September 26, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: My Guardian Angel

The Christianville Spirit

The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes

September 26, 2012-TCS # 318


      So, a couple weeks ago, on the morning of September 11 (which was the 11th Anniversary) I was awoken by a voice. Now, usually I don’t hear “little voices” waking me up but, this was different, the voice was of My Guardian Angel, Lynee and her voice said, “We need to talk”. So, I thought about it all that day about what she needed to tell me, let alone the question of how to talk to her. I’ve heard that when it comes to talking with God and Angels, it requires intense concentrating to hear exactly what they are trying to say. So, I thought about doing it in a way that I understand, by writing. So, what I thought about doing was writing a conversation with her via Microsoft Word. I wanted to stage it as if I was IM-ing a friend of mine the old fashioned way; meaning, just Im-ing before there was Facebook or Myspace. Anyway, I found that My Computer didn’t work. So, I figured I would use my IPad. I thought there has got to be some other way of doing this, since the A/C adapter from my computer would not charge it, so I thought. So I used the notes program on the IPad, but I wasn’t sure what she would say, or how I was going to feel about the thought that Lynee was going to actually talk to me while I wrote. This was a crazy thing, but I thought I would just go with it and see what happens.

Well, I began to talk with her like I was talking to a friend who was chatting with me on the computer. I began the conversation with “Hey, Lynee!” She responded with “Hey! Good to hear from you, finally.” At this moment I stopped and thought “Oh! Schniekies! There was a response!”  So I continued to respond back to her, and before I knew it, there was a conversation going between us. I felt she expressed a genuine love and caring about me and my well being. So, she assured me that she was ok, then she gave me some good advice and a few warnings, which I chose not to really pay attention to, and now crazy things are happening to me and my electronics. Blame it all on the full moon, the time of year, coincidence, or Lynee, but let Me tell you what negative energy can do to someone, which is what she was trying to tell me about. My Mom talks about positive and negative people and events, and how they can affect you and your health, but I never thought it would happen to me. Well, one thing after another happened. I was sick this past weekend, and I rarely get sick. My 2 year old MAC Computer would not turn on, which I thought it was not charging, so my Mom bought a new charger only to find that it is the Mother Board that is blown. Then, I upgrade My Ipad and it took away my reason for living…Google Streetview, Youtube and all my Bookmarks! What is happening???

Now, all I can hear is Lynee telling me “I tried to tell You, Christian! You are such a happy guy! What happened? Negative energy will hurt you; positive is your friend, like your Mom said!” I agree with them! I do not feel good inside when negativity gets me down, even for 1 day.

All in all, negative energy killed my Mother Board on my computer and made my body sick for days. Don’t let this happen to You!  Listen to your Guardian Angel when She talks to You.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Listen to Your Guardian Angel, they are usually right!


September 19, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Fun Through My Eyes

The Christianville Spirit 
The Spirit that Opens Your Heart
September 19, 2012-TCS # 317

So, Last Saturday, My Mom, My Brother, and I went to a soapbox derby, it was really awesome. We had heard about it for several weeks called Red Bull Soapbox Derby. I had never been to one before but, I had heard of them because they have one in Austin where they drive the soapbox car into the lake there. Anyway, so I thought, “That would be really cool to see.” I told My Brother and My Mom about it and they said, “Let’s Go!” Anyway, I was looking forward to it but, I forgot one little-but-big thing, My Issue with Costumes. Now, I’ve had an issue with Costumes since I was young. I never really liked Costumes or Halloween. Now, My only favorite part was the Candy and one year, dressing like a Doctor. But, other than that, I haven’t enjoyed it, I just went along with it like everyone else. You See, I don’t like costumes for several reasons, one is The Masks, I’d rather talk to a person’s face rather than a scary mask with the person’s voice muffed in it. Many of them, I don’t like the appearance of like how they do the eyes on it, it grosses me out. Secondly, I REALLY hate those costumes that are large and blown up. By The Way, I didn’t know about the blow up costumes until I one day, a guy in one of those came up to me while I was working at the Frisco Roughriders Baseball Stadium. I mean, you probably could figure out that if something larger than you comes up to you, it’s going to be scary. Anyway, without trailing too far, I’m going back to the Soapbox Race. So, we decided to walk by all the soapbox cars, which I thought would be funny and it was, but, I forgot the dang costume thing, once I realized that, I did what I normally do. I make what My Mom calls, “The I’m going to be sick or something’s bothering me face.” And yes, I felt it too. So, I tried looking further ahead to see different cars without people too dressed up or I’d look at the people walking by. Now, the point of going to the race, to me, was seeing the race. Although, it did help in a way to see the cars because you knew which you were going to see first and which you were going to see last or if you didn’t stay around, you would miss. Now, I do have to give some compliments  because Red Bull paid a lot of money to put all this together and it was the first one in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. But, My Highlight was that, which I didn’t know, Lolo Jones was there. By The Way, If you’re wondering who Lolo Jones is, she is an Olympic Hurdle Champion and she has been through a lot to get where she is. What amazed me was that she was there because she had been in Washington to see the president the day before. The Race was alot of fun to watch especially when you could look one way and see the cars coming down the track, and look the way and see the details of the race on the big TV screens setup. It was funny to watch them perform then, get in their car and drive down the hill without falling apart or crashing, which many did. The cars had to go over 2 jumps, around one obstacle, and over the “Widow Maker” without falling apart. It was great fun! First, I do want to remind parents with Halloween coming, though it may be fun, you child may have a fear they can’t explain and since you can’t see through their eyes to see what their world looks like, keep it in mind that it might be a bit scary to them like it is to me. All in all, People with PTLS love to have fun and go to these events, but remember they see them differently.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Life is fun, but think about who’s eyes it’s being seen through.   

September 12, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Texting God

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
September 12, 2012-TCS # 316

Now, I’m going to let you know that This Week’s Newsletter to most people may sound a bit unconventional, but I promise you it will make sense in the end.  So, for those Christians of all ages out there, have you ever seen or heard the phrase, “God is Cool!” in a church or ministry? Well, don’t get me wrong, God is THE most awesome God in the World, but to be honest, it has always been hard to make God sound cool. You See, when people think of God, Jesus, Mary, and Other Angels; People know that there are 3 ways in connecting with God, through Praying, Fasting(otherwise known as the original meaning of Lent), and following his Commandments. Often Times, when People are wanting or needing something, they will pray, “God, Send Me a Sign or Something!” But to God, when it comes to Signs and Communicating that’s often how he does it, but to Young People it may seem a bit old fashioned, especially in this day of Technology. Now, most people who have lived on Earth for a while will tell you that you can communicate via Praying or sitting in a quiet place and try really hard to hear him speak to you. But, to people who are My Age, that doesn’t always make sense or really work out for them. I talked to My Mom, the other night, about an easier way of communicating with God and Spirits. Well, most people know that there are Signs (like Lights flickering on and off, Miracles, or sudden Anxiety) and then, there are the “Confirmation Codes” which are a sequence of numbers like 111, 222, 333 and other numbers like 2,3,7,11,12 just to name a few. But, what if God decided to get on the technology bandwagon and become a bit more Modernized. You Know, Where You and God can have nightly conversations whenever you want or just need to talk via something like Text Messages, Facebook Message, or Phone Calls. My Mom and I got a good laugh talking about this and she told me, “Can you imagine If your Ipad rang with harp sounds and it was God, Skypeing or FaceTiming You?”. Honestly, I personally, would rather work with Text Messages or Facebook Messages. But, she asked “Would you answer his call?” (now, this is a Serious Question). So, whenever your doing right or wrong He’ll send you a message either encouraging you to keep going or stop what your doing; also, maybe God gets a little bored too and maybe he wants to talk to you about the stuff going on in his life. I mean, God’s Life in Heaven, isn’t perfect, you know. Of Course, it would be a little weird when a Text from God says, “We need to Talk. Now!” Then you know your in trouble. But, I believe though, that it certainly helps Young People like Teens and Young Adults communication with God in their way, of course there’s always Praying in between but, when you really need Him, just Text Him at 333 or Contact Him on Facebook under “Your Lord, God”. And, if you want there’s always, Skype and FaceTime, or Twitter; the list goes on. So, I don’t mean to sound sacrilegious, but it is an interesting thought, if not, funny to envision God sitting in Heaven with His Computer, Ipad & Iphone, checking in on everyone. But, the real question is when God calls “Would you answer?”. All in all, God is with us all the time, whether He’s modernized or not. and, He is Cool!  

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Go Ahead and ring God up, he’ll always answer. 

September 5, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Our Neighborhood Gathering

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
September 5, 2012-TCS # 315

So, for those who live outside The US, this past Monday was a day called Labor Day. In America, Labor Day means the “unofficial end of summer” so we have the last cookout of the season. So, that brings us to what happened to us during Labor Day Weekend. You See, recently on our street, we have decided have a monthly gathering of Neighbors were we pick the place, which is usually our neighbor, Woody’s House (the one that threw me the surprise birthday party last month) and we choose a theme like a Burgers & Chicken Cookout or a Lobster Bake. Anyway, we usually have them on either the first or second Saturday of the Month, depending on everyone’s schedule. This Time, however, we had it on a Sunday instead, to make it unique and to celebrate our neighbor Paul’s Birthday. Anyway, it’s always fun meeting and talking with the Neighbors to see what’s going on with Everyone. Plus, it’s a bonus because I love to talk to people. Most of My Childhood, until I was around 7, as My Mom will point out was spend with me not talking and just mumbling. So, gradually, My Voice has gotten much clearer and as well as full length sentences come out of my mouth. So, My Mom always likes to say that, “He spent most of his childhood not talking, and now, he’s making up for it.” Of Course, though, “Making Up for it” does have it’s challenges because I have a lack of a filter. So, usually whenever we go to a party or gathering, My Mom always tells me, “Do not talk about Politics, Religion, or The News unless someone else brings it up.” The Reason for that is because I like to share my knowledge about how the News, Politics, History and Geography all relate. However, sometimes, I just want to tell everyone the news and what’s going on but, remember the whole, “No Politics and Religion.” Anyway, we had a gathering next door on Monday Night to eat the leftovers from the cookout the day before. So, it turns out that one of the people who came was a retired Colonel  named Jack and his wife Miss Patti. Once they came, they started talking about the Democratic Convention and then, I jumped in thrill because I could talk to him about Politics (from the Right-wing side) and even better, I got to talk to Miss Patti about Religion, both of the no-no’s My Mom says I shouldn’t talk about. Now, I have to say though, that the conversation I had with Miss Patti about all the News/Politics/Religion, it got to a pretty deep talk about all of it, more than I’ve had with anyone. Not Only That, I got to tell her about My “Confirmation Codes,” 11 and 2. And, she told me the meanings of those numbers as well as the meaning of “God’s Phone Number,” 333. Miss Patti explained the numbers like this, 11 means two souls and oneness with God. She says the number 2 means, Adam & Eve, Man & Women, or 2 of every kind of Animal in Noah’s Ark. and, finally 333 means both, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “Good, Better, Best”, or “Trinity, Trinity, Trinity.” So, it really helped me to know the meanings of the numbers that I use all the time. So, I was very happy to talk with her about all of that and she was very welcoming to talk about it with me. Of Course, one of the other favorite parts is to talk to Woody’s wife, Robin about all the news too as well as other things. She’s such a great listener. I feel loved and cared about, whenever we get together. I love everyone and Thank You for being such awesome Neighbors.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. We should all have Neighborhood Gatherings to get to know your neighbors because you never know when your going to need them.