March 20, 2019

The Christianville Spirit: Keeping in Touch with Friends

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Knows Love
March (Marzo) 20th, 2019-TCS # 632

Happy Spring, My Readers! Boy, I am sure that My Readers here in The Northern Hemisphere, The United States included, are Happy to hear that. Now, not to get Anyone confused but, in Australia, It is The First Day of Autumn (or Fall). Opposite Seasons! Funny how that Works! Anyway, so The Other Day I had a Deep Thought about Something. Something that in Context, I ask Myself more often than I care to admit. I ask Myself, some of The Following Questions, “Remember when This Person moved and Said that We would keep in touch. We have not seen them or talked to Them”; “Whatever happened to So-and-S0?”; “Boy, I have not talked to XYZ Person in a While, It might be Time to call them.” I was reminded of that because Our Former Neighbour who lived across The Street from Us, moved on The Other Side of Dallas-Fort Worth, I remember that We told them that We would come and Visit after They settled in. I remember The Town they live in, just not Where. Now, Believe Me, Sometimes, In Life’s Destiny, We tend to come to a Fork in The Road and They go The Highway Exit One Way and We go The Highway Exit The Other Day. Often times, although if You are Lucky, You see each other sometime again. More than often though, The Former person is replaced with Better person. For Example, The Former Neighbour was replaced with Our Current, Great Neighbours, Miss Patty and Mr. Marshall (Double Shoutout!). We could not have asked for better Neighbours than Them. Now, as a PTLSer, Changes like that can be a Strain in Us, even though It is Normal and It is Okay if It happens. Now, What about The People that You care about? Well, I have several People I care about. But, Yes, Even then, I have a hard time to remember to stay in Contact with Them. It may sound a Bit rigid, but I find that I keep in Contact with People better if There is a Scheduled Time to do so. For Example, When I first met My Friend, Deb (Refer to “The Famous Deb” Newsletter), I talked to Her on and off, We became Great Friends and then I stopped and We did not talk for a Couple Months, not because of Anything that She or I did but, We kind of forgot to keep in Contact. One Day, I thought that I should choose a Day and Time and that is When we talk. Unless One of us is doing something that day, Which We let each other know, when We know that We will talk online that Day. In All Honesty, It gives me something to look forward to in The Week. Now, Bearing in Mind, that Deb has a Much more Straight Schedule than Some People do, so It is Easier to talk with Her. Of Course, Talking to People from Different Parts of The Country or even The World has It’s Challenges because You are dealing with People in a Different Time Zone, so You have to find an Equivalent Time in both Places for It to Work.  I guess It has to do with My Need for Routine. So, If I include My Friends (and, Family for that matter) that I care about Most in My Routine, then I feel that Our Relationship will get better. Another Example is some of My Childhood Friends, We had a Brilliant Relationship with Each Other until around High School when the Childhood Friends, grew up and Went down different Roads. I thought that We would hang out when Big Events. Pardon The “How I Met Your Mother” Reference. So, How many People do You that used to Live Near, or Grew Up with, that You keep in Touch with? How do You stay in Touch?

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Keep in Touch with Your Friends or Family, even though It may not be Easy!

March 13, 2019

The Christianville Spirit: Great PTLS Day!

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Knows Love
March (Marzo) 13th, 2019-TCS # 631

Velky PTLS Den or Bra PTLS Dag, My Readers! Wow! That is a Double Greeting! You Know that They deal with PTLS but, What are They saying? You would think that It would say “Happy PTLS Day” in another Language but, It is actually “Great PTLS Day”, which is the Equivalent of Happy Day. Yes, I know that PTLS Day was on March (Marzo) 8th and We do celebrate All Month Long but, I thought I would try it out. Velky PTLS Den is “Great PTLS Day” in Czech, Pronounced Literally as it looks (Vel-Kee) and Den is pronounced like a Den in a House. The Other Greeting is from My Favourite Language, Swedish. In Swedish, It is pronounced “Bruh” and “Dog”. For The Record, I learned the Czech way of saying “Happy PTLS Day” from a PTLS Family Member that lives in The Czech Republic (or Czechia in English), that is How I know how to say it. The Swedish Version, I translated. Now, speaking of PTLS Day, I wanted to Thank All of You PTLS Family Members that reading this for Wearing Your Green taking Pictures of Your Lovely Families (or Kids) or Both proudly wearing Green. Some of You PTLS Family Members were Very Creative in how You spread awareness! Several PTLS Members got Their Children’s Schools involved and The School did a “If You wear Green, You get this” kind of the Thing and All Donations went to The PTLS Foundation. Of Course, a PTLS Family Member from Portugal took a Picture of Their Family in The Shape of a Heart. That Most Certainly earned The Most Creative Family Award! Bottom Line, Folks is that I am Very Proud to Know all of You! It touches My Heart to see Everyone spreading awareness of My Uniqueness! From Family, to Neighbours, Relatives and Friends of PTLS Family Members, and Of Course, PTLS Family Members themselves. I salute You! From The Bottom of My Heart, Thank You Very Much! So, in Honor You, I am going to rerun a Newsletter that I feel might benefit you. It talks about Your Child Being Overwhelmed, What in Going in Their Minds at That Time, and What to do about it. Enjoy! I Love You, PTLS Family Members! You are Part of My Family, Quite Literally!

This Newsletter was written on August 23rd of 2017 (Refer to Newsletter 558)

Welcome Back to School, My Readers! Okay, actually, Your Children are probably have already been told that or will be told that! Yes, It is Back to School Time! The Time when Everyone, young and old go back to School. I guess You could consider This Newsletter, School. Because I teach you things that You may not even think about. How School is that?! Get It? Just figured that I would make a Joke for those actually Going to School, both Kids and Young Adults. Young Adults can go to School too via College. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter! So, Speaking of School, Going back to School means at least for us, PTLSers, that We finally get into a Nice Routine. I remember I did. I obviously talk about The Importance of Routine in My Newsletters a lot. Routine is Very Important to us PTLSers. But, Here is something that I am not sure that I have talked about or have only mentioned in Brief. Usually, I mention it at The End of an Exciting Event in My Life that I tell you. Or It is in the Newsletter after. So, What Am I talking about? Well, Like I said Routine is Important but, being Human and having Out-of-Routine Events happen. That is a Given. Like a Vacation, A Family Road Trip, A Cruise, Someone coming to Visit, or Some Kind of Adjustment to Our Routine. The Thing that makes it easier if It is Predictable, but Again, that does not happen. I am reminded of a Question of One of The PTLS Member’s Boyfriend asked me at The Conference, Being that You need Routine, How do You come down from a Routine-Changing Event? Usually, It involves what I call a Recovery from Whatever Event. My Theory is that My Recovery comes from a lot of different factors like How Big is The Event? Lots of People or a Group of People; How Much of a Difference in Routine am I dealing with? For The PTLS Conference, It was 4 Days. For My Cruise, It was a Week but, with Somewhat of a Different Routine than My Own. and, Probably, The Biggest Factor, What is The Craziness Level in This? 10 being Lots of Activity and/or Distress (or Both) or 0 being I am going out to Dinner with Friends to a Familiar Restaurant. So, How do I recover from Something like a PTLS Conference? So, once The Event ends, I describe it as Driving Very Fast on a Highway and all of a sudden, There is Nothing pushing you, Nothing left to do except Slow Down and go back to Your Routine. To Me, that basically means, that I have to Literally Slam on My Brakes and that usually causes me to Need Time to Calm Down or What I call, “Coming Down” (In Kids, It would be called a Meltdown, only They cry, scream, and kick their legs) after all The Excitement. I have one after Every Big Event that I go to. What I mean is that I am Tired Physically and Mentally. I am Overwhelmed.
Sometimes, My Excitement gets to be Too Much for Me to Handle before My Big Event is over, There have been numerous times when that happens. Two Times that I really remember, Once while at Disney World when I was Kid and Another when We were driving to a PTLS Member’s House during The Stockholm and London Trip.  

After I have My “Coming Down” and Assess all of My Emotions, and Is It normal that I am having them. Then, I get into My Routine as much as I can but, Also It still takes a while to Digest, depending on The Size of The Event. PTLS Conferences (Refer to Any PTLS Conference Newsletter), Great Wolf Lodge (Refer to “Great Wolf Lodge” Newsletter), My Cruise with PTLS (Refer to “Cruise of a Lifetime” Newsletter), It took anywhere from a Week to Week and a Half to Recover. It does help to talk to My Mom about Everything, both exciting (which comes first) and then Emotional, It also helps to Listen to Soft Music (Back when The Great Wolf Lodge thing happened, I listened a Ukulele version of The New Zealand National Anthem. It is Beautiful, I recommend it!), I Take a Nap, or Watch a YouTuber driving on The Road and Listen to sounds of The Road and Bridges (I like Bridges more because They make a Better Sound). Just some Quiet Time with Little to No Activity is all I need. But, I know that all of Us PTLSers have the Same Needs like This, so I am not Alone. Only the Little Kids cannot express this well for a Parent to know what is going on, so The Parent complains of The Child’s Meltdown, not really understanding what is going on. This happened to Me when I was Little, but Good Thing, My Mom knew what to do and Still knows My Facial Expressions which She knows when I am Overwhelmed and Ready for a “Come Down”. When I was Younger, The Teachers could always tell when I had spent the Weekend with My Dad because of The Lack of Routine and Too Much Stimulation, I had My “Come Downs” Monday Mornings at School and They said, I could not focus. I would rock back and forth, hum, and Stim More intensely, and The Teachers had a Problem with getting me to re-focus. But, They knew that I would be Okay in a Day or Two and Back to My Old Self. All in all, Going back to School means a lot of Excitement both Good and Bad, We PTLSers love School, Love to watch The Kids, Just have respect for Our Need to withdraw to “Come Down”.

Thanks For Reading The Christianville Spirit. Celebrate going Back to School, Balanced with Quiet Time.

March 6, 2019

The Christianville Spirit: PTLS Awareness Month Double Feature

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Knows Love
March (Marzo) 6th, 2019- TCS # 630

Happy Potocki Lupski Syndrome Awareness Month, My Readers! I write that Every Year and It is quite a Mouthful to say but, Happy Potocki-Lupski Syndrome Awareness Month; Happy PTLS Awareness Month, or Put simply Happy PTLS Month! As You all know (or Should Know), March or “Marzo” as I like to call it, Is known as Potocki-Lupski Syndrome Awareness Month and March 8th is PTLS Awareness Day. So, What is PTLS? To give you a brief history of it, PTLS was named after Dr. Potocki and Dr. Lupski in Houston, TX. I was diagnosed with it when I was 3 Years Old and at that time, It was a called “A Duplication of Chromosome 17p11.2.” on March 8th, 2007, Dr. Potocki and Dr. Lupski had it named after them. For This Week’s Newsletter, I am going to Give You a Double Feature! The First Feature explains What PTLS Awareness Month means to Me that I feel is a Perfect Explanation of How I feel that PTLS Awareness Day is like. First Though, I want to How Proud I am to Have PTLS! I embrace It Every Day! Sure, It can be a Bit Hard at Times, PTLS is not Perfect, but, I would not trade it for Anything. I am amazed at How Far We have come in My PTLS Family! When PTLS was named 12 Years Ago, We only knew People in The United States, The United Kingdom, and France. We had not known anyone in other Far-Away Places! Today, We know People in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czechia (or The Czech Republic), Slovakia, The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, The Balkan Region, Parts of Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Many Many More Places! On Top of That, My Mom and I have gotten the Amazing Opportunity to be Sponsored to be able to Go, See, and Meet PTLS Family Members from The United Kingdom, Sweden, and Spain! And, Many More Places coming! Never, back 12 Years Ago in 2007 would I have thought that I would be At This Point! Blessed to Know PTLS Family Members from All over The World! and, that alone is A Whole Lot to be Proud of! So, I dedicate My Newsletter’s Double-Feature to You, My PTLS Family! Happy PTLS Day, Everyone!

First Feature!
(Written on March 8th of 2017; Refer to Newsletter 536 or Christianville Classics List)

So, This Newsletter is going to first sound Not PTLS Related but, Believe Me, It is! So, It is A Little Known Tradition in Most Countries, on Their Main National Holiday like Fourth of July (Independence Day) in The United States; Canada Day in Canada; Constitution Day in Norway; or Australia Day in Australia, They have What is called a “Citizenship Ceremony” where People become New Citizens of a Country. Well, I would like to think that PTLS Day is sort of The Same Thing. Now, Yes, PTLS Day is a Celebration of People of PTLS and Their Families, but, What about New PTLS Family Members that have been Recently admitted to What I call “The PTLS Union of Families”? I would imagine it would be like a Train passing by with a Bunch of People (To You, at least for the moment; Strangers) that have Children, Young Adults, or Adults in General that look like You or Your Child and One Person grabs you and says “Welcome to The PTLS Family! Let’s Get You Admitted and Soak You In The Family!” Some Newly Admitted Family Members are Ready for It! Just rip that Bandaid off and Jump In! Others though, They are pulled on The Train and They are Lost, Panicked, and Just not Sure (Which is Understandable!). Well, I feel like PTLS Day is a Day where We stop at a Station (or at least Should), Start Admitting New Members, and Welcoming Them with Open Arms and Take them along in Their Own Pace. Some like a Slow Pace of Learning Everything about PTLS and Some hop on and say “Give Me All You Got!”. Of Course, that is Explaining The Average PTLS Family Members. The Rest, They like to just Get all The Information and Hop off The Train and Go on Their Marry Way. Although, They are Part of The PTLS Family and They are Welcome on The Train at Any Time. Anyway, Whether You are New or Just Need a Re-Fresher, or Just need Hope for a Moment,   
 I am going to Rerun one of My Gold Newsletters of The Most Common Questions or Concerns about PTLS. (This is  The Best PTLS Day Newsletter) So, Take These Questions and Answers in Whatever Pace You like. You can read the Whole Newsletter Now or Read some of It now and Some later. I do have to Edit it a little bit.

Second Feature with Some Edits!
 This Newsletter was originally written in May of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 450)

So, as The Late Joan Rivers would say, “Let’s Talk” and This is a “Let’s Talk” Newsletter indeed. (Joan Rivers passed away in May of 2015 and I figured that I would honor her) As My Veterans know, I often cover the Same Thing about PTLS In Introduction but, As I say, There are always New PTLS Family Members that are “Admitted into The Union” per se. But, I am sure that There are Those who have been reading a while, or Started Reading, and are Curious about PTLS. You See, When A New PTLS Member is Admitted into The PTLS Family, To be fair, They are a Bit Scared when They come in and See what PTLS has to offer. They worry about Many Simple Things that Most People would not; PTLS is Unique! Haven’t You Heard? (breaking out in Song) Da, Da, Da Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird Is The Word! Just Kidding about The Bird, It is Family Guy Reference. Aaaannnnnyway, So I, The Caring Guy that I am, is going to try and Help both New Members and Refresh for The Standing PTLS Members. So, I’m going to take this in sort of a Political Candidate/Interview kind of Way. So, Here We Go.
First Off, I would to like Welcome You to The PTLS Family! My Name is Christian Smith-Centeno (also known as “Christian Centeno”) I am currently 31 Years Old and I have PTLS. I usually say that statement Very Proudly. Even though I edit it to My Age, Every Year, I still say it Proudly. I have had PTLS my Whole Life, Diagnosed at 3 Years Old. I was 4th In The World and 1st in The United States and through the week long research study (done Way Back then) but, that is just a Title! So, now that We have done the Introduction, Time to go for The Deep Stuff! By The Way, New Members, Please Take Your Time reading this, You don’t have to Digest It at all at Once! 
So, With New Members, They have Different Priorities when It comes to The First Question, We’ll call it, The Leap of Faith. Here We Go! 

Are You Okay?/Is My Child Going to be Okay?/ Are You at Least “Close to Typical”?: To Answer That Question. Yes, I am Okay. I am a Happy Person and Most PTLSers are Generally Happy. In Fact, They say that PTLSers have “The Happy Gene”. Second Question, This and VERY Important! Yes, Your Child Will Be Okay (Capitalized for Emphasis). Am I at least “Close to Typical”? As Good as I can be. Sometimes, It is not Easy to “Try to be Typical” because I don’t want to stand out TOO Much! I see Myself as “Unique”, In Other Words, I am Me, Simply Put.

What on Earth is PTLS?!
PTLS is shorthand of “Potocki-Lupski Syndrome”. Potocki-Lupski Syndrome is named after Two Doctors in Houston named Doctor Potocki and Doctor Lupski. and While we are at it, PTLS is NOT a Disease (It is a Disorder), It just happens. It is also worth Mentioning that Potocki-Lupski Syndrome has Autism-like Behaviors.

Oh My Lord, What do I do about Potty Training?! 
Okay, now This is My Bias Story, So it may or may not work for You. One Day, It was Raining and My Mom had a Frustrating Moment and Told Me that “The Baby down the Street needed My Diapers and I could not go in My Pants” Long Story, Short. I looked at Her like She had Two Heads and I eventually went to The Bathroom, by My Self. Needless to Say, Us PTLSers are Very Stubborn! 

Important Stuff
The Stuff I feel that You should know about us. That I consider to be Important. We are Detail Oriented (All about The Details!), Routine Oriented (as in Getting Up at Same Time and Going to Bed at The Same Time, Predictability in Life helps us focus!), We do get Overwhelmed with Too Much Noise or Activity. In Other Words, VERY Sensitive Hearing when We are Young, It does go down as We get Older. We are a bit OCD and Obsessive about Things. and, Most Importantly, We are Rule Followers, If You tell us a Rule that We will Follow It and Expect Others to Follow It. We (or at least, Myself) have an Issue with Gooey Textures or Things that Look like that. 

 That They will do at Their Own Time. I personally Ate nothing but Macaroni and Cheese, Yogurt, Apple Sauce, and Pasta most of My Childhood. PTLSers these Days, Love Fruit and Veggies. More so Fruit. So, The Next Part gets a bit split in The PTLS Family with Different View Points.

Walking and Talking (Plain and Simple) 
Usually, Anywhere around 3 Years Old, They start Walking (some earlier) and, around 4 to 5 Years Old is when PTLSers start trying to Talk (Some Earlier, Some Later, and Some Non-Verbal). It should have a Disclaimer here that, PTLSers have a range, so Those Stats are a Give or Take. But, One Thing that I want you to Know in This Segment is that PTLSers are Smarter than You realize. They soak in Everything and In Turn, They end up Mimicking What They are around. 

Schooling. Oh The Complication:
So, This is My View, so Do with It What You Will. Throughout School, My Mom made sure that I had a Good Mix of Special Ed and Regular Classrooms. The Special Ed was more for The Subjects that I needed extra help in, like Math, Writing (With an Aide), English (With An Aide), and finally Reading. Now I should mention that We are Very Literal. So, Spacial Learning is The Best Way to Go. Now, I did Regular Classrooms like Geography (With An Aide), Environmental Science (With An Aide), Aqua Science, and Art (Both Regular and Sculpture Art, without an Aide). I Will mention that Back in High School, I did a little “Job Crew” Class and I got to do something, I referred to as “Parking Lot Duty”. My Job was to Check the Big Staff Parking Lot (about 100 or so Cars) and Make Sure that Everyone was parked in the right place. I had to write The License Plate Number if They weren’t. I had 100% Compliance that Year. 

 So This One is a bit hard for Me. I really don’t like People who are Not Understanding asking Me if I go to College. Disclaimer Here, Your Child CAN go to College if They are Ready or Want to. Me, Personally, I did not go to College because My Math and Writing Levels were not at College Level. However, In A Way, I attempted a College Class. See, I tried to take one Online. I took a “Globalization Class” because after all, I am interested in how Geography, History, and Politics all mix together. As Crazy as it sounds, I used to think that History was boring, It had Nothing to do with Geography. Boy, Was I wrong! But, Anyway, in Said Class, I had Read from a Text Book (on The Computer), Checked out Websites They told me to Check Out, Watch The Video Lecture, and then A Knowledge Check Test. I tried One Week of It and It was a Bit Overwhelming in learning about Things that I probably should not. I did passed Two Knowledge Checks without Reading the Whole Chapter It told me to read. 

Dating. Oh Boy!
 Okay, Those of You who are wondering if I have Ever Dated, The Answer is Yes. I have had Two Girlfriends and I have been to a Homecoming Dance. By The Way, Homecoming in Texas is The Autumn Equivalent to Prom. Now, as For Future Dating, I plan on Finding The Woman of My Dreams, Bridgett (I am believing that is Her Name) and Dating Her, and Eventually, Marrying Her. 

Do I Plan on Getting Married?! 
Now, This is Not a Common Question of New PTLS Members, but I know it is One of Those Curious Questions that People are a bit afraid to ask. The Answer to This Question is Yes. Well, I think I pretty much answered that one at The End of The Last Question I answered, funny how that happens. Now, Although I do plan on Getting Married, I pray that it goes off really well. The Thought of It, I have to say, makes me Anxious. As For The Other Stuff, I do plan on that too and I hope that My Texture Issues will not flip on me. And, Final Question

 The Future
 Hard to Answer but, I know I plan on Getting Married, I plan on a Job that has Structure and Predictability in a Field that I Love, and Probably Most of All, I plan on Traveling The World to see It’s Great Beauty. All in all, With all The Questions I answered, I want you to know Most Importantly that with All The Craziness of Figuring Out PTLS along “The PTLS Highway” (Refer to “PTLS Highway” Newsletter), I Want You to know that Your Child WILL be Okay!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Having PTLS is what makes me Unique and I am Proud of It! What makes You Unique?

February 27, 2019

The Christianville Spirit: My Love for Genuine People

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Knows Love
February 27th, 2019-TCS # 629

Be Positive, My Readers! A Different Greeting This Time! As Always, I mean it! You know that My Newsletters are Always Positive, that is because I like Positive and Most of All, Real People. Actually scratch that, I like Genuine People. People, who mean what They say, Do what They say, and Most Importantly, Mean what they do. I am reminded of Two People that have My Attention at The Moment that I feel, The Most Genuine, by Far. One is a Newscaster here in Dallas, at the ABC (American Broadcasting Company; NOT to be confused with Australia’s ABC) Affiliate, WFAA. This Person is one of Reasons of Many that I like to watch WFAA Channel 8. Usually, in most cases, I feel that watching the News in other places, There is just the News telling and No Character to It. WFAA Channel 8, on the Other Hand is Very Characteristic and Interactive as well. But, There is One Newscaster who puts It all together, John McCaa. John McCaa has been on WFAA for as Long I can remember, He along with Other People that have Come and Gone, were Trademarks of The Station. Well, Unfortunately, John McCaa who is The Current Trademark of The Station is retiring on March (Marzo) 1st. I liked John McCaa most importantly not because He is The Trademark, but Because He is Real and Genuine. If There was a Story that was Near and dear to His Heart, You would know because of The Tone of His Voice when telling The Story. Sure, The Other Newscasters may poke at Him a bit about how He reacted to Said Story, but He held His Own. In His Later Years, He figured that He would catch on to Letting Loose about a Story He cared about via something called, “John McCaa Uncut”. He figured that if Dale Hanson, The Sportscaster could do It, Why not Him? He was The Trademark to Dallas’ WFAA-TV. I will miss Him a lot! 
Now, The Second Person who I feel is The Most Genuine is  More Close to Home. Although, My Mom or Grandma Honey never compare, We are not going THAT close to Home. We are going to what I call “My Special Needs Home”, “”My PTLS Home” to be exact. Now, Keep in Mind, I am not talking about a Literal Home but in My Mind, It might as well be. In My PTLS Home of Houston, Texas; There is a Doctor who is above All Doctors in My Mind, Doctor Potocki. Doctor Potocki (Pronounced Pah-Taw-Kee) is a Familiar Name because It is Her Name that is on My Special Needs, Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS). Since Potocki-Lupski Syndrome Awareness Month or PTLS Awareness Month is in a Few Days, We might as well start here. Be Seen, Wear Green People! Anyway, Doctor Potocki, I call her Queen Potocki because She is Queen of not only PTLS but, The PTLS Union (Refer to “My Funny Names for Things” Newsletter and “PTLS Union Explanation” Newsletter)
My Funny Names for Things

PTLS Union Explanation 

So, As You can Imagine I see her Very Highly. Unfortunately, because I don't Live in Houston, I don’t get to see her that often however, She does come to Every Conference. I am Very Proud that She takes Time out of Her Very Busy Life to come and speak at The PTLS Conference. She loves Meeting PTLS Family Members both Veteran (those that have been around Forever) and New PTLS Family Members as well.
 Like John McCaa connects with Certain News Stories, You can tell when Doctor Potocki connects with Patients and PTLS Family Member’s Stories, Most likely You would first see change in Tone and a Few Emotions in there too. It is Normal, Folks! Don’t Worry! When Something should be Said like “John McCaa Uncut”, Doctor Potocki will most certainly jump in and Say It. If she connects to You, She will tell you as well. She says what She means, and Means what She says! and, that is what I love about Her! All in all,Having a 20 Year Family Friend Relation with Her and She know Everything about Me, Thanks to Her Reading My Newsletter! And, Getting to know me when I was 3 Years Old and Watching Me Grow Up. 

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I Admire Genuine People, The Only Kind of People to have in Your Life. 

February 20, 2019

The Christianville Spirit: Real Talk about Poop

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Knows Love
February 20th, 2019-TCS # 628

Oh Boy, Readers! I have got a Treat for You This Week! So, In My Newsletter in General, I try to avoid certain Topics whether They are Triggering (The Modern Way of Saying “Upsetting”) or Even Graphic. For An Example, When I wrote a Newsletter about Future Married Life, I had to put a Rating on It. Refer to The “Real Talk about Relationships” Newsletter, if You want to. So, with that Said, I am going to talk about a Topic that is Common among Younger PTLSers but, There is More of an Instance than Even I realize. In a Way, I am taking My Newsletter this week to Place it has never been.
Now, For The Reason that this Newsletter may be Graphic, I am making this Newsletter, Rated R because of The Topic that I am going to mention about That are Concerning to Me. Disclaimer Here
**This is a Rated R Newsletter, there for If You don’t want to hear about This Topic, Stop Now!**
So, This is One of Those Topics that Make You think, TMI! (Too Much Information!). So, Let’s Jump In! So, Everyone  has What I call a Trigger Word. Meaning that Uttering or Hearing This Word, Disgusts Us. For Me, It is Gak and Slime, referring to The Gross Gooey Substances. For Most People, I would Imagine that It is Moist. But, to Some PTLSers, Their Trigger Word or in This Case, Trigger Moment would be Pooping. Yes, Really Folks! So, to be Fair, Who wouldn’t be Afraid of a Brown Mushy (Sometime Slime-y) Log coming out Your Behind?! My Mom and I were discussing about This the other day about How PTLSers (Yes, including Myself) feel about Pooping. Now, Let’s bear in Mind that Pooping is as Natural as Breathing.  It is a Part of Life. We know that Constipation is a real Part of PTLS. Now, For Younger PTLSers, If They are afraid of Pooping, It could be for Many Reasons including It coming Out slowly; Not coming out at all; or Painful coming out. For Me, I am not scared to Poop but, If I know that I have a Big “Log” coming, It makes me a Bit Nervous. Now, If I have a Big “Log”, When It starts coming out, I feel that It is Painful, I try to Push harder to hurry it up. Then, I get anxious and try to squeeze to stop the pain, just making it worse. So, It is like Push Hard, Squeeze and Try to cut it but I figure that I might as well just Push It through. For little Children, They do not understand what is happening, and just know It Hurts. They can not tell you what the feeling is, So they just stop and hold it. Then it is Really Constipated. Because of the pain or the feeling of it being Gooey (a Sensory problem), Some of the PTLSers may not want to eat because it means they have to Poop, and it hurts, or it feels really gooey to Them. On The Complete Opposite Side of This, After I have gone though an Event that causes Anxiety, I have what I call an “Intestinal Emptying”, meaning that A lot of The Poop that would otherwise come out slowly or Be Constipated, would all come out at One Time. It would not come out Really Fast, but, It would come out first as a “Log” and then, The Rest is just Paste-y looking.

 It actually feels Good after Having One of those because I know that My Intestines are not Full anymore. There are occasions when I become too Constipated and it is not comfortable. Imagine a small child who can not tell you this feeling. When I am anxious, then My Body wants to get rid of Everything. This is a bad feeling too because Your Child might not like that feeling. Oh, It is hard to do something that Is Normal. Everyone Poops! It is hard for us PTLSers when It Is a Sensory thing and We do not like it. This is Really hard for Me to talk about, but I Thought it would help some Parents understand their Child and this Normal thing everyone does. All in All, I hope This Newsletter helps You even though It was Too Much Information at Times!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit.  Be Honest about Your Poop!