen to Music. I did it with Uncle Craig one time, so Why not? The Couple told us that This Band is one of their favorites but, She is kind of Loud, similar to Janis Joplin meets Stevie Nicks. “Okay, This should be Interesting”, I thought. Considering that This Pizza Pub only was a Certain Size and It was not that Big. Basically, We got a Table, right up front, and Yeah, She was Loud! Now, Typically, Live Bands tends to turn up their Amps VERY Loud, must add on to the excitement I guess, I don’t really get it, but That is Why it is. To say the least, The Singer was Pretty Interesting, She sung Very Passionately and Did Several Rock Star kind of Head Bobs and Head Swings. To tell you the truth, That was the Only thing that kept me interested was that. Luckily, We only stayed for an Hour but, still. The Thing was that The Too-Overwhelmed-by-Loudness part of My PTLS as I call it “Reared It’s Ugly Head”. To My Knowledge, I have not had one of those episodes in a While. Maybe Great Wolf Lodge was The Last Time, I digress. Anyway, so I sat there and I will tell you It was so Loud, I could not hear Myself talk to My Mom or My Mom talk to Me. Suck It Up! I told myself, trying to Enjoy the Music. Listen to Music, was what We were doing. As I watched The Singer sing, A flood of thoughts came. My Mom tells me, I should put Ear Plugs (should have listened to My Mom) or Cover My Ears (like She showed me to do, since She was doing it); In My Head: It looks like I am not having Fun, I thought. Not Typical. and, that was The Objective here! Look as Typical as I can. No Looks on My Face, No Covering of The Ears, Just Suck It Up. My Thoughts continued, “Well, How on Earth could I handle My Brother and His ‘Jamming Sessions’ with His Friends back then?” (to put it Nicely). Well, One They was a Music Muffler in The Garage so We would not disturb The Neighbors and My Brother likely did not turn up the Amp so Dang High! “Haven’t I been to a Live Music Performance before? like The Special Friend’s Christmas Dinners” Well, Yes I have. It has been a While. The Christmas Dinner, The Music at The Christmas Dinner was at a Good Volume. Considering that, When I was with Barb as well as the Couple, I was most concerned about The Time because I needed to be Home for My Quality Time online with My Friend, Deb (Shout Out!) that I have Every Saturday. That and Most Importantly, I did not want My Overwhelmed-By-Loudness to spoil anyone’s (Myself, Mom, Barb, or the Couple’s) Time. I don’t want to be a Party Pooper! That is not Typical. See, when I am around Other People, either People I know or Not so Much, I try to mimic what Others are doing. To Try to be as Typical as Possible. Sometimes, Though, It does not work for Me. That does not mean that I don’t try and Compromise. I tried to offer to Sit Outside but, One being that It is Hot and Muggy Outside, May not be The Best Idea. And, those that want to Drink at This Place (NOT My Mom or Barb) have to sit Inside, due to either City Rules or State Law, maybe both. After about 45 Minutes or so, of Music, We had to Go. But, I was Really beginning to Like to watching This Singer’s Mannerisms. I felt kinda bad that We left the Couple there, but We did get Extra Time with Barb. Luckily though, Barb did Understand about This Issue. She checked on Me, via My Mom while The Singer was Singing. Thank God for Her though! Whenever I write about What it’s like living with PTLS, It can be Hard because It gets me Emotional. The Point of My Newsletter regarding PTLS is to Show what it is like through My Eyes but, I want to be seen as a Typical Human with Abilities. So, I can only hope that I can help you understand. So, all in all, When You are thinking about Taking your Kids to Loud Places like Disney, Loud Movies, Indoor Sports, or Concerts, It can be Very Loud to them. Covering their Ears is a Good Thing (Don’t get me wrong), but It makes them stand out as being Different. On a Lighter Note, It was Probably a Good Thing that I have not had My Ears Irrigated yet. So, They muffled some of The Sound. Hehehe.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Music is good for The Soul, but when It is Too Loud, it can hurt The Ears.

June 15, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: My 500th Newsletter!

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
June 16, 2016-TCS # 500

Well, My Readers, It is The Moment that We have been waiting for, My 500th Newsletter! Yes, Ladies and Gents, 500 Newsletters that I have written! So, I am just as surprised as You are! I am amazed that It is not only My 500th Newsletter but, also My 10th Year of Writing! Historically though, When I started Writing This Newsletter, It was not Every Wednesday, it was more like Every Other Week and then, on Odd Days like Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday to name a few. I finally chose Wednesday to make it a routine and It stuck. I figured also that Nothing was going on that day and It was a Perfect Time of The Week.  I have been Writing Every Wednesday Faithfully with a Few Breaks or Vacations since then. So, Before We get to the Subject of The 500th Newsletter, Let’s see what I wrote about in Past, what I now call “Milestone Newsletters”. The Following are references and Newsletter Titles. 
  • 100th Newsletter: “Playlist of Your Life” Series; Popi (April 2008)
  • 200th Newsletter: “All Thanks to You” Series; My Readers (May 2010)
  • 300th Newsletter: Launch of My “I Believe In Love” Campaign (May 2012)
  • 400th Newsletter: “Happiness....Simplified” Series: What is Happiness to Me (May 2014)
Which brings to Us to Now! Last Week, I kinda left you hanging didn’t I? I left you thinking, What is He going to do for His 500th Newsletter? It was a “To Be Continued”. Honestly, I hate when Shows bring you to a Cliffhanger and then, Says “To Be Continued”. Now, before I move on, I do want to mention briefly about What is going on here in The United States. I will spare you the details, politics, and thoughts about it. But Please know, Those that are stressing and freaking out about This, that No Matter what Craziness there is in The World, both Personally (like Bullies or Haters) or Outside Your World (like Attacks and what have you); Please know that LOVE always Wins! Even when Demons are staring right at You! I Love You All, My Readers. I give you an Air Hug all together. (Biiiigggg Huugg). Okay, Everyone, Good Talk! Anyway, Let’s hear about Some Good Stuff, shall we? So, Last Week, We talked about My Dreamscape BEFORE and Everyone knows that, Fortunately and sometimes Unfortunately, Life likes to change on Us without Warning. Now, This is My Dreamscape presently because after all, Even if all those Changes that happen in Life, You still need a Dreamscape. So, Here We Go! I am told that You should write your dreamscape as if It is already happening. I see Myself living somewhere along The East Coast of The US. My Choice right now is Atlanta, Charlotte, or Raleigh-Durham. Close to The Beach and Close to The Mountains. I am Married (in My Dreamscape) to The Woman of My Dreams, Bridgett Lafleur. I work at Navteq (It is now called “Here”, I believe). It deals with Traffic. If not that, then Something related to Travel or Geography with a Calm Predictable Environment with Perfect Hours, 10 AM to 3 PM. It is not too tiring and doesn’t have issues with Things related to Special Needs (to say The Least). Now, This Part of My Dreamscape is more Atlanta-leaning but You never know, I may end up in North Carolina but, Follow me here, We live in Norcross; My Mom lives 3 Houses down from Me so that If I need help or want to go and hang out with Her, I can. The Objective here is that, I want My Mom to live, if not Next Door to Me, at least on that Same Street in The Same Town. I live with Bridgett (until after We are married) with Her Dad, Mr. Lafleur. Every Friday night, I leave from Work and spend the Night at My Grandma Honey’s House and We go to Breakfast on Saturday Morning. We hang out for a While and then, either My Mom, Mr. Lafleur, or Yes, Uber (Grandma Honey uses Uber. It is BEST Thing for Her!) to take me Home. Saturday Evening is time for Bridgett and I. Sunday Morning is “Family Day”, so I go to My Mom’s House and hand out over there for The Day. Bridgett sometimes comes over, but Most of The Time, She and Her Dad “Goof Off” as My Uncle Craig says. Other than that, Bridgett and I will go on Lots of Adventures. To make You Laugh, In My Head, I have to make sure that I am in between Two Very Important PTLS Family Members, “My Kristin” and Audrey, Shout Out! “My Kristin” will be the Wedding Planner and Audrey will be The Photographer when I get Married. We do go on a lot of PTLS Business Trips to various places because that is The Best Way that We have found to Spread Awareness of PTLS. Speaking of My Mom, She is still The President of The PTLS Foundation and She will be doing Her Passion of Teaching in Many Different Ways. She is Married a Very Wealthy Guy (but, also Down to Earth) who will be Very Understanding of Us and PTLS. He will be a Brilliant Leader when He comes to PTLS Gatherings with Us. He is quite literally Spoiling My Mom in So Many Unbelievable Ways. Actually, I think We will all be Spoiled (not in a Negative Way!) beyond Belief. Now, Don’t worry I have included My Brother in here because He is Very Important too. My Brother is a Brilliant Artist, who will either be working with Turner Broadcasting or Could Very Well be an Art Teacher. Now, that I think about it, He would be a Brilliant Art Teacher. He will be Married to His Future Wife as well. Because of The following Oh-So-Sensitive situation, This next part, can be an “Only in My Dreams” kind of Thing. But, I will say this, There was a Time back when We were Kids when My Mom and My Childhood Friend, Meredith’s Mom always thought that Due to The Reason of My Brother and Her always sitting next to Each Other, Holding Hands, Always Close by Each Other, that They would probably end up together (and, Very Likely, They will...Eventually). So, Trying to say this without too much of My own Bias, with Respect to Meredith herself, I am thinking that things are going to End up differently and It’s not Her, then It is Someone REALLY Amazing! Like We agreed before, Love always wins in The End. Kind of sounds like a Spoiler Alert to something doesn’t it? The Bottom Line, is that We are a Close-Knit Family both Presently and In The Future. All in all, It sounds like a Really Great Life that All of us will have.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. In The Face of Evil, Love will ALWAYS Win in The End!

June 8, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: My Dreamscape- Before

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
June 8, 2016-TCS # 499

Hello, My Loyal Readers! And, I do mean that! It is not just another of My Creative Greetings. We have made it to A Milestone that I did not think that We would get to. I am  a Newsletter away from My 500th Newsletter! Yes, that is correct. 500 Newsletters! It is only fitting that even with All The Times that I have taken off, Subjects Written about, and Life Events happening, that in My 10th Year of Writing, I would get to My 500th Newsletter in that same year. So, Let’s Celebrate! So, What shall I write about for My Pre-Lead into My 500th Newsletter? hmm...Lots of Choices! I have done some good lead ins. Among them, Here they are, along with References...
  • Pre-100th Newsletter: “Playlist of Your Life Series” (April 2008)
  • Pre-200th Newsletter: “All Thanks to You Series”: PTLS Families (May 2010)
  • Pre-300th Newsletter: “About The Girl of My Dreams” (May 2012)
  • Pre-400th Newsletter: “Happiness...Simplified Series” (April 2014)
Which brings us to Now. So, How do I top This? Well, How about Something You HAVEN’T seen before. Call it an “Unseen Newsletter”, that is unless You are a Veteran Reader and Have been reading this since The Beginning, Namely Family and Some of My Friends. So, This Unseen Newsletter, that was Written back in September of 2007. At This Time, I was fresh out of High School, working at The Local Baseball Field, and trying to figure out where My Life was going. So, A Background before We start. You See, My Mom, at the time was working at a Spa called Kokopellis and Sometimes She would bring me to Work with Her and I could talk to some of Her Co-Workers. One of Them, We became Great Friends with, Her Name was Barb. Funny part of This Story and Cracks me up to This Day, Barb came in to Work while I was hanging out there. I’m not sure if I knew her name at The Time, but She was carrying a Heap of Bags in Her Hand, Therefore referring to Her as “The Bag Lady” (At least, Temporarily anyway). Anyway, Once We hung out at Her House, I think for a Movie Costume Party. Anyway, She told me something that I would not forget and I had to write a Newsletter about it. She told me that Her Family does what They call a Dreamscape. So, The Following is That Newsletter.
In My Mom’s Friend, Barb’s Family has a way of thinking of what they want their life to be like in the future and their dreams. Barb calls it a “Dreamscape”. So, she told me to describe my “Dreamscape” so, here I go. My Dreamscape is to live in Norcross, GA or Presque Isle, ME. Here are the things I would have in My Dreamscape. I would live in Presque Isle, ME with My Mom and Brother next door to My Dream Girl, Carol Holiday’s House. We would love our dream people so much that we would build a tunnel between our and their house. and, we would go visit them nearly everyday. So, we would see other all the time. We would have lots of friends in town and in our neighborhood. The town of Presque Isle would be a very close-knit town to live in. To get around I would have a covered Moped to drive around town and the Northern Maine Countryside whenever I wanted to take a drive. For a Career, Carol and I would be a Geography Teacher and I would also be an author of a book about things I notice about Road Signs in The US. My Brother, Michael would be a the owner of a skateboard shop with his dream, Taylor and My Mom of a course would be a Chiropractor with her Dream Guy, John and have their own medical office called “Jolly Julie and John Carol Chiropractic”. All in all, in my dreamscape everyone is with the right person and in the right career. 

So, I kinda forgot to Explain some of This. For Me, I was coming up with The Idea of My Dream Girl named Carol Holiday. Carol Holiday later on, actually turned out to be Real, but Not My Age (Lesson here: Be More Specific!). I came across her name online and I reached out to Her and She was kind enough to reach out to Me. It turned out that She was a Special Ed Teacher, She enjoyed the story, and we became friends. Now, John Holiday, who I had made-up to be My Mom’s “Dream Guy” actually turned out to be Carol’s Husband. I said that Carol Holiday would live in a Small Town in Northern Maine (I was crazy about Northern New England!) called Presque Isle. I call P.I for Short. The Real One, lived in Canada, closer to New York State. My Mom’s “Dreamscape/Dream Guy”, that I came up with on My Own and I remember that at the time, My Mom thought of becoming a Chiropractor (This was before PTLS really started going). and, Michael’s “Dream Girl”, Taylor? Well, I came up with that too. and, Taylor, truth be told was a Girl I had a little crush on at Work. There were So Many “Destiny Leads” (because There are NO Coincidences) that it is Creepy. So, Needless to say, My Dreamscape has changed a lot since 2007 and We will talk about that for My 500th Newsletter. Until Then, Think about What Your Dreamscape might be.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Dreamscapes can become Real! What is Your Family’s Dreamscape?

June 1, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: My Friend, Cindy Lockwood

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
June 1, 2016-TCS # 498

Welcome Back, My Readers! I know, I know, I took another Week off This Week. I have noticed that It seems like I have taken more weeks off this Year, more than any other Year. Anyway, I have to say that I am Extremely Proud of My Mom! I spent half the week in Atlanta with What I now refer to as “My Mom’s Brilliance”, Attention to The UK, My Apologies, but I am stealing your word! You See, My Mom often does Advocating for PTLS Family Members and Friends, and She does a Brilliant Job at It! Very Proud of My Brilliant Mother! But, This Week’s Newsletter is focusing on Another Piece of Brilliance. You See, My Mom has quite a few High School Friends that She has re-connected with throughout The Years. What is Funny about This, at least to me, is that She never really was “friends” with them but, Knew them well enough. Call it “Rewind: We could be Very Good Friends Today”. Anyway, so This Friend is one of The Few that still lives in Ohio but, I am pretty sure that She won’t stay there forever. Now, She does live in Ohio, But She has connections as far away as Malaysia. Yes, Her Friend is actually Ex-patting There! Funny, from Small-but-Big City Toledo to Malaysia! Anyway, To Say the least, This High School Friend has had a bit of Rough Life in The Past but, What amazes me, is that She has gone through Hell and back, and Came out Alive! Slowly but, surely She is starting to come back to Life and She is coming back to Life in probably The Best Way Possible, via Art. My Brother does Art also, but A different type of Art. You See, in relation to This Friend, I refer to Her as “Cindy Lockwood”. Art is what saved her in Many Unbelievable Ways. Art is The Savior to The Soul, haven’t You Heard? People use Art in Various Ways, For Fun, For Purpose (like My Brother), or Like Cindy Lockwood, Healing. Funny though, I have only known her for a Few Months and Here I am, Writing This Deep about Her. In Case You were Wondering, She is more into Glass Art, like Glass Star Art. As Far as I know, Glass Art, at least compared to The Art My Brother does, is Certainly No Easy Feat. My Mom though, She has bought some of Her Glass Art. I think You should too, It is of Very Great Quality and It comes from The Heart, literally. You Know, I always wonder what The Inspiration behind Art is and I probably should ask her sometime and Get back to You on That, I am Sure, It is with Brilliant Reason. So, I am sure that You  are curious where I got that name, Cindy Lockwood. Well, I tend to give nicknames to Friends of Mine, if either They are Special to Me (I have Two People, I put “My” before Their Names), It is easier than saying “High School Friend, Cindy posted this” and My Mom, busy at the moment or not hearing me saying, “Cindy, Who?” or I change it because The Nickname is easier to Remember, I have a PTLS Member Friend named Raisbel but, I call her “Raisy” for Me to avoid misspelling of Her Name. Anyway, Back to Cindy; The First Part is her name, The Second Part, I like to say came from The Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Somehow, I thought, There was someone named “Cindy Lockwood” in that movie, but There is Not. There is a “Flint Lockwood” though. As much as I Love Her and Think that She is Brilliant, I do like to poke at Her a bit saying that, that We don’t really agree in the Political World but, You Know, that is Very Small. Just don’t talk to Her about that! Other than that, I do love the things that She posts, be it Crazy or Serious. All in all though, I think though, What amazes me about Her is The Most that She is Alive and She is Brilliant!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Celebrate the Brilliance of People.