July 8, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: Judgement v. Risk

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
July 8th, 2020-TCS # 695

Halló, My Readers! This, Believe it or not is a New Greeting that I have not used before. It means Hello in Icelandic. Yes, My Readers! Icelandic, “The Land of Fire and Ice” as They call it. Of Course, The Land with Letters like Ð and  ð. Not to Mention These Letters Þ þ. It basically looks like The Letters I and P had a Baby. Of Course, The Alien Letter of Iceland (We have talked about Alien Letters before, Refer to “Fun in Learning Geography” Newsletter) is ð. It basically looks like an O with Airplane, to describe it to Someone for Them to Remember. Sort of like What helps me know The Swedish A (Å). The Icelandic O makes The Czech R (Ř) look like a Walk in The Park! Then again, I could be Wrong. By the Way, One last note that The Icelandic O, I did not know this before but, Did You know that The Icelandic O (ð) is a Lower Case Letter and It’s Upper Case Letter is the Ð, The D with a slash through it. So, You just learned a Few New “Local Letters”! Good for You, My Readers! I am Proud of You! Anyway, onto This Week’s Newsletter. Let’s Talk about Something that is a Struggle for Me. Finding a Job! Okay, It is actually a Struggle for All of Us PTLSers. Now, The Thing of it is that , It is not that We can’t get a Job, that is not a Problem! Our Work Ethic? Being on Time? Nope! We are Perfect with that! The Problem is although It is not Legal to do so, More often than not, It is because They are Judging us because We have Special Needs for One of Two Reasons. The First One, is that They think that We can’t do XYZ Job because of The Aforementioned Special Needs. Again, There is that that Nasty Word, Can’t. Of Course, We can do it! Of Course, that is said to be within Reason. Nothing Heavy to Carry and Stress Level is Lower. For Example, I really enjoyed it when I worked The Local Ballpark. All I had to do was Hand Out Programs. That was it! No Heavy Lifting, Not A lot of Stress, and A Perfect Routine! Now, The Biggest Issue and This is the Second Reason. Now, Again, Yes I can work. My SSI might be docked down a bit and that is Okay. But, The Second Reason, has to do with a Fine Print Heavy Asterisk*** Legal Issue! By The Way, Heavy Asterisk*** Issue means a Complication Issue with Conditions. Without Offending Americans, Speaking to Those around The World, to Understand, There are a lot of Lawyer Commercials in The United States. They can be used for Any Reason no matter how Mundane. Basically, I live in a Land where The Most Offensive Term is not Derogatory, It saying “I’ll Sue You!”. In Short, The Second Reason is that People with Special Needs in The Work place would be a Liability! In Other Words, An “I’ll Sue You!” Risk! Yes, My Readers, It sickens me too! in My Opinion, to Hire Me is Worth The Risk! I won’t Harm The Company! But, Again, It has to do with Judgement and Risk. Like it or not, Judgement usually wins! Of Course, Ya Know, There are Some Cases in which The Risk Wins! Just being Positive here! Anyway, so Here is Rerun Newsletter about The Judgement v. Risk Case!

This Newsletter was Originally written on August 29th of 2018 (Refer to Newsletter 604)

Hola, My Readers! I am happy to be on My Regular Newsletter Writing Schedule! I missed you guys! So, There is Something that came to My Attention This Past Week that Made Me feel “Special”, and Not the Good “Special”. You See, in Having Special Needs, which One would think is Easier than being Typical, don’t have to worry as much about Life’s Worries, It is an Easy Life! Or, so We think anyway. Okay, Given having Special Needs, gets you some Bypasses and Help as well but with it, comes those Times. This Story is one of those Times. You See, In order to have the Help You need as well as Trying to be as Independent as possible, You have to get Services to help you. Services can be given via The Government or The State in which You live in. In Texas, That means It is given via The State of Texas. Basically, It’s getting The State, Medicaid, and A Coordinator Company to all agree in Giving You Services. It is really complicated! Basically, I have a Case Manager that I see every month and They basically check in to How I am doing. The Extras like Supportive Employment, In-Home Services, and so on, You have to request. Anyway, so Along with The Coordinator Company checking in, The State checks in to see How you are doing in terms of Your IQ, to see See if You need The Services or not. This only happens once every few years, The Last Time being in 2013. Now, It was not The Test itself that bothered me, It was that I was not prepared for It. Now, Truth be told, An IQ Test is not something You need to be prepared for, unlike School Testing, The SAT, or ACT Tests. But, A Psych Person told us to come in, and We thought it was only to Update Yearly Paperwork but, It turned out to be that They were going to Test My IQ, I was Tired and still recovering from Going to Sweden. So, The Person told My Mom leave the room to do The Test. I tried My Best, even with My Perfectionist Ways. Now, They is No Wrong or Right Way to do The Test, Just give it Your Best Shot! But, The Thing is, The Way in which You are treated when comes to IQ Testing as well Other Ways of treating People with Special Needs, tends to swing towards, (In a Child-Like Voice) You be Careful Now because This Person is Speecial! In Other Words, Asking something like “Can You do This?!; Match Shapes?; Numbers? (Frontwards, Backwards, and in Order); 2 Plus 2; Geography Questions (Nailed It!); Science Questions; and, Sometimes, Psych Questions (Luckily not This Time). If It were You, It would make you feel Less Than. Thank God that They changed The Name in which They call Someone with a Low Score, (Pardon The Language here) Mentally Retarded. Today, They use The Term “Intellectually Disabled”. Ya Know, to My Mind, that Sounds like a Machine or a Robot that is messed up a little bit. Not quite that It is Useless but, Quite that It needs a little Tune Up. Computer Nerds, On It! Another Theory is an Office Printer that You need to go to The Printer itself to press “Print” instead of on The Computer. If You do try Pressing Print on The Computer, The Printer say “Intellectually Disabled”. Now, In My Mind, One could read that as a Joke like “A Priest and Rabbi walk into Bar..” and Truth be told, It could be a Joke. But, To Me, It is not. I have known that I have Special Needs and I embrace It! PTLS makes me who I am. But, My Readers, It is NOT Who I am or What I am, if that makes sense. If Someone introduced me as “Hey Guys, This Christian, He has Special Needs, He has PTLS” versus “This is Christian, a Great Friend of Mine”, It makes me feel better. I am proud of Have Special Needs, but to Reminded of It, Is basically Putting a Label on The Office Printer saying It does not work when, It just takes getting up to Clicking “Print” on The Machine and Surprise! It works just Fine! Now, I may not excel in Certain Areas like Math, unless It is showed in a Better Context. I may not be up to The Social Level of People that are My Age. But, I do excel in Other Things, like Geography, History, and Politics. Not to Mention; Road Signs, Human Emotion, and Intuitiveness, to name a Few. I don’t need an IQ Test to tell me about that, because I already know about that. Heck, A Couple Years Ago, I was able to Fix My Computer after It had a Virus. All in all, PTLS makes Me Special, but I like to say that It makes me Unique.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Don’t Judge, Don’t Limit Us Incredible People!

July 1, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: National Holidays and The Fourth of July

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
July 1st, 2020-TCS # 694

Happy July, My Readers! Yes, My Readers! Can You believe It is July now?! So, Happy July! Today being July 1st means Two Things. Okay, Three Things. The First Thing, of course, Is that We have reached The Point of What I now called “Mid-Year”. Between The Days of June 30th and July 1st, is The Middle of The Year. Baring in Mind that 2020 has not The Best of Years. Ahem..Dreaded Coronavirus AND A Huge Thick Sand Cloud from Africa came to Texas. Said Cloud of Sand being Referred to as “Godzilla”. Yeah, A Crazy Year! We are all in agreement that Instead of saying Happy New Year when The Time comes, We all must yell “Jumanji!”. A Word to The Wise, If You do not Understand the Jumanji reference. Watch The Original Jumanji Movie (It was made in The 90‘s) and Watch The Updated Versions of The Jumanji Movies (With Updated References!). For Now, Take a Second to Juust Breathe! The Second Thing only applies in You or Your Child is still in School, but Overnight, They changed into The Next Grade that They will be in. I know a Few People who became Seniors overnight. Yes, Really. Seniors! Of Course, I know a few Seniors who will be now going to College. That is a Bigger Jump than becoming a Senior. And, Finally, The Third Thing, Only apart 4 Days Two Neighboring Countries have Their National Holidays. Now, One would say that Countries have More than One National Holiday, like The US and Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and so on. However, Every Country has One National Holiday that above All Others. Today, July 1st is Canada’s National Holiday, Canada Day and The United States’ National Holiday, The Fourth of July. The Thing about National Holidays that should be Talked about, not Always in a Political Way is about How We celebrate it. Now, Every Countries, It is always Nationalism v. Patriotism Debate on How a National Holiday is celebrated. Some Countries, It is with a Huge Military Parade with Guns blazing; Anthems Playing on Loud Speaker, That is more of Nationalism. In Other Words, You are telling The World that There is No Better Country than Here, Where ever “Here” is! There is Mixture of both like Making Sure that The National Language is spoken during Daylight Hours. I say that because in France, They must speak in French on The Radio between 9 AM and 9 PM. France is a Definitely a Country of Both Nationalism and Patriotism. Which brings me to Talking about Patriotism. Being Patriotic, means to be Proud of The Country that You that Live in. Fireworks in The Air, Having The National Food (In The US, We have Cookouts!), and Of Course, The Country’s Flag is put Everywhere. Now, Is It Okay to be Proud of Your Country? Absolutely! Do You have to Put it in People’s Faces? My Rule is that is long as You do Humbly! The Point here that We should all be Proud to be from Our Country. Speaking to Americans here! Our Country is Awesome (Patriotically Speaking) and We should be Blessed to even be able to be from and live in The United States of America! No, Our Country is not Perfect. No Country is Perfect! But, As Americans, We should come together to Celebrate the Founding of Our Country. Think of It this Way, If We weren’t You Guys in The Northeast would part of The UK and Us down here in Texas could have been either Part of Mexico (or Any of 5 Flags over Texas) and Yes, We could still be part of The Republic of Texas. Anyway, To Help us Come Together, I am going to Rerun a Newsletter about National Holidays and The Fourth of July.

This Newsletter was Originally Written on July 4th of 2012 (Refer to Newsletter 307)

Well, My Readers in The United States, “The USA”, “America”, or whatever you like to call it; Happy 4th of July! For those outside The United States, July 4 is just another day. You See, every country in our lovely World of 246 Countries, we have our own little “Special days” in our own countries. So, for some a simple day like July 1 or October 26 for example, to you in one country is just another day in the week or work week, depending on wether it is part of the work week or not. For the record, July 1 is Canada Day and October 26, which is also My Brother’s Birthday is also, the National Holiday of Austria, respectively. Anyway, each one country in our world of 246 countries have their own day. Of Course, the meaning of the National Holidays are different and some National Holidays are set on an easy day like June 21, because it’s The First day of summer, the Summer Solstice, and The Longest Day of The Year. In Greenland, their National Holiday is on June 21 because it’s the longest day of the year, where (and, I kid you not) it stays light out for 24 Hours and you can say the same the Winter Solstice, it’s dark for 24 Hours. So, June 21 makes sense for a National Holiday in Greenland for that reason and again for the record, they call it “Midsummers Day”, respectively. Also, there are National holidays the we make our own like St. Patrick’s Day, the National Holiday of Ireland on March 17 that we here in The US, Celebrate as well. Now, back to My Country, The United States of America, we have 2 names for today, we call it The 4th of July most often but, it’s technically called Independence Day because it was the day that a document known as The Declaration of Independence was signed and that was what made us, The United States of America and to be free. So, as a result, we celebrate Independence Day with Fireworks, Pomp & Circumstance, Good Music, and Good Food. However, when I was younger, I was scared of Fireworks and they hurt my ears because I had hypersensitive hearing. The fear and hurting of My Ears from Fireworks lasted until I was 10 or 11. All in all, we have our own National Holidays to celebrate, no matter where you live. By The Way, I’d like to wish, My PTLS Sister, Danielle, a very Happy Birthday because she was actually born on The 4th of July.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Celebrate not just your own National holiday but, maybe others as well.

June 24, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: The Politics of Sleeping 2.0

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
June 24th, 2020- TCS # 693

Happy Summer, My Readers! Boy, I am Sure that You are Happy to hear that. At The Same Time, This Dreaded Coronavirus is not Necessarily Done with Yet. Although I really wish that It was! I want to go to The Beach! But, I don’t live near The Beach. Well, 5 Hours to The Beaches of Galveston or 7 Hours (I think) to The Beaches of South Padre Island in South Texas. But, Those Beaches are not of The Best Quality. The Good Ones are East of Louisiana or South into Mexico. Anyway, Lately, There has been A lot of Politics happening in Our Country. None of Which that I will get into. All I will say, is Just Keep Spreading Love in Any Way that You can, because We all need it! So, Let’s Take a Spin into Politics with Love! This Week’s Newsletter, I am rerunning a Newsletter about that! Politics with Love!

Portions of This Newsletter was Originally on December 7th of 2016 (Refer to Newsletter 523)

Happy December, My Readers! It is now My Favorite Month of The Year, December! I Love December because of My All-Time Favorite Holiday, Christmas. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter. So, I realized Something on My Trip to Spain last week. I have been on 3 “Red-Eye” Flights in Europe in My Life and I realized that I have trouble sleeping on The Plane there. Yeah, Yeah, Follow this Travel List, like a Special Pillow, Choose The Seat Wisely, Bring Headphones (Noise Canceling is Best), Don’t Drink (I don’t, except for Soda), Be Careful about Carry-ons (It is better to have a SMALL Carry-on under The Seat because it takes up Valuable Space!), Take Sleeping Pill (Be Very Careful about that, Read on it and Test it before hopping on a Plane)... But, Really, does anyone actually follow that Advice? Well, for Me, Sleeping and Traveling don’t Work. I am too Excited to see the New Place and Of Course, all the Noise on The Plane, and Lack of Room in between Seat, among other things. The Trouble with it is a Newsletter that I am going to Rerun. You See, Every Now and Then, PTLS Family Members ask Questions that roll into Themes, I like to Think. One Week, It is a Potty Training, Sleep, Walking & Talking, and More. I believe that This Gold Newsletter that I wrote on May 27th of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 452), not only answers that Question, but My Own Question to Myself of Why I have a Hard Time Sleeping on a Overnight Flight. So, With Further a due, Here We go! Enjoy!
I have an Interesting Topic that I have to tell you about. Although, Each Time I think about it, It is a Very Odd Topic. You See, Sometimes either in My Half-Asleep Mind or My Mind when I about to go to Sleep comes up with Either Ideas that are Just Plain Genius, like Travel on a Dime Agency (called Dime Travel)? Any Takers to Help Me with This One? As My Uncle Bruce would say, “Ohhhhhhh Yeah!” or Ideas that are Just Plain Weird! How about The Politics of Sleeping? (Hmm... The Politics of Sleeping..) So, that is what I am going to tell you. Now, It seems odd to write about Sleeping when I got up at 2:45 Today, but Hey, It Flows. However, What about those people in Places like Australia that are about to go to Sleep or Elsewhere in The World, well This is for You then! I present to You, The Politics of Sleeping! So, Blame It on The Fact that I watch The News a lot or How I am interested in how Geography, History, and Politics mix together, to come up with this idea. But, that is okay. You know those Moments where A Person has a Certain Sleeping Style, One Person will wake up at the First Sound they hear and The Other will keep on Sleeping, You wake them up and be Like “How Can You Sleep like That?!” Trying to Figure Out just how to Sleep like The Other Person. So, How do People Sleep? Well, that is an Interesting Question. So, like Normal Politics, We have the “Heavy Sleeper Party”, “The Middle Sleeper Party” and “Light Sleeper Party”. The Light Sleeper, wakes up at The Sound of Anything, Mowers, Babies Crying, Car Driving By. Meanwhile, The Heavy Sleeper can sleep through The Snoring, The Car Noises, The Road Noise, or White Noise. (I think when I am on a Plane, I revert to the “Light Sleeper Party”) I am probably likely a Middle Sleeper. So, Now the Question becomes, How EXACTLY do People Sleep? Well, This is Where it gets More Broad. There are People who love to have Absolute Silence when They Sleep, Any Noise can and will disturb them. There are The White Noise Sleepers, that would be Me; They need a White Noise, a Little Road Noise, a Fan Running, a Little Music Playing (like a Lullaby or The Type of Music they use to Massage, gentle music along with The Sounds of Ocean Waves), Ocean Waves (That’s Why People love going to The Beach; My Grandma Honey would prefer to Sleep that way!), White Noise Machine (That would be Me; I like the “Waterfall” Sound, The Best). There are also People who would rather not Sleep alone and It comforts them with Someone that They love with them. There are People who have Machines like a CPAP Machine that helps them breath and preventing Snoring. Speaking of Snoring, There are Two Kinds of People, Those that can handle Snoring and It is sort of like The Other Person’s White Noise and Those of Us that Can not stand it! The Funny Thing is that We don’t realize that We are doing it. It took me to wake up half-asleep, half-awake and I heard Myself snore, Very Weird! Now, The Most Fascinating Part of The Politics of Sleeping are Dreams. Now, I have heard that Dreams are The Sub-Conscious Mind trying to communicate with You. You would probably think, “Now You want to Communicate with Me, like when I can not do anything about It.... Now?!”. It goes without mentioning that People have Good Dreams, like a Passed Loved One coming to Visit, Images of The Future, Getting Married, or What Have You. and Those who have Bad Dreams, otherwise known as “Nightmares” or “Night Terrors”. For The Sake of Those going to Sleep in a While, I won’t mention Images. Now, I should tell you that Whatever You are thinking about in The Last 5 Minutes before You go to Sleep is Most Likely What You will Dream about. Now, Here comes the Tough Part, Shutting The Brain down to GO to Sleep. For Me, that is Hardest Part both at Home and Traveling. There are Many Different Ways that People do it. Some just Ride It Through (that would be Me), Some get up and do Something Mind-Less, and Finally, There are People who do Meditation or People who use Soothing Music (refer to The “Massage Music” segment I mentioned before). Now, My Advice, and This One I will admit is a bit hard for Me, but Turn Off your Electronics at least an Hour before Bed. Ha! I don’t follow My Own Advice! It actually is My Mom’s Advice, but I digress. So, The Point is that Everyone sleeps in a Different Ways so You better hope that You find Someone (if You are Single like Me) who has The Same “Sleeping Party” as You do. Otherwise, Prepare to be Woken Up MANY Times! As in The Lion King, (Singing Aloud): “Beeeee Preparedddd!” All in all, If You are Reading This before You go to Sleep, Good Night and I hope You have Good Dreams! and I hope that I did not make any of You that are Awake, Sleepy.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Sweet Dreams to All, No Matter How You Sleep.

June 17, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: Why We Have Dads- A Christianville Classic

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
June 17th, 2020-TCS # 692

Happy Father’s Day, My Readers! Yes, My Readers, Happy Father’s Day to All the Above-All Awesome Father Figures out there! And, Yes, If You want to count the Fathers of The Four Legged Kind, like Myself, Happy Father’s Day to Them too! For The Record, at least compared to Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving, Father’s Day is not really My Favourite Holiday. Now, Yes, My Own Dad wasn’t the Greatest Father Figure but, This Year I am giving him a Little Slack because of Grandma Bella passing away. When I mention about My Own Dad to My Best Friend, Karleen, She will tell me, “Be Lucky that You at least have a Dad”. She says that only because She lost Her Dad at a Young Age. But, Yes, Karleen is partly Right, “Be Lucky that You have a Dad!”. If Not, of course, There is What I call The “Sub-Dad”. My Uncle Scott, for Example is a Sub-Dad to Me as well as His Wife’s Son (Ahem..His Son, according to Uncle Scott) and is Dang Proud of Both too! So, Whether You are Dad and/or a Sub or Even Adoptive Dad, Lost Your Dad, Don’t have a Dad (but, have a Good to Okay Dad), and Of Course, a Four-Legged Dad. Happy Father’s Day to You! We need You, especially Right Now with The Way of The Condition of The Country. I am re-running a Christianville Classic Newsletter about Why We Have Dads! While We are at it, I probably should make The “Why We Have Children” Newsletter, A Classic too! Enjoy!

This Newsletter was Originally written on June 14th of 2017 (Refer to Newsletter 549)

Oh! A Movie Trailer, My Readers! Let’s Watch! Excuse while I perform in a Movie Voice for a Second. (In Movie Voice) From The Newsletter, That Brought You Many Classics and One Newsletter that should be a Classic..... The Newsletter that brought You The Should-Be Classic Newsletter, “Why We Have Children” (Refer to Newsletter 273; November 2011) and The Christianville Classic, “Why We Have Moms” (Refer to Newsletter 351; May 15th of 2013. Or Over on My Christianville Classic List on The Right)....The Newsletter, I probably should have written a Long Time Ago....Introducing The Newest Newsletter, “Why We Have Dads!” (Back to Normal Voice) Okay, Father’s Day is coming up and I figured that Perhaps Dads need a little Love and Props for Father’s Day. Now, My Own Father was not the Greatest Father Figure to Me, to put it Nicely. However, I know Great Father Figures in My Life, Many that I model after, even though I don’t plan on Father to Children in My Life. Unless You maybe count being a Father Figure to Our Little Puppy, Paco. Anyway, Most of The Time, People (including Myself) celebrate Mother’s Day more over Father’s Day. But, As much I don’t want to believe, Fathers Contribute also to Their Children and Growth of Their Children. Now, I would not call Myself an Expert on Fatherhood, based on My Lack of Father Figure, but, This is what I imagine to be The Reason Why We (Like or not) should be Grateful that We have Dads. So, This is The Reason Why have Dads.
  1. In The Shortest and Effective Way Possible to Explain. In a Little Health Class Lesson. Your Mom may have Birthed You but, Your Creation had to come from Somewhere. The Sperm from Your Dad
  2. The Sperm from Your Dad is actually, The First Element  (after God) in What Created You. Sometimes giving You a Gift that You would not Imagine coming from.
  3. One Thing that I can Thank My Dad for is, probably The Best Gift of All, My PTLS. He did not have it, It just happened out of Pure Luck (Clearing Throat) Destiny!
  4. Aside from That, They are The People who will Maybe Feed You a little extra of Your Favorite Food (in All Ages. Favorite Baby Food or Favorite Food in General) when Your Mom is not looking. Spoiler here, Folks!
  5. They take you on what would seem the Most Mundane Adventures as a Kid. (like Searching for Something You know where it is.) But, It would be Cooler to Go with Your Dad. It may be Mundane, but It matters!
  6. Now, Everyone has an Opinion about This, but Ya gotta have those “Dad Jokes”, at All Ages. and, Yes, Folks! The Lamer, The Better
  7. They will play endless Games of Baseball with You until Their Hands fall off (Not Literally, Of Course)
  8. They will Hug on You and Love on You, being a Pillow, just like Mom. But, in a Dad-kind-of-Way
  9. If You do something Wrong. Dad will talk to You and Make Sure You never do it again. I learned about The Rule of Taking Off Your Shoes in Someone’s House, because Mr. Jeff (The Nice Guy My Mom was Dating) would get upset if There was Mud on The Floor
  10. If Someone is a Bully or Hateful Person to You. Mom will Protect and Guard. Dad will get out The Gun for Good Measure, He won’t Shoot but, If The Person does it again, Yes He Will!
  11. They give a Pat on The Back and Say that Old-Fashioned Line, “I’m Proud of You Son!” or “I Love My Son” (Reference to The Movie, Lair Lair)
  12. They will talk to You in a Very Guy Way about Things. Guy Talk, Guy Code. The Classy Version of Barney Stinson (Actor: Neil Patrick Harris) from How I Met Your Mother of It All.
  13. When It comes to Dating or Girls, They won’t say “Hey, Check Out My Son, He’s a REALLY Good Catch!”. Dad will just go up to Them and be like “Have You met My Son, He’s Really Handsome”. They will make sure that You treat Women the Right Way.
  14. If You Have Special Needs, He will be in The One in IEP Meetings, Literally Grilling The Teachers to the get The Help that You Need
  15. They will Understand You to The Best of Their Abilities and Pretty Much, Make Your Special Needs like It is was Their Own!
So, Those are My Reasons as to “Why We Have Dads”. All in all, Men deserve a Great Father Figure so, They will become Great Men! and, The World needs Great Men!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. The World need More Great Dads. Be a Great Dad!

June 10, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: What My Soulmate can Expect from Me Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
June 10th, 2020-TCS # 691

Spread Love, My Readers! Spread Love! Tired Yet? Keep Spreading The Love, People! So, Since We talked about The Fact that Love is Louder, Let’s keep that Hope and Love going because Lord knows, We all need it! So, I was looking My On This Day Feed on Facebook the Other Day and I found that I wrote an Honest, Funny, and Loving Newsletter that I entitled “What My Soulmate Can Expect from Me”. I have actually revised that Term because Soulmates, although They come into Your Life, They may not Stay in Your Life. They come, Change Everything, and Flip Your Life upside down and right side up again and You will not know What even happened! So, My Revised Term is  “My Forever Romantic Person” , A Forever Romantic Person or Shortly known as My Romantic Person, I believe sets the Intention that I want to be with That Person, The Rest of My Life. Now, can you Forever Romantic Person be Your Soulmate at the Same Time? Absolutely! Can They be what is called Your Life Mate or Your Twin Soul? Absolutely! Forever Romantic Person covers It all! Think of It as The Romanticism Word that covers Everything and Defines Everything. If That Makes Sense Anyway! Along with This New Word, comes New Theories! For Example and I learned This from the Family Country Fail earlier This Year that I should take Notes about The Person that You were in Love with. Actually, I did take notes because It was Something in The Back of My Mind that I would do when, again In My Mind, When I found My “Soulmate/Woman of My Dreams, Bridgett. I would make sure to take Notes in Not Just Their Name, Parents, and Siblings, but Also Family Name, The Person’s Personal State Capitol (I believe that Everyone has a State Capitol in Their Heart!), Family Country Name, and So on.  That Leads Me to Mention that My Forever Romantic Person will have to go through My Family Country’s Admissions Process (Refer to the “An Inquiry seen through My Mind” Newsletter, It will explain more about That”). I will have to go through The Romantic Person’s Family Country Admissions Process as Well. We can both Expect that! So, Where does that Terms come from? Well, The Forever part is Easy and So is The Romantic Part. The Person, of course, comes from a Television Reference. From The American TV Show, Grey’s Anatomy. Where Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey (The Star of The Show), always agreed that They would be Each Other’s “Person”. In Other Words, The Best Friend that You can go to for Anything, From The Serious to The Mundane; You can always to go to That Person! Well, My Forever Romantic Person is just like that, Only They are The More Romantic Version of a Best Friend. While We are at, My Forever Romantic Person should also be My Best Friend at The Same Time because A Romantic Person is One Thing and Can get Boring after a While. Your Best Friend meanwhile, is Someone that You can Romantic with but, Also “Goof Off” as My Uncle Craig says. So, With that all said, I am going to rerun the Newsletter about What Soulmate can Expect from Me. A Note about This Newsletter, It was written in a Different Time of My Life when My Dreams were a little Different. I would not be watching Glenn Beck or The News with My Forever Romantic Person. We would be instead watching Cruise Videos, Geography Videos, Expatting Videos, and Road Videos. It will be So Much Fun!  

This Newsletter was Originally written on June 6th of 2012 (Refer to Newsletter 303)

 You Know, In the beginning of most Romantic Stories or more put, “Soulmate Invitations” as true romantics like me call it, are mostly about what the person expects from their soulmate. Like for example, I wrote about that as a launch to the “I Believe in Love” campaign. But, the funny thing is, the question is, what do they (the other side of your soul) expect from you. Well, most of us, both men and women, assume that because their your soulmate, you and them will get everything you want. But, remember though, that your soulmate and my soulmate is not going to be perfect, we want them to, but that’s too high of expectations of any relationship whether your true loves, soulmates, or just being together in general. But, what to expect in a relationship is mostly, the scariest part; questions like “Am I going to expect fights a lot?”, “Will they cheat on me?”, “Will they be filled with drama?”, questions that come with every relationship. Well, I’m going to continue with the “I Believe in Love” Campaign with what they can expect from me. The Truth is that My Soulmate won’t have to expect a lot from me because I will love them with all my heart and soul, literally. But, I’ll tell you the things I’ve only dreamed of. They can expect that everyday when I come home, I’m going to say, “How was Your Day??’, as My Mom and Brother will tell you, I ask that question every day and more than once sometimes. They can expect that I’ll Hug, Kiss, Hold Them, and Tell them I Love Them A lot. They can expect for me to pick them up off their feet and carry them, maybe a spin around or two, watching their hair fly in the wind, and telling them how much I love them. Now, considering that people with PTLS have weak muscle tone, it may or may not be a long ride. Now, the next one they can expect is very predictable, We will watch Romantic Comedies a lot! Yes, we can watch general Comedy and maybe a movie or two where things blow up, but, absolutely no Horror Movies! I don’t like them and I never will. Another Thing that is, again very predictable, is that we’ll have talks about what is going on in the news and maybe, again in my dreams, watching Glenn Beck together. Also, speaking of The News, we’ll cuddle together nightly on the couch and watch the news together, but it’ll be more for fun instead of discussing it, that’ll be saved for the next day. As far as cuddling goes, we’ll cuddle all the time because it’s fun. Now, of course, on topic of the fights, most people, even soulmates, fight sometimes but it won’t be very often, if at all. As for the Cheating, I would Absolutely Never cheat on them because I’m a classy guy, It is sin against God, and I would never do that, and I respect them too much. Considering the fact that I mentioned about having a relationship with God they will expect that we pray to God both at Dinner Time and Bed Time, to thank him for all he does for us. As for Drama, the only time that would happen would be if something is bothering me and if I “shut down” and not be as talkative as I usually am, then you’ll know. Also, I hate to say it, but another things you’ll expect from me, is that I’m going to Clear My Throat, probably more than you would like. Now, I should mention that it is not habitual but, it’s the nerves in my stomach and throat, along with it’s slow emptying that causes it, but hopefully, it won’t happen that often and I hope it doesn’t annoy you too much. This is a huge concern of mine! And finally, as mentioned in the beginning of this campaign, they’ll expect to meet My Families (Intermediate Family, Smith Family, and PTLS Family) and I believe you’ll love them as much as they’ll love you. All in All, Now that you know what I expect from you, you now know what you can expect from me. 

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