June 24, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: Michael Matters

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
June 24, 2015-TCS # 455

Hola, My Readers! I thought I would try a different greeting for You. Hola is Hello in Spanish, by the way. A Happy Birthday to My Dog, Zoe too! So, This Week I am going to talk about something that is a Bit Hard on Me and Something that I (as well as My Mom) have Many Viewpoints about. It involves a Big Change in Our Family that is likely to help us Grow as a Family. You See, I am sure My Veterans (My Term for those have been reading for a While or Since The Beginning) know that My Brother once moved into His Own Apartment and I thought THAT was a Big Deal, Mind You, the Apartment was like a few miles West of Our House. Okay, then Michael moved back home and then, later after High School, He moved to Denton. That One was surprisingly easy because I had been to Denton a few times before and it was a Pretty Nice City. Well, This Time, Michael is moving again. This Time though, Michael, My Brother is moving to Colorado. Yes, that is right, Guys. Colorado. And, This is getting to be pretty soon, like August 1st soon! So, Let’s start some Questions. Why is He moving to Colorado? Well, for Many Reasons, among them, He is Outgrowing The Dallas Area, There is nothing here for His, Let’s just say “Funky Art”. Secondly, He is moving because of The Adventure, namely the Mountains and Nature Abound, perfect for things like Rock Climbing, Camping, General Fun Stuff. In Other Words, I see that He is moving there to Have Fun. Now, This is The Point where I have Three Voices in My Head, One of Himself, one of PTLS Brother, Tyler and One of My Friend, Deb. Kind of reminds of that new movie, Inside Out, even though I have not seen it. My Brother’s Voice would say, “It’s Time to Grow Up, Don’t Be Scared and Just Do It!”; My PTLS “Brother”, Tyler would say “Have You been to Colorado? Then, Quit Bashing It!” (Why Yes, Voice of Tyler, I have been there and I Love It! Crested Butte, by the way) and Of Course, The Rational Level-Headed Voice of Deb says, “It is HIS Destiny” So, How do We feel about It? Well, That is where it gets a bit a Crazy. Now, Don’t Me Wrong, Colorado is Beautiful State, Stunning Even, Maybe an American Version of Switzerland! But, In My Head, looking at My Little Trusty Map of Family (both PTLS Family and Smith Family), There really isn’t much Family out there, or at least any that We are close to. I personally would rather Michael go East toward Family like North Carolina, Dahlonega maybe?, I would take The West’s Oregon if I had to because it has The Grant Family which are What I will refer to as The “West Coast Smiths” (Even though, They aren’t really Smiths). My Reasoning for that is because I want to be closer to Family. My Mom, of course, This whole deal is going to tear her up and All of us know It. My Mom also wants to be near Family, but at The Same Time, wants to be near Michael as well, You Know as Any Mother would. That and She would not want to Travel an Ungodly Amount of Miles or Hours, to see The Grandchildren that she wants to have and Honestly, I couldn’t imagine that! Also, The Fact of that He will be My Guardian in The Future, but I think that is another story for Another Time. My Biases aside, I feel that it is splitting us up and It is not Anyones Fault really. My Mom and I don’t see him as much, maybe Once or Twice a Week. I am led to believe that He is “breaking up” with Us so that He can grow and Spread his Wings a little. He needs it, after all. He has had Many Opportunities, too many to name and He has usually stayed here, Not Because of My Mom and I, but because of, to put it lightly a “Girl Force”. Now, He did have an Opportunity to go to College in Boston, but I believe that Might have been because of Us (He would have missed Us and Mommy’s Care-Packages!). But, To Be Fair, If He has to spread his wings and Leave Dallas, then Now would be a Good Time and a Bonus here! His Friends are backing him up with this One. So, like I said, He has to get out to Dallas, (Not that there anything wrong with Dallas!) and See that is more to America than The Suburbs of Dallas. A Secondary Note here as well, My Dad has moved to Arizona and He is pretty happy out there in the 100 Plus Degree Heat, Oh Boy! By The way, with all of this stuff about Michael moving to Colorado, He prefers Warm Places, He does not like The Snow. Hmm... That should be Interesting! But, Who knows, He may go there and stay a Short Time and then Move On. Maybe, it is a “much ado about Nothing”, or maybe My Mom and I are on Our Own Track for a While and Michael will come back to Family when He has had His Fill, You never know. I guess that Rational Voice of Deb might be right, “It is a Matter of Destiny!” All in all, We all have SOME Kind of Destiny to follow and Sometimes, It may or many not align with Someone Else’s Destiny. So, Somehow and Eventually, Destiny brings us all together. So, with that said, If Your Destiny is different (or The Same) than Mine, Michael, You will always be My Brother and I will always Love You!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. If You have a Good Destiny, Follow It!

June 17, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: PTLS and My Intuition

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
June 17, 2015-TCS # 454

Welcome Back, My Readers! I had a Quick Trip this Past Week and I enjoyed Myself, I’m Relaxed, and I’m Ready to Go! One Highlight was that I got to see a Waterspout (a Tornado on Water) hit Land. Only a few Toys went flying but, No Damage! It was Awesome to see! So, on to This Week’s Newsletter! What are we going to talk about This Week? How about something that Most People, until Now, didn’t realize about Their PTLS Child. So, as We all know The Human Body has 5 Senses; Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hearing. Anyway, There are a few people in The World that have a 6th Sense. I would prefer, however to call it, PTLS Intuition. Now, I know that Everyone has some type of Intuition in the context of knowing what is Right and Wrong, What You should or Should Not do, or Go Left instead of Right and vice versa. Us PTLSers have this, Plus “People Intuition” as well as Knowing things about People before We meet them. An Example, is something My Friend, Deb told me. You See, There is a PTLS Member that I refer to as “My Kristin” (Double Shoutout!). Anyway, “My Kristin” and Her Husband were sitting at Dinner with Diddy. Well, Diddy gets comfort by Kristin rubbing His Back. Well, while Kristin and Randy were talking, they heard Laughing and They turned to find Diddy hanging over the Back side of The Seat, rubbing a Woman’s back very gently, as if He knew (which He probably did) that The Woman sitting behind them needed a little Comforting Back Rub. and, Come On, I am sure that We would all accept a little back rub from a PTLS Child! They are Comforting, after all.
Another Example, was a PTLS Child who was driving with their Family to go visit their Grandma. Well, The Kid knew that for some reason, they needed to go visit her. Keep in Mind, that Said Parents did not tell the Child that something wasn’t right with Grandma and in the middle of The Way going to Grandma’s House, The PTLS Child said “Bye Grandma” and Then, They got the Call that “Grandma” has passed away, They were shocked that the PTLS Child knew before them. As for Me, I have a Good Sense about People, whether They need a Hug or Some Love and Attention. If My Mom or My Brother is feeling Sad, I can sense it and sometimes even just a “How was Your Day?” greeting will help them. Other Times, I give them Pep Talks and Hugs. In The Case of My Friend, Deb, I sensed things about Her before she even knew me or Rather before I knew her. I have helped her with Many Things, just being around Her, and Talking to Her. When I sense things about People, I tend to want to Help them or Gravitate to them, to Comfort them in My Own Version of How Diddy helped The Woman sitting Behind Kristin and Randy at a Restaurant. Let Me be Clear, We PTLSers move away from those who we sense are Angry or Mean. But, We will comfort those are Sad. It makes me wonder about My Own Life and Senses, as I mention a lot, I am looking for the Woman of My Dreams, Bridgett Lafleur. So, How do I know that it is Bridgett Lafleur that is Her? It makes me Wonder now, why the Name Bridgett? I mean, I “Purely” came up with Her Name and All Details associated, right. But, I wonder if Her Name could be Lauren; Celeste; Another Name, My Friend, PTLS Family Member, Kathy, tells me her name is Indi and She lives in Australia. But, Anyway, I am firmly believing that Her Name is Bridgett and She lives in Georgia, again It must be that PTLS Intuition. My Friends have always wondered why I would rather watch a Romantic Comedy over an Action Movie or Horror Movie, probably because of That Intuition, I can’t handle People (or Animals) in Distress because I feel the need to help them, if I can’t, then I feel helpless and It makes me Upset and Anxious for Them. Hum.. the Meaning of Life type of stuff, I am just realizing. Funny how that happens. Maybe it is My Friend’s Mom’s Life Energy (I refer to her as “Ma” or “Deb’s Ma”) getting in My Head again. I should mention that too, I communicate with God, The Universe, and as Theresa Cuputo from Long Island Medium says, “Spirit” (My Intuition) Very Well. Alot of The Things that I put into The Universe, like Carol Holiday (“My Dream Girl”) turned out to be Real (Refer to My Newsletters about that). So, I guess You can blame it all on The PTLS Intuition. So, If Your Child reaches out to hold a Hand, Rub Someone’s Back, or Give a Hug, They are doing it because They sense that They are Sad or Unhappy, and They needed it. So, I guess it leads me to say, Thank You God for Potocki-Lupski Syndrome! It may or may not be Easy, and Sometimes it is Not, but I would Never Give it up! All in all, It all depends on How You see things but, My View is Great!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Intuition is Important to Pay attention to, A Hug from a PTLSer is given for a Reason.

June 3, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: Me and My Stubbornness

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
June 3, 2015-TCS # 453

Bonjour, My Readers! and A shoutout to My PTLS “Brother”, Hugo! Bonjour, by the way, is Hello in French. You Know, I always think that I have told you just about Everything about Me, but Sometimes, I forget those little things that seem silly to write about. But, In The Case of PTLS, I shall. Guys, I am stubborn! Yes, it takes a Man to admit that but, I am not the Only One who is Stubborn. In Fact, Most of us PTLSers are Stubborn. We PTLSers like to do things Our Own Way and Often, at Our Own Pace and that is Okay, but Sometimes We need a bit of a Push to do certain things. Things that are Simple to “Typical” People but, is a bit harder with Us. You See, I probably would not be as far along without My Mom pushing me to do things. Now, just so We are clear, There is Pushing (meaning; Come On, I know that You can do it) and then, Help You Through and Forcing (Meaning: You Are Going to Do This, Whether You Like It or Not!). So, We just need a Gentle Push. When I was Younger, My Mom pushed..Well, Let’s just use the Word “Encouraged”, it sounds better. My Mom encouraged me do a lot of things. Potty Training, One Day, My Mom frustratedly said, “Okay, Christian, You are going to Use the Potty because The Baby down the Street needs Your Diapers and You can not go in Your Pants”. Well, I looked at her funny, like I had No Clue what She was saying and then, Went to The Bathroom Successfully and Did not Pee in My Pants Ever Again. Except maybe Once, but I REALLY had to go at that time. My Mom told me that I had to eat without making a Mess, My Mom’s Friend, Steve told me that He was going to put me outside in The Rain (Jokingly) if I did not eat without making a Mess. And, I got a little upset and then, started eating cleanly without Any Scraps on The Table like I used to. Which shocked Everyone because They were Kidding, but My Literal Mind thought it was Serious. So, I made it a Rule to follow, not that I was afraid I was going to be put in The Rain each Time I ate, but Because I knew I was not supposed to make a Mess because It was My Rule. When I had to Tie My Shoes, I had My Mom do it for the longest time, because it was Easy and A Time Saver. So, One Day, We were leaving to go somewhere and Mr. Jeff told My Mom to go to The Car and He told me, “I’m going to Let You Tie Your Shoes, Take Your Time”. I, again got upset because We were in the middle of Leaving, Why couldn’t My Mom just do it and Off We go? “We’re going to be Late!” My Mom said and So I thought the Same Thing. But, I did it! While We are on The Topic of Shoes, One Episode of Mr. Jeff saying, “WHO GOT MUD ON THE CARPET?!” was Enough to Make Me take My Shoes off every time that I enter Someone’s House; I still do that to This Day. Now, My Mom did help me a lot with Sliding down a Slide. It was not that tall of a Slide, but in a Kid’s Mind, It was pretty tall! I tried turning around, Nope! Okay, Might as well Cry and Try to get out of It, Nope! I ended up enjoying The Slide after I went down it. After that, It turned into an Obsession and My Mom could not get me OFF The Slide, I Loved It that Much. Funny how that happens! Each Time that My Mom tried to get me to do something that I did not want to do, But it was good for Me, She would have have to Raise Her Voice, followed by Me getting Upset Crying and saying “You hurt My Heart!”, and Finally, I would get a Hug and then, I would do Said Thing. Also, I would do Said Thing and then, Hug Her. Even Today, that happens Every Now and Then, The Same Process and The Hug, only the saying now is “I’m Sorry Mom! I did not want to do XYZ! It just made me Feel Bad!” But, on The Other Hand, It does help me get past a Milestone. Of Course, There are Times when I pass it on My Own and My Mom is Extremely Proud of Me. Now, I am sure that for The PTLS Moms, It is hard to see your kid cry, but If The Reward at The End is worth it, than You must go through that process. Of Course, like I said before, If They truly do not want to do it, than Leave Them Be, but It might just be their Stubbornness. To Be Honest, It took a while for Me to get even This Newsletter on Routine because I was not used to writing so much and This is One of Those Times when I pushed Myself through it because I really liked it. So, I made My Own Routine. Mind You, that was Almost 10 Years ago when I was still in High School and It was a Good Way to keep me doing something after I was finished with High School, Today it just flows and I stick to My Routine, I make My Mom have to respect My Routine. I write This Newsletter Every Wednesday like Clock-Work. The Only Time I don’t is either because I am on Vacation (Company Vacation Time) or Something is Wrong with Me (Sick Time). All in all though, It took some Pushing in all the Progress that I have done and It is a Process too!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Don’t Let a Few Tears Stop your Children or You, from Your Goal.