February 23, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: Watching Michael Grow

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
February 23, 2016-TCS # 486

Hello, My Readers! I am glad to say that I am Back! “Whoa, Christian! First You take a Sick Week and then, Write Your Newsletter a Day Early?!” Well, Besides that I was not feeling well. I had a Partial Blockage of My PTLSer Extra Long Intestines with Constipation. My Aunt Ginny (The Foundation of My Mom moving to San Antonio way back when) passed away and We felt like We should go pay our Respects. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter, So I would like you to picture My Life as a Pie and then, with Segments that are Important to Me. The First Part is PTLS and Anything PTLS Related, PTLS Related takes about 30% of My Life, Add that to Smith Family (which is a Big Part of My Life!) at 20% of My Life, bringing us to 50%. Immediate Family 30% of My Life, and then, 20% of My Life is My Interests like Geography..well, Okay Geography is Large Part of My Life! You get the Idea Here! Anyway, so I feel like there are Parts that I often don’t talk about that often but, probably should. Like My Little Brother, Michael. How is He doing? What is going on with Him? Does He like Colorado? To Answer Your Question, He is doing Okay but, not running at His Full Artistic Speed. He does Work during The Week and The Weekend too, He rock climbs when He gets the Chance and Really, that is His Favorite Part. If You take all the Segments of Colorado, Rock Climbing is most definitely the Incentive here! I feel though, that My Brother, Michael needs a bit of TLC here though. Some Encouragement. Hehehe, See what I did there?! Now, I can understand that Living on Your Own out in The World, for some is Very Easy. orrr..At least They make it look Easy. By The Looks of It, It does not look Easy at all. For My Mom and I to watch him go through that is not Easy. A lot of People including Myself, say that Yes, He has to learn those Lessons and It is not really up to Us. Well, It could be if We were more like A Dictatorship-type-of-Family, and Be like “Michael, You are going to This Place and You are going to Like It!”. And, Believe Me, I have Really Great Places in Mind! If It were up to Me, I would literally Move Mountains and Any Issues and Blockers that My Brother has to make Him Happy. Because, although This may or may not sound Selfish, Where My Mom and I end up is partly based on Where He will be. My Vision, Though Reality Kills It sometimes and Makes It sound kind of Unrealistic, but, Follow My little Special Needs Mind Vision here, I picture My Brother, My Mom, and I living in the Same Area and near Family. Now, I know that There is Free Will, as well as, some people aren’t “Need-to-be-near-Family” kind of People. Heck, I would move to Stockholm for Two Years with My Future Wife and then, come back to Family. But, Although We would be in Contact, that would be Fun and Terrible at the same time because I would miss them a lot! It is The Way You see it, I Guess. One hard thing that I have to realize is that They would be More Grateful to YOU  (meaning My Mom and I. or Whomever let him go through The Dark Woods by themselves!) if They have to Learn that Lesson themselves and that is Better than Delaying it or Worse, It derails The Train and Michael misses his Destiny because He did not go through The Dark-Scary Forest. But, I feel like I am the One watching from Above in a Television Studio like The Truman Show (Funny, I mention that because It is One of My Brother’s Favorite Movies!) and There is not much I can do except to watch and Scream into The Microphone to The Control Room to give him Love and Encouragement. Now that I think about, When walking through a Dark-Scary Forest like that, Even if You were to shout Love and Encouragement, I’m not sure if One could even hear it. It is like that one Tree that fell down in The Forest and If Anyone can hear it Theory (I must be watching too much TV here!). I understand that There are High Times and Low Times, and It makes you appreciate The Good Times when It shows up. And, I am pretty sure that when Michael is successful doing Art in some Way, Working at Turner Broadcasting, or High-Dollar at an Ad Agency in Europe, My Brother will look back, as will I and My Mom and will Laugh about This. All in All, Even while watching My Poor Little Brother, Michael walk through that Forest through My Huge TV Screen, I am extremely-beyond proud of Michael! And, I can not wait to see What happens when He gets out.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit.  Sometimes You have to go through The Bad to get to The Good.

February 10, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: The Best of Valentine's Day

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
February 10, 2016-TCS # 485

So, My Readers! It is One of My Favorite Times of The Year other than Christmas and Thanksgiving, It is called Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know, Not a Lot of People always like Valentine’s Day mainly because They think It is about Couples Only. The Thing is that, Love and Valentine’s Day have become so Complicated throughout The Years that well.. As My Brother, Michael would say, “You don’t even knoow!” That is One of My Brother’s trademark sayings, By The Way. So, After 10 Years of Writing The Christianville Spirit, I have written some Really Good Newsletters in The Topic of Love during Valentine’s Day. So, I am going to Help You enjoy Valentine’s Day, in whatever Mood You maybe in or You Think of Valentine’s Day in One Way or Another. It was Very Hard for Me to Choose Which were The Best of The Best in My 10 Years of Writing, but These are The Gold Ones! 
The Gold Valentine’s Day Newsletters go by Title and Year so that They are Easy to find!
Destiny in The Making (2015) 
In Search of Bridgett (2014)
 Infectious: A Love Story (2012)
 Different Kinds of Love (2010)
You are Loved This Valentine’s Day (2009)

Now, Don’t Think that I just left you hanging here! I am going to share Another One of My Favorite Love-Related Newsletters that was not written on Valentine’s Week. This Rerun of a Newsletter that I wrote was on December 2nd of 2009 (Reference to Newsletter 176). Anyway, It is about Simplifying Love using The Best Kind of Love Possible, Soulmates! I hope You have a Awesomely-Brilliant (Said in The UK, better than “Great”) Valentine’s Day. I Love You All! Happy Valentine’s Day and Enjoy! 
Ok, everyone. It’s time for 6th installment of The Christianville Spirit Series, “Simple Affections”. When I was deciding on what simplify I thought about writing about Love. But, however Love is hard to simplify because you can have different relationships. So, instead I’m going to write about something that is easier and much less complicated. So, I’m going to write about Soulmates. Now, before I begin, I have to explain what they are. Soulmates are people who you have fallen in love with or knew in a past life and then, you separate. In your current lifetime they are still out there. When you find each other again, you fall in love with them and you’re the happiest you can be. Now, some people do and don’t believe in Soulmates. But, I can tell you that I do, I know my Soulmate is out there looking for me and I know everyone has a Soulmate contrary to what they believe. Anyway, the final thing I’ll say before starting is that a lot of people believe in meeting them in different ways. Some people believe that they’ll meet them in the following ways: via Serendipity (Fate), just running in into them one day, by fasting and meditating, or just by searching for them long and hard. But, I wouldn’t recommend that last one; I plan on meeting her serendipitously. So, anyway without further a due this The Christianville Spirit Series, “Simple Affections” on Soulmates.

The person that you knew in a past life and are probably trying to find you.
“The One”
The Love of Your Life
“The One” that will make you the happiest you have ever seen yourself
“The One” who will take care of you when you need it(as long as you do the same to them)
The One person that your family will actually like
The One person that your friends will actually like
The One person that, that statement “It’s too good to be true” never apply. But, remember that Your Soulmate will not be perfect. They will have a couple flaws but, none that you have to worry about.
The One person will do anything to keep the Romance and the chemical in your Brain, dopamine up. Now, as for me. If that ever happened I would take her to an amusement park, a new restaurant, drive down a new road; because they say that doing those things will give the brain adrenaline.
The One person created by God for You
And, finally the one person in which you will actually be very happy with everyday in the rest of your life!
All in all, Soulmates will have a very wonderful aspect on Your Life and you will with their life as well. So, I hope that for me and for you that your Soulmates show up. I mean, after all they may be just around the corner waiting for you with open arms.

Thanks for reading The Christianville Spirit. Love is All around, Enjoy It! 

February 3, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: PTLSers Translated Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
February 3, 2016-TCS #484

So, My Readers. With PTLS Awareness Month around The Corner, I figured that I would give you a Re-Run of a Crash Course into What goes on in a Young PTLS Mind. You See, For PTLS Family Members, It is One of those Questions that They are curious about, but Are not sure whether They want to hear The Answer or not. Sometimes, In Our PTLS Family, We get Questions that that more Standard, “Will My Child be Okay? (Yes They will), Potty Training Related (Me, at Age 3); Walking or Talking Related (Me at Age 4 or 5); When They got Diagnosed (Me at Age 3); You know, The Basics. Then, There are PTLS Family Members who are Curious about Deep Things like Thoughts, Intuition (which We are Very Good At), Adulthood, and Struggles (Refer to “PTLS Adult Struggles” Newsletter for that!) as well as Many Other Things. So, What was I thinking when I was Younger? Well, This is It. This Newsletter was written back in March (Marzo) of 2014, Refer to Newsletter 395. First though, I should mention a Disclaimer* This may or may not apply to Your Child but, I hope that It is Easy to Understand. Happy February! And, I can Wait until PTLS Awareness Month! Enjoy!
So, Everyone, This is The Last Newsletter of March (Marzo), PTLS Awareness Month. In Honor of PTLS Awareness Month, I’m going to help PTLS Family Members “Translate” Their Child’s Behavior. The Way I am going to “Translate” is that I am going to share My Experiences on some of The Things I did when I was Young. There was a time when I did something called Stimming. I stim in a different way now, by way of being on My Computer. But, The Stimming I did was called pacing. You See, One Day at Our House, I found a little section of Grass and Dirt under a Big Tree, I would make sure No One was around and then, I started walking back and forth. In My Mom’s Words, “I would hippity hop, back and forth.” Back then, I didn’t really know what it was called or what it looked like to others, I just knew that I liked the feeling of it. As Soon as I started going, I would start mimicking the Sounds of The Road in Dallas. To explain to those who live Elsewhere, To Me, it sounded like someone was hollering. When I was a Kid, I called it “The Holler Road.” I later found that it is grooves in the road that help with Tire Traction that made a High Pitch Noise. Anyway, I would hear the sound of The Holler Road and I would mimic it. Other Times, I had a Wild Imagination! In My Mind, Our House was sort of a Welcome Center, in the Events I pretended that We lived in Oklahoma and The Other Side of The Creek we lived on, was in Texas. Now, that I think about it, It probably was because Our Lake House was close to Oklahoma. Other Times, In My Mind, Our House would be a Welcome Center/Customs House on The Texas/Mexico Border. Our House was in Laredo, Texas; The Creek was The Rio Grade River, and Across The Creek was Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (This Thought came from My Dad taking me down to Laredo & Nuevo Laredo, because it sounded cool and I wanted to check out Mexico). You Know, When You are a Child with a Creek in Your Backyard, Anything is Possible! While I was pacing, I would look at the ground, even though The Ground was the Same going to Back and Forth but, I would picture these things I Mentioned in My Mind. Once I started pacing more, I actually could picture the ground showing me driving on “The Holler Road” or Picture People coming into Our “Welcome Center” and Signs that lead people through The House to Laredo, Texas or Marietta, Oklahoma. Usually, Someone would come out to see what I was doing and Redirecting Me by Jumping on The Trampoline with Me or Go Inside to Play Video Games. So, The Next Thing I want to “Translate” is an Obsession that I have noticed that A lot of PTLSers have when They are Young. It seems like we PTLSers are Obsessed at One Point about Doors. I’m not sure exactly why But, I can tell you that I, in fact, have gone through that Obsession. Now, Keep in Mind though, It may or may not be The Same as Your Child, but This is How I saw it. For Example, The Elementary School that We went to, was an Open Plan School, Where You would walk into the Center of The School and You entered into The Library. From There, There were two-paired wood doors that led to Each Grade. Two Glass and Wood Doors to Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades. Well, I believe, back then I was in 3rd Grade, The 3rd Grade Doors had a unique sound to them that I liked. They made a “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise. For Some Reason, I loved that, “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise, so Any Chance that I got to Open the Door and Hear it make that Noise, I took it. I’m sure at One Point, it annoyed all the Students and I stopped doing it until The Next Time I had a Chance. I should mention that Our Old Elementary School doesn’t have that Open Floor plan like it did in The 90’s. The City of Plano redid it a Few Years Ago. Really, The Only thing that is Original, is The Gym. To be Honest, Although Off Topic, I kind of Miss the Old Days of Elementary School and All the Fun that We, The Barsi’s, and The Herricks had together. But, The Door Thing, I’m wondering that PTLS Kids like that same, “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise, “Bang”, or “Squeak” Noise but only with different things like Cabinets or Other Doors. My Mom tells me that I used to sit on The Kitchen Floor and Open and Close Cabinets. I don’t do it anymore and I haven’t for a Very Long Time. All in all, Doors and Stimming are Fun to us Kid PTLSers but, It doesn’t last long because It would look silly.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Sometimes, You have to see The World through Someone Else’s Mind.