May 17, 2023

The Christianville Spirit: Grandma Honey's Golden (A Mother's Day Special)

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Creates New Beginnings 

May 17th, 2023 – TCS # 813 


I Love You Very Much, Honey! My Readers.  

This is a Strange Greeting, You might say! To Whom, You might think am I speaking to. To My Future Romantic Person, Bridgett? A Southern Way for Saying that You love Someone? Or Perhaps a Someone a little more Special. It can Your Guess if You want. Actually, Spoiler Alert! It is a Little Bit of All of Them! The “Honey” Bridgett mention is Something that I have always dreamt of Calling Her by as a Pet Name. The Southern “Honey”, has to do with The Subject Matter as well as It sounds Literally Sweet as Sugar to hear someone say in a Southern Accent. That is unless, You say “Bless Your Heart, Honey”, that You don’t want to hear! And, Someone Special “Honey”, This is where The Meaning is.  

So, Here is a Thought that I had before Mother’s Day. So, More often than Not, and Excuse Me if I sound morbid but, People often wait until Someone passes Away to Tell Someone that They Love them. Or More on The Lines of How Much They Love Them. Honoring Their Life after They pass away! Now, Yes, The Person will hear what is said from Heaven but, Wouldn’t it be Nice to Hear how People feel about You, BEFORE You pass away? Like, You are There to hear what They have to say. Some People, Depending on Who You ask, would say Yes, They would want to hear about People have to say and Others, more than Likely would answer Not. Only because They would probably be a Hysterical Blubbering Mess. Actually, For All Intends and Purposes, Both are True.  

Now, I realize that A Very Special Person in My Life is getting near That Point where if You are going to say How You feel about Her, It should be Soon. The Special Person I am referring to is The Above-Awesome Grandma Honey!  

So, I thought that I would do a Mother’s Day Special about Grandma Honey. Now, Before You freak out, Grandma Honey is Alive and Well; Healthy as She can be Her Age. The Thing, She is getting “Younger” by The Minute and It is something that I need to wrap My Head about, without Sounding too Morbid This Time.  

So, With that Said, This is My Version of Things to say to Her. I call it a “Living Obituary”. Because I want her to be Alive to hear this!  

So, Without Further A Due, This is “Grandma Honey’s Golden”! 


++ Who was Grandma Honey? 

So, A Question that I am sure that You are asking, Who is Grandma Honey? Well, It depends on Who You ask! The Thing is that Grandma Honey was a lot of Things to A lot of People! She was My Grandmother; My Mom’s Mother; President of Our Family Country, Smith Family States; She was known for The “Grandma Honey Test” when Meeting a Romantic Person; The PTLS Community (Those that met her) would refer to Her to “The Official Grandma of PTLS”; 

She was The Original (OG) Peachy, where as My Mom is Peachy The II; An Amazing Sales Person when She worked for Black Diamond; A Fun Person to Hang Out with for The Kids in Her Complex; A Great Airplane Partner to Talk while Flying (She made MANY Friends that Way!); 

A Former-Wife to My Grandpa, Popi; and, More Importantly, a Hero to Unwed Teenage Mothers in Her Corner of Maine (aka Auburn-Lewiston). Personally, I think that Out of All those things, I would believe that Her Mark on The World will be Seen most on Her Grandchildren and The Unwed Teenage Mothers that She helped, including One that I met once. We should always have a Strong Mark on The World. I, as a Grandchild of Hers, is Very Proud of Her. 


            ++ Funniest Memory of Her (or Us) 

Now, Things like These, I feel are Always Sad and That is Okay. But, I feel that They lack a Little Bit of Laugher. 

 So, This is My Story of Humor!  

So, The First Story is called “Meeting of M.P Twinee”, so in Thanksgiving of 2019, when I was deep in love with My Best Friend, “M.P Twinee”, I wanted to Introduce her to Grandma Honey but, I did not tell her when. Well, Needless to say, Grandma Honey had a Little Fun with My Mom and I at Dinner like an Hour before. Spoiler: She was a Little Tipsy! So, She met “M.P Twinee” is a Goofy Way as well, as The Fact of My Camera Angles and I forgot that (Clearing Throat) Grandma Honey is fan of Nude Art and There was One of The Art Pictures in The Camera Shot! Needless to Say, It was quite an Interesting Meeting! My Favorite Part was when Grandma Honey asked “M.P Twinee” felt about Me and She lit up like a Christmas Tree. Grandma Honey saying “Oh”. 

The Second Story is even more Hilarious! This Story is called “Gram’s New York Accent”. So, on The Car ride up to Dahlonega in August of 2009 (I think), I was teaching My Cousin, Gram the New York Accent. Saying in Deep Voice (New York Accent) “Yo Yo, Hahw You doin’”. So, We were sitting a Small Hole-in-The-Wall Resturant in Downtown Dahlonega when Gram said in Literally, The Perfect New York Accent, (In Deep Voice) “Yo Yo, J-Net, Hahw You Doin’”. My Mom, Grandma Honey, and Myself All Laughed Hard! The Most Hilarious Moment that I have seen! 


                  ++ What will I miss about Her 

So, Now, We have talk about The Most Important Thing that Everyone receiving a Speech like This, should hear. What is it that I will miss The Most about Grandma Honey. Many Things actually! The First being Her Laugh. It seems, just like Everyone has a Trademark Line (A Special Way that They say a Certain Word or Phrase), I feel like Everyone also has a Trademark Laugh. A Word to The Wise, Before The One You Love passes, Make Sure to Record their Laugh. And, Maybe a Special Message to You that You can listen to, after They are “No Longer on This Earth”, as My Mom says. Of Course, Second in Line, Besides Her Trademark Red Hair. Seriously, It is a Trademark and A Relic in Our Family Country! Is Her Advice about Things. About Life, About Issues, or Just a Pick-Me-Up, She did those Well. And, Finally, One cannot Forget Her Legendary Stories, from Her Past Life with Popi; Her “Mark on The World” helping Teenage Mothers; Stories from Her Time at Black Diamond (My Mom joined her Many Times) and Yes, Even I joined her for a Day, When She was in Town, and I have to say that was A lot of Fun! 

All in all, Grandma Honey, She has led Quite a Life full of Many Adventures, Twists and Turns, and Maybe a Few Plot Twists in There too. Oh Yeah! If You consider the “Unwed Teenage Mothers” a Storyline, that Definitely had Lots of Plot Twists! And, Here’s a Plot Twist, You may or may not have seen Coming, She still keeps in Contact with The (Former) Teenage Mothers that She helped. And, That is Literally, The Best Thing to do when You make a Mark on The World, You keep contact with The Mark You did well after You finished doing it. So, Here’s To You, Grandma Honey! We (meaning The Smith Family Country) Love You and, So do The PTLS Community..And, Everyone!  


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Treasure The Grandma Honeys in Your Life! 

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