December 27, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Christian's Year-in-Review 2012

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
December 27, 2012-TCS # 331

 Well, My Readers, it turns out The World didn’t end Last Friday, so We’re still here! So, with that said I hope it didn’t freak you out too much about The End of the World however, a PTLS Family Member put it best, “Maybe it was the Mayans version of April Fools Day?” So, we’ll go with that. So, back to regularly scheduled newsletter writing. Anyway, We here at The Christianville Spirit as well as The World itself has had quite a year, if there was one word to describe this year if I polled everyone I know, they would say, “Strange”. To tell you the truth, it kinda was a strange year but, then again, the planets of the Solar System alined and for those who live up north, as far as Canada or Norway & Sweden, had quite a show. So, Every Year, I do what I call, “Christian’s Year-in-Review” because I love Year-in-Reviews. So, I feel the need to do one. So, without further a due, This is Christian’s Year-in-Review 2012. So, with all years, we start in January. The beginning of January 2012, in the news, The Nation of Iran threatened to close down The Straight of Hormuz, which is a major oil shipping line that goes between Iran and The United Arab Emirates. In the United States, The bills, SOPA and PIPA, which were bills relating to The Internet were angering people and caused the website, Wikipedia to go black in Protest of it on January 18. On February 11, Pop Star, Whitney Houston passed away of a Drug Overdose at Age 48. On February 22, I decided to go up to where My Brother goes to school at The University of North Texas, which was quite an experience. Among the many groups that I saw, now that I think of it, are probably moving to Colorado or Washington State because they wanted Marijuana legalized. In March was in my view, a special event happened on the 15th (before St. Patrick’s Day, that’s how I remember it) I met someone who is now My PTLS Sister, Danielle. I was very happy to meet someone who also had PTLS that I could talk to and relate to. When I first met her, I referred to her as “My New Friend, Danielle”, now she is “My PTLS Sister, Danielle.” In the News, on March 21, Travon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, as a result one of the Police Officers there decided to step down. In International News, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin won Russia’s Presidential Election on March 4. In April, I got to meet another PTLS Family Member who was one of the first families that was diagnosed in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. So, now there is a PTLS Family Member close to Home. In the News, on March 12, North Korea wanted to launch what they said was a “Satellite” in honor of their founder’s 100th Birthday and the launch failed. The Month of May was a personal-filled month. In May, I had My Upper GI Procedure and My 2nd Swallow Study. They found that I have slow emptying of my stomach and I clear my throat because I have a delayed swallow and hypersensitive nerves in the back of my throat. Here at The Christianville Spirit, we celebrated My 300th Newsletter and The “I Believe In Love” campaign. June, in Personal News, I wrote a really good newsletter about an Interview I had with My Brother about his view of PTLS. I would really recommend it for a read when you have nothing to do or something to read, over and over. The month ended with a “Foster Dog” whose name has changed 3 times and ended with “Sadie-Good Lord.”  In The News, on June 2, Former Egyptian President Mubarak was sentenced to Life in Prison. July, for me was a busy month, on the weekend of July 12-14 was the 2nd PTLS Conference in Houston, Texas and which was really fun and I got to meet new PTLS Family Members including My “Museum Buddies”, Ken & Sabrina Lu. In the News, was the 30th Olympic Games in London, United Kingdom, going from July 27-August 12 and also, on July 20, A guy went in to a Movie Theater in Aurora, Colorado during the showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and shot people. In August was My 25th Birthday and on My Birthday, My Mom and I went to go see the “World’s Largest Peanut” in Durant, Oklahoma. My Neighbors, Robin and Woody threw me a Surprise Party on My Birthday which I didn’t know about because I thought it was going to be just us, it was Awesome! On the week of August 18-25, We drove to Atlanta for My Birthday Trip, we got to hang out with the Smith Family and PTLS Family Members. In The News, Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney chose running mate, Paul Ryan on My Birthday, August 11.  September was a Quiet Month, the biggest events that happen to me personally was that My Mac Computer crashed due to the motherboard crashing. On September 15, My Mom, My Brother, and I went to the Red Bull Soapbox Derby which was really fun and it was funny to watch. In Mid-September, A gunmen stormed a US Embassy in Libya and Killed the Ambassador. There was a lot of uproar about it and what they should have or shouldn’t have done. In October, In Personal News, I went to The Dentist and I didn’t gag, like I usually do. I wrote about it in one of My Newsletters about Anxiety. On October 26, We Celebrated My Brother, Michael’s 24th Birthday; it was a lot of fun. In The News, October was a month of Presidential Debates to decide who was going to be President of The United States. There were three debates, on the 3rd, 16th, 22nd respectively. October didn’t end very well, in the news, because Hurricane Sandy or “Super Storm Sandy” as Weather Forecasters called it, hit Atlantic City and up the Jersey Shore as well as New York City where part of the city’s subway system was flooded and shut down. So, people had to ride the bus or drive across the bridge with no less than 4 people in a car; Even if you were strangers. On November 15, My Mom was awarded “Outstanding Instructor of The Year” at Collin College on the Continuing Education Side. As a Result, She had her face on the cover of the Continuing Education Catalogue on November 27. During November 16-20 was the 7th Annual Christian’s Best Friends‘ Festival in Christianville. In The News, Barack Obama won The US Presidential Election. I should note though that Obama only won the Electoral College and Mitt Romney won the Popular Vote. After the election, General Petraeus resigned from The CIA due to an affair that he had with someone. And, Finally, we come to December, My Favorite Month of Year. On December 2 which was the same night as the Special Friends Dinner was the famous, what we now call, “The Monica Miracle” where Uncle Scott’s Niece, Monica, got a new pair of lungs. Now, I have to say that, that is the Best Christmas Present, anyone could ask for. In The News, Right before Christmas, there was a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut which was really horrible to hear about. And, finally this past weekend, we drove to Atlanta to go see the Smith Family and that is always fun to do. Anyway, to wrap it up all up, I had a good year and I hope you did too. If your still reading at this point, I congratulate You because this is a long newsletter to read and yes, even long for me to write. So, all in all, 2012 was a good year and one thing, I’m happy for is that we got to live through it when we thought that The World was going to end like The Mayans said, but like I said in the beginning, We’re still here!

(For the last time in 2012)

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I hope you had an awesome 2012 and I’ll see you back here for another year of Exciting, Thought-Provoking, Life Learning, and Yes, an occasional touching newsletter in 2013.

December 19, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: Why I Love December

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
December 19, 2012-TCS # 330

 Okay, Everyone, It’s that Time of Year again. Well, As Promised, This Week, I was going to write on why December is My Favorite Time of Year as Part of My Christmas Newsletter. So, without further a due..Here it goes. I Love the Month of December because of one thing, Christmas, and not just Christmas but all that is associated with it. I mean, who wouldn’t, You have Christmas Music, Lights, Movies, and above all, Cheer. And, Yes even a little Christmas Miracle or two. I love this time of year because Everyone is always so happy (well, not Everyone but I wish) during this time of year. It’s a very peaceful time of year when you make it more about Family and the Birth of Jesus than Presents. Now, contrary to what People say, You still should include Santa Claus because not only is He the Spirit of Christmas but, also a Sign of Love as well. I also love the Christmas Music that plays on the radio or on your own device, In my case, it’s both. Now, as a bit of advice, as joyful as it is, don’t listen all the time because by the time Christmas DAY comes, your burned out from it. Then, comes the biggest part, The Lights. These Days, I always could figure out the trend in how people decorate, but it’s not always about the trend, like all colored light, all white lights, or fancy decorating. the light can, believe it or not, bring you peace. This Year, I decided to put up Lights in the Hallway, along with My Brother’s “Art Gallery.” We hadn’t put them there before because we didn’t want to disturb his art. But, one day, My Mom was having a Bad Day and I decided to surprise her with the lights, to cheer her up. Well, It did Cheer her up but, in a way, it was good for me also. The Reason is because I have a little peaceful moment right before I go to bed. You See, the lights in the hallway and the lights on the Christmas Tree are the same multi-colored lights. However, After I’ve shut down My Computer and turned off the Television, I look at the lights on both ends of the house and it brings me peace. I think, “It’s just Me and The Lights.” A Weird thought, I know, but if you were in my Christmas-Loving Shoes, you would be at peace too. Anyway, then, there’s the “Monica Miracle” that touched me because I’ve never seen such a big True Miracle occur in My Life. Then, there was a moment that made me remember why I love Christmas. So, My Mom and I go to this “Special Friends‘ Dinner” that the big church of Plano holds for the Special Needs Community on the same night of the “Monica Miracle” (that’s how I remembered the date, because we went to that dinner that evening). Anyway, we went with Our Neighbors Paulie and Alyson. By The Way, his name is actually Paul but, that’s what Woody calls him. Anyway, There was a Grandmother who sat next to us and I talked to her a couple times, helping her in any way I could considering she had brought her 3 Grandchildren. Anyway, to put it shortly, these kids had a rough year this past year but, You should have seen their Faces when Santa Claus came out, I Believe that, that figure of speech, “They lit up like a Christmas Tree” is very appropriate here because that describes what their faces looked like. Some people say that if You want to see the True Spirit of Christmas, Look at a child or even talk to a child about Christmas and Santa Claus. And, of course, if you actually see a person who looks a lot like Santa Claus, you too have the right to get excited about it like the Kids do. Just make sure though not to get too excited, to where you end up on YouTube. So, Bottom Line here, I just love Christmas and I have a Christmas District in Christianville to prove it. I just hope that when I meet the Girl of My Dreams, that she loves Christmas as much as I do. All in all, Christmas is a cheerful time of year and you don’t have to “Survive” it, You should love it and enjoy it, no matter if it is Perfect or imperfect.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Merry Christmas-Hanukah-Kwanza From The Christianville Spirit 


December 12, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: A Christmas Miracle

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
December 12, 2012(12-12-12)-TCS # 329

So, Around This Time of Year, I usually write about how much I love Christmas, however I usually write on the week of Christmas, but under Special Circumstances that I feel the need to tell you about something that has touched me this year. You See, There is something that happens in the Christmas Season that occurs once-in-a-blue-moon. For those that pay more attention to it, they’ll tell you that it happens all the time but, however, the only time you realize it, is when it happens close to home to someone you know. What I’m Talking about is the Christmas Miracle, meaning a Miraculous thing that happens that either you’ve always wanted, something you would never expect, or just a pure coincidence. Now, I don’t believe in “Pure Coincidences” but, depending on the Context of it, it is. Anyway, People think of Christmas Miracles in different ways, it can be something like Finally having your children in your custody for Christmas, Meeting the Right Person, or even something as simple as buying the year’s hottest toy (which is the “New Furby”) on Christmas Eve, if you get the Movie Jingle All The Way Reference. Yes, I’m all about Movie References, but anyway. A Family Friend of Ours, We call him “Uncle Scott” because he was there when I was born, back in the time when we were living in San Antonio. Anyway, He has a niece named Monica who lives in North Carolina, little known to me, she had Cystic Fibrosis and she had been waiting for new lungs over the past several years. Well, on the evening of December 2, she had got the call to come down to The Hospital because they had new lungs for her. She was all prepped and ready to go into surgery around 4 AM on December 3. Against all odds, Monica had her Christmas Miracle of all Christmas Miracles; a New Set of Lungs, ones that she had been waiting for her whole life, and not only that but, a New Life. As I told “Uncle Scott” that night that I told him that I believed that Monica was reborn. Truth be told, She was reborn, literally, because she was given a second life to live and I know that she WILL make the best of it. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the pictures of her in all parts of The World. Now, I don’t know what Monica’s interests and specialities are, but If I were her, that’s what I would do. I’ll also add this that I told “Uncle Scott” that if Monica asks who gave them to her, I would say to tell her that Santa Claus gave it to her, then she’ll never-ever stop believing in Santa and after all, “Seeing is Believing” as they say in The Polar Express (Yes, Ladies and Gents. Another Movie Reference). Just because You can’t see Santa, doesn’t mean he’s not there because as I see it, He’s always there..whether you believe in him or not. So, I’m going to leave off with this.. as the Santa told us at the Radio City Rocketts‘ Christmas Spectacular, that when searching for The Perfect Gift, as Santa says, “The Gift Finds You.” So, it goes without saying that, The Perfect Christmas Gift found Monica and As far as I know, she is doing excellently well. All in all though, Christmas is what you make of it and sometimes, on those once-in-a-blue-moon times, the Christmas Miracle and Perfect Gift catches You, and Christmas.. it makes you.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Be the Miracle in someone’s life and Celebrate the Miracle of You.


December 5, 2012

The Christianville Spirit: What It's Like Having PTLS-Part Deux

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Opens Your Eyes
December 5, 2012-TCS # 328

Well, Happy December, Everyone! This is My Most Favorite Month of The Year, more on that in a couple weeks. This Week, however, is sort of an extension of the question, “What is it like to have PTLS?”. I forgot to mention about 2 other major things about PTLS, that would be Imitating and Obsessing (we’ll call it OCDing) because we PTLSers have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder behaviors sometimes. Now, I had a whole thing about Imitating, I figured that I had mentioned it enough in My Newsletters, but to my surprise and yes, some humor, You wanted more about Imitating. Last Week though, for those are new, I had written a little blip about Imitating and what it is like to have PTLS. So, anyway, let’s get to it! Imitating can be a good or bad behavior, depending on the source. Now, before you start asking, “What is the Source, you say?”. Well, The Source is what we’ll call, where the Imitation is coming from and there are many. The Main Sources that I look at when it comes to explaining is The Parents of The Children, Friends (Both Childs & Yours), Other Kids(Other Kids have a greater influence though), and Things on Television. So, considering that we listen to everything, wether we’re talking or not, we will eventually Imitate the things that we hear you saying or doing. The Best Rule to follow is if you want Good Behavior, put them around things of good behavior, in all the main sources. And, the same thing goes  for the opposite side. So, If you want your child to talk and I know many PTLS parents do, than you put them around normal kids who have good behavior. Here are some examples, When I was little (like 3 or 4 Years Old), The School that I went to, there was a kid who pinched people, so I started pinching people, so the teachers had to move me and the kid away from each other. For Eating, I didn’t eat very well but, I sat at a table with kids eating fruit and I started eating off their plates. I got in trouble but, My Mom was happy that I was eating. I learned to jump on The Trampoline, only when there were kids jumping on it, That was the best thing for Me. When the Speech Therapist would say, “Look at me” and turn my head towards her, I would do that to people who weren’t paying attention to me. I would turn their head and say, “Look at Me.” It’s not a big thing but, it was a big part of how I learned.  As for Me, I have Imitated since I was younger and I still do but not as much as I did when I was younger. When I was learning to talk, I would repeat the other kids, and they would tell me to stop repeating them. I did not know why they would get so angry with me. Usually, it takes a little while before I start to pick up whatever behavior I’m watching. Even the 2 Girlfriends I had, I Imitated their behavior; I talked like them, I thought like them, and I behaved like them. Anyway, now we move on to what can be (to outsiders and PTLS Parents themselves) an annoying habit, The OCDing. We PTLSers Obsess about different things; People, Objects, Interests, and Thoughts. So, usually we find something that interests us and we start to Obsess about it by thinking about it, talking about it, and researching things about it. The annoying part of it is that we don’t stop talking about it or researching until something new sparks our interests. For Example, After I spent a long time Obsessing about Ali, she was My 1st unofficial Girlfriend, I found everything with the name Ali in it and drove my Mom and Brother crazy always talking about it. After I broke up with her, I started Obsessing about New England, which was a nice change for everyone around me, but then it was a problem. Which to most people would think is healthy to think about other things besides the girl that you were with. Honestly, I believe that it helped me with getting over her because she was a nice girl. Anyway, I believe when I was around 7th Grade or so, I would pick a City or State to obsess about and they were odd places sometimes. Besides Atlanta, where The Smith Family lives, I would obsess (well, not really obsessing because I love Geography, but anyway..) I would Obsess about the places in between like Alabama, Mississippi, or Houston. In my head, I pretend that we lived in where ever I was obsessing about. When I was Younger, like back what we now call “The Mr. Jeff Era”(from 2nd to 5th Grade), we had a creek in the backyard and considering that I had gone to Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico with My Dad, I would pretend that Mr. Jeff’s House was the Welcome Center into Laredo, Texas, The creek was the Rio Grande River and, My School, Harrington, was in Mexico. I’m sure, My Childhood Friends hadn’t heard about this until now, or at least I don’t think. The tall-tale sign of what your child or myself are obsessing about is mentioned a lot whenever we talk about things over and over again, and never get tired of it. I have to be told to stop and move on to some other topic. Further toward My Present Age, If you have ever had a conversation with me, you would notice I’ve obsessed about Places like New England (like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine); Norway & Sweden (My Neighbor, Woody, and I have discussions about that a lot); The Caribbean (like Jamaica, The USVI, and St. Martin & St. Bartts;  How News, The World, History, and Politics all tie together; and of course a share of Girls including Girlfriends I’ve had, Girls I like, and of course, My Future Soulmate. I should also mention, if you haven’t noticed, that we like to repeat ourselves, it’s another thing that we PTLSers do called Repetition. So imitation is often when we are young, but not so much when we get older. OCD behaviors help me to stay focused, so I guess it is a Good thing. Repeating myself and talking about my Obsessions, Well, that might drive others crazy, but I like it and so I keep doing it.
All in All, 
if your kids are imitating, hopefully its all good things. If they have OCD behavior, be patient with them because it helps them to fell in control and stay focused.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. We all have our quirks and good reasons for them. Love us anyways.