January 30, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: My View on The Internet

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
January 30, 2013-TCS # 336

So, I have a new philosophy that I thought of, although it may or may not make sense, I think it will in the end. You See, Since I have became more social over the years, I have more reliance on The Internet like Facebook and Of Course, My Own Newsletter. I’ve learned alot about The Internet, like how things works, Google Maps‘ Street View, Social-Networking, and Watching Videos on YouTube. So, How does this come in with My Philosophy? Well, I believe that in a weird sense, The Internet is just Air. By That, I mean, The Internet isn’t something that is right in front of You in Real Life, the only case being that it is in front on your computer or in your hand (like an IPhone or Smartphone) because it is just technology. I’m amazed at when I watch YouTube Videos and Read Comments on other people’s YouTube Channels, how much something like “Cyber Bullying” can hurt someone via The Internet or “Just Air” versus in real life. I’ve heard that it actually hurts more on The Internet than in person. Wouldn’t it be a Wonderful World if People would be kinder to each other. Like, just because someone can’t sing well, doesn’t mean you have to post something ugly. Another Thing that amazes me is how people become “Viral Sensations” overnight. I like to point out a recent famous person as an example. See, there is a Girl who lives here in Dallas named Laina. One Night, she decided to make one of the most creepy looking faces on a Webcam and posted it on The Internet. Little Did she know that overnight, probably while she was sleeping, she got the nickname, “The Overly-Attached Girlfriend” and created something that in Internet Terms is a Meme. By The Way, a “Meme” is where people take a Screen Shot of You, Place Text (which can be funny or harmful, depending on who it is) over the picture, and post it on The Internet. Anyway, After living her daily life, she got online and found an enormous amount of Emails, Messages, and Facebook Requests from people who called her, “The Overly-Attached Girlfriend.” After that, she became famous and started doing parodies of Justin Bieber songs as well as Others. Now, She’s doing good with it because she raises money and donates it. It amazes me because You can post something that you think is funny, your thoughts on something, or a video about a Random part of your life on The Internet, go to sleep, have your normal routine, and then, get on The Internet and find that a ton of People like what you said or did. In Other Words, Many Things can happen “In the Air” before you even realize that it’s happening. If You posted a Dating Profile on a Dating Website, You may have a few takers by the next time you get online. People get on Dating Site and sift through dozens of Profiles and they find “The One.” All in The Air called The Internet, next thing you know Fall in Love and One Day, they decided to meet in Person and that’s when it becomes Reality. All in all, The Next Time you get on The Internet, remember that it is just air between People. So, make it Clean Air.

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January 23, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: A Day Trip to Central Texas

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
January 23, 2013-TCS # 335

So, Early in the week, My Mom came up with a really good idea. To take a little weekend trip somewhere that ended becoming a Day Trip, and she brought up the idea of going to San Antonio. You See, As You’ve read many times, I love to go on drives, whether it is on a New Road, Through a New Neighborhood, or to a place we’ve never gone before. So, My Mom’s Original Plan was to drive down to San Antonio, which is a 5 Hour Drive from Dallas, to go see my old doctor and a few friends. But, on Friday, we learned that it didn’t pan out the way we wanted but, we still wanted to go for a drive. So, My Mom decided, “Let’s go see a few PTLS Families!” and My Mom texted 2 of them, One from Austin and the other from the Killeen-Fort Hood Area to see if they wanted to hang out; the one in Austin said that their kids were sick and couldn’t make it. But, the one from Killeen-Fort Hood (we’ll call her, “Mary S.”) said, “Come On!”. So, Late Sunday Morning, My Mom and I drove down to go see them. On the way, we took our time so, I could see lots of New Roads, New Road Signs, and Re-live a couple memories, because I-35 was the road we took to meet halfway with My Dad, back when I was going to San Antonio. I noticed for one that they are in the process of widening I-35 nearly all the way down to the Temple-Belton area. I did see a cool silo structure in a Rest Area that they were building along the highway. I also noticed, the widened highway south of Waco (which used to be two lanes each way) like most Interstates in the country. Anyway, We got to where they live in about 3 Hours and We went into their house and hung out with them until dinner time. I like to say that this trip was a mark in History because it was the first time that we’ve ever been to a PTLS Family Member’s House and it was delightful. I loved the fact that they welcomed us into Their Home and let us observe their Daily Life. Although, We are very sweet and classy people as well as they are, but I personally, am honored that I was welcomed in to their home. The Reason being because it’s a big step to even let people that you’ve only met a few times into your home, but then again, that’s just me. After we were there a while, we decided to go to Dinner with them and funny enough, we went to one of the restaurants that they normally go to. I do have to tell you though, it was very nice restaurant, it was an Authentic Italian Restaurant and it was very good. We had some nice dinner conversation and enjoyed each other’s company. After Dinner, we walked back to their house and then, hung out for a couple minutes and then, headed out. Thank You Mary S. for letting us hang out with you, coming to your house, and going to Dinner with You! On the Way Home, I got to see something really cool. Now, I know that the Dallas Area is My Home, but Sometimes, seeing the skyline of the city is something that is really cool. The thing about Downtown Dallas is 2 Things, the first being considering that I live on the North Side of Dallas, I don’t get to see the best view of Dallas, which is coming up on I-35 into Downtown. The second is that, about 2 years ago, they build this hotel called “The Omni Hotel” which is really cool because it has lights that make up an image. The best time to see these “Image Lights” is at night, and it’s not the best thing to be in South Dallas at night, however on the way home I finally got to see the lights. Now, for the passengers it’s amazing to look at but, if your a driver, I’ll warn you now, it’s very distracting when your trying to keep your eyes on the road, but there is this bright lit building in the center of the Dallas Skyline that catches your eye. Anyway, it was really awesome for me to see it though. All in all, it was an awesome Day Trip to do and it was really nice to see Mary S. and her family again.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Make the Best of a Day Trip. Take in the sights and Visit with Great People.

January 18, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: What's On Your Itinerary

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart and Lifts You Up
January 16, 2013-TCS # 334
So, Every now and then, I come up with new terms to use in My Daily Life. Sometimes, the words I come up with aren’t usually used in a normal context. So, A Couple Months ago, I came with a creative one, Itinerary. Now, Considering that I love Travel, it seems fitting but, I mean it differently than what most people think of it. You See, As I’ve told you, I’m very Schedule and Routine oriented, so I have to know what we’re going to be doing that day, if it is not on My Normal Schedule (or now, known as My Itinerary.) To most people when they think of Itineraries, they think of What ports they’re going to visit when going on a Cruise Ship. I Believe that on Cruise Ships is mainly where the word comes from. The other use is if you go on a trip and your loved ones have to know your itinerary so they know where you are if something goes wrong. I’m sure though, that you are wondering why I chose this word. I chose it because I believe that Life should be more like an Itinerary instead of a Schedule, because it’s sounds more fun to have an Itinerary. To Me, it seems boring to say, “I have this, this, and this on My Schedule Today” versus saying, “On Today’s Itinerary is this, this, and this.” I mean, which one is more fun sounding? I believe it would make Life much more fun for us all. An Example of it’s use would be asking a Family Member or Friend, “What’s on Your Itinerary Today?” or If your spending time with Family and You ask, “What’s on Our/The Itinerary Today?” So, you know what we’re going to do that day like Go to The Park; Go to Six Flags; Have Dinner with The Neighbors; Hang Out with Friends or Go to A Party, just to name a few things. You can always use it for Daily Use with “What’s on Your Itinerary Today?” Question. The Answers could be A Business Meeting; Doctor’s Appointment; A big Pitch to Executives of a Company to get an account at Work; A Date Tonight, If You are Single or Date Night, If You’re Married or Dating. Things that you do on a Daily Basis. Itineraries help me to stay focused, stay on task, and complete the task. If Not, I feel confused. Is This Something You can Relate to? All in All, Some People just need structure and an Itinerary can help.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. The Three E’s: Educational, Entertaining, Enlightening. Another Reason Why The Christianville Spirit is The Spirit of Christianville! (Local Commercial)

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January 9, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: The Number 333

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart and Lifts You Up
January 9, 2013-TCS # 333

So, My Readers, I don’t know if you notice the number that I put next to the date of the newsletter but, this week’s number is very special. You See, Every Week I number my newsletter with what I call “TCS #’s” which is an acronym of how many Christianville Spirit Newsletters I’ve done. This Number, 333 is special because those Christians who believe in it is God’s Phone Number. I was taught this by My Friend, Jeremiah’s Mom, Mrs. Marilyn back when I was in High School. She taught me that because of the date 3-3-03 and how it is a special date, but to me I thought it was the rapture date just because it some how made sense to Me, when in fact it comes from a bible scripture. Anyway, I was thinking the same thing that You are thinking, “God has a Phone Number!?” Well, not really, that’s what I thought at the time and Mrs. Marilyn said, “You just say 333 in Prayer and God will answer.” For a while, I didn’t understand what it meant or let alone, why they use those numbers until I had that Politics/News/Religion discussion with Mrs. Patty and Colonel Jack (who is actually, General Jack, to be precise). And, Mrs. Patty told me that the number 333 means “Trinity, Trinity, Trinity” and that confirmed the number meaning more for me. I also learned that, “Trinity 3x” can be an alternate way of calling God using the 333 code. So, calling on God is very important but, God also put on this earth, something else that help you get through the day. That something else is a Special Needs Child. So, How is that, you ask? Because we are very loving and understanding people. We do not judge on others and we (PTLSers anyway) see the good in people. Also, we have a good sense to pick up how people are feeling and help them or hug them. We also have a good sense of humor to make you laugh or sometimes, have a way with words that make you Think and yes, sometimes Cry, but a good one though. The Reason that You should have a “Unique” person or a Person with Special Needs (PTLS or not) is because we see the world in a way that it should be seen and should be lived by. So, anytime you need comfort or someone to change your view of life, look upon a person with “Uniqueness”, We’re here for a reason and a purpose. All in all, We’re like angels here on earth, Special Needs People are everywhere, so don’t turn your back on us.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Special Needs People are here to help you with your Special Needs. We Love Everyone!        

January 2, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: Happy New Year 2013

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
January 2, 2013-TCS # 332

Hello Again, My Readers! Welcome to Another Year of Exciting, Thrilling, Educational, and yes, Entertaining Newsletter. But, First Off, Happy New Year! And, Welcome to 2013! I hope that this year is a Wicked Awesome Year filled with Joy, Moving Forward, and Love (or whatever your aspirations are this year). So, as 2013’s New Tag Line implies, This Year’s Newsletters will “Fill Your Heart” and “Lift You Up.” By The Way, Before we get started, After Great Consideration of Suggestions and All were good, I Decided give credit to those who made this tag line possible. That would be Family Friend, Greg Simpson and PTLS Family Member, Stacey Brooks and Of Course; My Brother, Michael, who mixed the two, creating the first double-tag line of this newsletter. With all that said, on we go. So, Having Special Needs comes with something that all of us have to deal with, both the “Unique” person themselves, as well as Family & Friends. Although it is hard to admit, or at least for me, I need something called Adaption and Adjusting. Now, Adaption is a normal thing when it comes to having Special Needs when doing activities. But, I’m talking about the kind of Adaption that happens when you get out of your normal routine and element like going on a vacation, to a Family Members House, or a Friend’s for a Sleep Over. Now, I’ll tell you in some cases it’s easy for the “Unique” person like me to adapt to places as long I have structure and most importantly, knowing what the rules are. But, what about places where there isn’t structure, routine, or I have to learn their rules. However, when I get into a situation where there isn’t routine like Vacation, The Beach, or Summer Camp, I get confused and often Overwhelmed. Most of the Time, When I have no routine, People try asking if I need anything, like a pillow, blankets, or something to eat, but I don’t know how to explain or express myself to get what I need or do I know what I need. It’s easier for me and causes less stress when the people around me know what I need or know how to handle me. It is hard for me to explain when I do not know what I want. I just know how I feel inside, and I feel very confused and overwhelmed. So the lack of structure, routine, or too much activity going on around me is not good for me. So, all in all, be careful during Holidays, Vacations, or Outings since many PTLS kids need rules and structure to be able to focus and have a good time. We just need to be Understood!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. To Enjoy Life, Sometimes We need Structure and Routine.