September 19, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: Born This Way Wedding

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
September 19th, 2018-TCS # 607

Howdy Y’all, My Readers! That is how We say hello in Texas! Happy Birthday and Shout Out to My Lil’ PTLS Sis’, McKenna! She is 16 Years Old Today! Happy Birthday McKenna! Now, On to This Week’s Newsletter. You Know, There are Sometimes when You watch a TV Show and You think, “Yeah Right, How does XYZ Show relate to Me? Does it Teach? Does it make You Feel?”. Most of The Time, TV Shows don’t relate to You. More Often, You relate to Them. But, What about a Show that does both? It relates to You and You relate to It. Well, There are a Few Shows that I have related to, like The Good Doctor. By The Way, The Good Doctor will be on This Monday here in The United States for a Second Season. A bit of Advice, Watch the Whole First Season first before going into The Second. I Digress. Anyway, There is Another Show that I have been watching called Born This Way, It basically shows The Lives of Several Young Adults with Down Syndrome living their Lives and Going to a Special Needs Community Center to meet and Hang out in Los Angeles. Anyway, Born This Way is a Series on A&E that explains What it is like to Live with Down Syndrome, from The Point of View of The Person themselves as well as Their Parents. Topics in The Show cover Their View on Many Things including Life, Jobs, Independence, Love, The Want of Children, Marriage, and Of Course, Sex. Sometimes, The Down Syndrome-ers have trouble talking about Sex, so They refer to it as “The S-Word”. Now, It is Previous Episode of This Show that really touched me and Made me Think about My Life. It seems like Every Time that My Mom and I watch that show, It always prompts up Discussions about My own Point of View. In This Case, It was Deep. You See, One of The “Down Syndrome-ers” named Christina was like a Typical Special Needs Woman who wants Love, Marriage, and Children. And, She eventually went on a Date with Someone who had a Different Special Needs named Angel. Christina and Angel’s Relationship developed over The Course of The Show. They went on a Date; They became Boyfriend and Girlfriend; eventually Angel proposed, Leading us to The Previous Episode, The Wedding! Yes, Christina and Angel got Married! Now, I personally thought that It would be a Special Needsy kind of Wedding, Everything Adapted. Nope! It was Far from It! It was a Huge Wedding! It looked to be Expensive and It was! They had Beautiful Vows, They personalized them, and Of Course, They had their First Dance to a Very Romantic Country Song. I actually remember it, It was “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait. I am poking at Myself a little and My Friend, Deb will know Why! Anyway, It really made me think about My Future Wedding, now that I have what it is like for Two People with Special Needs getting Married. 
With My Anxiety and Being Overwhelmed easily, How would I handle My Own Wedding. It is different when It is  Someone Else’s Wedding where if The Music is too Loud or It is too Overwhelming, You can go somewhere, Where it is Quieter. Just a Fair Warning; Being Real with You here, At The Time of Writing This, My Thoughts were Very Scattered because This is a Very Difficult Topic for Me to write about. Trying to combine My Future Dreams and Reality!

Now, I have been to My Share of Weddings, Good Friends, Family Friends, and Yes, I was part of The Wedding Team in My Uncle’s Wedding. So, I know what it is like. The Largest Wedding I remember was both My Uncle’s Wedding and My Cousin Charlotte’s Wedding. They were Big Weddings with at least 50 to 70 People or Higher. Of Course, The Opposite, A Smaller Wedding was My Former Neighbour’s, Rob and Caree’s Wedding where The Ceremony was at a Church and The Reception was at Their Parent’s House. After Experiencing Big and Small Weddings, I think I would prefer a Smaller Wedding.

Just Thinking about All The Traditions and Rituals of a Wedding Ceremony, The Reception, and Even Pre-Wedding Events makes me Anxious just thinking about.
I have done a lot of Thinking and Preparation about This. I even came up with a YouTube Playlist of Songs to Play at My Wedding. 
I am not sure how The Wedding Ring would feel on My Finger and Whether I would like it or not.
I am not sure how How Anxiety I will be. Either Calm and Natural or So Nervous and Sick to My Stomach. 
Don’t Worry for Those Attend because The Music will not be too Loud, It will be Easy to dance to. 
I figured that if Two Special Need People can have a Pretty-Close-to Typical Wedding, than Maybe I can. Mine will be a little Easier. 
As Seen on The Show, Christina had a few times when She panicked and She was not sure if She wanted to get Married. That is My Worry as well, where I have an Anxiety Attack not being sure about What I am doing. Because of The Money spend, People coming, and My Future Wife waiting for Me. 
All in all, as Long as I am Calm and Natural because I am Marrying The Woman of My Dreams. Because I am told that It will feel Right when I marry Her. My Mom on the other hand, will be Crying her Eyes out!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Love should be given to those who are Typical and Those with Special Needs!

September 12, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: ANTs in My Head Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
September 12th, 2018-TCS # 606

Be Careful Out There, My Readers! Okay, This is a More Serious Greeting! As I am writing this, A Big Hurricane is on It’s Way to The US State of North Carolina and South Carolina. I live in Plano, Texas (North of Dallas), so We are Fine. But, I have Family Friends and PTLS Family Members, “The Famous Deb” included, that are in The Way of This Hurricane. If You are Reading This, Please be Careful and Get out of Harm’s Way! Anyway, onto This Week’s Newsletter. So, Recently I have had More Anxiety than I usually do. My Mom gave me some tips on How to help it, Some Exercises to do, and I got serious with My CBD Gummies. Anxiety is something that is common with Us PTLSers in Many Different Way including What I am going to talk about in a Newsletter that I going to rerun. Enjoy and I hope You learn something.

This Newsletter was written on September 28th of 2016 (Refer to Newsletter 513)

Happy Autumn, My Readers! Sorry Guys, I forgot to wish you a Happy Autumn last week. So, Happy Autumn anyway. I like that word, Autumn, it actually sounds better than Fall. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter. So, when I scroll through My Facebook News Feed, Interesting Stories pop up (I call them “Push Backs” because I send them to Safari and I read them after I get done with Facebook) that I find to Read. Most are about Travel or Romance. But, This One got to Me. It was an Article from a Special Needs Advocate Blog called “The Mighty”. This Article was about What It is like with High-Functioning Anxiety. That basically means that I can do a lot by Myself but, We have Anxieties to go with it. I am thinking that Anxiety is a common trait of People with Special Needs and that includes PTLS. Don’t get me Wrong, I Love PTLS, I Love having PTLS, I would never trade it for The World. Do I wish that There were Certain Attachments (or Clauses) that I would edit or get rid of? Sure I would. The Biggest Attachment I would want to get rid of, is You guessed it, Anxiety. Anyway, This Blog post on “The Mighty” explained in My Head, Perfectly what it is like with Anxiety being a High-Functioning Person with Special Needs. It mentioned also to Blog about It to Help You, as well as Others Understand, and That is what I am doing. So, When I am Anxious, according to My Mom, You can usually tell. If I am Anxious about a Certain Event, I get different ranges of symptoms, like a little Gagging (when I was little or in extreme situations), Throwing Up (in real extreme situations), Sweating, or Digestive Issues. Usually, My Mom can tell I am Anxious because I have a “Look” on My Face that says it all. We call it the “Something is bothering me/Face of Fear/I’m going to be Sick” Face. But, What about Anxiety Stress, I believe that The Article was referring to? Well, when I am stressed I tend to act different than What I normally do. I am more Quiet when I am normally Talkative, I ask a lot of questions, I get Headaches more often, Most of This Stuff I have written about before, and then Something that I have never mentioned is Something I like to called “My Curiosity thoughts”. Basically, They are, as My Mom says, “Intrusive Thoughts” that Everyone has normally, that usually goes in and then Pass Through, like how new parents worry about dropping a baby while they are holding them. They know they will not do it, but the thought “Pops” in their head. But, For Me, It “Pops in” and then I obsess about it, and Then I have to let it Out somehow. It really bothers me when these Thoughts Pop in. I know they will not happen, but They sure are Bothersome. The Best Way I have found to let them out is either Blurting it Quickly, Say “Sorry Mom” (even though my mom did not even hear what I said), Hug, and Move on or I say it in a Joke form. Other Times, I would tell it to “Shut Up” and hope it goes away, and Get it to Pass Through. It can range anywhere from “Should I say or do this?”, and Not-So-Nice Words. Now, I would never actually do or say any of those things because I have No Mean Bone in My Body and I hate when They come in. It really Annoys Me when I have a “Curiosity Thought”! I have realized that When I am Anxious about Something that is going to happen that I am Not sure about, They start to show up more than I would like them to. I am wondering also if I am Imitating things that I see or hear about. Considering that I watch The News everyday to hear about What is going on in The World, which I use to Teach me things about How The World works, it is not good. I am struggling to even write this because It is hard to explain What is in My Head. My Mom looked it up one time about The Thoughts and Told me that It is common for those that have Autism to have those “Curiosity Thoughts”, but I read that Those with Autism tend to follow through with The Thoughts, where I would not. It makes me wonder though, It is a Little-Known but, Common Theory for those PTLS as well. The Article mentioned that You tend to have Self-Damning (If You will) Thoughts like Your not good enough, Your a Bad Friend, Your a Loser, Your Pathetic and It is basically Energy that needs to get out somehow. They say to Exercise, Walk, Run, or Just talk it out. But, Not to go all Psychology on You, but, Those Kinds of Thoughts are Common for Everyone. It is how “The Enemy” (as I explained in a Previous Newsletter) tries to Get you, to Upset You, and Pull You away from Your Destiny, that is his (It sounds better) job. I am thinking “It” should get a New Job. I often worry that I will have those Thoughts even in My Future, with My Future Wife around. I am sure that She will change that, at least I would think. I will always have some kind of Anxiety but, I would rather get rid of that one. All in all, I hope that You understand that It is Hard to get what is in My Head out for You can Understand.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. We all have ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) in Our Head, Get a Hug and Let them go.

September 5, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: The World of Music Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
September 5th, 2018-TCS # 605

Ahoj, My Readers! Yes, This Greeting sounds like a Pirate, that is actually how They say Hello in The Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. To be Fair, Slovak and Czech are Very Close Languages. For Two Separate but, Divorced Countries, not only does Czech Republic (Czechia) and Slovakia, formerly Czechoslovakia speak Languages that are close to one Another and They are still Very Good Friends. Anyway, Speaking of Languages and The World, I payed another visit to An Interest that I have not done in a While. Remember when I found that Site of Radio Stations around The World? If You don’t, I am going to Rerun The Newsletter that explains it. In Case, You are wondering It is called “Radio Garden”, This Time, using The Site I like to travel on The Internet. So, In My Cyber Radio Travels. I started here in Dallas, Hit Atlanta for a Quickie, and then, headed to Stockholm, Sweden and Iceland, to Hear a Radio Station that I heard on The Way with Josefine and Husband, Mattias to and from Sundsvall called RIX-FM. Apparently, It is a Radio Station that Works All Across Sweden. My Understanding is that it is equivalent to Sirius/XM Radio here in The United States. It showed up on The Listing, but It needed a Login. I did try another Swedish Station where I heard a “Sverige Taxi” Commercial. I will say, It was quite Whimsical for a Taxi Commercial! Then I wondered What do People in Iceland listen to. So, I went up to Iceland! There are a Surprising Amount of Songs that are in English, American or British. I did find One Station that played a Song in Icelandic. Perhaps, I was looking there at The Wrong Time because It was 3 AM, Iceland Time. After That, I headed to Houston and then, I was Done. Anyway, so The Newsletter that explains This Site will amaze you! I wrote This Newsletter Two Years ago. Enjoy and Happy Radioing!

This Newsletter was written on February 22nd of 2017 (Refer to Newsletter 534)

Bonjour, My Readers! That is One of My Favorite Greetings! In Case, You did not know, It is French for Hello. So, Boy, Do I have an Interesting Story for You! So, Imagine this with Me, Okay Folks? Imagine that You wanted to listen to The Radio but, in a more Expanded Way. You wanted to listen to More than just Radio in The United States. Until The Other Day, I had never done that before, listening to a Radio Station outside of The United States. So, Here is how it happened. I was reading My Facebook Feed over and over and, I saw a Link to an Article on a Site called “Geoawesomeness”. It is basically a Site of Maps and Charts, for those like me that are Very Geography/History/Politics-mixed together minded. So, After reading The First Article, I wanted to see more Articles with Maps and Charts explaining This or That. Then, I found one that Literally Blew My Mind! A Site called Radio Garden and It is in Google Earth format with Green Dots all Over The World. Well, Those “Green Dots” were Live Streams of Radio Stations literally All over The World! Now, The only time I used to do it, If I wanted to, was think of An Area, Find a Station there, and Listen, or Use Apple’s LONG list of what They call “World Music”. After all, It is said that Music connects us all, right? If There is a Language that Everyone speaks It is in Music. hmm, Sounds like That could be One of Popi’s (My Grandpa on My Mom’s Side) Pearls of Wisdom. “The World is connected with Music”, I am pretty sure that He would say that. He did have a Degree in Music after all. Anyway, so I tested this “Radio Garden” Site and Once it started working, I was off and running like a Dog with The Gate left open! So, I started out small, My Local Area of Dallas-Fort Worth, then Atlanta at The Peak of Rush Hour, Washington DC, New York, and Cities in between, then I was ready to Hear The Music of The World. Now, Let’s bear in Mind that When Listening to The Radio anywhere You are, The Word “Music” can mean anything. Now, I know that “Talk Radio” is not always Music, but in The Radio World, Anything does at This Point. So, I went to Many Places around The World, Listened to The Language of The Country, The Tone of Voice, What it might be that They were saying, and The Type of Music that was being played. I went as far as Thailand; to India; to The Middle East; All over Europe (London, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Stockholm, and Oslo; among Many Others); The Caribbean (Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and Jamaica); I took a Short Visit to Costa Rica, and Yes, They even have A Radio Station in of All places; Nuuk, Greenland! It was Interesting to say the least! So, a Few Questions that I’m sure that You are Asking, Why would You do that? What did You find The Most Interesting? What was The Most Unique Experience? and, Finally, Any Favourite Radio Stations that You found? Okay, Here are Your Questions answered!
Why would You do that?: Because I was Curious and Wanted to know what Music around The World sounded like
What did You find The Most Interesting?: Actually, Lots of Things. I noticed that There is a Surprisingly Amount of “American Music” Stations, or at least Stations that played Songs that are Hits in The United States. I even found a Country Music Station in Stockholm, Sweden. Yes, Really. Country Music, like a American Country Music, in Sweden. Yes, I know The Swedes can rock to Country Music as Much as Americans can, I just found it Funny. Other Funny or Interesting Moments, were Thai Rap in Bangkok, Thailand; Trying out Indian Music in Mumbai, India; and, Listening to a Station in Puerto Rico talk about US President, Donald Trump in Spanish. It took the Words El Presidente  and Estados Unidos to Convince Me that They were talking about The President. They did get rather Passionate as The Talk rolled on. 
Most Unique Experience: It was Interesting to Listen to What People in India refer to as “Traditional Indian Music”. I will tell you though, It is rather catchy and You can dance to It if You want to, In fact They encourage it! And, Can’t forget when I went into The Middle East, There are Some Stations that have Arabic Music and Some that are in The Best and Most Respectful Way of Explaining It, It is like Islam’s Equivalent of Christian Talk Radio. 
Any Favorite Radio Stations that I found: Well, I found Two Stations that I liked. Now, One is a American/British Music Station, “Dubai 92” out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and The Other is an American/British (International is what They called it) and Spanish Music Station, “Cadena 100” out of Madrid, Spain. I actually listened to a Good Spanish Song that I wish I had looked up The Title and Blondie played after that and That is when It got My Attention. Yes, Spanish PTLS Family Members, I did listen to a Spanish Song (Español Musica) and You would be Very Proud! 
Anyway, all in all, It really was a Round-The-World Experience to hear The Music (and, Talk) of Different Parts of The World. So, My Advice, Check out that Site and spin The Globe and Listen to The World.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Open Your Mind to Different Types of Music.

August 29, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: No IQ to Judge Me

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
August 29th, 2018-TCS # 604

Hola, My Readers! I am happy to be on My Regular Newsletter Writing Schedule! I missed you guys! So, There is Something that came to My Attention This Past Week that Made Me feel “Special”, and Not the Good “Special”. You See, in Having Special Needs, which One would think is Easier than being Typical, don’t have to worry as much about Life’s Worries, It is an Easy Life! Or, so We think anyway. Okay, Given having Special Needs, gets you some Bypasses and Help as well but with it, comes those Times. This Story is one of those Times. You See, In order to have the Help You need as well as Trying to be as Independent as possible, You have to get Services to help you. Services can be given via The Government or The State in which You live in. In Texas, That means It is given via The State of Texas. Basically, It’s getting The State, Medicaid, and A Coordinator Company to all agree in Giving You Services. It is really complicated! Basically, I have a Case Manager that I see every month and They basically check in to How I am doing. The Extras like Supportive Employment, In-Home Services, and so on, You have to request. Anyway, so Along with The Coordinator Company checking in, The State checks in to see How you are doing in terms of Your IQ, to see See if You need The Services or not. This only happens once every few years, The Last Time being in 2013. Now, It was not The Test itself that bothered me, It was that I was not prepared for It. Now, Truth be told, An IQ Test is not something You need to be prepared for, unlike School Testing, The SAT, or ACT Tests. But, A Psych Person told us to come in, and We thought it was only to Update Yearly Paperwork but, It turned out to be that They were going to Test My IQ, I was Tired and still recovering from Going to Sweden. So, The Person told My Mom leave the room to do The Test. I tried My Best, even with My Perfectionist Ways. Now, They is No Wrong or Right Way to do The Test, Just give it Your Best Shot! But, The Thing is, The Way in which You are treated when comes to IQ Testing as well Other Ways of treating People with Special Needs, tends to swing towards, (In a Child-Like Voice) You be Careful Now because This Person is Speecial! In Other Words, Asking something like “Can You do This?!; Match Shapes?; Numbers? (Frontwards, Backwards, and in Order); 2 Plus 2; Geography Questions (Nailed It!); Science Questions; and, Sometimes, Psych Questions (Luckily not This Time). If It were You, It would make you feel Less Than. Thank God that They changed The Name in which They call Someone with a Low Score, (Pardon The Language here) Mentally Retarded. Today, They use The Term “Intellectually Disabled”. Ya Know, to My Mine, that Sounds like a Machine or a Robot that is messed up a little bit. Not quite that It is Useless but, Quite that It needs a little Tune Up. Computer Nerds, On It! Another Theory is an Office Printer that You need to go to The Printer itself to press “Print” instead of on The Computer. If You do try Pressing Print on The Computer, The Printer say “Intellectually Disabled”. Now, In My Mind, One could read that as a Joke like “A Priest and Rabbi walk into Bar..” and Truth be told, It could be a Joke. But, To Me, It is not. I have known that I have Special Needs and I embrace It! PTLS makes me who I am. But, My Readers, It is NOT Who I am or What I am, if that makes sense. If Someone introduced me as “Hey Guys, This Christian, He has Special Needs, He has PTLS” versus “This is Christian, a Great Friend of Mine”, It makes me feel better. I am proud of Have Special Needs, but to Reminded of It, Is basically Putting a Label on The Office Printer saying It does not work when, It just takes getting up to Clicking “Print” on The Machine and Surprise! It works just Fine! Now, I may not excel in Certain Areas like Math, unless It is showed in a Better Context. I may not be up to The Social Level of People that are My Age. But, I do excel in Other Things, like Geography, History, and Politics. Not to Mention; Road Signs, Human Emotion, and Intuitiveness, to name a Few. I don’t need an IQ Test to tell me about that, because I already know about that. Heck, A Couple Years Ago, I was able to Fix My Computer after It had a Virus. All in all, PTLS makes Me Special, but I like to say that It makes me Unique.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Don’t Judge, Don’t Limit Us Incredible People!

August 22, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: My 31st Birthday in Sweden

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience 
August 22nd, 2018-TCS # 603

Welcome Back, My Readers! Yes, My Readers, Welcome Back! Thank You for Staying with Me! So, Wow! It has been 3 Weeks since The Last Time I wrote to You. The First Week Reason was not so Fun but, The Other Two Weeks were Much More Fun! The First Week, I had to take off because The Air Conditioning in My House went out and We basically had to wait Several Days before It could be Fixed Completely. They pretty much had to Replace The Whole Unit. Such a First World Problem! But, Such a Necessary Thing Here in Texas with The Heat!
So, on to Much More Exciting Things! I went to Sweden again! Yes, I went to Sweden for The Second Time and This Time, was so Beyond Awesome! It was Another Part “PTLS Business Trip/Speaking Tour” and Part Fun Adventure. This Time was a Little Different as well because We took My Brother with Us. Now, This Trip did not start in The Way I Planned like a Lot of Things in My Life This Year, but I digress. It was a Hard Lesson in Terms of Choosing not only How to get there but, What Airline to Fly. We took IcelandAir. Now, Don’t get me Wrong, It was not a Terrible Experience. There was a Baby crying the Whole Way, Several Seats Back. Thank God for Headphones! But, The Thing is, I wanted to go to Iceland! even if I just landed there, Spent a Few Hours, and Flew on to Stockholm. I did not realize Two Things, One is that is VERY Expensive in Iceland and Two, Codeshare Agreements (or Airline Alliances) really matter. The Blue Lagoon, The Most Famous Place in Iceland is 6,000 Local Currency (Icelandic Kronour), that is 60 US Dollars for Basic Entry. The Codeshare Agreement thing, that basically means that If You have Miles or Loyalty toward American Airlines, Delta, or United Airlines, You can use them on Airlines within Their Codeshare. like with American, You get points on Iberia, British Airways, and Many Others; Delta with KLM, Air France, and Alitalia; and, United with Lufthansa. Now, IcelandAir is an Independent Airline (Non-Codeshared). Now, That is Fine, You do not always need Codeshares until You consider something like Frills. Codeshares, I feel, police The Frills where as Independents can do what They will with Frills or No Frills. In This Case, IcelandAir was a No Frills. Easy with No Frills going 3 Hours, but 8 Hours, Nope! Anyway, Moving On. So, The First Day, My Mom, Michael, and I were in Stockholm, We spent getting The Lay of The Land. We were staying closer to The City Center so that Michael could be within Close Distance of Places to See. He was Scheduled to hang out and See the Sites with 
a Friend of Ours. We took Michael to One of The Local Grocery Stores and afterwords, We could not get out because They had Security and You could not get out unless you had a Receipt. The Next Day, Thursday. It was rather Warm by Sweden Standards! It was 85 Degrees Warm. That is Fine, but Remember that Up North, It rarely gets that Hot and Therefore, Not needing Air Conditioning. I Mean, there were a Few Places like Our Hotels and Restaurants that had It. But, Regardless of The Heat, I wanted to Show My Brother, The Places that I have seen before and My Favourite Parts of Stockholm including Gamla Stan (The Old Town). Having PTLS causes us to have a Problem with Our Body Temperatures and I do not tolerate The Heat very well.
I will Tell You, We pretty much walked a Large Portion of Gamla Stan. We did not make it to The Changing of The Guard but, We did get to see Something Cooler, We got to see The Swedish Royal Band do a Parade through the Old Town. My Brother really enjoyed it there. After Walking around Gamla Stan, We stopped for Ice Cream. Funny Story, I was wearing a The Christianville Spirit Shirt, but The Owner of The Ice Cream Place read it as “Christian Spirit”. Her Arms went up in The Air saying “Hallelujah!” and was telling The Rest of The People working there that We were going to have “Praise Jesus” Time! So, Praise Jesus, We did, She put on Christian Music while We ate Our Ice Cream. After That, I wanted to Take Michael to The City Hall where We went Last Time (Refer to The First Stockholm Newsletter) But, It was Hot with No A/C so We decided not to. We did get to See The Courtyard and a Prettier Scene this time around because It was a Beautiful Day. The Next Day, Friday, Lovely PTLS Family Member, Josefine of Sweden was Nice Enough to drive us to and from Sundsvall, about 4 Hour North of Stockholm because that is Where We were having Our PTLS Mini-Conference. Now, What was Really Cool about this Drive was that We got to see a Whole lot more of Sweden outside of Stockholm. It was Seriously Stunning Nature and We have not even seen The Basics before that! Josefine showed us a Place where She likes to Stop for a Break between Stockholm and Sundsvall. Now, To Most People, They would not get This Excited about a Travel Center along The Road, but This One was Really Cool. It is called Rasta Tönnebro (I had to research The Name!). If You drive from Stockholm to Sundsvall or Vice Versa, I would recommend stopping here. I just call it a Travel Center with a Lake. Yes, Really a Lake. In The Summer, People actually stop there to go Swimming. Heck, In Sweden, If It is Fika Time, People literally stop on The Side of The Road to have Fika! Oh Swedish Life, I tell ya! While We were There, We sat on a Patio-Gazebo on The Lake and Overlooking it and We had Swedish Meatballs. This is as Swedish as It gets, I thought at The Time. Oh No, Christian and My Readers, It gets MORE Swedish later! After that, We continued on Our Way to Sundsvall. Once We arrived in Sundsvall, We got a Little Tour of The City while trying to Find Our Hotel. Little did I know that Our Hotel for The Weekend and My Birthday was on a Mountain! Yes, A Mountain overlooking The City of Sundsvall, Two Islands in The Distance, and Even The Baltic Sea in The Distance. In Sundsvall, I would think that You are either Team North City Mountain (N. Stad Berget) or South City Mountain (S. Stad Berget). The Mountain that We were on was South Stad Berget. Team South City Mountain all the way! Our Hotel on This Mountain was called Hotell Södra Berget. It is Ski Resort in The Winter and a Biking-down-The-Mountain Resort in The Summer. The Coolest Part and Most Addicting Part for Me at This Hotel was The View. I took Every Chance I could to sit facing toward The View. On Saturday, My Birthday (which in all Honesty did not feel like It was My Birthday, probably because of The Disbelief of Having My Birthday in Another Country) was The Day of Our PTLS Mini-Conference/Speaking Tour. It was The Business Side of This Trip. After That, The Swedish Speaker spoke, It was My Turn to Speak. Yes, I spoke at a PTLS Event for The 3rd Time so Far. I spoke Very Well. Funny Thing, I even spoke before My Mom did! Whereas I spoke after The First Fika (Yes, Remember that Swedes have Two Fikas a Day!) My Mom spoke after Lunch and The Second Fika. After The Mini-Conference was Over, Everyone sung Happy Birthday to Me and Josefine even got me a Shirt from Sundsvall! Sweet Josefine! That Evening, The Sun was still up, but It was Evening (For Reference, The Sun rose at 4:30 AM and Set at like 9:30 PM). After That, We got to The Hotel just in Time for The Sunset over The Mountains. What a Great Ending to My Birthday! On Sunday, We drove back to Stockholm, Got to See My Brother again, and Hang Out with Him and Our Friend who toured him around. The Next Day, Monday, We will call The Full Swedish Day! Josefine, Sweet Josefine drove us out to The Stockholm Archipelago and Showed us The Most Swedishly Nature Island called Ljusterö (pronounced Loose-TRah). Josefine’s Parents had us at Their House for a Home-Cooked Swedish Meal. It was Really Good! After that, We went out for Ice Cream, Josefine’s Parents were Such Amazing People! They got me a Shirt from Ljusterö for My Birthday! Then, It was Time to finish the Trip and Head back Home to Texas. All in all, It was Brilliant Trip, We learned about PTLS in Different Countries, Heard how They treat them, and My Mom had Great Meetings to help provide better understanding of PTLS All Week.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Travel around The World to Embrace Differences!