February 29, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Driving and Dating

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
February 29, 2012-TCS # 289
So, I know that for many PTLS Family Members, particularly new ones but sometimes the not-so-new ones, have many questions about what’s going to be ahead for their child. I mean, if I were in their position, I’d be worrying about the bigger things beyond the childhood age, such as Puberty, Dating, Driving, Drinking, and Marriage...just to name a few. So, I’m going to answer the Driving and Dating questions from My Experience. Now, as with any person there’s those minor-crushes that we have in both Elementary and Middle School like I did with Lynee, Lauren Anderson, and of course Ali. The first real girlfriend I had was a girl named Madison. Now, before I get into talking about Madison, I know PTLS Members are secretly curious whether the people I had crushes on and had as girlfriends where girls who had special needs or not? Well, honestly I don’t pay attention to that because it doesn’t matter to me. But, for Reference, Lynee had some kind of Special Needs, Lauren didn’t, and Ali had Down Syndrome. Anyway, the first girlfriend I had was Madison.  Now, Madison, to put it nicely, wasn’t the most liked girl at school in both High School and Senior High School. She was the girl who got made fun of and if you got on her bad side, well good luck, being in her presence. Anyway, one day I was IMing with My Friend, Kristen; Madison asked her for my screen name and so she gave it to her, then madison asked me out over the internet. I was a little hesitant about it because of who she was and the fact that I never gone out with someone before. So, finally I was like “Ok, fine, it’ll be a good trial run” So, we went out for 4 Months and it was a pretty good 4 months, I mean we would celebrate each month together and I would count the days we had been together. Of Course, the way it ended, today I’m not very proud of. You See, I’ve said many times that I don’t like to see people in distress and I didn’t really want to tell her that I wanted to break up with her and watch her get upset so, of course, I asked My Friend, Mark to do it for Me, I know it was dumb, but at that time I was really nervous and scared. After that we were still friends and we dated on and off while we worked together at the Double-A League Baseball stadium called the Frisco Roughriders. Anyway, on the Fourth of July I wanted to see the fireworks but she was not feeling well and wanted to go home. We ended up getting into a big argument and decided to call it quits. The end of the baseball season came and I decided to quit working there because like I said before, if you were on her bad side, it wasn’t good. Now, of course If you know me well enough, I wrote a newsletter about the whole quitting deal that wasn’t so nice about her because I was upset and yes, I called her a bully, which in a way, she is but, I never got to write about what I liked about her or what I learned. With anything in this world, Everything comes with a lesson and everything happens for a reason. Not all the things I learned from her were good things but, some of them were. Like for example, She thought me all about dating and how it felt to have a girlfriend. As well as the typical behaviors like Hugging, Kissing, Cuddling, and Holding Hands. My favorite memory of her was a time I was walking toward the school and I saw her start to run and excitedly yelled, “Christian!” She ran up to me and gave a big hug. Now, of course, having Madison as a girlfriend was really fun and quite a learning experience about Dating and the Art of having a girlfriend. Of Course, My Mom will tell you, the whole thing nearly gave her a heart attack when I kissed Madison in front in My Mom while saying good night to her.
      Moving on to the driving part of this segment. The thing about Driving is that I know how to drive things like Go-Karts and Golf Karts because in the latter years of “The Jeff Era” I grew up driving around the yard of the Lake House and the Field across the street. However the problem is that if I were to drive on the road, I would want to look at the signs and surroundings because they interest me which would lessens my attention to the road and what the other drivers are doing. Not only that but, My Reaction time isn’t that fast enough for me to react to someone cutting me off or someone slamming on their brakes. My Mom has always said that with me driving, “I would be more of a danger to the other drivers than they would be to Me.” Now, of course this didn’t stop My Brother from pulling the car over in the neighborhood and letting me drive down the street; yes, that did happen. It Happened on the way home from School, we turned onto the street that leads us home, and he stopped the car and said “I’m going to let you drive us home” and I freaked out thinking, “I’m going to crash this car”, luckily though, if I did, it was an old beat-up car. So I got into the drivers seat I pressed the gas accidentally thinking we could go but, Thank God it was in Park. So, I switched it to Drive and I drove around the neighborhood. I also drove by a park that had a ton of kids and other cars parked, luckily I didn’t hit any. Then, when we drove down our street, My Brother called My Mom and said, “Mom, Come Outside I want to show you something!” and she saw me driving up the road and her eyes were so big. I then, turned in the driveway and My Mom was probably thinking, “Please don’t hit My Car” and “Oh My God, Christian’s Driving!” and, then that was it, we were finally home. That was the only time that My Brother let me drive his car. So, as for Driving, It’s not that I can’t drive because I can drive Go-Karts or Golf Carts but, for My Own Safety and the Safety of Others, I choose not to drive. So as for getting around, I’ll have others do the driving for me. All-in-all, I hope that answers your questions on Driving and Dating. Now, Remember that these are My Experiences and Not All PTLS Children will have the same situation. So if you have any questions or comments please let me know.      
Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Be Grateful for the things that Someone can do, Not what they can’t do.

February 22, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: College Adventure

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
February 22, 2012-TCS # 288
So, Just this morning, My Brother decided that he would take me to school with him so, I could see the school that he goes to and see what it looks like. Well, let me tell me you, it was very interesting experience. Now, the things I’m going to tell you, are purely what I think and how I see the world, so don’t hold it against me. Anyway, it started at 10 am when My Brother and I arrived at where my brother goes to school, the University of North Texas or UNT for short. Now, a funny point, it’s actually rare (well, not THAT rare) so see me up before noon. So, when we got there, he showed me to the building where his class was at, for a reference for me to where he was going to be and it gave me a reference point on this large campus. And, it was a very large campus, I mean it makes Plano Senior High look like a really small college campus. By the way, Plano Senior High had 5 separate building organized by letters A-E. UNT, however had buildings by subject name which there weren't many that said, “This is the Science Building” or This is the History Building.” This place had buildings named like Sycamore Hall (which, by the way is the secondary library) anyway, I walked around past and through many halls until I got into the main center area of the campus. Now, Of Course, I enjoyed walking through the Music Hall which was nice because I got to hear students practicing their music. Anyway, the first thing I saw the young Ron Paul supporters trying to get votes for him. So, I talked to these 2 girls that where standing at the Ron Paul booth. I started talking to one of them who said she was a “Fiscal Conservative” and she told me how Ron Paul wants Small Government which between I and Glenn Beck want for our country. So, I talked with her for a little while about why Ron Paul is better than any of the other candidates but, it took a while to convince me. Anyway, next I wanted to talk to the people that wanted to legalize marijuana and I wanted to tell them my views about it and taxing it. So, I asked the guy to pitch it to me and he said, “Why should I? If you don’t support it, I have enough people who do.”
so, I just continued walking around because I didn’t want to get in trouble. Anyway, then I checked out the Radio, TV, and Performing Arts Building which was quite fascinating. I got to see the workings of a radio channel that broadcasts from there. I got to talk to the Radio Producer to ask what she does out of curiosity and she told me the things that she does. Following that, I continued walking around in a loop until I got to the Ron Paul table again to see what they were doing now. By the way, by this time, it’s almost noon and I was looking for a place to eat. So, I talked to the same girl I did earlier only this time, there was a Homeless Guy with his dog, who was selling beads and the UNT police was giving him a ticket for selling things on campus and I asked the girl what she thought and she said “It’s our constitutional right that you can do that”(referring to the homeless guy selling beads). Anyway, I walked more toward the center area and sat with my bag and ate my lunch to the sounds of young men dressed as pirates to try and get people to join the UNT Sailing Team saying things like “There’s a Sailing Team at YOUR School!”, “Give Up for Lent, not sailing on the sailing team!”, and “Sign up before I lose my voice!”. After Lunch, I went back to the Ron Paul table and talked to the people there when a person with a History Major who was talking about small government and issues with our current one. So, him, another guy, and I started talking about all the stuff we’ve learned from many sources until, that is, someone who was very interesting came up to the table. The first thing I noticed which was nice was that she had a big cross on her shirt. So, she comes up and she began with saying that Ron Paul doesn’t support women and everything associated with it. Also, she started talking about how Ron Paul isn’t telling the truth and he has two sides of him. Then, she said something that floored me and believe me, it wasn’t the first. First, she used, let’s just say, very “Colorful Language” about Ron Paul and us wasting our time. One of the people responded with “Why are you wasting your time with People wasting their time?”. Now, let me remind you, I don’t support anyone but, I just wondered up to the table.  Then, the next thing that floored me, one of the people asked “So, what kind of Government do you want to have?”, she responded, “Anarchy” and I thought, Oh My Goodness! I thought about the things Glenn Beck said about how the left is indoctrinating young people in our schools but, I had never seen in real life before and today I saw it, from this anarchist to signs on the bulletin board saying, “Join the Socialists.” Anyway, I kept listening to the anarchist-cross-girl and then, she said, “Join the Radical Left!” and things about the Radicals and how Ron Paul of course is Radical also, which according to the Ron Paul table he wasn’t. Anyway, after she left, I continued talking to this historian about everything that I’ve heard and he told me his opinion about what I was telling him plus the stuff that he knew about the subject. I did help assure one of the people at the table who was bothered by the anarchist-cross-girl and I told him about the Abe Lincoln quote that came from an inaugural speech of his, “Malice toward None, Charity toward All.” Just then, I looked over and saw the homeless guy’s dog knock over the box of beads that was perfectly organized, so I went over to help him; I talked to another girl who was giving out a booklet stating, “25 Reasons to become Vegetarian” which was interesting but very depressing to read. I ended my day with visiting the library, I read for a while, and then, I met up with My Brother and we drove back home. All in all, the people there were all interesting, colorful (both figuratively and literally), and most of all, Welcoming.        
Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Life is always  full of Colorful People, You never know where You’ll find them. 

February 15, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Infectious- A Love Story

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
February 15, 2012- TCS # 287
So, It’s that time of year again, A Time for Luuuv and My Favorite kind of Movies, Romantic Comedies. This “Time for Love” is known as Valentine’s Day. However, with Valentine’s Day, people have different views of it, some people love it like crazy and others, of course some people hate it. My Mom calls it names like “Single’s Awareness Day”, “Unconditional Love Day”, and “Heart Day”. People who don’t like it call it “The Day of Evil” or “Empty The Wallet Day.” Anyway, then comes My View of Valentine’s Day. I don’t have that big of an issue with it, as far I know it’s a day for Lovers to be Romantic, A Day (or in this year’s case, a weekend marathon of Romantic Comedies) and A day where Card Companies become richer. Of Course, there’s also the aspect of Flower Companies getting rich too but, I’m okay with that because Flowers are at least, in my opinion, More thoughtful than a card. and, The Flower thing brings me to the story of this Newsletter. You See, back in High School (in most places, it’s considered Jr. High) when I was crushing on a girl named Ali; At lunch and before school everyday, starting at the beginning of February, they started selling roses that you could buy and have sent to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day along with a serenade. So, each day I would walk by or watch what they were doing at lunch and before school. Of Course, it didn’t bother me because I thought it was cute what they were doing because the money helped them with something, I don’t remember what it was for. I even thought of getting some for Ali, but at that time, she didn’t know how much I liked her. But, Anyway, when Valentine’s Day came around and I watched them bring out the flowers and serenade people. And, it wasn’t just the girls that got them. So, I watched them deliver flowers and stuff to the guys and the girls (at least as far as I remember) and I was hoping that I would get something. Anyway, I kept watching and as Lunch went on I started to feel bad because no one was bringing anything to us at My Friends and My Table. Finally, at the end of Lunch, neither one of my friends (or myself) got anything. This was the only year that they sold Flowers at school besides once at Plano Senior High but, that one wasn’t much of a big deal. Now, of course, in Valentine’s Day History, I had many good Valentine’s Days. In the 2nd grade I got to hand out valentines to kids in my class and I got some from them. So, don’t think that just because I have Special Needs, known as PTLS, that I didn’t get to enjoy the day because I did. Of Course, My Mom will point out that there was one Notable Valentine’s Day in Middle School where I made a Valentine for Ali (yes, that’s the same girl) only this year I had just a crush on her. Anyway, on the day of, I was so nervous about giving it to her that I threw up (not in front of her luckily). I really believe in Loving Everyone and Love in General, one year I went to My Mom’s Office and I gave out Free Hugs to whoever wanted one. And, this gave me an idea this year, because the rose story in High School, I started thinking about spreading love to everyone and getting a pile of Roses and giving them to Random People. I think that would be fun and you can do it too. All in all, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about Couples but, it’s about the whole aspect of Love.
Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Spread the Love to Everyone on Valentine’s Day.            

February 8, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: "Da-World" Though My Eyes

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
February 8, 2012- TCS # 286
So, I’m going to give you another helpful view through the eyes of PTLS. You Know, those Disney commercials where the parents surprise their kids saying, “Guess what Kids, WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!” and The Kids hoop and holler about the idea and thought of “Going to Disney World.” It’s not always the case with us PTLSers. You Know, It reminds me and bothers me because, I remember when My Dad told me that we were going to Disney World, I don’t remember getting thrilled about it. In Fact, I remember that I was nervous about it. You See, I’ve actually never really got excited about going to any theme parks, the only reason I’d go was because everyone else was going so, I had no choice but I still got anxious. Growing up, I didn’t really enjoy riding on rides, I just did it because my parents had me do it to help with my fear and teach me what it felt like. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did like those kiddy rides like the mini coaster or the ride where you drive on a course at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. and, of course there was that tall wooden coaster named The Rattler, that I was afraid to get on and eventually, it turned out to be My Favorite Roller coaster. Anyway, theme parks didn’t and still don’t thrill me like it does to Normal Kids. When I saw things that were big, to me, they were really big and scary. When you put a lot of activity, big objects, and loud noises; it is really overwhelming and causes me to be Anxious, lose focus, and have a hard time shutting my brain to shut down. I remember crying the whole time with My Dad at Universal Studios because he didn’t understand my perception of things and I couldn’t explain it to him because of My PTLS. Now, that I’m older and I’m able to explain things and even just communicate, I can tell people what I’ve been feeling and how I see The World. My Mom understood a lot but, is still learning. She never knew to what extent these activities really did to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, PTLS does have some disadvantages but, we really don’t if you see the world through our eyes, not your eyes. One Thing that I believe that PTLS blessed me with is  to get the chance to meet and talk to PTLS Family Members from Around The World that I would have never met or visited with. Also, with My Geographical Mind, I learn new things about places around the world. All in all, I thank you all for coming into My Life and me coming into yours.
Thanks for Reading the Christianville Spirit. Color Your World though the Eyes of PTLS.               

February 1, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: The PTLS Highway

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
February 1, 2012-TCS # 285
So, as I meet an increasing amount of PTLS Family Members, I start to get more questions about my childhood with PTLS like, when I did such and such, how I felt when this happened, at what age did you do things like talking, walking, or eating different foods, the list goes on... Anyway, I know that along the journey of PTLS or what I’ll call, “The PTLS Highway”. Parents of kids with PTLS are concerned or worried about what is further ahead up the road, and you know what they say, “A Highway is full of surprises!” meant both literally and figuratively. Also, parents do get antsy about what is on the road ahead because of fear of the unknown, kind of like I do when I drive on a road I haven’t gone on before on Google Maps ‘ Street View. So, to help you, My PTLS Family Members, I’m going to put what I know into what I know best, Geography. You know, when you take road trip, and of course you have to connect one large city to another and in between seems like an endless amount of towns before the major city? Sometimes, it takes so long to get to the next city. You start thinking, “Uggh!, When Are we getting to the next city, it’s taking Forever?!?!” and by the time you see the sign that says “Next City- 20 Miles(32 Km)”, your about ready to give up and next thing you know, your finally in the next city. Well, in a nutshell that’s when the big milestones and changes occur with PTLS, in the next major city. Now, I don’t remember well when I started talking and other things, but I do remember this, All major changes and milestones occur on the 5’s, meaning ages on the 5’s like 5, 10, 15, 20... Anyway, now as I told you that the changes happen on the 5’s in Geography terms that would be 5 Miles(8 Km). but, to PTLS Parents 5  Miles seems like 100 Miles(160 Km). and, the truth is that it seems like that because our brain development goes in big spurts with a long time with nothing which is like a huge exciting attraction and then, nothing for miles. Anyway, back to my geography analogy, so your a PTLS Mom driving on “The PTLS Highway” anxiously watching the road signs that say, “Next Big Change-50 Miles (80 Km)” along with the name of some town that you could care less about. So, the exit to this “no-one-cares” town comes and your watching the signs that say, “PTLS Hwy. North:--Walking-Talking-ville” and then, when cross the bridge of the road that leads to “no-one-cares-ville”, you look over towards the town and you are surprised by something little occurring down that road. Of Course, you think, “Oh, that’s nothing” and “We HAVE TO get to Walking-Talking-Ville!” so,out of curiosity, you turn around back to the little town to check it out. So you go down that little road and you discover something. A Sign that says “Welcome to Eat-A-New-Food-ville”, you get to the town center, and you notice something that you would have thought would be further on up the road; your child is eating a new food. Then, your pleasantly surprised and just for a time, you forget about getting to “Walking-Talking-Ville” and you spend the night here in “Eat-A-New-Food-Ville.” After the night in town, you get back on the road and the same process continues until the next city, changes happen, and then it’s back to square-one with the towns again until the next city after that. Anyway, the point here (and, this is not just for PTLS) but, life isn’t about getting to the next city, it’s about stopping in towns of all sizes and exploring and enjoying it because you never know what your going to find. All in all, Life is an adventure and the adventure isn’t getting there, it’s the journey on the way to get there. So in my geographical mind; it doesn’t matter where you are on the journey of life, just take your time and take one town at a time. Remember to stop and enjoy each little town along the way. You might just find a wonderful adventure or surprise hidden there.
Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Adventure isn’t about getting somewhere. It’s about the journey along the way to get there. So get your maps out and open your eyes to the wonderful PTLS journey.