October 29, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Catfish Personalities

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
October 29, 2014-TCS # 423

So, Happy Halloween, My Readers! I do not like Halloween. Remember to be Kind to The Kids Trick or Treating and Try Not to be too Scary. Happy Halloween Everyone! Anyway, Do You Remember when I met Nev from Catfish? Well, I have been reading his book, In Real Life. To Give You a Little Background, Nev Schulman got contacted by a Beautiful Women who loved His Art, Because He was a Photographer. Well, they started conversing on Myspace and then, on Facebook. His Filmmaker Friend, Max helped film a Documentary about Nev falling in Love with this girl named Megan on The Internet. To Put It Shortly, Without too many Spoiler Alerts, He ends up going to Her House and She is not who She said she was. My Advice: Watch The Documentary, It is worth it! Anyway, so in Reading Nev’s Book, I have learned quite a bit from It. I have learned about Catfish, Why Catfish “Hook” People, and Why We Fall for The Catfish. The Truth is that Now-A-Days with Today’s Technology and Social Media, We Fail to have Decent Human Interaction. In other words, The Saying goes that if You miss someone or want to Talk to Someone, You can Facebook Message them, Skype them, Snapchat them, Email them, The List goes on..But, No one says to “Just Call Them!” or Call Them and Be Like, “I need to Talk to You, Can We meet at XYZ Place.” Unfortunately, This has an Effect on Our Health and Our Human Need. It is Our Human Need (or Human Nature) to Want to be Wanted. It is Human Nature, to be Appreciated and Loved by Someone Else who is Live, in The Flesh. But, So Many Times, We just figure that If We need Connection, then We can hop on Facebook, Twitter, or What Have You, and Find People to Talk with. However, With that Lack of Connection and Wanting to be Appreciated or The Feeling of Competition to “Friend” Everyone and comes the Thought to Create a Fake Profile to Be Someone Else. After All, You can be Anything You want on The Internet and No One will care, Right? Well, I’m Sorry to Tell You, but No! According to Nev’s Book, An Astounding 83 Million Profiles on Facebook alone are Fake Profiles. So, Why is that? Because, again with The Non-Appreciation and Their Life and/or appearance, may not be that Great and They make up for It by having a Picture of a Prettier-than-Normal “Version” of Themselves. So, That is The Answer to The First Question about Why there are Catfish. So, How do We get “Hooked” by Catfish, Because They say things that are either To-Good-To-Be-True, like that They are a Model or That Something terrible happened to Them to Tug at Your Emotions to Draw You In. In Other Words, They make up a Story about Someone who passed away or an Excuse to Why They could not make it to Meet Them in Person. They always make Excuses or Made-Up Stories so You can’t really see what They are doing until You are Hooked. The Catfish themselves, with The Lack of Love, Connection, or Self-Esteem, Getting all that that attention in an odd way, Make them feel a little better about Their Lives at Home. Of Course, There are Different Types of Catfish, which are The Cyrano Catfish (They seek or Find Love either Intentionally or Unintentionally), Revenge Catfish (The Intention to Hurt Someone), Benevolent Catfish (Very Rare; It usually is to Help Someone), Swindling Catfish (Scamming for Cash and More), Celebrity Impersonators (aka, Wanna-Be Celebrities; People pretending to be Celebrity XYZ), and Finally Everyone Else (in other words, a Fake Profile with The Exact Same Name and Picture as a Friend of Yours). So, Those are The Types of Catfish. It is Amazing to read about how many People are so Unhappy that They feel that They need to Pretend just to get others to Like Them or Pay Attention to Them. I kinda feel bad for them because They are Unhappy with Life. All in all, Don’t Believe Everything that You read on The Internet, do like Nev does, Investigate and Go to The Source with Your Questions.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. People with Good Intentions don’t hide Being Fake. There is No Need, Their Love comes through All Darkness.    

October 22, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Professor Christian

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
October 22, 2014-TCS # 422

So, I have an Exciting Event to Tell You about! It actually happened Today. So, Yesterday, My Mom told me that She was going to bring me to Class with Her. You See, Every Now and Then My Mom takes me to Class with Her to show me all that she does and Sometimes, to Introduce me to all her students. She is a Teacher on The Continuing Education Side at Collin College, Considering that She teaches Medical Classes, Anatomy & Physiology as well as Classes that pertain to The Medical Field. Well, My Mom’s Friend needed someone to watch her class while They took their Test. My Mom figured that, Her Class wanted to meet me anyway so, I got Volunteered to sit in and Moderate the Class take their Exam. So, The Minute that I walked down the hallway to The Classroom, Some of The Students (All Women) were so excited to finally meet me. “I’ve heard all about You, Christian!”, “Oh My Gosh!, It’s Him!” They excitedly shrieked. With Every run of Students that My Mom teaches considering that She is a Nurse and I have PTLS (which is Medical-Related), My Mom tells them all about Me and All the Other Children with PTLS, and Mentions This Newsletter. In All Honesty, The Genetics Segment of Her Anatomy & Physiology Classes is My Mom’s Favorite Segment, among many others. Anyway, so I had a lot of Good-Looking Women wanting to Meet Me, including Mary Lee, who was beyond excited to meet me. Now that I think about it, Mary Lee is My Mom’s Teaching equivalent of My #1 Fan, PTLS Member, Lynne Neff. I met Lynne at the PTLS Conference, by the way. Anyway, I introduced myself as “Professor Centeno” and I came in and said Good Morning to Everyone and then, led off with a How I Met Your Mother Joke. I then walked around and Made Sure that Everyone had Their Tests then said, “Okay Guys, You may get started! Good Luck.” While I watched them, I read an Interesting Article on My IPad. It was a TVRL Article about Norway’s Fjords. Lovely! Everyone finished their tests relatively in good time, an Hour and 30 Minutes. It was about a Complicated Medical Matter known as Medical Coding. Most of You Readers may or may not get what I am talking about, If You are Curious, Look It Up. Nurses and Doctors will know exactly what I am talking about. Anyway, After a Good Amount of People finished their Tests, They wanted to Talk to Me, so I stepped out of The Room to Talk to Them a Little Bit. After Nearly Everyone was Done, There was only One Person left. Can’t Blame Her though, We have all been that person Every Now and Then. I think, sometime in High School, I was The Last Person to Finish the Test. To Put It shortly, She got upset that Everyone was Done and I comforted her, saying to Take Your Time and Don’t Stress about It. After a While, She did finish and I am Very Proud of Her for Trying Her Hardest. If I was a Teacher or Professor, That is All I would ask of My Students. Before We Left, I went up to The office to Introduce Myself to Jennifer but, She already knew who I was. So, We talked a little bit and We laughed a little bit about The Directors Name, Dr. Head. I thought that it was Funny and I am sorry that i did not get to meet her in Person. After I got done watching Everyone, My Mom and I got to have Lunch with Mary Lee and got to talk to her more Personally. We had a Great Time hanging out. So, A Little Shout-Out to The Students there who are Reading This, I loved meeting you all. To The Student who brought The Donuts, Thank You! I look forward to maybe teaching a Geography Class, What do You think? All in all, It was Good Class and I had lots of Fun!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Doing Something that You did not think You could do is Pretty Awesome!  

October 15, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Supporting Family

From Left to Right: My Dad, Michael (My Brother), Myself, My Mom, and Uncle Craig!

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
October 15, 2014-TCS # 421

So, A Couple Weeks Ago, We had an Exciting and Very Proud Moment happen in Our Family. You See, I’m not sure if I have told You this, but My Brother, Michael is an Artist. A Very Good Artist, In Fact. He has been doing Art Work for a Long Time and Over Time, He has gotten better and better at it. Now, Because I have “Family-Little Brother Bias”, I would recommend seeing His Art. You may or may not think differently, but As We say, Art is Subject to One’s Own Interpretation. Anyway, My Brother had His Own Art Show, 2 Weeks Ago. He got to take over an Exhibit Hall at His School. What Made This Show such a Proud Moment for Me was that, It was His First One and Family came as well. We already knew before hand that My Dad was going to Come to it because Michael invited him but, There are was a Surprise Visitor who came to see Michael’s Show, Uncle Craig! It just so happened that Uncle Craig was going to be in Town to do the Finishing Touches of His “Year-In-Dallas” Project and My Mom asked him in True Mom Fashion. “Sooo, (Said Slowly) While Your Here, Michael has an Art Show on Thursday Evening, How about You make an Appearance?” and That is What He did. Wednesday Night, The Night before, We went to Dinner with Him and Explained that Michael didn’t know that He was coming. That and My Dad didn’t know that He was coming either so, in a Way it was a Surprise for Both of Them. So, Thursday came and We went up to Denton to go see His Art Show.  My Mom and I drove through Strong Winds, Heavy Rain, and Hail (Pea Sized Hail) to get there. We even had take cover at a Sonic on The Way there, but We made It! Michael was really surprised when He saw Uncle Craig and My Dad was Really Surprised because My Dad had not seen Uncle Craig in Many Years. So, We all got to Hang Out and Look at My Brother’s Art. Now, I do have to Say, This Time My Brother’s Art wasn’t Michael’s Usual Art But, I did find a few pieces that I liked. Don’t Get Me Wrong, I think He did a Great Job but, I believe that Michael did not put his Michael into It. Maybe It was because He was being Distracted by Someone (a Girl) who takes His Time and Does not Support His Art. Michael, I think, wanted to give Wood Art a try, aside from The Painting Art that He normally does. For Example, For One that He affectionately named “Tim Burr has a Furry Back”, It was a  Big Piece of Wood with Fur on The Back pulled away from The Wall. “It beats The Norm”, Michael says, “It is a Painting that wants to Break Away from ‘The Norm’ of Painting Art”, “A Painting that wants to be Big Foot!” I pointed out. It is like a Painting begs to The Artist, saying “I want to be Big Foot!” and The Artist says, “No, You can not be Big Foot, You are a Painting!”, the Painting says, “Fine! I’m Breaking Out!”. And, then Finally, One with The Name, “Pay per Wood.” I thought, In My Head, it meant Pay-per-Wood like Pay-per-View. Michael claimed it meant “Pay-per Wood.” Art is Subject to One’s Own Interpretation, as I always tell My Mom and Brother. After Michael’s Show, We went over to a Pub on The Square in Denton and We got to Hang Out with Michael’s Friends from School, My Mom, My Dad, and Uncle Craig. It was Awesome! We had lots to Talk about and Yes, We did talk about The Movie, Catfish. I feel the Need to let People know about it. But, I had the Most Fun having Quality Time with Family around. I Believe it is Very Important to have Family around, To Rely on Them, to do Stuff Together, and Spend Lots of Quality Time with Them. Once I live Closer to Them, I would love to Hang out Every Weekend with Them because It is that Important to Me. Now, No, I don’t call My Grandma Honey as often as I should but, I need to start because God and Family come First in Your Life. All in all, I am Very Proud of Michael for doing His Art Show and I hope He does Another Good One Soon.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Support Your Family because They should mean The World to You.

October 8, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: Me and The Season of Autumn

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
October 8, 2014-TCS # 420

So, My Readers, it is that Time of Year again and Unfortunately I don’t mean Christmas. I usually say, “It’s that Time of Year Again” when It is Christmas because it is My Favorite Time of Year. So, What is “It’s that Time of Year Again” for then? Well, It is This Time of Year, Autumn. The Season of Autumn (or Fall, as it is Normally called) and I have, I guess You would refer to as a Love-Hate Relationship. Autumn is a Season that covers September, October, and November as well as Two Major Holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, Why do I have a Love-Hate Relationship with The Season of Autumn? Well, I will start with the Happy Side of Autumn. You See, I Love Autumn because of The Leaves. What People call The “Fall Foliage” and I Love It! Unfortunately, I don’t live where There are a lot of Tall, Pretty Trees. To Describe what The Trees are like here, They look like Over Sized Broccoli. So, I celebrate Autumn’s Foliage with Looking at Pictures of and Reading Fall Reports from My Favorite Area of The Country in Autumn, New England. I love seeing those Eye-Blinding Colors! It is Beyond Amazing! Other than The Foliage, The Temperatures are finally coming down but, It is in that Comfort Stage where it is Not too Hot and Not too Cold. Of Course, We can’t forget about Thanksgiving with All The Turkey and Stuffing You can Eat. So, Now comes Why I hate The Season of Autumn. Okay, It is not Autumn’s Fault but, It put, In My Eyes, a Very Ugly Holiday known as Halloween. Halloween means a lot of Things that I hate and I will explain why; Pumpkins, Scary Things, Horror Movies, and Costumes. Now, Pumpkins are not at the Top of My List but, There is a Reason. You See, Back in The “Mr. Jeff Era”, We used to Carve The Pumpkins and That sounded fun..until I found out what was Inside. What is Inside is Pulp but, to me, It looks like Seed Covered Orange Goo coming out. It makes My Stomach turn just looking at it, and At Times, Thinking about it. The Reason being because It Looked Gross to Me. You See, As I have Told You many times about My Texture Issues. Well, I have Texture Issues with The Way Something feels as well as The Way It looks. Now, On The Upside, I would probably enjoy watching Pumpkins being Chunked in a Fun Event known as “Pumpkin Chunkin’”. It would be Interesting to see How far They would go. The Next Couple Reasons are Truly Why I Hate Halloween. Scary Things like Horror Movies, Haunted Houses, and Scary Costumes. I do not like Costumes in General, so making them scary is Much Worse! Of Course, I Hate Costumes, Especially The Scary Ones as well as Any that has a Mask. My Mom actually explained it to a PTLS Family Member once and Now, I know why I don’t like Costumes. “They (The PTLSers) don’t have very good Depth Perception, They Can’t see very well in 3D”, My Mom says. She also explained that We like it when You can see the Person’s Face, not a Scary Mask covering The Face. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the Cute Child Costume that is not Scary and I can see Their Face clearly.
I would never watch a Horror Movie, unless It is a Horror Movie in a Funny Way. Although, It seems like Most of My Friends (including My Brother) like Horror Movies and I don’t understand why You would. It probably pertains to The Fact that I don’t like People and Animals in Distress. To Me, Besides The Movie Scaring The Pants off You, There is usually a lot of People in Distress in Those kind of Movies. Haunted Houses, Definitely Hate Them and Believe Me, I have Tried a Few. Those being Van Helsing at Universal Studios Hollywood, One at Sea World in San Antonio, and Fiesta Texas’ Fright Fest, Most of these with My Dad. So, At Least, I can say that I tried them and I Hated Them. So, I would rather celebrate with The Fall Foliage, Hot Apple Cider with Caramel, and Cool Weather. All in all, I Love The Weather Part of Autumn, Eating Stuffing at Thanksgiving, and Spending Time with Family. But, I can do without Halloween, A Little Christmas Music helps get me through.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cheers to Apple Cider and The Beautiful Fall Leaves.

October 1, 2014

The Christianville Spirit: A Meeting of A Special Friend

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Uplifts Your Soul
October 1, 2014-TCS # 419

Hello, My Readers! Happy October! For those of You who enjoy Autumn, Now is the Time to get your Cameras out and Go see The Foliage. That is unless, You live in The Southern Half of The United States, then You would have to wait until November or Early December. Man! This Year has gone by Fast! Okay, Back on Track, Excitement comes in like 2 Months (The Holidays & Michael’s Graduation!). Anyway, so For This Week’s Newsletter, I’m going to tell you another Great Story that Does yet, It Doesn’t Relate to Me. I want you to Meet this Lovely Women, We’ll call her, “H.J Angel.” (I hear Heroic Music playing in My Head as I write this.) H.J Angel is to say the least, a Very Independent, Driven, and Adventurous Women. She actually at one time met Her Soulmate, The Man of Her Dreams. As a Certain PTLS Member tells me, “Your Soulmate is Someone that You will never expect.” For H.J Angel, That was Most Certainly True. This Person, We’ll call him “M.J Angel” was Very Adventurous. Okay, maybe Fearless is a Better Term. M.J Angel was Fearless, He didn’t let anyone, and I mean, Anyone hold him back. He was the kind of Guy that would call His Mom and say (We can all Hear Heavy Rock Music in the Background.) “HEY MOM, COME OUTSIDE! I WANT TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING!” and You Know The Mother is probably Yelling anything from “What the Heck are You doing?!” to Every Expletive there is (Sorry Kids!). It Pretty Much gives Mommy a Heart Attack and A Rush of Proudness at The Same Time. Little did We Know, H.J Angel and M.J Angel were going to meet in The Most Craziest Twist of Fate. It was Destiny! They fell in Love and Everything was so Awesome and Yes, They even had a Child Together. One Day would come M.J Angel would fall into a Tragic Accident and H.J Angel was left there, all alone. So, What does This Story have to do with Me? Well, I met H.J Angel myself and like I said before, She is an Amazing Person that I now call her a Great Friend. We met at a “Serendipitous Event.” H.J Angel has such a Positive Energy, It makes it Pleasant to be around. It is Energy that both says, “I am flowing with Happiness and Positivity!” in her Big Smile. But, I could feel that There was something under The Smile that said, “I need Help, A Hug, Understanding... Something!” and I of course, Helped and Hugged Her the Most I could. I felt that I needed to Make sure that She was Okay, and in a Way, Protect Her like a Big Brother would. Because that is what Good Friends are For. She sat on The Bench watching all the activities going on around Her. In My Heart, It felt a Pain because I know that She wished that M.J Angel was there with Her.
I am sure M.J Angel was there sitting in the Trees, watching all of the activities going on around her. Because I am sure that it hurts to be left without her Adventurous Soulmate. But, Aside from that, She handled Everything with a Great Spirit and Love. Sometimes, I feel like No One understands me like H.J Angel feels. But, It turns out that We have lot in common like She likes Numerology, She believes in Soulmates (because M.J Angel was Hers and Bridgett will be Mine), and We both like to Talk, Laugh, and Smile. She makes a Good Friend because She understands me. It helps that We are on the same Wavelength. She will a Good Guide to help me find My Soulmate. The Whole Time that I was at The Event, as much fun as everyone all had, when we left My Heart hurt for Her Sad Heart. I called her afterwords to Thank Her for Understanding Me and Make sure that Her Heart was Okay. All in all, When a Little Voice inside your head tells you to turn around one more time and Make sure that They are Okay, or to Call and Tell them how You feel, or Just give them another Hug. Listen to that voice.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Don’t let anyone walk away without letting them know You feel and that They are Important to You!