June 25, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Conversations with PTLSers

Me and Tyler, "Goofing Off"

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Lifts Your Soul
June 25, 2014-TCS # 407

So, I had quite a bit of Fun Over The Weekend that was Exciting. You See, My PTLS “Brother”, Tyler, came to town and We got to hang Out together both on Friday and Saturday. On Friday Evening, We went over to Tyler’s Brother’s House and We had a Nice little cookout along with several other Members of His Family. I really felt like I was literally part of Tyler’s Family. I got to have Some Guy talk with Tyler and His Brothers. My Mom likes to say that We behave and talk so typically when We are Around each other. Me, I just enjoy having Quality Time with Tyler and I don’t really notice the “Typical” Conversations because I am busying having them. Everyone sat around The House talking and Enjoying Each Others Company and Having Healthy Burgers (They were Deer Meat), now before You start thinking, “What are You Nuts?!” It was actually good. On Sunday, My Mom and “Aunt” Angie, as I call her, took us to The Mall and We walked around. Of Course, Going to The Mall didn’t go without what My Uncle Craig refers to as “Goofing Off”. While we were at My Mom’s Favorite Store, Sam Moon (This was before The Mall) Aunt Angie decided to put random hats on Tyler and I and took our pictures, Now that I mentioned it, I will probably have to Show You. We each had Hats that We best looked in, For Me, It was a White Church Lady Hat and For Tyler, It was a Cowboy Hat. After Sam Moon, We went to The Mall to walk around and while we were sitting Eating a Snack, I taught Tyler the Art of People Watching. We sat there, Talked and watched all The Pretty Girls walk by. Tyler would say, “Oh Boy” when He saw a Really Pretty Girl, It was quite funny. I know that This Newsletter sounds a bit Personal But, Us PTLS Adults have a Hard Time getting Friendships going because We have a Hard Time starting Conversations with Someone who is Our Age  and Also has PTLS. See, We don’t have problems talking with Other Adults because We really like it and Find it Easy to do. But, It is Awkward to Talk on Someone that is around Our Age and We can appear to be Shy. Sometimes, We need the help of Our Parents to help us get the Conversation started. But, Once we do, then We are Comfortable. I have talked to 10 or more PTLS Adults and It has taken time to get comfortable to Keep a Conversation going. Even when with Tyler, It took Our Moms helping to get our conversation going. But, when a Adult talks to Me or Messages Me, I have No Problem talking with them because I feel more Comfortable. So, My Time with Tyler has been Important because We are finally comfortable talking with each other. And, Another PTLS Friend who I talk to Several Times a Day and We are Finally Comfortable. All in all, Know that Your Kids want to have Friends but, They are going to need help, “Breaking The Ice” and Getting Conversations started.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Please be Patient with us PTLSers when it comes to Conversations.  

June 18, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: A Talk about PTLS Adults

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Lifts Your Soul
June 18, 2014-TCS # 406

So, My Readers, I have found out that My Newsletter 2 Weeks ago was Handled quite Successfully. But, PTLS Family Members that have PTLSers that are past The Children Walking and Talking Phase I’m sure are Wondering, What about The Adults? It is a Curiosity of Many, including those that are still in The Child Phase but, Isn’t mentioned as often. However, It is safe to say that All PTLS Family Members are curious about What They’re child will be like when They are of An Age like Me. So, With that said, Let’s have a bit of an Adult Talk about Some of The Issues related to Adult PTLSers. So, Let’s start out with The Layout of The Land, This is a “New Country” that You are in and You have to get your bearings. So, What is There to Worry about with PTLS Adults? First, I wouldn’t say Worry, more like Wonder about. But, Let’s See; Driving, Living, College, Dating, That dreaded thing called Alcohol, Sex, and of course, Marriage. So, First Up is Driving. Now, There are a Few PTLSers that do have Drivers Licenses but, They don’t Drive. If They do Drive, It is generally Short Distance, like to The Grocery Store. Me? Because I live in Suburban Dallas, I’m not sure if I could handle Driving. Only because I am too busy looking at The Road Signs, The Surroundings, and My Reaction Time is Very Slow. That is not to say though, That I have never driven because I have. My Brother was taking me home from School and He decided to have Me drive in Our Neighborhood, needless to say, It was a Bit scary because I was thinking, “What If I crash or Hit Someone?!” Luckily, My Brother was driving an Older Car at the time, so That Worry wasn’t too bad. Next Thing to Talk about is, College. Now, PTLSers can go to College if They wanted to, We do have a few who did. Me Personally, I believe that Classes for a Degree (Especially Basic Ones like Math) would be Much Higher than My Level of It. But, I could take a Computer Certificate Class and do really well. People often ask me, “Do You or Why do You not go To College?” I personally hate that question if It is coming from Anyone other than a PTLS Family Member, Why? Because It makes me feel Excluded from Everyone Else. I want to be treated like Everyone Else, after all. Then, We move to Living. PTLSers have various Living Situations, some live near Family, Down the Street from Their Parents House, in Group Homes, and So On. I prefer that In the time that I am Single, I would live with a Roommate or Just Stay with My Mom. When I am with Bridgett, I have projected that I will be living with Her and Her Dad. The Key to that though, is that I want My Mom to live nearby Me, as in Next Door or a Couple doors down from Me, or if Anything, Down the Street from Me, as long as She is nearby me if I need help or in an Emergency. Next Thing we have to Talk about is Dating. Now, For all of us (PTLSers and Parents) Dating can be a bit scary at first, I have had 2 Girlfriends so far and that was quite an Experience. She taught me The Art of Cuddling, Holding Hands, and Kissing. And, It pretty much gave My Mom a Heart Attack when she saw me and The Girl I was dating, Kissing. But, Hey! My Mom tells that it is part of The Job Description of Being a Mom. “It’s in The Book of Moms!” She tells me. So, While we are Dating, We might as well get to Sex and Marriage. I personally have thought not to Have Sex until You are at least Engaged, “No Sex Before Monogamy!” as Patti Stanger from The Millionaire Matchmaker says. But, The Idea of Sex, is a bit iffy to Me if You will, because I’m not sure how I would handle it because of My Texture Issues. So, I guess, it will come with Time and When I am Ready. Guys, I am Sorry for the Ugly Picture that might be in Your Head, I am just being Honest! ANYWAY, Let’s move on to Marriage. I have it planned in My Head about Wanting to Find My Soulmate (I have named her, Bridgett) and Marry Her. Since The End of High School, I have had The Idea of a “Woman of My Dreams” who has The Greatest Heart in The World. After all, If The Person has a Good Heart, You wouldn’t mind spending the Rest of Your Life with Them and That is What I plan to do. I have gone so far as to Wonder Where My Honeymoon will be. Now, The Idea of The aspects of The Wedding, I wonder about. I wonder if there really is a need (at least for Me) for a Bachelor Party, I would be Okay with just going out to Dinner and Hanging Out, No Need for all The Crazy Stuff. One Thing that is of Concern about My Wedding, is My Anxiety Level.  I tend to get Anxious about doing New Things, I just hope to God that I don’t get sick in front of A lot of People. I did get sick once (not in front of a lot of People) because I was so Nervous about Being in The School Play in like 3rd Grade. Yea, That’s an Embarrassing Story but, At Least I told It! This is Probably why I should have a Small Wedding. I wonder though too about How it is going to feel with a Ring on My Finger, will I like it on There or Will I not want to Wear it. Because, It bothers me to have things on My Fingers (like a Ring), Wrist (like a Watch), or Even a Necklace. So, the Final Thing that We have to Talk about (as I have found myself rambling) is, “That dreaded thing called Alcohol”, Now, Have I tried Alcohol? Yes, and I don’t like it. Have any other PTLSers tried it? I’m sure they have. I have talked to a few who have and like it and other who don’t. I personally don’t want to have Alcohol. I just have No Interest in It, Hence the Reason I don’t go to Bars, because There is No Fun or Interest to Me in a Bar. Unless You want to sit near The Bar at a Restaurant, then You can have access to having “Shirley Temples” where in The Main Part of The Restaurant, You wouldn’t. For The Most Part, I can take care of Myself throughout The Day, I can even make myself something to Eat, and One of My PTLS “Brothers” and I will learning to Cook More Together This Summer. All in all, Us PTLS Adults, want to have Our Independence but, We still need a little support.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cherish Your Adult PTLSers and Support Them as Well.

June 11, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: My Geographical Research

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
June 11, 2014-TCS # 405

So, You Know how I have told you that I Love Geography and Maps? Well, I’m not sure I have told You about Just how much and To what Degree. Whenever, I talk to People, be it PTLS Family Members, Friends, and Yes, Even Family, I love to talk to them about Things that I know or Have Learned about a Particular Area. People are amazed at How Much I know about The World, but That is something You already Know. So, How do I get all This Information? Well, besides hearing about Different Places on The News and Cyber-Traveling, There is also talking to People from Other Parts of The World and Then, I Do Research on The Place, Out of Curiosity. I do A lot of Research about Countries; to name a Few Things, Airports, Currency, Roads (and, Signs), Language, the Political View, Life Styles, Stats about The Area, and General Trivia. I was talking to a PTLS Family Member, Stefan, (If You remember, I mentioned him a while back.) I asked him, How far He lived from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and He was Amazed that I knew what and where “Stockholm-Arlanda” was. Then again, I was Fascinated with Sweden. That happens a lot, Where I get fascinated with Places, Do My Research, and Find Out things that The Person from The Country themselves may not know. I have a Family Friend who actually lives in Stockholm who told me more than I knew about Stockholm. She told me that In Sweden, It is Illegal to Smack Your Children. Yes, Believe It or Not, They have that Law as well as a Hate Speech Law, (The Hate Speech was My Own Research). If The Child reports that Their Parents hit them, even if it was a Tap, The Government gets involved, The Children are sent to Foster Care and Parents go to Jail for Years. Needless to Say, It creates Respect between The Children and The Parents. She told me that It is so “Freeing” in Sweden, because People can do more things, Enjoy Nature, and Due to The Size of Houses there Compared to The US, You don’t have to have a lot of Stuff. From My Own Research, I have found that No One can be Better than Anyone Else. In Other Words, It is Rude to say, “Haha, I make More Money, Have a Better Job, and A Better Girlfriend!” To Tell You The Truth, Everyone has to be Employed in Sweden, So There really is No “Better Job.” Now, My Focus hasn’t always been in Sweden, It’s been to Norway, The UK (which is Interesting), The Caribbean (Hello, Future Tropical Vacation!), and Believe It or Not, A New Place I haven’t thought of before, Australia. Australia (Pronounced Aus-Tray-Lia) is Said to be “The World’s Largest Island”, It is The Only Country that is Both a Country (Commonwealth, to be precise!) And A Continent. Australia is Interesting for Many Reasons including The Country/Continent Thing. So, I have been told, It seems The Wealthy People live in Cities like Sydney or Melbourne (Pronounced Mel-Bun) and The Poorest People live in places like South Australia, Not Sure if It is all true but, It is an Interesting Bit of Trivia. Sources tell me that There are People in Australia known as Bogans. Bogans, to say the least, are Stereotyped to be a combo of What They tell me is The Bronx of White People and Rednecks. To Describe what They look like, They have a Mullet and Their Hair shaved all the way back leaving a bit of Hair of the Back of Their Head. There is a Television Show in Australia called The Bogan Hunters and I did My Research about that and Other Shows in Australia. The Best Way I can describe The Bogan Hunters is a Show about looking for “Real Life Bogans” in a Crocodile Dundee way. According to The Host of The Show, Bogans live in The Suburbs of Cities, The Rich live in The Inner City, It is reverse like a lot of Other Things compared to The US. Speaking of that, Australia is in the South Hemisphere, hence The Nickname, “Down Under.” So, When It is Summer here in The US, It is Winter in Australia and Vice Versa. This is Something that Boggles My Mind about Australia because for Example, to Me, December means Christmas and Snow on The Ground, that is My Ideal Picture of The Christmas Holiday but, I cannot get My Head around Going to The Beach in 90 Degree Heat in Australia on Christmas Day. It is like, “Okay, Let’s Open Presents and Go to the Beach!” and The Children say, “Yay!” I am going to have to Take that 16 Hour Flight and See it all for Myself!
I have had Some Wonderful Friends and PTLS Family Members who have so awesome to Send Me Maps of Their  Part of The World. I sit and study each one and Then, Do My Research. All in all, I hope to One Day travel to all these places but, Until I will continue to Learn about The World.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Learn about Your World. 

June 4, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: A Rant about Parents

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
June 4, 2014-TCS # 404

Welcome, My Readers! To a Fresh and Redone Site that is The Christianville Spirit! I decided that My Site needed a bit of Revamping, which was one of My New Year’s Goal. So, I hope You Guys enjoy it and Let Me Know what You think. So, Anyway, At the Recent Revelation, I know that it is always a shock to find out that Your Child has PTLS and You don’t know what it is or What to expect. To try and Help You Understand from My Prospective of having PTLS, How about I do this? I am going to do a Hilarious Rant, courtesy of Us PTLSers! This is to Prove to Everyone that We PTLSers are like Everyone Else. So, without further a due, Here it goes. 
Oh My Lord! I can’t tell you just how Worried My Parents are about Me! They are Concerned about Whether I am going to Eat, Walk, Talk, and Soo Many Other Things! First, The Eating. I am going to start Eating on MY Time, NOT Yours! It will be when I want to But, Please Feed Me something that I like! Even if It seems like The Most Ridiculous thing to always have the same thing every day, Day after Day, I like it that way. I may not like the texture, so it is going to take me time. On to Talking, as Chris Rock in Rush Hour says, “Can You Understand The Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth!?” Because, let me tell you,  The words are Clear as Day in My Head! I know it must sound like I am speaking a Foreign Language to Them because It doesn’t seem like They Understand My Mumbles and Hums in Their Ears! I think I am speaking pretty clear, but they keep saying, “I cannot understand him. What is He saying?” So, I will work on making those words clear!
My Parents! They often take me to this Strange, Distressing, and Horrible Place, known as The Doctor’s Office! They poke and prod me like I am some of kind of Pin Cushion! I am just like You, Mommy and Daddy! I don’t Like It! I am sure I have to have these things done, but, I am a kid who does not Like it. So, Don’t Get too upset if I start Crying or not wanting to hold still, but do what you have to do to make sure I am healthy. Sometimes, I hear you getting upset either at Me or for Some odd Reason, because I am not doing what You want me to do. Really, I will progress and learn to do things, I just like to take my time. Just wait, it will happen when you Least expect it! My Parents! They take me to these Huge Places like Disney World as They tell me, “Ohh, This is going to be Soo Much Fun!” and There is SO MUCH NOISE! I can’t take it! Too Much Noise and Activity! I am Completely Overwhelmed! Tantrum coming in 3, 2, 1.  MOMMY, I WANT THIS THING! I DON’T WANT THAT! I wanna go Home! Once I am Home, Ahhhhh! Back to my  Nice, Quiet Routine. By The Way, I should mention that Routine is like Muy Important to me! You see, it helps me. I Have to Wake Up at The Same Time (“Rise and Shine” as My Mom says), Eat at The Same Time, and of Course, Go to Bed at the Same Time, even if It means 2 O’ Clock in The Morning, for The Older PTLSers. I know parents have a hard time with this, but, jeez! I really need it! Oh, and when I get to meet other “People like Me” at first, I’m nervous about it thinking, “Oh Boy” this is going to tough.  Then, I am Excited once I get to Know them. When I see or read about my fellow baby PTLSers, I say, “Hey! They are doing what I did when I was that age! Let’s Imitate each other!” Please understand, I gotta be near Kids who are what My Parents call “Normal Kids” Hum... What is That? I do not know the difference! As We get older, We will find out what that “normal” is, but, It is Okay with us. It really does not bother us, unless you keep reminding us that we are not “normal”. In my mind (as I like to say all the time), I thought I was. Oh! I forgot to mention My Parents take me to This thing that They call “Therapy”. Day after day after day I go to see someone who helps me with moving my mouth trying to get me to talk. Then It is someone who is trying to get me to move in a certain way. Oh, sometimes it is just too much for me. Again, here comes a melt down! I don’t know what it is, sometimes it seems fun, but Gosh, Let Me Do Things at My Own Pace! I promise you I will get there! I am not good with figurative language, since I am so literal, but I think I was taught in my “figurative language class”, I Will cross that Bridge When I get to it! Just wait for Me to get to the other end of The Bridge. But, I have to say that my parents are so worried and they lose patience. What am I to do with Them? I wish I could tell My Parents that I am and Will Be Fine, even though to Them, I might not seem like it. So, from me and my fellow PTLSers (Especially the Babies Who are just beginning this Life), It is really Tough trying to teach you Parents about Us. So, We will be patient and Keep smiling, because that is what we do Naturally, and Stay Happy, because that is how we see life, and Wait for you to learn. Life is Really good in our eyes. You are doing a Great Job! So, All in all, Gosh My Parents worry about Me! But, I Worry about Them too and I Love Them!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Even Us PTLSers need to Rant!