September 27, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Weird Family; Explaining What I had and What My Mom did

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
September 27th, 2017-TCS # 563

Happy Autumn, My Readers! That is the Old English Way of saying, Fall. Honestly, I like to refer to Fall as Autumn, It sounds much nicer! So, Gather ‘round, My Readers, Rather ‘round! It is Time for Another Untold Story of My Life! This One, I feel is going to a Funny One and I am going to Warn You Folks, It is Definitely Not Traditional! 
So, The other Day, My Mom and I talking and started talking about My Childhood. It led to The Topic of What My Mom did for a Living when I was a Kid. We had a Good Laugh and I said “Boy, We were a Weird Family!”. Funny How You realize just how Weird your Family is or was when You get older in Life.
So, As A Child, There are a Few Questions that You can be asked of when You talk to Your Friends or Your Friend’s Parents, “What does Your Mom and/or Dad do?”. Other than that You proudly say What Your Parents do. In a Child’s Mind, If Your Parents do something simple and easy to explain, well it is Easy to explain. Presently My Mom is a Professor at a Community College teaching Medical and Health Care Classes, President of The Potocki-Lupski Syndrome Foundation, and The Last one, Part-Time Lactation Consultant. Easy to Explain, at least Right Now that is. Now, try to Imagine, Trying to explain or at least, wanting to Explain what Special Needs You have or in other words, Why I have a Little Twang in My Voice that is a bit Nasally. I have Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS), It is Autistic-like. We are like Autism, only Friendlier. Again, Easy to explain. Well, Let’s flash back to When I was a Child! (Sound of Time Machine Whooshing). I am in 4th or 5th Grade in the Late 90’s, Old enough to want to explain what I had and What My Mom did. At This Time in My Life, I knew that I had something called “A Duplication of Chromosome 17” because at the Time, Dr. Potocki and Dr. Lupski had not put a Name to It yet. Add to that, that not A lot of People had “What I had”, I was 4th in The World and 1st in The United States, A Blessing and a Curse at the Same Time. Again, This was at The Time. Now, My Mom, at the time, was a Nurse, but, did Lactation Consultation until She decided add on Massage later on a Couple Years Later to help with The Child Birth and Parenting Classes that She was Teaching.

Now, Lactation Consultation (We will just call it LC), to put it simply, is teaching Your Baby to basically feed from The Mother. The Mother’s Breast. Also known as Breastfeeding (I will be Honest, those Words make me Laugh still). Now, as A Child, I could not even pronounce LC, All I knew was The Alternate Name, “Breastfeeding” because that was, what it was, to put it simply, It was Breastfeeding. So, When that question came about, What does Your Mom do and Why do You speak Funny? I answered Very Proudly (even though I probably had No Idea what I was actually saying) “My Mom does Breastfeeding” and I talk Funny, again answering Proudly “I have a Duplication of Chromosome 17”. I got quite a Few Puzzled Looks when I said both of Those. Both of Which I usually said, Just ask My Mom. Yes, even though I had No Idea how to explain about What I had, I would still say “Do You want to do what Special Needs I have?” They would answer Yes, thinking it was something Easy like Autism or Down Syndrome. Nope, I had something that was more More Unique and Even though, I was Rare and 4th in The World having it, I was Extremely Proud! Even My Brother had a Hard Time explaining, What My Mom did and What I had. He was curious one time about What Color the Milk was that coming of These Moms, thinking It might be Red like Blood or maybe Blue or Green. My Mom did her job at The Hospital, Doctor’s Office, or At the Client’s House. So, We did not see her when She was doing her job with The Babies and the Moms. It made things confusing, This was not a “Take Your Kids to Work” Day kind of Work. But, We did go to Her Business Partner, Mrs. Ramirez’s House every now and then. We went to School with Mrs. Ramirez’s Kids. As for Explaining What I had, It was Hard to explain, let alone pronounce “a Duplication of Chromosome 17” and Know what I was saying. At The Time, My Brother, Michael, was Very Confused! All We knew was that I had something Very Unique! So , I look back on all of That and Laugh because it was not Easy at all. All in all, If You need to know how The Body works (even if You are not Breastfeeding, Pregnant, or Parenting), She can help you understand all the Medical Stuff, and She is The Expert on PTLS!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Embrace Your Weird Family!   

September 20, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: PTLS Adult Struggles-A Christianville Classic

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
September 20th, 2017- TCS # 562

Buena-sera, My Readers! As I like to try different greetings, Buena-sera is Italian for “Good Day”. You Know, I have to say, Saying it and hearing it the way it is said sounds really nice. I am Excited about that saying because I am proud to announce that We now have a few PTLS Family Members from Italy! Shout Out to My New PTLS Family in Italia! Sounds a Perfect Excuse to see Italy! Okay, This Week’s Newsletter is going to be rather Personal and Real. You See, as I have mentioned many times before, Often I come across Some really Gold Newsletters that I have written in The Past in My Facebook “On This Day” Feed, but I realize that This One that I wrote a Few Years ago, I did not like The Structure of It, so I am going to Re-Structure This Newsletter as well as I should add it to My “Christianville Classics” List. As a Reminder, My Christianville Classics are Classic Newsletters that I feel, are The Highlights and The Truly Gold of My Newsletters. Always check to that List because I am always adding more Every Now and Then. As an Editor’s Note, at the Time of This Newsletter, I was not going through My current Laser Hair Removal Process. *As a Precaution, I will put a Rating on One of My Struggle Topics.
This Newsletter was written on September 17th of 2014 (Refer to Newsletter 417). It is The Struggles of a PTLS Adult. 

So, As PTLS Family Members (I have Acronym’d them as PFMs) always wonder about The Life of A Young Adult with PTLS and What do They struggle with. Parents of Young Kids with PTLS often forget that The PTLS Adults also need Support for Different Things like Living Situation, Jobs, Romantic Life, and My Personal Favorite (Not Really!), Independence! At Least, that is What I struggle with.  

So, I guess I will start with The Struggle with Independence because That often Frustrates me The Most. The Truth is, although I love My Mom and Love Living with My Mom, I will eventually want Independence. 
So, Let’s Start with What I can do. I can dress Myself, Feed Myself, Cook Meals (within Reason), Microwave Meals are the Best I work with if I am by Myself. I don’t work with The Stove if I am by Myself, If I do, I have to have Someone There. I could go to The Grocery Store to get things If I need to, only Problem is that, I don’t announce that I need something from The Grocery Store until It is almost Gone, so I need to Work on that, and I can Shave My Face (But, only Top half of My Face), because Shaving the bottom bothers me sensitivity wise, and The Motor Skills don’t help much either. So, Yes, I need Help with that, usually My Mom helps me with that. 
The Things that I can not do, I don’t Drive (that is okay with Me). Now, that is not to Say that I Can’t Drive because I have Driven a Car with My Brother in The Neighborhood and I have driven numerous Golf and Go Karts. But, Again, The Problem is that living in a Suburban City like Plano, I would be more of a Danger to The Other Drivers, as They would to Me. Add to that, that I am busy looking at all the Surroundings and My Reaction Time is Very Slow, so Someone could cut me off or Slam on Their Brakes and I wouldn’t be paying attention or I wouldn’t react as fast. I’ve always told Myself that, “If We lived in a Small Town where Everyone knows Me, then I would do better Driving.” In My Head (which is a Saying, I use ALOT!), People would know me well enough, that They would be like, “Oh, There’s Christian on The Road, be Careful!” Next Thing that I believe holds me back the most is The Shaving. Now, before You tell me that I should use a Good Razor, I have tried Every Razor that I could. I use an Electric Razor because in My Head, It seems easier to use than a Straight Razor. Believe Me, I tried a Straight Razor once (a Single one) when I was Younger and it got caught and it ripped My Skin off on My Chin. 

Jobs and/or Finding a Job
The Next Thing that is a Struggle with is Finding a Job that suits me. Meaning a Job that is not too Overwhelming, Has a Calm Environment, and has Good Structure. Let’s not forget to Mention, Something that Interests me. Now, I have seen Jobs that I have liked like Navteq, The Weather Channel, and Google. I would want to do the “Street View” side of Google. 
As Far as Jobs that I have done, The First Paid Job was The Frisco Roughriders (a Double-A League Baseball Team) as a “PlayBall Attendant”, meaning Someone who passes out Programs to The Community. I have to say, although, I had to stand in The Heat most of The Summer, It was actually an Enjoyable Job. 
I also did “Kid Sitting” one fall, All I had to do was Make sure that He did his Homework. I did well at that job because I am a Rule Follower. Unpaid Jobs, I did what I now refer to as “Parking Lot Duty”, back when I was in 10.5 Grade (a Repeat of 10th Grade) which I had to walk the Staff Parking Lot and jot down the License Plate if They were parked in The Wrong Place. That Job, I am Very Proud of because I got 100% Compliance from The Teachers at the High School I went to. While I was doing that, I also Delivered things to different Classrooms as well as Office Work in The School Office. 

Living Situation (with Mom, Roommate, or Soulmate)
So, The Next Thing that I want to move forward with is My Living Situation, Now at the Risk of Sounding Negative about this, It is not really a Struggle but, a Concern. Currently I live with My Mom here in Plano, but The Concern comes in when I want to be Independent. I have told Myself that I have always wanted to live near The Smith Family and My Mom wants us (meaning Myself, Michael, and My Mom) to be near Each Other. I, of course, want to make sure that My Mom lives nearby so that She can help me. By Nearby, I mean, Down The Street, Next Door Preferably, or at least in The Same City. 
By The Way, as Far as Living Independently, I would probably live with a Roommate if I am Single at The Time (Which I don’t believe I will be!) or I will live with My Significant Other (aka, My Future Soulmate). 

Romantic Life, Dating, and Married Life (PG-13 to R)
Speaking of Romantic Life, that would be something that I am watching for. I have a Feeling that She is Reading This, Secretly Admiring Me, even though I have never met her. Although, I think that I would have Control of it for The Most Part, I would meet her, Date Her, and then Eventually, Marry Her. I would Love My Future Soulmate with All My Heart! And, I am sure that She would too. Considering The Fact that I get Anxious about New Things and New Events, I would hope My Wedding goes off Anxiety-Free. Which is Normal for Everyone to get Anxious about it.
My Honeymoon will be Excellent, I have that all planned out to Possible Places to go! One Area that I am Really Concerned about is Having Sex with My Wife (This might be Personal, but It is Reality), due to having Texture Issues, I am not sure how I will respond when that time comes. Seeing and Touching Body Parts, and The Act of Sex may or may not go over so well. That Thought Alone makes me Very Anxious.
As Far as Married Life goes, Her and I would live together and Travel The World together! We would not have Children because They would be hard to take care of and It is a 50/50 Chance of them also having PTLS. In The Event that We wanted Children, We would Adopt. So, All in All, It is not always Easy living with PTLS, but I would never give it up for Anything, Not even a Cure!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. PTLS makes me who I am, Wonderful and Unique.

September 13, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: What I Love about Sirius/XM Radio

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
September 13th, 2017-TCS # 561

Turn It Up, My Readers! Turn What up, You might ask? Well, You are in for a Treat. Okay, This Week’s Newsletter may not be The Most Conventional of Topics that I write about but, It does have a History. You See, I wrote a Newsletter about a Service that helps “Young People” that don’t have a Computer..... I actually explain it really well in This Newsletter about A Service called “SunnyGram”. Here’s Me when I wrote This Newsletter on October 21st of 2009 (Refer to Newsletter 170)
So, I was watching the News like I always do and the other day, they mentioned that I thought would be helpful to our “Younger People”. You know how people these days email each other a lot? Well, how about emailing your grandparents or parents that don’t know how to work or not have a computer, well now you can. They call it a SunnyGram, a SunnyGram is a service for people who either don’t know how to a work a computer or a person who doesn’t have a computer. And, how it works is you and other write an email to them and, SunnyGram compiles all the emails into a newsletter-like format and then, sends it to them via Their Mailbox. And, they can respond by writing their response in a pre-paid envelope back to you. So, now you can email a family member that doesn’t know how to work a computer or have one by email and have it sent to them. And, by the way, the newsletter format is in big letters so that they can read it also. I believe it will be a faster way to communicate with them, without sending letters that take a longer time to get to them. All in all, it’s an amazing way to keep your “Younger” member of the family both informed and in the loop. 
Back to Present Day Me! So, A Couple Years after writing that Newsletter, They actually responded. I was Very Surprised that They did. They basically thanked for Promoting Their Service, Which to This Day I read it back and Although, It changed It’s Name, It really is a Brilliant Service. So, I figured that With This Week’s Newsletter, I would mention something more Present Day that I Love. Sirius/XM Radio. I Love Sirius/XM Radio. Okay, so You are probably asking a Few Questions, Where did this come from? In YouTube Way, Am I sponsored by Them? and Why Am I writing this? Well, in Short, I saw a “Free Listening Period” Commercial for them and I thought about How Much I Love Them as well as The Previously Mentioned “SunnyGram” Newsletter. No, I am not Sponsored. Although, It would probably be My Mother’s Dream to be or for PTLS to be mentioned on “Doctor Radio”. and, Why am I writing this? Well, not Necessarily to get any response from Them, but Just to mention how It benefits me. So, I researched it Years Ago, It used to be Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio separately adding Howard Stern on Sirius Radio. At The Time, That was not enough to get People to listen. It was not until Sirius and XM merged, Now known as Sirius/XM Satellite Radio and has Plenty of Programming. So, When We bought the Car that We presently have, This was back in 2009, I believe, but I digress. It came with Sirius/XM Radio along with AM/FM Radio and We have had AM/FM Radio forever. At The Time, I thought, “Satellite Radio?! Doesn’t that eliminate Radio Markets and Listening to The Radio with Local Commercials and What not?! That is just Crazy!”. Luckily, with The Car, They gave us a Free Trial to see if We would like it. Again, at the Time, I thought that it would be a waste! Well, Not Quite anymore. Now, I should mention that This is Paid Radio, In other words, A Subscription. Back when it was separated, Not a lot of People wanted to “Subscribe” to listen to Not-A lot-Of-Programming, except if You were a Loyal Howard Stern Fan! But, Today, They have a Ton of Programming. From Music of Pretty Much Every Generation (They have Music dating back to The 40’s!, Yes Really), Genres of Music, The News (CNN, Fox News, BBC, NPR; to name a few), Talk Radio (from Glenn Beck to Oprah Show, Today Show, Gayle King Show), Comedy (Larry The Cable Guy to Howard Stern), Old Stories, and much more.. It was enough to even entertain Grandma Honey with 50’s Music or Even, My Brother with Jam Sessions. So, What do we or can we Listen to? Well, My Mom, She loves listening Doctor Radio, 50’s Music (50’s on 5), and Mix Music with The Blend or Pop Music with The Pulse. But, I think Her Favorite has to be Doctor Radio and NPR. “The NYU Docs” as They call themselves. They actually have useful information on There. Although, Before We turn the Car off and Put it on Doctor Radio, They often talk about The Weirdest Subjects in The Medical World. 

Me, I like Pop Music on The Blend; Country Music (like 80s/90s Country) on Prime Country; I like to listen to The News if Something is going on or We are on a Road Trip and I like to Listen to The News at The Time. I usually listen to either CNN or Fox News, and finally, In The Politics Region, I used to Listen to Glenn Beck on Conservative Radio, Sirius/XM Patriot. I do like to listen to The Pulse but They have Pop Music that is Very Current, like This Week kind of Current. Now, 80s/90s Country Music on Prime Country, like My Mom with Doctor Radio, is My Favorite Station! I could spend an Entire Drive around The Area listening to that. 80s/90s Country, at least, I feel, is one of those Genre’s of Music that is the most pleasant to listen to while on The Road. It is Very Road Trip Friendly kind of Music. 
My Brother, when He rode with Us, was Hard to please with Music before Sirius/XM Radio. He would listen to his own music. But, on Sirius/XM, I feel that He likes Sirius/XM Jam_ON which Plays his Favorite Music.
By The Way, I forgot to mention that, with Sirius/XM, You don’t have to go digging for a Radio Station in each Radio Market, that ends at the End of The Radio Market. You can to listen to Same Station through Many Cities. Since having Sirius/XM, We have not gone back to AM/FM Radio, except at Christmas to listen to Syndicated Christmas Lights and That one time that The Sirius/XM was not working temporarily and We got it Fixed. I like to say that Sirius/XM is totally worth having! The only thing that They are missing is a Christianville Spirit Channel! It is totally worth it! and, They are always adding Stations with New Material. If You are tired of The Christianville Spirit Channel, There is an Entire Channel for Catholics on The Catholic Channel (Not all Serious, a Little Catholic Humor in There) or Joel Osteen on Joel Osteen Radio. All in all, It all depends on What You want to Listen to at The Moment. 80’s Music? 50’s or 60’s Music? The News? Comedy? Stories? Your Pick!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Find the Station that Makes You want to Turn It Up! (See what I did there)  

September 6, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: A Requested Newsletter about Animals

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
September 6th, 2017-TCS # 560

Happy September, Everyone! This is The First Month of The Fall Foliage Season, so Get Yourself and Cameras Ready! I Love Fall (or Autumn) Foliage Season! It is so Pretty to look at Pictures of Nature’s Pure Beauty that is Fall Foliage! I wish to see it for Myself One Day! So, On to My Newsletter! So, Last Week, I got a request, along with Questions on a Topic that I should write about. So, Write about it, I will! So, This Topic is something I mention a lot about Briefly but, Never have really gone in Detail about. It is kinda Funny actually. I would think that after 11 Years of Writing and 500 Newsletters that I would have Explained Pretty Much Everything in My Life, in Detail, especially Something of This Importance. So, The Question from a PTLS Family Member says “About My Dog and How I care for Them. Thoughts on Animals in General. Did You like Them as A Kid and Do They help with Anxiety?” So, Most of My Childhood, after I was 7 years old, I remember that We did have a Pet. My Mom tells me when I was little I saw a Big Animal, like a Horse, and literally, Jumped up on My Grandma Honey, or when we went to a friend’s who had a really Big dog, I climbed right up the man who owned her, screaming and crying, I was so Scared! So, I guess, We will start with The First Segment.
 “Do You like Animals as A Kid?” As I Mentioned about The Horse Story, Probably not, or at least, Big Animals. Regular Animals like Cats and Dogs, I was not sure about, but I came to love them. Other than One Time that I was playing at a Friend’s House in San Antonio and The Dog got a Bit Excited and nipped at me, I have been fine with Pets. You See, One Day, My Mom, Michael, and I went to a Friend’s House that lived near a Park that we played at. Anyway, I remember There was a A Tree House that We wanted to play up in it. I remember running to go up in The Treehouse with My Brother and The Dog nipped at My Foot, they did not really Bite per se, but to Me, It Hurt. But, that was The Only Crazy Animal Story that I remember.
The First Pet that I remember getting was at Michael’s baseball Game (Refer to Newsletters mentioning “Mr. Jeff Era”) and There was a Guy selling Kittens and one of us wanted it. It was a Cat. Yes, My Readers! As a Present-Day Dog Person, there was a Time in My Life when We had a Cat. “Honey” was her name. A Dark Gray and White Cat. Honey was a Very Sweet Cat and Very Quiet as well with My Sensitive Hearing. The Next Animal We got was again during “The Mr. Jeff Era” (He was a Guy that My Mom was dating, and going to marry, that We lived with for a lot of Our Childhood). My Mom had a Friend that lived near Canyon Lake (Outside of San Antonio) and We would go visit her before I went to go visit My Dad for The Weekend. Anyway, I was pacing back and forth on The Rock Driveway and all of a Sudden, this Dog came up and It startled me at First, wondering where The Dog came from. It came from The Neighbors that were not so Nice to it (Her). She crawled up to us and Michael was like “Aww, Can we have it?!” and Somehow, The Dog jumped in Our Van and Back Home we went. We named The Dog, Sophie. Honey was not Very Pleased with Sophie but, She got used to it. After a rather traumatic ending for Our Cat, Honey, Each Time that We got a New Pet, It was always a Dog. Until Recently, We have always had Girl Dogs. My Mom would rather prefer a Girl Dog over a Boy Dog. But, Now We have Our Family’s First Boy Dog, Paco!
 So, Next Question “Thoughts on Animals in General”. Animals in General, I feel, are Very Smart! All of Our Dogs (and, Honey) were Very Smart, they could do a lot. Horses, in the Big Animal Category are more than Smart, They are Intelligent. One Thing though that Bothers me is when The Animals are in Distress, just like People in Distress (Barking distressly, Yelping, Whining). My Sensitive-Loving Heart can not take It! For Some Reason, When We have to scold them because They did Something Wrong, I hate that because I feel bad for The Dog. I think I can understand them, and they understand Me, even without Speaking. 
So, The Next Question, “About My Dogs and How do I care for My Dogs”. So, Each Dog that We got All of Them Rescues and Three of Them were what Animal Lovers refer to as “Foster Failures”. The First and Original Foster Failure was Mandy, Our Black Lab. A Friend of Ours was moving and could not take the Dog with them, so They gave Mandy to us and for us, to find Mandy a Home. After a Couple Months, I was pretty sure that We were Keeping Her. After Having Her for Several Years, It was Pretty Clear. After Sophie past away, Mandy went into a Depression. So, My Mom and My Aunt Kathy, took Mandy to The Shelter to find a Companion Dog for not only us, for Her too. She was a Mamma Dog as My Mom says, a Dog that likes to care for Another Younger Dog, Keyword here, Younger. So, in comes a 6 Month Ago Tea-Cup German Shepard that literally ran around The Room and Mandy put her paw on Her Head and Called her, Hers. We named her Zoe. So, Several Years Later, We were to “Foster” another Dog, A Rhodesian Ridgeback that needed to be Rescued from It’s Previous Home. We were only to keep Said Dog for 2 Days until The Previous Owner could find a Home. Well, needless to say, 2 Day became, 2 Week became, 2 Years and We did have Her. We named her Sadie Good-Lord. After Mandy passed away, We narrowed back down to 2 Dogs. that’s Perfect! I can handle Two Dogs! Hold On, says God! For I have a Humored Plan for You! God does that sometimes (Clearing Throat) A Lot! My Mom’s Friend, Barb was at a Flea Market in a Town called Canton (about an Hour East of Dallas) and She rescued a Brindle Colored 4 Month Old (NOT Potty Trained) Puppy, Boy Dog. After Attempting to Take The Boy Dog up to Michael, who He would have been perfect for, We had to bring him back, to Potty Train Him, and then Send Him back to Michael. Well, You see where This is going, Foster Failure! He was been here ever since and Him and I have Bonded. Funny thing though, I was not sure that having a Puppy, Especially that Young! I did not want him at first, I wanted him for My Brother. Well, Clearly, I have earned myself, The First Boy Dog that Our Family has ever had! Boy, He is probably the Most Vocal of The Dogs that We have had.
 So, How do I care for Them? Well, While My Mom is at Work, I sleep in until 2:45PM. Sadie really likes it because She can lay against My Leg and protects me. A natural Companion Dog! Something that Years ago (when Mandy and Sophie were around) I would not want Dogs laying with Me on My Bed, or Dogs on My Bed at all. I have certainly become more relaxed about that! Of Course, Paco, He loves to lay under The Bed as does Zoey sometimes. and after that, If My Mom is not home yet, I usually feed the Dogs and Let them Outside, and helped with the potty training of Paco (That was a Feat of It’s Own), letting him in and out all morning and afternoon, and evening. I do My Best to make sure that Paco stays out of Trouble because He has a Sensitive Stomach. I feel oddly that Me and Paco are Very Much Alike because If We are doing something different that He is not used to, I talk to Him about it and I let him know what is going on, and He listens to My Every Word! He understands me and I understand him, even if he is not able to talk. There are Sometimes I feel like He is a PTLS Puppy because He is non-verbal but, He makes these noises which I called “Talking” which is like me when I was little, I made noises thinking They were Words and I was Talking. So, I understand what Paco is saying. I understand Him like His need for Predictability, and He is Hyper leaping across The Yard not knowing where He is going or why. 
Regarding, if They help me with My Anxiety, All of Our Dogs are Very Intuitive and Paco is, as well. I call them My Companion Dogs even though They have not been officially trained and I Love Them Very Much. I think that us PTLSers have a Special Bond with Animals like Dogs and Horses. It is like We understand each other and It doesn’t take talking or words to Understand Each Other. All in all, I think that All Children should have a Cat or a Dog as a Companion.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Animals have a Very Important Place in Our Life. To Make us feel Loved and Understood!