September 13, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: What I Love about Sirius/XM Radio

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
September 13th, 2017-TCS # 561

Turn It Up, My Readers! Turn What up, You might ask? Well, You are in for a Treat. Okay, This Week’s Newsletter may not be The Most Conventional of Topics that I write about but, It does have a History. You See, I wrote a Newsletter about a Service that helps “Young People” that don’t have a Computer..... I actually explain it really well in This Newsletter about A Service called “SunnyGram”. Here’s Me when I wrote This Newsletter on October 21st of 2009 (Refer to Newsletter 170)
So, I was watching the News like I always do and the other day, they mentioned that I thought would be helpful to our “Younger People”. You know how people these days email each other a lot? Well, how about emailing your grandparents or parents that don’t know how to work or not have a computer, well now you can. They call it a SunnyGram, a SunnyGram is a service for people who either don’t know how to a work a computer or a person who doesn’t have a computer. And, how it works is you and other write an email to them and, SunnyGram compiles all the emails into a newsletter-like format and then, sends it to them via Their Mailbox. And, they can respond by writing their response in a pre-paid envelope back to you. So, now you can email a family member that doesn’t know how to work a computer or have one by email and have it sent to them. And, by the way, the newsletter format is in big letters so that they can read it also. I believe it will be a faster way to communicate with them, without sending letters that take a longer time to get to them. All in all, it’s an amazing way to keep your “Younger” member of the family both informed and in the loop. 
Back to Present Day Me! So, A Couple Years after writing that Newsletter, They actually responded. I was Very Surprised that They did. They basically thanked for Promoting Their Service, Which to This Day I read it back and Although, It changed It’s Name, It really is a Brilliant Service. So, I figured that With This Week’s Newsletter, I would mention something more Present Day that I Love. Sirius/XM Radio. I Love Sirius/XM Radio. Okay, so You are probably asking a Few Questions, Where did this come from? In YouTube Way, Am I sponsored by Them? and Why Am I writing this? Well, in Short, I saw a “Free Listening Period” Commercial for them and I thought about How Much I Love Them as well as The Previously Mentioned “SunnyGram” Newsletter. No, I am not Sponsored. Although, It would probably be My Mother’s Dream to be or for PTLS to be mentioned on “Doctor Radio”. and, Why am I writing this? Well, not Necessarily to get any response from Them, but Just to mention how It benefits me. So, I researched it Years Ago, It used to be Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio separately adding Howard Stern on Sirius Radio. At The Time, That was not enough to get People to listen. It was not until Sirius and XM merged, Now known as Sirius/XM Satellite Radio and has Plenty of Programming. So, When We bought the Car that We presently have, This was back in 2009, I believe, but I digress. It came with Sirius/XM Radio along with AM/FM Radio and We have had AM/FM Radio forever. At The Time, I thought, “Satellite Radio?! Doesn’t that eliminate Radio Markets and Listening to The Radio with Local Commercials and What not?! That is just Crazy!”. Luckily, with The Car, They gave us a Free Trial to see if We would like it. Again, at the Time, I thought that it would be a waste! Well, Not Quite anymore. Now, I should mention that This is Paid Radio, In other words, A Subscription. Back when it was separated, Not a lot of People wanted to “Subscribe” to listen to Not-A lot-Of-Programming, except if You were a Loyal Howard Stern Fan! But, Today, They have a Ton of Programming. From Music of Pretty Much Every Generation (They have Music dating back to The 40’s!, Yes Really), Genres of Music, The News (CNN, Fox News, BBC, NPR; to name a few), Talk Radio (from Glenn Beck to Oprah Show, Today Show, Gayle King Show), Comedy (Larry The Cable Guy to Howard Stern), Old Stories, and much more.. It was enough to even entertain Grandma Honey with 50’s Music or Even, My Brother with Jam Sessions. So, What do we or can we Listen to? Well, My Mom, She loves listening Doctor Radio, 50’s Music (50’s on 5), and Mix Music with The Blend or Pop Music with The Pulse. But, I think Her Favorite has to be Doctor Radio and NPR. “The NYU Docs” as They call themselves. They actually have useful information on There. Although, Before We turn the Car off and Put it on Doctor Radio, They often talk about The Weirdest Subjects in The Medical World. 

Me, I like Pop Music on The Blend; Country Music (like 80s/90s Country) on Prime Country; I like to listen to The News if Something is going on or We are on a Road Trip and I like to Listen to The News at The Time. I usually listen to either CNN or Fox News, and finally, In The Politics Region, I used to Listen to Glenn Beck on Conservative Radio, Sirius/XM Patriot. I do like to listen to The Pulse but They have Pop Music that is Very Current, like This Week kind of Current. Now, 80s/90s Country Music on Prime Country, like My Mom with Doctor Radio, is My Favorite Station! I could spend an Entire Drive around The Area listening to that. 80s/90s Country, at least, I feel, is one of those Genre’s of Music that is the most pleasant to listen to while on The Road. It is Very Road Trip Friendly kind of Music. 
My Brother, when He rode with Us, was Hard to please with Music before Sirius/XM Radio. He would listen to his own music. But, on Sirius/XM, I feel that He likes Sirius/XM Jam_ON which Plays his Favorite Music.
By The Way, I forgot to mention that, with Sirius/XM, You don’t have to go digging for a Radio Station in each Radio Market, that ends at the End of The Radio Market. You can to listen to Same Station through Many Cities. Since having Sirius/XM, We have not gone back to AM/FM Radio, except at Christmas to listen to Syndicated Christmas Lights and That one time that The Sirius/XM was not working temporarily and We got it Fixed. I like to say that Sirius/XM is totally worth having! The only thing that They are missing is a Christianville Spirit Channel! It is totally worth it! and, They are always adding Stations with New Material. If You are tired of The Christianville Spirit Channel, There is an Entire Channel for Catholics on The Catholic Channel (Not all Serious, a Little Catholic Humor in There) or Joel Osteen on Joel Osteen Radio. All in all, It all depends on What You want to Listen to at The Moment. 80’s Music? 50’s or 60’s Music? The News? Comedy? Stories? Your Pick!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Find the Station that Makes You want to Turn It Up! (See what I did there)  

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