June 27, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: My PTLS Peers

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
July 27, 2012-TCS # 306
So, over the past couple months, I’ve been talking to a PTLS Family Member that actually has PTLS herself. Since the beginning of the PTLS Family, I’ve been to talk with 2 other PTLS Members that have PTLS since I’ve gotten diagnosed when I was 4 Years Old. one of them was a couple years older, I didn’t know how to handle it and most importantly, what to say. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll be your friend no matter if you have Special Needs or not, but at first it was a little weird meeting someone that is just like you, in many ways. So, it took a couple times to warm up to this person and I’m still working on that, since we don’t get the chance to see each other that often and, the other person, didn’t wanted to talk about having PTLS. So then, My Mom decided to reach out to PTLS Family Members who had young adults and teens with PTLS and a PTLS Member’s mom said that her daughter wanted to talk to Me. So, after we passed the “this is weird” stage, we started to find that we have more things in common with the way we act and do things. Like We have found more behaviors in common than we can even count. For Example, we both find that PTLS Kids are often very stubborn, usually because (as I told her) that it’s because it’s something that we don’t want to do or don’t want to do it at that moment. We both in fact, get nervous about the weirdest things including Doctor’s Appointments of any kind; Our expressions and actions are different though. We both see the good in people, which is a good quality to have; but, it can get you in trouble if your around the wrong people. We both Imitate, which again can be a good or bad thing depending on who or what your imitating. By the way, Imitating can come from Friends, Family, Things we hear, or Things that we see on TV. We both have a lack of filter, so we say things that just flow out without any hesitation. We both are very sensitive and feel what others are feeling; Again it’s a good quality to have as longs as your around good and happy people, if not it can make you miserable. Here’s a shocker, We both put capitol letters in the wrong places. I’m sure there will be more as we compare notes, bottom line is that It’s really awesome to know that there are other people like me around my age and I love knowing that I’m not the only one that the way I am, it makes me feel like I belong. All in all, I want to thank these people who I’ve met and talked with and I look forward to meeting other teens and young adults.
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June 20, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: My Brother's View on Me

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
June 20, 2012-TCS # 305
So, Now that I have written Last Week on My View of My Brother and you enjoyed it. Well, now your really going to enjoy this! It’s the long-awaited Newsletter on how My Brother views me. This idea has been in My Head for a while before I finally decided to do it. My Mom and PTLS Family Members had always wondered about My Brother how My Brother felt about me having Special Needs and Having PTLS(or dup.17p11.2, as it used to be called). The idea came when one of the PTLS Members suggested that I should do a Newsletter on My Brother and his view of it all. I mean, considering that I mention him a lot in My Newsletters, people start to wonder about him and how he deals with it. It took a while at first, getting the nerve to ask him to do this, and even the idea of what questions do I ask? Because first off, I didn’t know what to ask him or even more unnerving, what would he say? So, I sent out a post on Facebook to PTLS Members on what questions they want answered and/or curious about and I got quite a few responses about what they want to know. After reading a couple questions, I thought, “Man, these are deep questions” and “I’m not sure if I really want to know about it or not.” So, then came, “How do I do this? A talk? Dictation to My Mom? or an Interview?” Well, long story short, I asked My Brother about it and he said, “We’ll do an interview” and finally, after a while of asking him(because both he and I kept forgetting or it wasn’t the right time of day,) He sat down to answer the questions. He finished it yesterday and it’s ready to go. First, I want to thank him and let him know I appreciate his honesty and willingness to do this. So, Get Ready everyone cause here’s the interview. As a note: the Bolded Questions are from the PTLS Family and below it are Michael’s Responses. So, as they say in Television and Radio, Roll it...   
TCS: When you were about 10-13 years old, can you tell us as a sibling how you felt when your bother had an aggressive outburst? Did you truly understand what was going on with him?
Michael: For as long as I have known him, which is practically my entire life, he has never had an aggressive outburst. For the most part if he ever got really upset he would get more emotional. He would work himself up and start crying. There would be the occasional times where he would raise his voice but nothing that could ever be put as an aggressive outburst. At that age I had already seen him do things like that before so I wasn’t to worried about it. I just figured that he was more sensitive to things then I was, I never really linked PTLS to his sensitivity. I also figured out by then he was extremely stubborn and if he didn’t want to do something, he would put up quite a fight. Which would also cause him to get upset.
  TCS: How did having a sibling with PTLS effect your life both good and things that were difficult?
Michael: Well growing up, nobody knew what PTLS was including myself. I was told that my brother had special needs and I just took that as the literal sense. I never considered him special or different though. I treated him like my bother with no exceptions and restraints. Naturally I picked on him and gave him a hard time. The one thing that I did do growing up was take on the role of big brother. I looked out for him and tried to teach him things. Christian has also taught me a lot growing up with him. I learned from a young age that people in the world see things differently. There’s nothing wrong with looking at the world differently and having a sense of individuality. Everyone goes through highs and lows, it’s how you deal with the situation that makes the difference.
TCS: How do you deal with your peers asking questions about your brother?
Michael: Honestly, when I was younger I can’t really remember to many people asking about him. I think the main reason was that he was always pretty friendly to everyone. No one really could tell just by meeting him that he had special needs. After a while of getting to know him or seeing him then they might ask questions. I’m always proud to tell them what’s up. I just tell them that he has this rare chromosome duplication and he was forth to be diagnosed with it. After that, some people keep questioning and are really interested others just move on to the next order of business, whatever that might be.
TCS: PTLS kids need a lot of attention/ extra help. Were you ever envious of this?
Michael: Nope. If anything when I was younger I found it annoying and frustrating. Not that he was getting more attention then me or anything like that, it was just because I was ready to move on and progress while Christian was still trying to learn.
TCS: As a sibling was there a time say around preteen where you were embarrassed when you were out with the family?
Michael: Not really.
TCS: What did your mom do to help you understand Christians PTLS?
Michael: I think that the best thing for me was learning patients and acceptance. I was taught that not everyone learns the same way and each person is different. Some people require more training on particular topics. Really that advice goes for everyone and didn’t segregate my brother from other people. It didn’t hurt that my mom likes the medical field and could give me facts and explain information easier to me.
TCS: When did you realize Christian was different?
Michael: I don’t think there was really a point of epiphany where all of a sudden I knew he was different. Living with him and growing up together, you just kind of known as life. Its really the same as getting to know anyone else, you hang out with them enough you learn things about them. All it takes is some powers of observation.
TCS: Growing up, can you give some examples of things you showed him how to do/ taught him?
Michael: Ha ha ha!!! When I was seventeen or so I let Christian drive my car down the neighborhood street. That was exciting to say the least!! I taught him how to play video games and things like that. To recall everything I taught him would take some time. I just try my best to show him and explain to him anything that he has questions about and would like to learn about. His memory is pretty freaky. He can recall all sorts of random stuff. If others put in the effort and energy to teach him, he can learn anything.

TCS: Do you feel any angst or nervousness about being Christian’s guardian later in life?
Michael: I suppose so, it is kind of nerve racking. I’m not stressing out too much though. We get along great and for the most part he is pretty self-reliant. I am confident in my self and my abilities to overcome any obstacle that dares to stand in front of me. Ha ha ha! But for real, I have known about being his guardian for a long time now, so I’m mentally ready.   
So, I hope all of this helped to answer your questions on Siblings and My Brother. It was quite surprising to hear some of these because I didn’t expect it. Well, you know, I guess it’s like they say, “You’ll Never Know Until You Ask”, simple as that. This whole interview turned out to be more fun than I thought it was going to be, but then again, I didn’t know. I mean, you know, how much someone loves you but, sometimes, every now and then, you might be curious as to how much that person loves you. As for me, I know that My Brother loves me and understands me, and I love him so much for that. All in all, I say it a lot, but I’ll say it again, My Brother, Michael, is Awesome!
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June 13, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: My View, My Brother

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
June 3, 2012-TCS # 304
So, I know quite a few PTLS Family Members wonder how both, the PTLS Child and their Brother or Sister views them. Well, I think it’s overdue that I tell you how I view My Brother and write about My Brother. My Brother, Michael, my only brother I have in My Family, is really awesome. For those who are wondering, Yes, he is my blood brother. Anyway, My Brother is awesome because he takes care of me and understands me. He is 23 Years old and goes to University of North Texas, he is an artist, a good one at that, and he is going to get his bachelors degree in Art. Michael is a really goofy guy once you get to know him and there are sometimes we wish we had hidden cameras in our house because he’s that goofy and he makes us all laugh. He puts that saying, “Dance like no ones watching” to a new meaning. He is a good judge of character when it comes to meeting new people and he has interesting views when it comes to the news, politics, and life. One of the things I love about him is that he was and still is caring and loving enough to introduce me to some of his friends. After they get to know me and who I am, they treat me like I’m part of the pack and wherever they go, I go with them. It was like that a lot in High School, he was my driver in a way because he drove me to and from school during the school year, unless he had to go to school early, then, My Mom would take me. In Elementary School, We and the Herricks would walk to school sometimes, most of the time we would drive. It wasn’t that far from the house, only a couple blocks. Michael’s Art is one thing that I’m very proud of him for because it really makes you think and wonder. Sometimes, My Mom will interpret it one way and I’ll say, “Art is subject to ones own interpretation.” Also, this past semester in College, My Brother got straight A’s, a 4.0 Grade Average, and He’s gotten on the Dean’s List twice. The classes that he was taking that semester were very tough classes, to the point where he had to do a project every week or every other day; so, I was very proud of him when I heard that. My Brother has always treated me with the greatest of care, protection, and treats me like every other kid, he doesn’t make a big deal about being a brother to someone with Special Needs. He will one day be My Guardian and I know that he will do a good job at it. Also, I know that whatever I do, he’ll help and love me. All in all, My Brother, Michael is an awesome brother that I have.
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June 6, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: What My Soulmate can Expect

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
June 6, 2012-TCS # 303
 You Know, In the beginning of most Romantic Stories or more put, “Soulmate Invitations” as true romantics like me call it, are mostly about what the person expects from their soulmate. Like for example, I wrote about that as a launch to the “I Believe in Love” campaign. But, the funny thing is, the question is, what do they (the other side of your soul) expect from you. Well, most of us, both men and women, assume that because their your soulmate, you and them will get everything you want. But, remember though, that your soulmate and my soulmate is not going to be perfect, we want them to, but that’s too high of expectations of any relationship whether your true loves, soulmates, or just being together in general. But, what to expect in a relationship is mostly, the scariest part; questions like “Am I going to expect fights alot?”, “Will they cheat on me?”, “Will they be filled with drama?”, questions that come with every relationship. Well, I’m going to continue with the “I Believe in Love” Campaign with what they can expect from me. The Truth is that My Soulmate won’t have to expect alot from me because I will love them with all my heart and soul, literally. But, I’ll tell you the things I’ve only dreamed of. They can expect that everyday when I come home, I’m going to say, “How was Your Day??’, as My Mom and Brother will tell you, I ask that question every day and more than once sometimes. They can expect that I’ll hug, kiss, hold them, and tell them I love them alot. They can expect for me to pick them up off their feet and carry them, maybe a spin around or two, watching their hair fly in the wind, and telling them how much I love them. Now, considering that people with PTLS have weak muscle tone, it may or may not be a long ride. Now, the next one they can expect is very predictable, We will watch Romantic Comedies alot! Yes, we can watch general Comedy and maybe a movie or two where things blow up, but, absolutely no Horror Movies! I don’t like them and I never will. Another Thing that is, again very predictable, is that we’ll have talks about what is going on in the news and maybe, again in my dreams, watching Glenn Beck together. Also, speaking of the news, we’ll cuddle together nightly on the couch and watch the news together, but it’ll be more for fun instead of discussing it, that’ll be saved for the next day. As far as cuddling goes, we’ll cuddle all the time because it’s fun. Now, of course, on topic of the fights, most people, even soulmates, fight sometimes but it won’t be very often, if at all. As for the Cheating, I would Absolutely Never cheat on them because I’m a classy guy, It is sin against God, and I would never do that, and I respect them too much. Considering the fact that I mentioned about having a relationship with God they will expect that we pray to God both at Dinner Time and Bed Time, to thank him for all he does for us. As for Drama, the only time that would happen would be if something is bothering me and if I “shut down” and not be as talkative as I usually am, then you’ll know. Also, I hate to say it, but another things you’ll expect from me, is that I’m going to Clear My Throat, probably more than you would like. Now, I should mention that it is not habitual but, it’s the nerves in my stomach and throat, along with it’s slow emptying that causes it, but hopefully, it won’t happen that often and I hope it doesn’t annoy you too much. This is a huge concern of mine! And finally, as mentioned in the beginning of this campaign, they’ll expect to meet My Families (Intermediate Family, Smith Family, and PTLS Family) and I believe you’ll love them as much as they’ll love you. All in All, Now that you know what I expect from you, you now know what you can expect from me. 
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