December 30, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Christian's Year-In-Review 2014

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
December 30, 2014-TCS # 431

Well, My Readers and Friends, It looks like We have come to The End of Yet Another Year here at The Christianville Spirit and It is Time to Celebrate because next year is The Christianville Spirit’s 10th Year of Writing. I can’t believe that it has been 10 Years since I started Writing. But, We will get to that in 2015. Anyway, Welcome Back from Your Christmas Holiday! I hope You had an Awesome Christmas! I had a Good Christmas and I got to have some Great Quality Time with Both My Former-Neighbors, Robin and Woody as well as My Brother, Michael. So, In Accordance with My Own Tradition, This is The Final Newsletter of 2014, which means One Thing. My Own Self-Produced Year-In-Review. I have always loved watching the Year-In-Reviews on The News and I Figured that I would start doing My Own. This Self-Produced Year-In-Review, I like to call “Christian’s Year-In-Review 2014!” So, without further a due, This is “Christian’s Year-In-Review for The Year of 2014.” So, I had a Good Year This Year filled with Adventure and Love. I should mention that I tried to take control of 2014 and Make Up My Own Predictions, Some came True and Others didn’t. But, Hey! At Least I tried. So, as Any Year, We start in January. The Month of January started with a Moment that was a bit Changing. My Brother, Michael moved out of Our House to Denton on New Years Day (January 1st). It was easier than driving 45 Minutes each way to go to School. On January 5th, We had Our First in Recent Memory, Wind Chill Advisory because The Wind Chill was below 20 Degrees. It was because of “The Polar Vortex” that hit pretty much The Whole Country. In The News, on January 8th, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was involved in what We referred to as “Bridge Gate” because He purposely closed the George Washington Bridge, which He said that He did not know about. In February, One Day, (February 13th) I was talking to My Mom about How I predicted that She would find “The One” for Valentine’s Day and She was eating a Very Messy “Chocolate Goody” as She called it and She looked down and found a Heart-Shaped Stain on Her Napkin. It was Interesting to see! In The News, The 22nd Winter Olympics happened in Sochi, Russia from February 7-23 (Refer to Newsletter with TCS # 388, if You want to see How I felt about that!). In Sports News, The Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl 47 at a Crazy Score of 43 to 8. (Still Hard to Believe!). In March, I like to call it “Marzo” was The First Notable PTLS Awareness Month. I predicted that It would turn out Well, It did! The Saying was “Be Seen, Wear Green” and on March 8th, PTLS Awareness Day, PTLS Family Members all over The World sent Pictures of Their Families wearing Green. It was So Awesome! A Bonus was that There were Plenty of Fundraisers to raise money to Spread Awareness about PTLS and Our Friend, Delaware Dave started Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for PTLS and Funny Enough, He ended up meeting The Love of His Life, Danielle “Cream Tea” who He is going to Marry in 2015. Funny how that Worked Out. He raised Money for PTLS and Doing What He Loves Best, Being in Nature. For The Bottom of My Heart, Thank You Delaware Dave for doing that! On “Marzo” 12th, I got to hang out with My PTLS “Brother”, Tyler, as well Aunt Angie (Tyler’s Mom) and Lauren, Refer to Newsletter with TCS # 393 for All that Fun!  In The News, Also on “Marzo” 8th, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears. To this Day, At the End of 2014, They still can’t find it. Also, In The News, In Late “Marzo” and Into April. There was Crisis in Crimea (near Ukraine) and Russia took it over on April 13th. Also, in April, On April 5th, My Brother had a Rock Climbing Competition at UNT, Where He went to School and He did so Awesome! I am Very Proud of Him! Refer to Newsletter with TCS # 397 for That Adventure! It’s a Good Exciting Read, I’ll Tell You! In The News, On April 2nd, There was Another Shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. This Time, They were More Prepared from The Last Time. On May 21st, My Brother, Spencer, and I got to have a Fun “Guy’s Night” with My Uncle Craig. We had lots of Fun! And, It was Really Nice to have My Uncle Craig hanging out with us. The Next Day, May 22nd, was a Bittersweet Day called “Lynee Day” (The Day that My Friend from Elementary School passed away in 2008). I held a Moment of Silence for Her to Honor Her at 3:33PM Eastern/2:22PM Central. I called it, My “Lynee Day Observance.” I chose that Time because 222 and 333 are Really Good Numbers in Sequence. (I will have to explain that at a Later Time). Anyway, on The Same Day was The Official End of Uncle Craig’s Year-Term in Dallas. On Memorial Day, My Mom and I went to The Mall. Some Lady had almost ran This one Woman over and being Very Rude to Her. I was Very Nice to Her and She ended up Paying for My Mom and I’s Dessert. Thank You Very Much to You! In The News, on May 31st, There was a Volcano Eruption in South Indonesia. A PTLS Family Member barely missed that. In June was a Big Milestone for The Smith Family because on June 23rd, My Cousin Anna successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. On June 14th, My Mom and I’s Friend, Monica Shevell came from Stockholm, Sweden for a Short-but-Sweet Visit. We got to hang out with Her and See how She is doing as well as Hear Some Awesome Stories about Her Time in Stockholm. I should mention that She did do a “Walk-and-Talk” with Her Stockholm Friends to Spread Awareness on PTLS Awareness Day. On a Very Hot Day on June 24th, Furry Members of Our Family, Zoe and Sadie Good-Lord ran off. Thank God that We found them about Mile away and In The Middle of The Street. They were Alive but, Very Dehydrated. And, Finally, on June 1st, I decided to Honor My New Years’ Resolution and I completely Revamped The Christianville Spirit Newsletter Site! In Sports News; The Team of My Hometown, The San Antonio Spurs won their 5th NBA Finals Title. They had to Close down Streets in Downtown San Antonio because of The Celebrations going on. So, now We are The Midway Point of The Year, I hope You are still holding on! Anyway, in July, I got to see The Most Awesome Forth of July Firework Show on TV. It was Part of Macy’s Fourth of July Spectacular. It was So Awesome! On The Brooklyn Bridge, They had American Flag Fireworks coming off of it and going into The River. To Top it off, They had Awesome Patriotic Music as well. Also, On July 11th was The 20th Year of living in Plano. Wow! I can’t believe that It has been that long since We moved to Plano. In The News, to put it Shortly, There were Alot of Political Stories in The News, both here in The US and Around The World. Israel/Gaza, Russia, and Illegal Immigrants. But, In Good News, Germany won The World Cup in Brazil. I don’t watch Soccer (or “Football” as The Rest of The World calls it) but, I figured that I would go easy with The Political Stories. Now, August was a Very Busy Month for Us, between Myself turning 27 Years Old (August 11th) as well as Our Trip to Atlanta and The Beautiful Historic Savannah on August 17th and 18th. By The Way, I would recommend taking a Trip down to Savannah, It is a Beautiful City and Well Worth Visiting. Refer to Newsletter TCS # 414 for That Excitement as well as Ideas of Where in Savannah to go to!  One Highlight in August and For The Year was that We got to My Mom’s Really Good Friend, Scott Lerew for The First Time in 21 Years. He used to Babysit Us when We lived in San Antonio. It was So Awesome to See Him and I hope to see him again soon. I had Numerous Memorable Visits with Many of My Favorite PTLS Members. In The News, On August 11th (My Birthday), Movie Star Robin Williams passed away. I will say, At First I thought that it was a Joke or a Hoax on Facebook because Believe Me, that happens sometimes. But, It was True and It didn’t help to hear that He had Killed Himself. In September, Another Highlight of My Year happened! On September 8th, I got to meet Nev Schulman from The Documentary, Catfish and MTV Show, Catfish: The TV Show. Must Read Newsletter TCS # 416! That will help you understand the background of Nev and Catfish. In Late September, We had Our Annual Texas PTLS Gathering. It was Fun! That is when I met “H.J Angel.” In The News, on a Sad Day of September 4th, TV Star Joan Rivers passed away. She passed away because of Breathing Complications. I always remembered her in Award Show Commentary and She had a Show called Fashion Police after Award Shows. In a Political Story, On September 25th, US Attorney General, Eric Holder resigned from His Job. In October, Besides My Brother’s Birthday on October 26th, It was a Busy Month for Our Family! On October 2nd; My Brother, Michael had his First Solo Gallery up at UNT. It was Really Cool to See Only his Art in an Art Gallery. A Bonus was that Uncle Craig and My Dad came to see it. (Refer to Newsletter TCS # 421, Read All about It and See How Proud I was!). On October 22nd, I got “Watch Over” My Mom’s Friend’s Class while They took their Test. Report came back that They ALL PASSED the Big Test that They were going for. So Proud of Them! (Refer to Newsletter # 422, after Michael’s Gallery Newsletter!). In The News, On October 1st, There was a “Security Breach” in The White House. Someone slipped through The Fence and Got into The White House. Of Course, No One will forget that Throughout October, The Ebola Outbreak and The Fact that Fears about it spread across The Country and The World! It even hit The Same Hospital Twice here in Dallas. Speaking of The Hospital, On November 12th, I had to go to The ER because I had Kidney Stones. Total Shock of My Life! (Refer to Newsletter TCS # 425, If You want to Hear about That Story!). We did have a Strange event happen that I did not tell you about. On The Evening of November 26th, I walked down Our Hallway and I was going to turn off Our Porch Light, when I saw a Screech Owl on The Window Sill above. I got My Mom up to see it. I had told her, “Mom, There is an Owl on The Window Sill above The Front Door!”, My Mom was shocked, She got up and looked at it and then, Took Pictures of It. It was Quite Something to see an Owl that close! In The News, On November 3rd, The Long-Awaited, One World Trade Center (or “Freedom Tower”) opened in New York. In Political News, on November 7th, The US had it’s Mid-Term Elections. And, Finally, We wrap into December. December was a Busy Month for Our Family as well, On December 13th, My Brother, Michael graduated from The University of North Texas (or UNT). My Dad; His Girlfriend, Laura; and, Half-Brother, Taylor and My Half-Sister, Hope came to The Graduation. Refer to Newsletter TCS # 429, for All The Excitement of Graduation and Just How Proud I was of My Brother, Michael. In The News, On December 4th, Protests start to Grow after Grand Jury Decision on the Death of Eric Garner. It didn’t help that The Grand Jury Decision for The Shooting of Michael Brown was a Week earlier. So, That was The Fun, Exciting, and, Crazy Year of 2014! I hope that You made it to The End! If You did, Thank You Very Much. I am sure that It was A lot to Read as well as It is for Me to Write. So, I am going to Close This Year by saying what ABC’s Charles Gibson used to say, “I Hope You have a Good Day” in This Case, I hope You had a Good Year. All in all, It was quite a Ride as is Any Year, filled with Ups and Downs, and Yes, Even Fun Parts of The Ride. But, We came out just fine. 

(For The Last Time in 2014)

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I Hope You had a Good Year in 2014 and I’ll see you back here for Another Exciting Year of Teaching Moments, Thought-Provoking, and Yes, Even Touching Newsletters in 2015 as We will celebrate The Christianville Spirit’s 10th Year! Until Then, My Readers!

December 24, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: What Does Christmas Mean To You?

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
December 24, 2014 (Christmas Eve)-TCS # 430

Hello My Readers! I am sure that You are surprised to see me writing on Christmas Eve but, Hey! You got to be Dedicated to Your Fans. When I went over My Record of Newsletters, I couldn’t remember the last time in Recent Newsletters that I wrote on Christmas Eve. The Last Time I wrote on This Day was back in 2006 in The Beginning Stages of My Newsletter, so This, in a Way is My Christmas Gift to all My Loyal Newsletter Readers, at some point I will have to come up with a Name for My Newsletter Readers, TCSers, maybe? I think I will leave that one up to You, My Readers. So, This Christmas Eve, I want to ask you an Important Question. Actually, a Few Questions. So, Let’s Start with The First One, What does Christmas (or Hannukah/Kwanza/or even, Yule) mean to You? Does it mean Opening Presents? Does it mean The Birth of Savior Jesus Christ? Does it mean Quality Time with Family? Well, The Truth is, Christmas can mean Many Different Things. For Some, It is Jesus’ Birthday and They honor Him by going to Church or Midnight Mass. It’s kind of like singing “Happy Birthday” But, on a Much Bigger Scale with Carols about His Birth. Kinda think of it, maybe we should all have a Song about Our Birth. Maybe not a Chart-Topping Song but, a Good Song. For Many, Christmas is about The Gifts, but More Importantly the Person who brings the gifts, Santa Claus. I personally, still believe in Santa Claus because He is simply Magical, Don’t Question it, just Believe it when I tell you that It is Magical. I went to a Special Needs Dinner once and They told us that Santa should be seen more as a “Symbol of Love” versus a Symbol of Commercialism. and, More than Anything, Santa being a Symbol of Love, that My Friends, is what makes him Real. Others use it to Spend Time with Family or Friends, to Share The Joy of Christmas. And, that is What We really should be doing. Although, Unfortunately, There are People who either Lost a Family Member or Like we talked about at Thanksgiving, They don’t have any Family or Friends to spend it with. Those who lost a Family Member, I will just say that I am very sorry for your loss, regardless of What Part of The Year they passed away. It is not easy with The First Christmas after Someone passed away. Believe Me, I’ve had it with Poppi and Lynee (I found out about her passing, Two Years too Late at Christmas Time). But, Most of All, People believe that Christmas is about one Major Thing, Peace. Now, I would tell you that We should have Peace all year, but Christmas is The Only Time of Year by which We are Peaceful or We “Try” to be Peaceful. I asked several of My Friends what They wanted for Christmas and Most of Them told me, “World Peace.” And to be Honest, We should all want World Peace. There are People like me who like to do what I call “Recollect” in other words, asking a question like “So, How was Your Year?” and I now ask you that, How was Your Year? Was it Awesome? Was It Great or Okay? or Maybe it was The Worst Year of Your Life? I would hope that the Last One is not the Answer but You never know. And Finally, I add into that, What was The Best of Part of It? and What was The Worst Part of It? I personally, had a Good Year and Yes, I had a Few High Points like The Savannah Trip and Low Points like My Kidney Stones. By The Way, I should do an Honorable Mention to those who do not celebrate Christmas. So, To You Hanukkah Celebrators, I wish you the Happiest of 8 Nights of Hanukkah. The Jewish Celebrate that, by the way. You get One Present for 8 Nights as well as Lighting The Menorah and Spinning The Dreidel. Kwanza is a Holiday celebrated in Africa. Happy Kwanza to You also! And, Finally, The Holiday of Yule. They celebrate The Winter Solstice, They are originators of the “Yule Log” and “Yule-Tide Carols”. Happy Yule to You as Well. Just thought that I would mention them all! All in all, I Hope You have An Awesome (Insert Holiday Here) and From The Bottom of My Heart, Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Celebrations come in Many Forms during The Holiday Season and Open Your Hearts to those All around You.  

December 17, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: The Christmas Graduation

'The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
December 17, 2014-TCS # 429

So, My Readers, It is that Time of Year again and Finally, I mean it in The Original Format. It’s Christmas Time! I Love Christmas! It is My Most Favorite Time of The Year, with All The Lights, The Christmas Music, and Best Of All, Christmas Cheer. This Years’ Holiday Season has been Unusually busy for Us because of My Brother’s Graduation and I am excited to report that He graduated last weekend. Now, The Whole Time, I had been thinking, “December is an Odd Time to Graduate” but, I think Graduation goes differently in College, at least compared to High School. I will Thank God that My Brother graduated in December versus in The Summer. The Reason being is because My Brother had a relatively small Graduation, Maybe around 1,000 Kids or so, It only lasted about An Hour and 30 Minutes. High School Graduation was more like 3 Hours and with over 2,000 Kids. Afterwards We had a Fun Party at His House and My Half-Sister Hope (who lives in Houston) she came up for His Graduation. Although, We have not seen each other in Long Time, We actually had more in Common than We thought we would have. I thought, “Oh Man, She is on My Dad’s Side of The Family, There is No Way She is going to understand me and My Special Needs” But, Surprisingly, after My Mom and I talked to Her about PTLS, She actually got curious about it and Asked many more Questions about It. She probably takes the Aunt Cindy Theory of it where She understands me and She understands My Dad and how He is. But, yet is in The Middle in Some Way. We are Family, after all. It actually was The One Time in Forever that All 4 of Us (Myself; My Brother, Michael; Half-Sister, Hope; and, My Half-Brother, Taylor.) were together at the Same Time. So, I guess You could say that It was The Gift of Family repeated, but This Time on My Dad’s Side. But, Now I wonder.... Because, Maybe, Just Maybe, My Brother’s Graduation was a Way of Selflessly Giving “The Gift of Family” to My Dad and Here’s another thought, Maybe He needed a Christmas Miracle This Year more than Us. Now, That I think about That, It touches My Heart to see someone I know get “The Gift of Family” that We got Last Year (Uncle Craig, Aunt Kellie, and Cousins Anna and Olivia that We had for The First Time Ever in Dallas at Christmas) and I thought that This Post-Graduation Report wouldn’t be Very Christmasy. It seems though, that Fair is Fair, You get a Great Gift One Year and then, You “Pass the Torch” and Give The Gift You got to Someone Else. It brings me to say that Christmas is not about Presents. Yes, It originated about Presents, but They were Presents for Jesus when He was Born and Then, Jesus gave His Life for Our Hateful and Trashy Sins. The Season of Giving! Huh! I feel like I just solved Life’s Puzzle! I was going to say that Christmas is more about Giving than Presents. But, Maybe here is a Good Theory. The Original “Present” was The Wise Men to Jesus. Then, Jesus gave his Life for Our Ugly Sins, and Finally, Through The Magic of Santa Claus (Father Christmas or Sinter Clauss, in other parts of The World) bring us Gifts in return for Selflessly Giving Gifts to Others. And, I guess You could say, that with Christmas’ Origins is Christmas Present-Day Full Circle! So, IF You put that all together then, that makes Someone like Santa Claus Real! “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus!”. He is symbol of Love and Along with Jesus‘ Birth, is an Awesome Combination and That My Friends, is The Meaning of Christmas. Couldn’t have said it better Myself! All in all, Christmas has different meanings to Different People as well as it comes in Different Meanings and A Final Note, Be Open to Other Meanings of Christmas, as Long They are Good Meanings.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Merry Christmas (or “Happy Christmas”, said in The UK and Australia), Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza too. Happy Holidays for Everyone Else! 

December 10, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: My Brother's Graduation

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
December 10, 2014-TCS # 428

So, Over The Past Few Months, I have excitedly been counting down the months to something. I have left you quite Curious as to What it is, Well, Not Really. I have mentioned it several times in the Past Few Months and Now that is It is Here, I am in Disbelief. The “It” that I am referring to is My Little Brother, Michael’s Graduation from College. Yes, We have another Graduation to talk about! Back in High School, I always thought the High School Graduation was The Only Graduation that You went through. But, to tell you the truth, College Graduation is Big Deal, not as big as High School. But, For My Brother, It is a big deal because it took a lot for him to get here and for that, I am Beyond Proud of My Brother. It is a Little Odd to Me about This Event, because of Two Things. In a “Typical” Family, The Big Brother graduates from College first and then, The Little Brother. Well, Because of My Special Needs and The Fact that My English and Math levels aren’t at College Level, it would be Very Hard for Me to go to a Typical College Class. Now, A Geography College Class, that would be Very Different But, This Event is not about Me. The Second Feeling is sort of a Reflecting Feeling. You See, again Back in High School, I was going to Graduate First and Then, My Brother would Graduate the Year after. Well, We (meaning The School, My Mom, and I) decided to hold me back a Year so that I could catch up socially with My Peers in “Senior High School” (11th and 12th Grades), that and A Bonus, My Brother and I could graduate together. At the risk of What My Grandma Honey calls “Mushy”, It was actually Nice to Graduate at The Same Time as My Brother, so that We could share The Joy. So, It will be a Bit Odd to see My Little Brother down there in the center of the Stadium and Me not Graduating with Him. This Time though, It is Time that We should reflect on How Much it took for My Brother for get here and That is Merit on it’s own. The Light shines Bright on My Brother as well as, Myself and My Mom because We are Very Proud of Him. Although, My Brother doesn’t see it yet, I Personally see a lot of Success coming ahead for My Brother. I see him being an Artist and having Art Galleries around the Country. Now, although I always thought that He would do something like His Own TV Show, I remember that He wrote a Paper about His Dreams on My Computer and I decided to read a Bit of It (Sorry Michael!) and It said that He wanted to do His Own TV Show, The Simpsons meets Family Guy. He did get an Opportunity to Work at Turner Broadcasting  one time (They are responsible for CNN, Cartoon Network, “Adult Swim”, which is Cartoon Network at Night, TNT, and Many Others) and I personally Hope that He works there at least for a While to see if He likes it or not. I would think that He would Love it, but that is just me. But, Whatever He becomes a success in, Be it an Artist or Working at Turner Broadcasting, I will support him 100%. He is My Little Brother after all. I know that He wants to go to Grad School somewhere and I wish him lots of success either way. All in all, I believe My Brother, Michael, will do so Awesomely at What He does best, Art. Even if His Art does turn a few heads.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I am VERY Proud of You, Michael!

December 3, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Decorating for Christmas at My House

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
December 3, 2014-TCS # 427

Happy December, My Readers! I Love December! It is My Favorite Month because of a Cheerful Holiday called Christmas. So, Graduation Countdown Update for My Brother, 11 Days (or 2 Weeks) until My Little Brother, Michael graduates from College! More on that, Next Week.  So, Since It is now The Holiday Season, I would Love to invite you see what happens when We do an Exciting Event known as decorating for Christmas in My House. You See, When it comes to Decorating The House, I get Very Excited and I even decorate My Room. So, My Christmas-Decorating Tradition, We put them up on December 1st (or November 30th) and then, they stay up the whole month until New Year’s Eve when We take them down, In My Head, They resemble The Old Year and Why not start The New Year clean. Anyway, After we get all the Boxes with The Decorations in them, We take them out and start spreading The Cheer. This Year, We had My Brother help decorate. Now, He is not as much in Christmas as We are but, We figured that because He was Graduating from College This Year, December 13, We should “go all out” for Our Decorating and “Go All Out” We did. My Brother and I worked getting The Tree up and Then, I was in charge of Decorating The Tree. This Year, I choose a “Candy Cane” Theme (with Red Bulbs and White Garland) instead of The Traditional Ornaments that My Mom’s Dad (We call him “Popi”) made for Us. But, In The Spirit of “Going All Out”, I decided that We should try out a Tradition that we have not done in a while. You See, When We were Younger, Popi made us both not only Ornaments each year, but Also made little “Houses” and It eventually added up to a Mini-Town. Well, Blame it on Laziness, but We have not put up The Mini-Town in quite a few years and I figure that It was Time to Honor Him since We were “Going All Out” anyway. My Mom and I (My Brother had to go to Work), said a Prayer over The Town to Honor Popi by saying, “We honor This Town in Popi and Jesus’ Name, Amen.” Between My Mom and Brother working on Popi’s Town and Myself working on The Tree, I believe that we did a Really Good Job decorating. But, What about Decorating My Room? Well, When it comes to Decorating, I always have a Debate in My Head, to either Decorate before We do The House or After We do The House. This Year, I did it after. So, on December 1st, I decided to Decorate My Room and Decorating My Room has it’s own tradition in My Head. So, First, I get The stuff out, make sure to Test The Lights, and Have it ready to put up. Here is where gets a Little Passionate and Dare I say, as Grandma Honey would put it, “Mushy”. So, in accordance, to My Room-Decorating Tradition, I get My IPad and/or Computer and put on My Christmas Music. Yes, I Love to play Christmas Music while I am Decorating. You’ll love This Part, I use N’Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” as My Opening and Closing Song for Christmas Decorating, call me Old Fashioned, but that is The Way I like to do it. So, Again with My Tradition, I normally put Lights around My Map of The United States, as Well as part of My Atlanta Braves banner, over My Calendar and encircle The Lights around My Fake Palm Tree. The encircled lights remind me of when My Dad, My Brother, and I went to Palm Springs, California and Spot Lights shined upward to The curve of The Date Palm Tree. Anyway, but in My Lights Test before hand, They did not Work! Oh Boy!, as My PTLS Brother, Tyler would say. I thought, “Okay, either I am going to have to Delay My Room Decorating until I can get More Lights or This is going to be Short” and So, I put on My Music and I decorated with What I had to work with. After I had Done the stuff I normally do, I thought, “Okay, We need to ‘Make-Do’ Here and Make it Better” So, I moved some of the decorations, The 2 Green Bead Necklaces I got one year for St. Patrick’s Day (that is probably another Tradition Story for Another Time), They usually go on My Fan’s Speed Control and The Other over My Dresser. Well, I put The Long One around The Trunk of My Palm Tree (It looks pretty) and The Shorter One over the Atlanta Braves banner, across The Calendar and Ending at My Post Cards I got from PTLS Family Members in Sweden and Denmark. So, After that was Done, I thought, “Okay, now What about The Christmas Lights?, I can’t have a Christmas without Christmas Lights!” So, My Mind went to The ‘Make-Do‘ theory and I remembered that I have a Mini-Christmas Tree that (like Popi’s Town) I haven’t used in a while. So, I put it where My Lamp usually is and I plugged The Lights in, I thought, “Oh Man, I hope these Work” and to My Surprise, They did Work! Now, Okay given It doesn’t provide as much light as The lights would over My Map, but I will tell you, It looked pretty with The Mini-Christmas Tree. Now, that is not to say that I was not disappointed that The “Map Lights” didn’t work but, Maybe It was for a Good Change to have a Little Christmas Tree in My Room. After all, It can’t be Christmas without a Christmas Tree. All in all, Sometimes, You have Your Tradition and It is Okay to not use all of them because Maybe, Just Maybe a Better Tradition comes from the ‘Make-Do’s of Your Life. Now, not to put words in Grandma Honey’s Mouth but, I am pretty sure that She would say that kind of Advice.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Love the Simple Things in Life, Sometimes They are Better.