May 31, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Christianville Explained- A Christianville Classic

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
May 31st, 2017-TCS # 547

Happy Summer, Everyone! Yes, folks! You can now say that it is Summer, even though School may or may not be out yet. Some People (actually Most People) consider Memorial Day in The US to be the “Unofficial” Beginning of Summer and Labor Day being “Unofficial” end of Summer even though Summer Officially begins on June 21st. So, Sticking to My Apparent Theme, I am going to make another Newsletter a Classic. So, This Newsletter is one that popped up on Facebook’s “On This Day” Posts where You can see what amazing (or not-so-amazing) Posts from a Specific Day. One of My Old Newsletters came up and It was One of those Newsletters that was not only a Gold One but, It made Myself wonder How Many of My Readers Today know how I came with The Christianville Spirit and My Made-Up City. So, in a Way I thought of both themes of My Newsletter, Classics and Wonder, Funny how that Happens.  I am laughing at Myself because I supposed to make YOU, My Readers, wonder, not Myself Wonder! So, The Veterans of My Newsletter should know This Story, if not It will be a Refresher. But, I am making This Newsletter a Classic so that Everyone knows The Story. So, Sit Back and Enjoy The Story!

This Newsletter was written on May 29th of 2013 (Refer to Newsletter 353)

So, I think that The Newsletter I’m going to write is well overdue for those who are either just getting to know me, have known me for a while, and Yes, even My Veteran Readers that have known and followed my newsletter since the beginning, Welcome onto Christianville Spirit Highway! So, I’m sure that you are wondering about Where the Term, “Christianville” came from. You See, when I was younger, like around 4th Grade, I would pace back and forth in the yard when I thought no one was looking or I was bored. I had even Ironed a trail that I paced on. While I was pacing, I would hum the sounds of the road or imagine a different version of Dallas, where the bridge over the Trinity River was more like the Golden Gate Bridge, South Dallas was where the Zoo was (which it actually is) and a city below it, which was a dirty city. I named the Dallas-like City, Christianville; South Dallas or locally known as “Oak Cliff” was considered South Christianville and The dirty city was Elizabethvania (which is presently a much cleaner city known as “Izzyville”). I believe the theory that Elizabethvania was that it was to make the City of Christianville look more attractive and nicer. Now, I should mention that it was no reflection on the actual person that the city was named after. Anyway, After some imagining of the city, I left it alone for a while until I hit a High School Age. That was when I decided to write a list of Information about this “Made-Up City of Christianville” and This is what I came up with..

The City of Christianville is The County Seat of Christian County, TN

The City Of Christianville is along The Tennessee River. Which Mississippi is on The Other Side.

The Highlight of The Christianville Skyline is The Tower of Christian Smith and The Christian-Izzy Bridge. The Christian-Izzy Bridge is Part of The Christianville Skyline, Just as Much as The Tower of Christian Smith is.

Nearby Brooke, TN is Home to Christian Smith. The Areas Around The City Are Considered "The Christianville Metro Area"

The New England Cities And Nor'easter Village. Which is North of Christianville is Christianville's Feel of a Non-City Feeling.

The Newspaper of The Christianville Metro Area Has an Unique Name to it. It is Called "The Christianville Spirit"

Christianville's Basketball Team is called The Christianville Timberwolves.

West Michael Street, In Downtown Christianville is The City's Teen Hang Out Street.W. Michael St. has Plenty of Shops and Chairs for Local Teenagers to Hang Out and Talk.

Christianville's Famous Best Friends Festival is a 5 Day Festival to Honor Christian's Best Friends.Each Day of The 5 Days Is a Day For Each Best Friend. It Is Held on November 16-20 on Friends St.from Brooke to S.Izzy St.

Christian's Best Friends Festival Day List:
Nov.16-Karleen Day{Presentation Of Friends Of Year And 'Parade Of Karleen Frishman'}
Nov.17-Brooke Day{Christian Smith And Brooke Herrick Fair. In Brooke, TN}
Nov.18-Meredith Day{Meredith's Fun Day}
Nov.19-Whitney Day{Wacky Whitney's Play In Downtown Day}
Nov.20-Steven Day{Tigger Parade}
The People Of The Christianville Metro Area Say that The Intersection Of Christianville And Tennessee St. Is The Heart Of Christian Smith

On April 19, 2006. The City Of Christianville Started The Sister Cites Program. The Sister Cities Of Christianville, TN are:
-Karleen City, Karleen-
Michaelville, Michael-
Stevenville, Steven

So, After I came up with that list, The City of Christianville became more real to Me. If You have noticed, My “Made-Up” City of Christianville is in The State of Tennessee. The Reason behind that is because I love the East Coast of The US (along with many other places) because The Smith Family lives in Atlanta and I have always wanted to be there. Plus, Tennessee seemed like a good fit and it sounded more like it flowed when you said, “Christianville, Tennessee.” Also, in the notes, you can see where this newsletter, “The Christianville Spirit” got it’s name. Funny Thing, is that, “The Christianville Spirit” in Christianville it’s self, is actually the City’s Newspaper. So, Anyway, as the city’s reality started to set in, I decided to draw maps of city and Believe Me, I have edited them many times but, they are in detail of the Downtown Area, Metro Area, A Light Rail System known as CARTA (Christianville Area Rapid Transit Authority); as well as The City of Brooke (named after Childhood Friend, Brooke Herrick) which is more like Plano. or More like, Exactly like Plano. By The Way, I should mention to that the names of Cities, Streets, Places, and The Days of Christian’s Best Friends’ Festival are all named after something or someone that is important to me. The Names; Izzy, Meredith, Whitney, Brooke, as well as “Herrick” occur a lot in the city because those are the people who I grew up with in “The Jeff Era” (Mr. Jeff is the nice guy that My Mom dating and was there for us when we were kids) and I refer to them as my “Childhood Friends” or “Long-Time Friends.” When I was in High School, My Mom said that I should “Write a Blog” since I enjoyed writing all through School and it started as an Email to Friends & Family about my thoughts of the day or The Events in Christianville. Then, as it grew, I moved it to a Blog Site and now it has thousands of readers around the world. Now, I direct my writing toward Living with PTLS and My View on The World. All in all, I’m always taking requests for topics and I hope you enjoyed learning about My City of Christianville

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I really appreciate all My Readers, You are all Very Important to Me. 

May 24, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: The Untold Story of Lynee-A Christianville Classic

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
May 24th, 2017-TCS # 546

Happy LRD, Everyone! LRD? What’s LRD?! It is My new acronym for Lynee Day. The Day that honors My Childhood Friend, Lynee Watson. LRD stands for “Lynee Remembrance Day”, The Official Title of Lynee Day at least in My Head. So, I have been celebrating Lynee Day for 7 of the 9 Years that She has been Gone. I hate to say That Word! Since She became an Angel, that sounds MUCH Better. I started to Observe Lynee Day a Year after I found out. This Year, has by Far been The Best Celebration of Lynee Day that I have had. You See, as I have told you many times about Lynee, and Progress of This Incredible Story, that I am going to Rerun and Make as a Christianville Classic. Anyway, Between My Mom, Myself, and Lynee’s Mom and Dad are Best Friends, We have hung out with Each other enough times to call Ourselves “Best Friends”, Something that really amazed My Mind and My Heart, like I really know Lynee’s Parents that Well?! It feels like I am talking to a Dream each time I see them. I thought it was really exciting to meet Jona, Lynee’s sister, and was happy She spent time with Me. The dinners My Mom and I have had with John and Dona have always been Fun and full of Really good conversations. Anyway, Lynee’s Mom, Dona, has been recovering from Surgery and My Mom and I have decided to visit her many times. Each Time, We sit and hang out, I always think “I can not believe I am sitting here and talking to Lynee’s Mom” It is one of those Old Fashioned Theories of Mine, where if You liked or loved someone, the Progress was to be Meeting their Parents. Also, I have thought whenever The Nurses come in and out to check on Her. I think, “Do You even know What Wonderful Story is happening here?”. To Them, I am sure that We are Friends visiting and Yes, that is What We are, It is HOW We became Friends that is, at least I feel, the Best Story of My Life. If they only knew the story, they would be amazed. It really is an incredible story. So, This is The New Christianville Classic Story of How This Story of Lynee and Her Family came to be. I present to You, “The Untold Story of Lynee!” Happy Lynee Remembrance Day! aka: LRD! By the way, Lynee’s name is really spelled LynĂ©e (accent over the first “ e”).

This Newsletter was written on January 21st of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 434)
So, I have quite a Story to Tell You, One that I have never told you. Or at least, I think I haven’t. Consider This One of The Great “Untold Stories” of My Life. You See, I got reminded of it because I received something Very Special. I’m not sure if I told this part but, It leads to a Great Back-Story. See, When I had My Kidney Stone Episode back in November, One of My Mom’s Students got me a Mini-Christmas Tree to help me get better from it. The Student told My Mom, “It’s better than getting him flowers!” because after all, You don’t get a Man flowers if He is not feeling well. I guess, it is one of those Society Stereotypes but, It’s Okay to Me. Anyway, After Christmas, My Mom and I had a debate about What to do with It and My Mom said that We should plant it. So, that is what We did, We planted it in a Pot and I blessed it in Lynee’s Honor (sort of like What I did with Popi’s “Christmas Town”). As You Remember, Lynee was a Girl back in Elementary School that I had the BIGGEST Crush on. I like to say that it was The First Major Crush of My Life. I remember once that I snuck open the “Harrington Phone Book” just out of Curiosity to see her number and Where She Lived. My Childhood Friends, The Herricks and Barsis, always lightly picked on me about My Crush on Lynee. “Lynee, Lynee, Lynee!” they would say and It made me blush. I fell pretty hard for her, in a Child’s Mind like Mine. I think it came from the Fact that You know Someone is nuts about Someone Else when You mention that Person’s Name and You just Can’t stop Smiling (or Blushing). So, Where is The “Untold Story”? Well, This is Part of It. But, The Big Part was a Time that I saw her in High School, in 10th Grade, 11 Years Ago. Little did I know, that it would be The Last Time I saw her. Now, When I think of This Story, It makes me Cringe a bit in The Way that I handled It. But, Here It goes! So, I was sitting in An Aqua Science Classroom and The Teacher was doing Role Call. The Teacher called My Name and I said, “Here.” and, then The Moment that changed it all, The Teacher said, “Lynee Watson”, followed by a Voice in The Back saying, “Here”. I was shocked! I thought, Lynee Watson? Doesn’t that sound Familiar. It took a Moment to Register in My Head and then, I flipped out inside My Head, thinking, “Lynee Watson! I knew Her back in Elementary School! I had the Biggest Crush on Her” I turn around and sure enough, There She was. I had to Look Back Several Times to Realize that It, Indeed, Was Her. It was Crazy because The Last Time I saw Her she had to Move Away at The Beginning of 5th Grade and I was Very Sad that She left. And, At this Time, She was Grown Up too, Very Different from The Last Time I saw her. It took several days for Me to walk up to her and Tell her who I was. Each Day I would see her, I would be too nervous to talk to Her. But, The Whole Crush Thing along with The OCD Obsessions came back too. I did have a Second Childhood Friend that sat behind me, Hayley. Hayley was a little easier to Re-Introduce Myself to. One Day, The Teacher told Us that we had a Little bit of a “Free Period”. This was My Chance, I Thought. So, I got up the Nerve to go talk to Her. “Hi, Lynee” I said Nervously, “I’m Christian.” “That’s Great” She said. Probably thinking I meant, Christian like The Religion. I Said, “It’s Me, Christian. You Know, Elementary School!” Memories on Her Side flooded back, She got excited “Oh My Gosh!, Christian!” and then, We hugged. We reminisced for a while about How both of us where doing and To My Surprise, She told me that when She first Saw Me, She too thought, “Wait a Minute, Is that Christian?!”. I then, told her that I had the Biggest Crush on Her back in Elementary School. Now, This Part gets a little blurry and Sometimes with Good Reason because It is Cringing, thinking about it. I could have sworn that after I said that, I walked away a Short Second to go back to My Chair and She called me back. She asked if I would like to go on a Date with Her. I thought, “Whoa! I’ve never been asked out before!” I, Of Course, was a bit curious as to Why. She told me that She too had Feelings for Me, She too had a Crush on Me back in Elementary School. Now, At This Time in My Life, Socially, I did not know how to handle someone asking me out. And, I told her that I would ask My Mom if It was Okay. Then, I said, “Well, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind” and She WAS Going to give me Her Phone Number to call her but, I of course, told her that I would call her, Referring back to that, “Harrington Phone Book” segment of The Story. After That, I forgot to Call Her but, I think I told My Mom about it. After That, She didn’t show up in That Classroom. Hayley did though but, Lynee didn’t. I wondered what happened to Her. the Teachers could not tell me Where She Went because of Privacy Laws. I was Sad that I didn’t see her anymore. Later down the Road, After Trying to Find Her after Years of Not Seeing Her. I had found out that She passed away in May 2008 and I found 2 Years after She had Passed Away. I wish that I would have just said “Yes”, Gotten Her Phone Number, and Gone Out with Her. Her Life at Home though, Unfortunately, was not a Very Good one. I wonder about it now and Wonder if I was One of The Only Good Parts of Her Life and in an Honest Truth, It probably was. She moved a lot in Her Life but, She didn’t really stay steady in School, except for the Time I saw her in 4th Grade and Again 10th Grade. Even if I decided to Date Her, It probably would have not gotten any better for Her Home Life. Now, as Depressing as This Sounds, This Story has a Point. In My Family, I always tell My Mom and My Brother (And, Yes, even My Dad) that I Love Them, even if They are leaving The House for 2 Minutes, I still say it. Because, After All, You never know when The Last Time that You are going to see someone. So, You should always say that You Love Them, regardless of Whether or not, You do. You don’t want The Last Words to be “I Hate You”, that would be Terrible! Now, as Far the Lynee Story goes, After I found that She passed away, I told her in My Prayers that I Loved and Still Love Her. I am led to believe that The Woman of My Dreams, Bridgett (I believe that is Her Name) that She will look Exactly like Lynee and She will have Lynee’s Spirit in Her. She is My Guardian Angel, after all. All in all, It is a Very Good Story that when I meet  This Woman of My Dreams that I will pass the story down to Her.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Plant a Tree in Honor of Your Loved One and You can Smile as You watch it Grow.      

May 17, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Real Talk about Relationships

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
May 17th, 2017-TCS # 545

Much Love to You, My Readers!  In Life, They say 2 Things that I like to live by and I am going to talk about and do both of Them. The First One, is that Life requires Risk, Good Risks meaning that Said Risk is good for You in The End and Bad Risks meaning, Don’t Do It, It will hurt those who Love You. Which brings me to The Second One, You do not choose Who You Fall in Love with. Those of Us, that Believe in Godly, Spiritual, or Universal Thinking believe that They come to You via Destiny, but They choose You and You choose Them, in some Round-A-About Way. So, How does all this Tie together? Well, One, This Newsletter is going to be about My Love Life, or actually My Future (Wanting to be Present) Love Life. But, The Risk involved in both This Newsletter and The Topic at Hand is Risky. So, In the Past, I have written about The Girl (Woman) of My Dreams, Bridgett and My Thoughts about Certain Aspects of It but, Never explained some of It. So, Refer to The Following Newsletters before I get going.
  • PTLS Adult Struggles (September 2014)
  • About The Girl of My Dreams (May 2012)
 Now that We have got that Done, Let’s move on. So, Before I get started and This is The Risk Part. This Newsletter is going to be Very Real for Me, as well as for You. Now, For Many Reasons, I am making this Newsletter, Rated R because of The Topics that I am going to mention about That are Concerning to Me. Disclaimer Here. **This is a Rated R Newsletter, there for If You don’t want to hear about Certain Topics, Stop when I say so**
 I will start Easy to most Common Things. So, as I feel that I am Want to Find My Soulmate and At This Age, being 29, I feel that It is Time that I acknowledge that One, I deserve Love; and, I need to think about What Kind of Love that I want in order to Settle and Have Lots of Adventures together. So, In My Head, I have been having a Debate in My Head that is Very Rocky to My Sensitive-Loving-Everyone-Heart. Will My Soulmate, whether She is Bridgett or not, Will She have Special Needs or Be Typical? At First, I thought that I would have No Preference, It would not matter to Me if The Love of My Life had Special Needs or was Typical. As I have thought about it more and more, Not to be Judgmental here, but, It kind of does Matter who You end up with and Spend The Rest of Your Life with (err...Or At Least, It matters to Me!). To Me, as well, The Real Part is that My Mind is telling me that, that is a Very Damning Question. Because I feel like I would be Damning both Special Needs People and Typical People as well. But, One has to go through Those Perimeters in order to Find The Person that I want to spend My Life with. “It’s The Heart that You would not mind spend Your Life with!”, I tell Myself. Yes, that is True. Looks don’t Matter. But, How We function Everyday, Doing Everyday Things, Really Matters. So, Here are The Perimeters, Help around The House and Help in General; Transportation; Relationship Progress and Fears (PG-13 to R). Just giving You Fair Warning! 

Help around The House and Help in General
So, I have come to a Point in My Life where, like it or not, I am going to need help with Certain Things. I am pretty Independent but, There are Some Things that I need help with. In My Future Plan, I have My Mom living either Next Door, In The Same House but, on The Other Side of The House, or At Least, on The Same Street. I am close to My Mom and She is close to Me. But, If I am with Someone of Special Needs and I am having a Hard Time doing something, like Opening a Jar that is Very Tight. I would give it to My Significant Other (Modern People say S.O) and She would try to Open it and She may or may not be able to do it either, whereas a Typical Person Might have a Better Try at it. I feel like Me and Special Needs would just go around and around being “You Open It, No You.” It would be Just Us, struggling to Figure Something Out. I could always Call My Mom and have her Help Me. Now, at The Present Time, My Brother is My Guardian if Something should happen to My Mom (It Is only, Just in Case). But, I personally plan on both My Brother and My SO helping Me in The Struggles with My Independence. If My SO has Special Needs, Then They will have Double Duty, helping Me and Her. Unless Her Parents, Take Care of Her and My Brother takes care of Me. 

It did not come to My Attention until Watching Born This Way but, I questioned for a Second about Who would get Us places that We need to go. A Typical SO would Drive Us where We need to go, Go on Drives every now and Then, or Some Kind of Adventure. With a Special Needs SO, We may need More Help, either from My Mom, Her Parents, and My Brother. In an Emergency, I guess it would work the Same Way too. Uber or Public Transportation could only do so much.

Relationship Progess and Fears (PG-13 to R)
There have been Girls in The Past that I have Dated or Liked and A Couple of Them have PTLS which has been Mutual Like of Each Other. So, The Thought was Dating a Girl with PTLS is always a Possibility because We understand Each Other and We get along well. So, It makes me think, Would We feed off of Each other’s Fears, Anxieties, and Behaviors? or Would We Understand each other so well that We would Comfort each other. I wonder if We would understand each other too much, No Progress in The Relationship, We would be Very Stubborn, and Nothing would get Done. A Typical Person may not understand me and get frustrated with Me. Then, with Every Relationship, There is The Topic of having Children.  As much as I like Children, I would not want to have Children. Besides there being a 50/50 Chance of Children having PTLS, It would be Very Hard for Me to take care of them. So, with that being Considered, My Mom and I have talked about Me having a Vasectomy so that I can not Children and The Fear would be Gone. There are always worries of Texture Issues with Relationships and The Worry is Real. A Special Needs SO may have the Same Issue with It, which is Something that Parents may not be thinking about. A Typical SO may not understand My Texture Issue and I would be Afraid of What Might Happen. So, PTLS Family Members, It maybe be hard to Picture your child as an Adult but, Please do us a Favor and Understand that It is Hard for Everyone. I hope this helps! All in all, We PTLSers have to think through a lot of This Stuff even though It is may not be Easy to Talk about This. So, We need to be able to talk about This Stuff with Our Parents who Understand Us. I’m sorry if This is too Much for You, but To Me, This is Very Real!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Understand Us with an Open Mind! We are all Deserving of Love.

May 10, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Why We Have Moms- A Christianville Classic

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
May 10th, 2017-TCS # 544

Happy (Early) Mother’s Day, My Readers! Yes, It is that Time of Year, A Time to reflect, Love on, and Thank Your Mom! Now, Before I Begin, It has come to My Attention that a Few Respective People in My Life have Lost Their Mothers, something that I personally can not even Imagine! I want you to know that I am here for You and that I am sure that Your Mother (whoever they are) Loved You Very Much! So, Moral of This Story is to appreciate Everything that Your Mom does for You. Mother’s Day really should be called “Mother’s Appreciation Day”!
Anyway, In My Weekly Question of “What am I going to Write about?”, I have come to The Realization that for the 11 Years I have been writing, I have written some Good Newsletters about Moms and Mother’s Day. But, This One Newsletter that I wrote for Mother’s Day has been repeated and Rerun so Many Times (Sometimes The Gold Newsletters that I write deserve to be reran), I think that It deserves the title, A Classic! Meaning, No Matter how many Times I rerun it, It will never get Old, It is Classic. We can call these Classic Newsletters, Christianville Classics. Now, I am going to Keep most of The Classic Reasons, but at the Same Time instead of just making it a Rerun, I am going to Remix it a bit and add more. This is The Christianville Classic is called “Why We Have Moms”. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!

This Week, I am going to Rerun a Gold Newsletter that I had Written about Mother’s Day. A Bit of a Background here though, First of All, the Basics, This Newsletter was written on May 15th of 2013 (Refer to Newsletter 351). I’m not sure if I mentioned in The Newsletter below about The Origin but, Before This Newsletter entitled “Why We have Moms”, I had written one about “Why We have Children” so, If You Will, The “Why We Have Moms” was sort of an Extension, A Sequel to The “Why We have Children” Newsletter. (Refer to Newsletter 273; November 2011). Anyway, I hope You know You PTLS Member Moms are Brilliant (I Love that Word!) Moms and My Mom is By Far, The Most Brilliant! Enjoy!

So, As You all know, Sunday was Mother’s Day here in The United States, I say that because Mother’s Day is on a different day in other parts of The World. But, Anyway, Mother’s Day is a very important holiday to Me because of one thing that I am ever grateful for, My Mom, as well as Moms in general. Moms are Awesome! But, Why do we have Moms? Now, I’m sure you are reading this, thinking, “Why do We Have Moms?! What kind of Crazy Question is that?!” and others would wonder and ponder about it. So, I’m going to answer that question, “Why Do We Have Moms?”. Well, Truth is, there are a lot of reason why, but here are MY Reasons Why.
  1. They birthed us; through hard labor, sometimes, Hours of it. In My Mom’s Case, A C-section that she felt the whole time (the anesthesia didn’t work!)  
  2. They are our Secondary Quilt, Beanie Baby, or Blankie when we are Babies (Because We like to Snuggle)
  3. They are “Best Friends” when we don’t have any Real Friends and They always will be, whether you like it or not.
  4. In The 90’s (And, Probably still now) They are Our Seat Belts when someone slams on their brakes. Even though We already have our Seat Belt on.
  5. They are our Protecter, Guard, and Guard-Rail Fence against Evil, Mean, or Hurtful Forces.
  6. (If You Let Her Do This One, You are Lucky) They are Your Matchmaker. As in, walking up to the Prettiest Girl around and saying, “Hey, Check Out My Son, He’s a REALLY Good Catch!” and You always say, “Moooom!”. But, You never know if that girl might be the Girl of Your Dreams!
  7. If You have a Bully or Hateful/Hurtful Person in Your Life, “Momma Bear” will come out and it will NOT be Pretty!
  8. In My Case, If You have Special Needs, Your Mom will go to all lengths to get you what you need, help you in anyway possible, and be there for you when you need her. Even going through many teary-eyed and bull-headed IEP Meetings!
  9. They know what is best for You, Way before You Do.
  1. Most Importantly, They are Your Mother and Whether You Like it or Not, They will be the only person besides Your Soulmate that will be by your side Forever!
  2. When It comes to Your Dreams, They will be do One (or All) of A Few Things; Be right beside You as You ride through It (like My Laser Hair Removal), Help You in The Middle of It, or Cheer The Loudest for You (Who is That?! Oh, That’s My Mom!) along The Side Lines.
  3. In The Moment that You say, “I Do”. She will be There. Most likely in front cheering, following being in The Back, Crying Her Eyes out. (Ohh Mom!)
  4. When You Graduate from High School or Any Life Event that is Important to both of You. Yep, She’ll be Crying there too. 
  5. They will always be There if You need to have a Heart-to-Heart Talk or Vice Versa, Where They have a Heart-to-Heart with You
  6. They will let You go Where ever You want when You are an Adult on Three Conditions. One, It is not Dangerous. Two, It is not a Stupid Decision and, Three, You shall at some point, Come back and Live Near Mom (Or at Least, That is My Own Old-Fashioned Mom) Are You Listening, Michael?!
  7. They will be Honest with You. Sometimes more than You want them to. But, Believe Me, You will be Grateful in The End.
  8. They will have Many Talks with You. In One of Three Versions; Either a Heart-to-Heart Talk, “Step into My Office”(Sometimes Good and Sometimes Not) , or “A Come-to-Jesus Meeting”.
  9. She’ll be there to Pick You Up if You are Down and Cheer when You are Up.
  10. In My Case, they are your Road Buddy or Your Chauffeur when you want to go somewhere. By The Way, That is a Condition that Can not be taken advantaged of. 
  11. This may sound a bit too Honest, but from a Man’s View, Let’s face it, Your Family, Your House (applying to Guys), and Your Life would be a Mess without Your Mom.
  12. No Matter How Young or Old You are, It is Perfectly Okay to say that You need Your Mommy.
 So, Those are My Reason as to “Why We Have Moms”. All in All, My Mom and I have always had this system where I ask her, “Mom, Why do you do this?” and she answers, “It is in The Book of Moms!”.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cherish Your Mom, She is Your Best Friend!

May 3, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Angels Among Us

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Make You Wonder
May 3rd, 2017-TCS # 543

Happy May, My Readers! Whenever a New Month comes, I always say “Happy Whatever-Month-It-Is”, even January. So, This Month is the Month of Lynee Day, not to be confused with Lynee Week, which is the Week of Her Birthday. May, however is The Month of Her Death. Now, I know it is one of those Oh-So-Sensitive Things to talk to Lynee’s Family about, not just for Them, but Myself as well. Of Course, I have a Comfort knowing that I celebrate Lynee Day as if it were a Holiday and Have comfort that She is My Guardian Angel. It should be treated like a day to celebrate ones life, sort of like how We Americans celebrate Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day. To Lynee’s Family, though, I know how it feels, it is sort of like My Feeling about Bad Luck or Deaths in April (refer to the “My Feelings about God and April” Newsletter), I feel it is basically their equivalent of that, only worse.    
Now, I am here to tell you that Death, that Oh-So-Sensitive and Uncomfortable Topic that comes up is bad, but Let Me try to explain it to You, how I see it because to Me, How I see it Calms me, easies the Grief, and brings me Comfort.
So, Death to Me, is a matter of Life. Basically, after You pass away, if You are Good, You go to Heaven and If not, then You go to a Very Dark Place. Most would called it, Hell, but, Let’s be a little nicer for Any Kids reading this. “The Bad Place”. Not to Rip off The TV Show, The Good Place, more like Referencing it. Now, as usual, after Someone that You know or Love passes away, You tend to Grieve. Now, There are People, to be fair, that grieve longer than others and That is Okay, and It is Natural. For Me, I grieve like Everyone Else but, in a Shorter Span. However, Just because You have “Got Done” Grieving, does not mean that You forget, but More on The Line of Honoring Them or Giving them a Job to do in Heaven (The Good Place, If You want to call it that) and Expect them to do it. I would believe Heaven gets boring sometimes! You love all the Good but at The Same Time, I would Imagine that too much Good gets a Little “Too Good to be True” and You want to do something productive.
Now, Yes, I grieve in some way Every April to mark the Many Deaths in My Family that month as well as Lynee but, I would rather have an Observance to Honor Them and Think about them at The Same Time. I do a Moment of Silence on Lynee Day to honor her, Think of Her, and Give Her some of My Time. One Thing that makes Death not so Hard for Me is My Intuition. It is One of The Gifts of Having PTLS because I can sense if Someone (like an Angel) is around or not, as well as People’s Emotions on Earth. I think I wrote a Newsletter all about My Intuition (Refer to “My Intuition” Newsletter). So, To Say that I believe in Angels would be an Understatement. 
So, I know now, that You are probably wondering about Those Jobs that I give My Angels. Good On, Christian! You would Say! So, a little Back Story! Let’s Rewind The Tapes! (Tapes winding backwards) with The Sound of a Baby Crying. NO, Not that Far! Anyway, After I found out about Lynee’s passing, 2 Years after She did, I was Pretty Shocked, and Yes, I was Very Sad about it, but, I turned it around and appointed her My Guardian Angel. Not sure why at The Time, but I wanted her to be My Angel because I Loved Her and Wanted her to know it. 
It was after My Friend, Deb’s Mom’s Death (refer to “The Famous Deb” Newsletter), I started to wonder about What Job to give her, It took 2 Years for Me to figure it out because She (I refer to Her as “Ma”) is Very Strong Spirit/Angel. When “Ma” was around, I would know it because My Computer would Mess up, My TV/Cable would Mess Up, and Yes, Even The Radio messed up a Few Times. She loved Electronics! It was after The Election, in My News/Geography/History/Political Mind that like Trump, I should have My Own Cabinet of Angels. So, Because I believe in Angels and Destiny, I appointed “Ma” to be My Director of Destiny (The Head of My Cabinet). In Other Words, I feel that due to The Fact that “Ma” is strong spirit and because of Exciting Life on This Earth, She would be in charge of The Leads and Security of My Life. God talks to Her first. One Time I went to The Doctor and The Doctor was not Very Nice, when The Medical Assistant or otherwise known as “The CMA” came in and She was trying to get to The Computer in The Office to work and All of The Computers in The Doctor’s Office shut down. They turned back on, as I was ready to leave, All of The Computers turned back on. And, that is just One of Many Times when “Ma” showed up. Next Person in My Cabinet is Lynee, She is My Guardian Angel. She makes sure that I am doing the Right Thing and Watching over Me. Then, Comes My other Two Directors. My Mom’s Dad, “Popi”, I have appointed him My Director of Family. He is in Charge of Everything that My Family, Intermediate and Smith Family does. He also keeps watch over Our Family. Then, The Most Recent Death of Our Friend and Relation of a PTLS Family Member, Faith Thompson. I have appointed her, The Director of PTLS Family Members and Foundation. It is Her Job to watching over The Events for The PTLS Foundation, Brings Positivity, and Angel Support to PTLS Family Members and Children. She has a Special Job watching over The PTLS Children around The World. Faith was Very Special to The PTLS Foundation as well as Us Personally. So, Basically, Everywhere I go, I take some of My Cabinet with Me. Even when I went on The Cruise, I took The Director of Destiny, Lynee (Guardian Angel), and The Director of PTLS Family Members. I have a lot of Comfort knowing that I have them. Electronics and Lights from Ma, Chills and White Stones from Lynee, Pennies from “Popi”, and Feathers and Positive Results from Faith. I know they are all around Me. All in all, You may miss People who have Passed Away but, They are always around us!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Angels are among us, They never leave us. Go talk to Them!