August 21, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: Seeing California

California Highway 9; Deep Redwoods!

Marriott's Shadow Ridge Resort

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
August 21, 2013-TCS # 365

So, for My Birthday, My PTLS “Aunt” Sherry got me something really awesome. She got me A Shirt & Hat from San Diego, A Map of San Diego, and Little did I know, A “Sherryfied” Map of California. By “Sherryfied”, I mean that there were markings of Places that She thought I would really love. However, I noticed that on the map, it showed a large swath of Redwoods, South of San Francisco. Now, In my past Cyber-Travels, I have known that most of The Redwoods and Deep Forest was NORTH of San Francisco, like from Muir Woods on upward to Oregon. But, I wondered about that big swath of Green between The Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz, and the Curiosity swept in. Now, From My Impression In My Head, of The Silicon Valley Area, I would never think there would be as Tall of Redwoods to the South of it. For All I knew, it was only Home to the headquarters of Apple (Cupertino), Google (Mountain View), Yahoo (Sunnyvale), and Facebook (Menlo Park), Respectively. Both Apple and Facebook, by the way have large headquarters. Let me make a Quick Note of Something I noticed, The road that loops around Facebook is called “Hacker Way” and The Loop around Apple is called “Infinite Loop.”  So, Curiosity got me and I just had to do it, so I cyber-flew to San Francisco to see it. Anyway, so when I got there I Cyber-Travelled to the south of San Francisco to see these Redwoods. I will tell you that I was amazed by just how tall and how deep the Forest was. It felt very peaceful to Cyber-Drive through the deep Redwoods, If you love Nature like I do, I would recommend it! I fell most in love with most of California Highway 9 from Skyline Boulevard all the way to Santa Cruz, It is so Beautiful. The time that they took the pictures, it ran though a Segment where it was Foggy, so You would be driving down this road in a Deep Forest and Foggy Weather as if you were above the clouds. It was Awesome. I would go through a few nice Mountain Towns before ending up in Santa Cruz. The Sad Thing, In My Head anyway, is that Deep Woods is not one’s impression of California. One Instead thinks of The Beach, Palm Trees, and Hollywood. They think of Places mainly in Los Angeles or in between LA and San Diego. Personally, Although I have never been to San Diego but, I have been to LA. I think more Highly of San Diego (Not just because of “Aunt” Sherry!) but, because it is a Beautiful City. In My Cyber-Trip, I drove a little bit down the Pacific Coast Highway (which I dream of doing in Real Life) and Drove toward and through LA. Now, Again, The Pacific Coast Highway is something I would recommend because It is Beautiful and It is a Pretty Scenic Drive. I’ve heard that there are some cool places along it like Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara. I heard that there are really cool and Historic Hotels along the route as well. Once I got to LA, I figured I would try to figure out a way to get across The Hollywood Hills (Through Neighborhoods) to get to the Hollywood side of The Hill and down to Vine Street. I will tell you that it was really tricky to figure out but, I did. On My Way Out of California, I “Drove” through Palm Springs to see where I have actually stayed at. One Thing to definitely do, if You Go there is The Palm Springs Tramway. It takes you up into Mt. San Jacinto and believe it or not, there are Redwood Trees up there too! My Dad, My Brother, and I went up there one evening when We were There, Several Years Ago. It was over 100 Degrees on The Desert Floor and Up in Mt. San Jacinto, it was a cool 60 Degrees and with towering Redwoods. So, You could stand in the Mountain Station with the Redwoods surrounding you and look down to see The City of Palm Springs and The Desert. Again, This is something I would recommend doing and If I had the chance, I probably would do it again. The Last Stop before I drove toward Blythe and Out of California was to stop at where My Dad, Michael, and I stayed at a Couple Years Ago. We stayed at this place called Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Resort in Palm Desert, California (by the way, that is between Palm Springs and Indio) I remember the pool that they had there and I loved the way the lights shined up at the curve of the “Date Palm” Trees (which is a type of Palm Tree). They have a really nice Golf Course (Which My Dad loved!) and It was close to Everything that you needed. Plus, it was an Hour outside of LA, so if You wanted to take a day to drive out to LA, You Could. All in all, It was a good cyber-trip to see the different parts of California. Thank You “Aunt” Sherry!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. There are some Beautiful Places in This World, You just have to Stop and Take a Look. 

August 14, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: My Birthday & Life Changes

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
August 14, 2013-TCS # 364

So, Everyone. It is That Time of Year Again and No, Unfortunately I don’t mean Christmas. But, It is something exciting to me, known as My Birthday. For those who don’t know, My Birthday is on August 11th. I was born in San Antonio, Texas at exactly 2:13PM (That is sort-of a Reference for Me because it is very important). I didn’t know that on that Fateful August Day, I would be so Unique and Found that I have a Rare Chromosome Disorder called a “Duplication of Chromosome 17p11.2” or so that I would call it before it got it’s official name. My Special Needs was named Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS for Short). Before it was named, “In The Old Days” as My Mom likes to say; I was 4th in The World, so the doctors told us, to have this, it was that Unique. These Days however, it is known to be in 1 in 20,000 Children. Anyway, This Birthday I turned 26 Years Old.  For some reason compared to the Big Ages like 20, 21, 25, and 30. 26 seemed to be “An Awkward Age.” I Mean, I’m sure that there are many awkward ages in life, but I hadn’t realized it until Now. I can tell you that I know Women these days get married and settle down at 26.6 Years Old. But, other than that, 26 seems like No Big Deal to Me. However, I have found some positivity in this age. You See, I have been interested lately in Numerology and Number Sequences like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999. According to This Website that I reference a lot when it comes to telling people what the sequences mean. The Most Important Ones that catch me are 222 (Your on The Right Path), 333 (A Giant “YES”), 444 (A Giant “NO”), and 666 (Your Thoughts or Actions aren’t aligned with Your Path), and 999 (Completion). So, with that, I calculated My Previous Age, 25. I just added 2 + 5 = 7 (for Age 25) and 2 + 6= 8 (for Age 26). Now, 7 in Sequence means “A Lesson has been learned” and 8 means “A Phase of Your Life is Ending and Moving On to the Next Segment”. I thought to Myself, Well I have learned many Lessons and some Reflection in My 25th Year. So, It kinda makes sense to go with that theory. So, 8 in Sequence means, the warning of the “Phase of Your Life Ending”. I’m believing that it means “Life Changes”. I don’t know what is ahead of me this year, but it sounds Exciting! I’m Thinking Big Things will Happen! Here are some of The Things that I believe will happen in My 26th Year; like the Statistic about Settling Down, I hope to find The Women of My Dreams and then, later Marry Her; I hope to Have a Job that I Love doing. I even thought of ideal hours to work, 10-3; I hope to Live closer to Family because I believe it is way overdue; I hope you let me continue to try to inspire more PTLS Family Members (Oh, Yes. My PTLS Family, You are part of My Future too!); Travel to see My PTLS Family (Especially Overseas) and, finally, I hope to go to exotic places like Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico; USVI; or maybe even Hawaii (pronounced Ha-Wu’-ee). All in all, I believe Good Things will happen this year, I can Feel It! 

Thanks for reading The Christianville Spirit. Your Attitude depends on what happens in Each Year!      

August 7, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: An Exciting Week

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
August 7, 2013-TCS # 363

 So, This Past Week has been quite an interesting one for Me. I got to spend another Nice Brotherly Time Together with My Brother, Michael. We spent time together doing something that he does all the time but, I have never seen him do. It is called Disk Golfing. It is similar to Regular Golf, only instead of whacking a ball down the fairway and going in the hole, you throw a Frisbee called a “Disk” and it goes into a Basket-like Thing. My Brother has been doing “Disk Golfing” for a while and with many of his friends. So, he figured that we would spend a Sunday Afternoon and Evening showing me how to play Disk Golf. To describe the course, would be a more Nature-based Course. In this case, it is in a nice park in McKinney where you walk along this dirt path and you see a sign that says; The Number of the Hole (there are 18), How Many Feet the throw is, and A Cement Slab to toss the “Disk”. For Me, I did a few “Epic Fails” where it was floppy and crashed early, then I started throwing some really good ones. My Brother told me a couple days before that He scored a -5 (Negative 5) which in Disk Golf is really good. Now, little did I know that the course had a Creek, a Road alongside, and a good amount of Trees(which can be either really helpful or really annoying) Along with that, came a few curiosities like “I wonder, has anyone ever thrown it into The Creek?” Yea, Check that one for both of us. “Has anyone ever thrown it into The Road?” Yep, That One Too! Luckily, It was just a Neighborhood Street. “Has Anyone ever Hit one of the other game players?” Yea.. But, luckily, it was My Brother. Sorry, Michael! To be fair, He hit me once too though. The Game was pretty fun. By the time that we got done, It was Dark. So, We finished off by getting some Ice Cream because it was so hot outside. It gets to be 100 or over Degrees in The Texas Summer, for reference. Luckily, My Mom packed us with Water to drink while playing. My Brother and I had a good time together and I’m sure he had fun teaching me to play Disk Golf. On another note, My Week ended with a not-so-fun 6 Hour Evaluation to help on My Quest to find a Job. It was to test My Endurance of what I could handle and what I couldn’t handle. The most Interesting Part of it was that they strapped a Heart Monitor around My Belly and a Watch that said My Heart Rate. This was because they wanted to watch my Heart Rate when I had to do Physical Activities. It was Interesting though to watch My Heart Rate as it went up and down. I can tell you that My Heart Rate went back to Normal quickly after each activity, sometimes I had had to sit down to rest to get it to come down. It as sort-of a reflection for me because I could tell if I was Relaxed or Anxious. I could tell that even giving a Girl a compliment made My Heart Rate go up. I thought, “Clearly, I am a Guy!” All in all, It was a Productive Week, Full of Excitement.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Play some Disk Golf, it’ll be a Different Experience!