February 25, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: Word Play Relevation

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
February 25, 2015-TCS # 439

So, My Readers! I have an Interesting Story to tell you. You See, Every Now and Then, I have these, “Oh My Gosh! That is how Life Works!” type of Revelation. It is usually things that we often overthink. This Story is an Example of that. The Other Day, I thinking about How a YouTuber that I watch who is leaving on trip to a Country that He did not tell anyone that He was going to. I found out that He was going to South Korea, but I digress. Anyway, I thought, “This YouTuber is Leaving This Morning” and This was 1:00 in The Morning when I thought this. The Best thoughts come in The Middle of The Night, Whether You are Awake or trying to sleep. In My Case, I was awake watching TV. So, I thought, “Why do We say, ‘This Morning’?” as In, (In a News Voice) “In The News this Morning, X, Y, and Z Happened” or “You Wouldn’t believe what happened to Me this Morning!” I thought of The Biblical saying that says, “This is The Day The Lord has Made, Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It”. That is The Whole Saying, by the way. I only thought of the shorthand version, “This is The Day The Lord has Made”. I probably thought of that saying because I heard it a lot at the Church that I used to go to. So, I thought about The Word, “This Morning” and studied it in My Head. I thought, “If You removed The “T” in “This Morning, It would be ‘His Morning.” It made perfect sense to me! If He, meaning God (“The Lord”) made the Day, Why can’t it be “His Morning”, “His Afternoon”, and “His Evening.” I told a Friend of Mine this, I call her “My Dear Deb”, She is related to A PTLS Member, I call “My Kristen” (Ha! Double Shout-Out Here!). My Two “Mys”, I call them. Anyway, I told Deb about it and she tells me, “And He just gives it to us.” I realized that We say, “This Morning” every day, as well as “This Afternoon” or Evening. So, What do I do when I have those Late-Night Revelations, You Ask? I tell My Mom when She is Half-Asleep at 2 AM when I say “Good Night” to her. It ranges from, a Short “Good Night Mom, I Love You” to a Late-Night In Depth Geography Lesson. Anyway, It amazed me though, how a Thought about a YouTuber leaving on a Trip in The Morning turned into that. That Brings Me to The second of Three Revelations! So, When You wake up because of a Noise or because of some disturbance, You always say, “It’s 3 O‘Clock in The Morning!” Well, Again take away The “T” in The Morning, and What do You get? “He Morning!”. Again, It is “The Day, The Lord has Made”, so why can’t it be 3 O’Clock in He (His) Morning. Okay, so In My Head, ‘He Morning‘ doesn’t make as much sense as ‘His Morning‘ but, It means the Same Thing. So, after I told My Mom about it, I told her when she was half-asleep, so I told her again, the Next Night after I had told Deb about it. My Mom told me that In Norwegian and Swedish, They say, “Good Morning” too.  Only when It is translated from English to Norwegian, It comes out as “God Morning.” (In Norwegian, They put a slash through their Os so it looks like this ø and in Swedish, it’s ö. Gød Morning, Norway; Göd Morning, Sweden) Hmmm, God Morning, He Morning, and His Morning, it all references God and We don’t even realize that We are saying it Every Day. It is a Wonder why, on Good Morning America, That they always excitedly say, “Hi Everyone! Good Morning America!”. It would sound sad if They said in a Bland Voice, “Good Morning America.” Now, as I was growing up all the way to Senior High School, that would be the Start of Our Day, watching Good Morning America and Now, that I realize it, I have heard many versions of People saying, “Good Morning America.” It is sort of like You have heard many Versions of Your Own National Anthem, Some do it really good and Others, not so much. Not Judging though, Guys! Anyway, it is Amazing that We say things that we don’t realize tie to God. It must be one of God’s “Secret Blessings”. All in all, With a Little Word play, You can find out things that You never would have known about. Stop and Smell The Roses, if You will.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. God Morning, God Evening, and God Night.

February 18, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: In Real Life

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
February 18, 2015-TCS # 438

 So, My Readers, Do You Remember when I met Nev Schulman from Catfish and Catfish:The TV Show? (Reference Newsletter Number 416, Meeting Nev) Well, If You remember, I bought his book, “In Real Life” and A few Weeks ago, I finally Finished It! To Tell You The Truth, When I first Bought it, I just thought that I would have it signed and that was it. But, I decided Why Not Read It? So I did. It was a really good book. I realized however, that I have not written a Newsletter about Reading a Book in a while. Last Time I wrote about one was when I read about The Appalachian Trail via a Book called “AWOL on The Appalachian Trail.” Anyway, Nev’s Book In Real Life is based Mainly on His Catfish Story and All The Lessons that followed. To Put It Shortly, Nev’s Past wasn’t that great, in terms of School Life. He was the Rebel Kid who always got into Trouble. Well, He needed a way to channel his Rebelness into Something Productive, in His Case, Photography. I don’t want to Spoil The Story, so I will tell you to Read the Book if You want to know about How He fell for This Girl who wasn’t real (It was a Fake Profile) or Watch The Documentary, Catfish. I read a Shocking Fact about Fake Profiles, according to His Book, There is 83 Million Fake Profiles on Facebook. 83 Million! The Reasons range from Trying to help a Friend (from either Abuse or Getting Out of Their Funk), There are The Scammers (I had that issue, Very Short-Lived Luckily!), and Finally, There are People who Catfish people just for The Fun of It or Because Your Bored. It would be like two friends sitting around and Then, One Friend says, “Hey! Do Ya Wanna Catfish Someone?!” “Yeah, Let’s Do It!” Add the Bevis and Butthead voices, If You Please. The Reason, by the way, behind why Most People Catfish is because They want Recognition, To Be Wanted, and To Be Loved. Who couldn’t Blame Them if They spend All Day and Night on The Internet. The Person being Catfished, The “Hopeful”, as They call it on His Show is probably thinking, “Finally, Someone who thinks I’m Cute/Handsome/Awesome/What Have You!” and then, because The “Hopeful” wants to be Loved and Get Some Attention from SOMEONE on The Internet, They Fall for It. Very Rarely, do They end up being Who they say They are. Moral of This Segment, Do Your Research and For The Love of Goodness, Trust Your Gut. I, Of Course, considering that I am Single, I have Considered Dating Sites a few times. But, The Problem would be that I trust People too quickly and I see the Good in People, which is a Good Trait to have but, Can get you in a lot of Trouble if You are not Careful. Now, Don’t Get Me Wrong, The Internet is a Wonderful Place, with Google Street View and Connecting with PTLS Family Members (and, Friends!) on Facebook; But, according to Nev, The Internet and Other Technologies are just ways to Distract from Your Real Life. On Facebook, You may represent yourself as a Happy Family but, In Real Life, It is not always Pretty. You pretend to be Happy online and You may or may not in Real Life. Besides that, We always have a Reputation to hold online as well as in Real life. If Your Online Rep. is too High, Your Real Life Rep. may not be or Vice Versa. Believe Me, Technology is Very Addicting! I have trouble with Disconnecting from My IPad! Facebook could take Hours to do, Plus All the Shares, Likes, and Comments! Some People live for that stuff, Gotta Gotta GOTTA Get The Most Likes on My XYZ Post! If You Don’t get “Likes” then, You must think that No One Cares. That Brings Me to The Next Point; with all this “Connection” Online, What about Friendships or Relationships that MEAN Something?! Nev dares us to Post on Facebook that You are Sick and that You need someone to bring you Chicken Noodle Soap and Sprite (Sorry, That is My Bias! Those Two are The Best Sick Cures!). The Friends who offer to come to Your House and bring you Chicken Noodle Soap (or Whatever is Your Best Cure) is a True Friend, not just a Facebook Friend. I can tell you that When I had Kidney Stones, My Friend “H.J Angel” told me that She would have been standing next to Me, had she known about it in advance. So, When There is Lack of Connection (Except on Facebook), Friendships/Relationships don’t mean much, and The Isolation of Being Online all the time, How would that Make You Feel? Pretty Sad, I would think. and, That is True. Studies have shown that People that are Online All The Time and On Facebook (on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, the List goes on..) that They are Less Happy. So, The Moral of The Segment and The Rest of Story, is Get Off Online a little while. No Need to Facebook, Selfie, or Tweet for Right Now. The Final Lesson is to Always be Careful what You Post on Any Social Media Platform. Don’t say anything Mean and Definitely, Don’t Post Anything or Write Anything that You would not want reported to Your Mother. As All of Us who Grew Up in The 90’s and Before that, knew that, was The Worst Possible Thing! All in All, The Internet is What You make of it. For Me, It’s Cybertravelling and Connecting with My PTLS Family as well as Friends. For You, It might be Something Else, but Make The Best of It! And, It would help to Get Off of It for a while too!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Be Nice to Everyone, Spread Love, and Build Connections. Both Online and In Real Life.

February 11, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: Destiny in The Making (with a Rerun)

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
February 11, 2015-TCS # 437

So, My Readers, considering that It is Valentine’s Week, I thought that I would tell you a Story, and rerun a Story, about What I call, “Destiny in The Making.” You See, I went to a Wedding Reception over The Weekend. It starred a Couple who was Very Clearly Meant to be, It was “Destiny in The Making” in Every Sense of The Word. It was My Neighbor Rob and His Childhood Sweetheart (Literally), Caree. It was So Beyond Romantic, and even more Rare! I watch a lot of Romantic Comedies and What I call “Soulmate Movies” but, Only Twice in Person have I have seen a Love Story that is, “Destiny in The Making.” To put it in a Short Version, Rob and Caree grew up together, Rob moved away, and, finally 42 Years Later, They reconnect and Fell in Love. It was as if They had never separated. The Story of Rob and Caree though, Reminds of a “Destiny in The Making” Story that happened in My Own Family. So, to get You in the already Valentine’s Day Mood from The Previous Story, this is a Rerun of Another Story. I wrote This Newsletter on April 6th of 2011. I was inspired by This Story as well as Rob and Caree’s, that There is such a thing as a True Love Story, “Destiny in The Making” that is NOT just in The Movies. Enjoy! And, Happy Valentine’s Day to All of You!

Every now and then, I really like to read Romantic Stories of people who have found their Soulmate or “Best Friend” as many others call it. I love reading how they met and how they felt when they saw each other, How it felt for them to have Love at First Sight and finally, What’s it like having them around now. Now, as we know or should know Our Soulmate isn’t perfect, as the story that I’m going to tell you about. They may have a flaw in looks, behavior (like in my case, Clearing My Throat or being a Control-freak), or a different “Money System” than you we’ll call it; and, by “Money System” I mean something like he likes to Save and She spends her heart out. Anyway, back to the story. Well, it turns that believe it or not, there is a Soulmate Story in The Smith Family and it stars the 2 Favorite People of The Smith Family, Popi and Grandma Honey. Now, because this is an original love story we’re going to address them by their real names, Warren (Popi) and Jeanette (Grandma Honey). Anyway, Warren and Jeanette met in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1959. They met at a friend’s party and they became friends. They hung out together all the time and before long, they were as they refer to as “Best Friends” because then there wasn’t such a word as “Soulmates”. Anyway, before long they decided to get married and have kids, Bruce, Craig, Julie (My Mom), and Brian all within a couple years of each other. As the kids grew up in Elementary School, they moved to Auburn, Maine for a better life. Because Ann Arbor wasn’t as safe as it used to be and there was less crime in Auburn. Of Course, we know that Jeanette had a program for Expectant Teenage Mothers in Auburn, Everyone loved her and she touched many lives. After they lived in Maine for a while, they decided to move back to Toledo. This time they lived on the Eastside of Toledo and My Mom had to ride the bus to get to her school because it was the only good school in the area and it was on the West Side. The great thing about these two soulmates or “Best Friends” is that they knew how to work together to be great parents with 4 Kids. Their Life centered on their 4 children. They loved each other very much. But, the sad part of the story is that many times they were two very different people who did and still love each other very much. But, they chose to divorce instead of argue. However, They continued to date each other after the divorce because they enjoyed each other and still loved each other. A Couple Years Later, Warren married someone else and Life took Jeanette to Atlanta, Georgia. Now, Although Warren was married to someone else, He and Jeanette still enjoyed conversations with each other because of Their Deep Friendship and Worked Together as Parents for Their Children. The woman who Warren was married to was jealous of their relationship and tried to push them away from each other. So, this story ends with Warren in the final moments of his life on the phone with Jeanette as He wished her a Happy Birthday. And, Warren’s last words to Jeanette were “I Love You” and Jeanette’s last words to him were “I Love You too”. (This is Why I feel so Strongly about saying “I Love You” to those who are Important to You, because You never know if it will be The Last Time) So, this shows that although he was married to someone else, he did still love his Soulmate, “Best Friend”, and True Love, Jeanette. All in all, the moral to our family’s love story is that it’s actually true what they say, True Love does last forever even a thousand miles away.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Everyone has a True Love who is made just for them and it can last forever.

February 4, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: I was Born This Way Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
February 4, 2015-TCS # 436

So, As Part of The Christianville Spirit’s 10th Year Celebration as well as to Remember some of My Gold Newsletters that I have written, I am going to do occasional re-runs as part of This. We’ll use this to show how much I have changed in The Past 10 Years and Some of Them, You may want to re-live and Even some that You have never seen on My Newsletter Site! So, This Newsletter was written back in April of 2011. (Refer to Newsletter Number 246). At The Time, I was passionate about a Campaign called “Spread The Word to End The Word”. This Campaign, by the way, is still going strong. I explain about it in The Newsletter Below, a Bit of Warning though, There is a bit of Language but, It is all the Prove a Point. Enjoy! 
So, Do you remember when I shortly mentioned about something called “Spread the Word to End the Word”? Well, This Week I’m going to go into detail about it. It is a Program called Spread the Word to End the Word that was created by the CEO of the Special Olympics, Timothy Shriver. Now, What word do they want to end? The ultra-dissing word of people with Special Needs, the R-Word as I call it or to be precise (excuse me for My Language) Retard or Retarded. Most people use this word as “That’s [so]Retarded” or “Your[so]Retarded”. Anyway, You get what I’m saying. On the website for this campaign, www.r-word.org they list how hurtful this word is, along with as they refer to as “Cheers and Jeers”. Cheers meaning people who support this campaign and who think we should end the “R-word” like Me and several others including Johnny Knoxville and Stephen Colbert just to name a few and Jeers, meaning the people who still haven’t stopped using the word. Anyway, I’m so thankful to this campaign to stop using the “R-Word” because it hurts me when people say it whether it’s toward me or not. And, as they say it’s hurtful to Special Needs People if you use it in front of them or not. The funny thing is, is that the word “Retarded” or “Retard” back when it was first used wasn’t really directed at Special Needs People, it is supposed to mean making an object smaller such as Meat or Bread. Then, some hater must have seen someone with Special Needs, thought of the word, and then it spread like wildfire. Anyway, I’m proud to have this program protecting me and I pledged to be a part of it. By the way, if you want to Pledge, go to www.r-word.org, Read all about it and Pledge. On a side note, Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” inspires me because I was “Born This Way”, to be Special to Everyone and God himself. All in All, I am happy to have Special Needs and Share my Love and Knowledge to everyone.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I was Born This Way, Go Out and Be Special!