July 29, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: The Truth about Expatriation Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
July 29th, 2020-TCS # 698

Hej, Hallo, and Oi, My Readers!  Wow! Another Triple Greeting! Your really on a Roll with This! You would Tell Me! I will explain in a bit but, Let’s do a Background Story of The Reason.
So, Expatriation. It is a Very Interesting Topic to Me. Expatriation is also known to a lot of People as Expatting. Basically, It means that You are a Citizen of a Home Country, be it an American, Englishman, Australian, or Whatever Your Home Country is and then, Moving to Another Country for Whatever Reason (There are Many) that I am going to explain in a Minute. People expat to Another Country for Anywhere from a Year, A Couple Years, and Yes, Some even Expat for a Lifetime. Life is an Adventure to Them. In Fact, Some People don’t just Expat to One Country, Sometimes, It’s Two or Even Three Countries before They Repatriate (or “Repat”) Repatriate, basically means that You come back to Your Home Country. I am told that it is Much Harder to Repat than to Expat. So, Why do People Expat? Many Reasons, Some of Them I list in The Newsletter that I am going to Rerun. I List them as “Needing Some Adventure or Something Different in Life, Learning about Another Culture and Soaking in that Culture, Because You may not be happy with The Way your Home Country is going, Retirement, or Most Commonly, Because Your Spouse (Husband or Wife) getting a New Job Opportunity in a New Country” Additionally, Some People expat to Retire or There are Tired to “The Box Life” of America. So, Question Time! How do I know so much about Expatting?and Why is This Newsletter so Special? Well, for One, I have had Two Friends of Mine, Monica and Heidi expat from The United States. Monica, a Former-Student and Gal-pal of My Mom, expatted to Stockholm, Sweden for 4 Years. She has since Repatriated back to The United States. Heidi, a Friend, I met through Monica (Because They are Walking Buddies in Stockholm), She actually Expatted Twice, Once to France and Second to Stockholm. She actually did both Expatriation and Repatriation twice. The Other Reason I know so much about Expatting is that Every Once and a While, I research People Expatting to Various Countries by Reading some of Their Blogs. Yes, Believe it or not, There are People who have “Expat Blogs” that really give you a sense of Expatting (and, sometimes Repatting) to Other Countries. Typically, I find them via a Site called Expatsblog.com. That Site is basically a Huge Directory of Expat Blogs literally All over The World. Basically, You go to The Site and Click “Expat Blogs” and Select from The List of Countries that have People expatting, Pick a Country, What type of Expat (American or Otherwise), and Happy Reading of Countries! Ones that I found Interesting was The Following, 
  1. A Blog of An Adventurous Couple from Washington DC in Search of Wild Adventure and Something Different than as The Writer refers to as “The Box Life”. They expatted to Thailand. (https://www.tielandtothailand.com/thoughts-before-i-quit-m…/) Their Blog is called “From Tieland to Thailand”
  2. A Blog about Two Formerly-Hard Working People who Expatted from Florida to Yucatan, Mexico. The Writer refers to Himself as “Q-Roo Paul”. (www.qroo.us)
  3. For Something Really Different. A Blog of a Couple from Dallas, Expatting Temporarily to Haiti. If You want a Taste of That, Check It Out.

So, What about The Greeting about? So, I asked a Family Friend as a Challenge (if You will) because She posted something that Her Son did, saying “Make Me Choose because Two Things”. Challenge Accepted! I thought. I asked her if She could Expat to Another Country, What Country would She expat to Europe (like Italy or Sweden) or Stay Closer to Home (Like Mexico or Canada). After She answered The Next Day, I thought about it to Myself. If I were to Expat to Another Country, What Country in Europe or Closer to Home would I go to? Not that I am going to, but in Europe, I would Expat to either Sweden (like Stockholm), Switzerland, or Portugal. All for Different Reasons. 
I Love Sweden! It is a Beautiful Country, Happy and Peaceful Country, and Very Much on Time. Except for The Cold, It would be an Interesting Country to Live in. The Language looks somewhat Easy to understand. 
Switzerland, of Course has Stunning Mountains! Also, You can take a Drive and within an Hour or so, You can be in Another Country or Countries, like Austria or Italia. If You live in Southern Switzerland, of course! 
Portugal, a Beautiful and Romantic Country with a little harder Romance Language (at least compared to Spanish or Italian). 
Portugal would be My Warm go-to Country. I am told Portugal’s Scenery is much like California. With that, I like to refer to it as “European California”. I am told It is Sunny a lot more Days than North in Sweden. Again, I compare The Weather to Los Angeles, Where It is Sunny more often than not. Storms do happen, but not that frequently. They do have more Earthquakes though. 
When Things like Family (Smith Family and PTLS Family Members) come to Mind, I would stay closer to Home. In that Case, I would probably go for Ontario, Canada. I thought of Toronto because It is a Major City with a Major Airport. But, I would not live IN Toronto, Maybe outside of Toronto. Nova Scotia seems like a Pretty Area. Not near a Major International Airport. I picture it to be like Coastal Maine but, A lot more Rain and Cloudiness than Maine Proper. In A My Warm go-to Closer to Home, I would choose Mexico. Go to The Beach a lot more Often but, What about Hurricanes?!
It is all about Perspective, I guess!
Anyway, I am going to Rerun a Newsletter than Explains More than Expatting! It is Very Fascinating! 
So, This Rerun Newsletter is for You and For People interested about Expatting!

This Newsletter was written on February 1st of 2017 (Refer to Newsletter 531)

Guten tag, My Readers! Okay, that is an Actual German Greeting that means Hello. There actually is a Difference between Swiss German and Real German. Swiss German is a dialect of German, German in Switzerland is either Swiss German or “High German”, which is The German from Germany. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter! So, There is something that Fascinates My Geography/Politics/History Mixed Mind. Something that More People than You think Do. A Unique Life to not only Spiced up Your life, but also Open Your Mind about The World. Something known as Ex-patting (Expatriation). Okay, so There are actually Two of that Same Concept, Expatriation and Repatriation, Moving to a Another Country and Coming Back respectively. “That’s Absurd”! “There’s NO Place like America”! “America #1”!, You would hear Americans say if You said You wanted to Expat. Okay, so, Maybe I am exaggerating The American Stereotype, but I will tell you, some Americans think that way. No Offense to Anyone in The Process! Now, I will be Honest, I kind of thought that when My Mom’s Former Student and Gal Pal, Monica was Nuts (Not in an Extreme Patriot Way though!) for Ex-patting to Stockholm, Sweden back then. After Reading The Book that I told you about Last Week Swiss Life: The 30 Things that I wish I’d Known, I kind of Understand a little more about Ex-patting. So, First, about Ex-patting, There could be Several Reasons for Ex-patting to Another Country like Needing Some Adventure or Something Different in Life, Learning about Another Culture and Soaking in that Culture, Because You may not be happy with The Way your Home Country is going, Retirement, or Most Commonly, Because Your Spouse (Husband or Wife) getting a New Job Opportunity in a New Country eventually leading to “Okay, What the Heck, Let’s Do It and See What Happens!”. Respectively, Monica and The Woman in The Book Ex-patted because of Their Husband’s Job. Now, When Monica went to Sweden, They speak much Better English and Their Nation’s Official Language, Swedish as well. Switzerland, on the other hand, has Four Official Languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansh. So that means that Anything and Everything, even Work (Hiring and Firing) works in either of Those Languages and English in there too! The Writer of The Book, Chantal Panozzo explains that The Book that in fact, You could be Hired in English and Fired in German, among Many other Things about Life in a Different Country. One Thing that I picked up that was The Most Important or Notable in Switzerland (Other than The Mountains and Neutrality) is Two Things, One is that The Swiss are Very Clean and Organized, and Two that The Swiss are Very Punctual, like to The Second, kind of Punctual. Sounds like My Kind of Place, right? Very Clean, Organized, and On Time. But, Oh! When I say Clean, I mean like In The Book, Chantal mentions that If You share a Laundry Room with Your Neighbors, They expect You to keep those things Very Clean, like No Lint in The Machine at All! The Organized Segment of The Swiss is Easy though, You walk in to a Store, Say Hallo (Swiss German is Hello), Take a Number, and Make Yourself be Known. The Segment of Being Punctual, No Worries There! Chantal mentions that The Clock Tower gongs every 15 Minutes or so. That and The Swiss Watch REALLY comes in Handy. Everything is always on Time, The Planes, The Trains, The Buses, and The People. I think The Punctuality Thing is common among Northern Europeans, because Swedes are like that too! The Thing that Shocked me The Most was Something I did not think of When It comes to Expats from The US moving to Another Country. Now, For The Record, Expats come from More than just The United States, but This is about an American Ex-patting. So, Whenever Expats live in a Another Country, Their Americans friends usually ask, What They can bring them anytime that they would like to Visit. Most usually say Peanut Butter; Anything that It is only sold in The United States; A Texan would probably say Good Mexican Food (unless You are Ex-patting to Mexico proper, in which case, You are Good!); and, Maybe a Box of Macaroni and Cheese, You never know. Chantal says that She wished for Someone who spoke American English (because They speak mainly German in Switzerland), The Wal-Mart Greeter (Because in Europe, There is No Small Talk; If You ask “What’s Up” to Europeans, They will tell you What’s Up in Detail where as Americans would say “Not Much” or “I’m Fine”), and Just Talk about Nothing (The Weather, Sports, or General Things). It made me wonder, What was going on in Monica’s Head when She ex-patted. Now, would I expat in My Life if I could, Sure Why not, for Maybe 1 or 2 Years, It would be Fun! I told Myself that If I ex-patted anywhere, I would go to Europe because it fascinates Me in Many Ways. I would expat to Stockholm, Sweden, just like Monica. When I went there, I loved it, It was clean too and like I said, They speak Brilliant English, and There is Plenty of Nature Abound! Now, Friends, as I laugh at Myself writing the Following, Don’t listen to Me! I actually did convince a Friend of My Mom and Aunt’s to move from Plano to Austin because as I told This Person, “Austin is a Cool Place!” and Apparently, She listened! So, One thought that again I never thought of, It is Nerve Racking to Expat to Another Country. But, You know what is Scarier than Expatriation? Repatriation! “It’s Home”, “Good ol’ America”! You might think. But, After You have seen The Way the Country You ex-patted to Works, You might have a Hard Time coming back to The United States. Truth be told, I have read Expat Blogs, where People Ex-patted from The United States, Only were going to Expat for maybe Two Years and After being there for Two Years, Don’t want to come back here. In Fact, Some just Expat to a Second Country (and, Yes, even Third Country) once They get tired of The First Country that They ex-patted to. Now, The Biggest Struggle that Chantal mentions is with The Distance between You and Your Family (or Friends) back here in The US. Yes, Facebook Works, Skype Works, and FaceTime Works, but as Chantal says, You can’t use All Five Senses when You talk to A Loved One on Skype. It, in a way, Lacks Connection and Love that You need. Because You should be able to Hug, Touch, and Talk to Your Loved Ones. Unfortunately, That is The Thing about Ex-patting that No One really tells you about, probably because It is Hard to admit or even Say. All in all, If You are Interested in Different Places, Read some Expat Blogs to see if It looks Interesting to You.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. The World is smaller than You think. Open Your Mind to Traveling The World. 

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