May 18, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: Destiny Lead Weirdness

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
May 18, 2016-TCS # 497

Hello, My Lovely Readers! So, This Week is a Bittersweet Time for Me and Not in an “April is not My Favorite Month” kind of Way. You See, This Sunday will be what I refer to as “Lynee Day” (or known official as Lynee Remembrance Day). It is The Day that My Childhood Friend, Lynee Watson passed away and I celebrate her in Many Ways. Usually, I celebrate her by Writing a Newsletter, Posting about Her, and Having My Own what I call “Lynee Day Observances” which include a Moment of Silence at 2:22PM Central/3:33PM Eastern. In Case You were Wondering, To Read More about Lynee Day, Refer to The Following Newsletters by Title and Year...
  • The Parting of a Friend (December 2011)
  • In Memory of Lynee Watson (May 2012)
  • In My Best Friend’s Honor (May 2013)
  • Celebration of Life (May 2014)
  • Lynee Day Newsletter (May 2015)
  • and, Of Course, You can’t forget The Best Part of This Amazing Story of Lynee, ‘The Untold Story” Series.
So, Happy Lynee Day Reading!
Now, Don’t You think that It is going to End Here. Nope! So, I am going to tell you an Amazing Story that couldn’t have happened at The Oddest Time being that It is The Week of Lynee Day. This Newsletter Subject was totally Not Planned at All! So, Yesterday, I was doing My Normal Daily check of Facebook when I came across an Interesting Like. Now, most the “Likes” You come across and by that, I Mean XYZ Person liked XYZ Page or Post is just a Part of Facebook, It can be a bit Mundane at Times. “So-and-So liked This, Oh Interesting!” among different reactions. But, My PTLS Aunt liked a Clothing Store called MM. Lafleur. Now, As You may already know, I mention a lot about The Woman of My Dreams whose name I purely came up with, Bridgett Lafleur. Now, Her Actually Name may or may not be That Name, I am led to believe that It is. Since I came up with a Name and Story for Her back in 2009, I have ran into quite a bit Near-Bridgett Run-Ins and Things that were so Coincidental that It is legit creepy. This was One of Those Times. So, After I checked everything on Facebook and went back to that “Like”, MM. Lafleur. It is Women’s Clothing Store in New York City that pops up in Different Locations every now and then. So, Let’s start with The First Find, The Address of This place had an 11 in it. Since June of Last Year, I have been seeing 11’s literally Everywhere, On The Hour, License Plates, Signs, You get The Idea. 11’s are sort of My Confirmation Number since I am into Numbers anyway. I saw a Picture of a Purple Outfit called “Maria”, that is Very Close to Bridgett’s Middle Name, Marie. A Customer of theirs is named Bridget (with One T, not Lafleur last name though) but, Very Close. It turns out that They will be doing a “Pop-Up” (like I mentioned earlier) in of All Places, Atlanta going from May 19th to May 22nd, ending on Lynee Day! This comes in Two Parts, One is that I came up with that Bridgett lives in Atlanta, and The Second is that It ends on Lynee Day. Another Coincidence (There is No Such Thing!), is that Sarah Lafleur, The Owner, is friends with someone named N. Sinclair, which is the name of the people who live at The Address that I had come up with for where Bridgett’s Mom lives. But, doing My Research to see if anyone actually lived at this “Made-Up Address”, it turned out the Sinclair Family lives there. If that is not enough, Sarah Lafleur is friends with Someone from Wisconsin named Linea and I met a Linea while in Sweden last year, who was from The United States but, now lives in Sweden. Could This be The Same Linea? That would be Very Freaky! And, on top of that, One of The Models looks similar to Lynee! All of This is Extremely Weird! and, I am going to give this a Name (by suggestion by My Friend, Deb.) “Destiny Lead Weirdness”. These, what I call by The News Term, Lead (like a Lead of a Story) happens quite often. After all, It happend Years ago when I thought that My Dream Girl’s named was Carol Holiday. All in all, So I am Amazed by all of these “Destiny Leads”, Who knows where This is going to Lead to.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. You Never Know when a Dream will become Real, Just follow The Leads.

May 11, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: The Language of Music

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
May 11, 2016-TCS # 496

Hello, My Readers! So, I figured that I would show you just how Smart I am and Show You a bit more about How My Brain works. So, You Know already about Language like English, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish...You get The Idea. But, Then I challenged You and Taught You about Love Languages (Refer to “The 5 Love Languages” Newsletter) But, There is another Language and One that We can all agree with, well..Sort of. I am sure You are thinking, “What?! ANOTHER Language to Learn?!”. Oh, but You will enjoy This One. I call it, The Language of Music. Yes, Music. It flows through us, It says a lot about us, and, not that It matters too much, but It also shows both Your Generation and How Old (Clearing Throat) Young You are. When I thought of What to Write about This Week, I had My Own Idea of What to write about, but I guess it should be another Newsletter from Another Time. But, However, The First Thing I thought when writing a Newsletter about The Language of Music, I thought of My Mom’s Dad, Popi. Other than His Legendary Postal Stamp Collection; He loved Music, He pretty much lived Music, and In Fact, He did that in College, He studied Music. Truth be told here, Music is actually a Very Fascinating Subject because after all, It says a lot about Us. It makes you want to Dance, Tap your Toes, Cry, Think, Contemplate Life and Love, and Stir All sorts of Memories. You can listen to it on an Elevator, while Driving, while Shopping, while Eating, while Exercising, or while Sitting on The Beach. As For Me, I have Various Music Languages, I like to think that My Top Music Languages would be Country, Pop, and 80s/90s Music (which was basically Rock). This One will surprise, but There are some  of Instrumental/Classical Music I like, For Example, “Chariots of First”, “The Entertainer”, “Blue Danube”, and “Ode to Joy”. So, as You can see I have Different Musical Tastes. The Best Part of Music, at least for Me, are The Certain Ways that A Song sounds, The Way The Song Begins, or How They do The Middle Part of The Song. “Tattoo” by Jordan Sparks; “Like A Prayer” by Madonna; and, “Hole In The World” by The Eagles, Those Songs I like because of The Middle of the Song. In Music Terms, They call The Crescendo. Another Thing I Love about Music is that sometimes, Songs have Great Messages to Them. For Example, “MMMBop” by Hanson (I explained that one, Reference “The Meaning of MMMBop”); One that I think that will Solve a lot of Problems in The World, “Where is The Love?” by The Black Eyed Peas; and, If You need a Mood Booster, There is always “Tubthumping” by Chumabawumba. Yes, That is an actual Band Name. Now, If You are Angry about Something, In The Rare Occasion that it happens, I either use “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi or “We’re not gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. Now, I do have to say though that Music can be a little Challenging because Sometimes, I can remember The Lyrics or The Song Title but, I can’t remember The Artist. and, Sometimes, One Song sounds like another like “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainer and “Runaround Sue” from The 50’s. That brings me to Another Thing, is that sometimes Certain Songs or Certain Artists Names and Sounds, sound too much alike. That is Where Artists tend to get in Trouble because of that and It makes me wonder, There is not Much Originality anymore in terms of Sounds and Names. I often Wonder how hard it is Today to come up with a Band Name and Sound for that Band. Now, I will end with This, There are Brilliant Songs that could put you in a Mood as if You are on Vacation, like “Toes” by Zac Brown Band; “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys;  or The Famous “It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson. Happy Virtual Vacationing! All in all, There is Great Music out there and in Various Genres that will help You in whatever Music Language You speak.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Let The Music move Your Soul

May 4, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: Why We Have Moms Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
May 4, 2016-TCS # 495

Happy (Early) Mother’s Day, My Readers! I am glad that April is Over! I Hate April! Refer to, “My Feelings about April and God” Newsletter for More... Anyway, I did not know this that apparently The UK and The US have Different Mother’s Day and known by Different Names and Different Times. I found out on A Site about National Holidays around The World. You See, Many Times on Facebook, I have seen People wish PTLS Family Members in The UK a Happy Mother’s Day, Not on Our Mother’s Day. I thought, “How is that possible?!”. So, I apologize for the Confusion. Now, If You are Curious about The Names, UK Mother’s Day known as “Mothering Sunday” is in March while US Mother’s Day called simply “Mother’s Day” is The Second Sunday in May. Reading The Names, I like both names, but You have to admit that The Sound of “Mothering Sunday” sounds a bit cooler. Anyway, So on to This Week’s Newsletter. This Week, I am going to Rerun a Gold Newsletter that I had Written about Mother’s Day. A Bit of a Background here though, First of All, the Basics, This Newsletter was written on May 15th of 2013 (Refer to Newsletter 351). I’m not sue if I mentioned in The Newsletter below about The Origin but, Before This Newsletter entitled “Why We have Moms”, I had written one about “Why We have Children” so, If You Will, The “Why We Have Moms” was sort of an Extension, A Sequel to The “Why We have Children” Newsletter. (Refer to Newsletter 273; November 2011). Anyway, I hope You know You PTLS Member Moms are Brilliant (I Love that Word!) Moms and My Mom is By Far, The Most Brilliant! Enjoy!

So, As You all know, Sunday was Mother’s Day here in The United States, I say that because Mother’s Day is on a different day in other parts of The World. But, Anyway, Mother’s Day is a very important holiday to Me because of one thing that I am ever grateful for, My Mom, as well as Moms in general. Moms are Awesome! But, Why do we have Moms? Now, I’m sure you are reading this, thinking, “Why do We Have Moms?! What kind of Crazy Question is that?!” and others would wonder and ponder about it. So, I’m going to answer that question, “Why Do We Have Moms?”. Well, Truth is, there are a lot of reason why, but here are MY Reasons Why.
  1. They birthed us; through hard labor, sometimes, Hours of it. In My Mom’s Case, A C-section that she felt the whole time (the anesthesia didn’t work!)  
  2. They are our Secondary Quilt, Beanie Baby, or Blankie when we are Babies (Because We like to Snuggle)
  3. They are “Best Friends” when we don’t have any Real Friends and They always will be, whether you like it or not.
  4. In The 90’s (And, Probably still now) They are Our Seat Belts when someone slams on their brakes. Even though We already have our Seat Belt on.
  5. They are our Protecter, Guard, and Guard-Rail Fence against Evil, Mean, or Hurtful Forces.
  6. (If You Let Her Do This One, You are Lucky) They are Your Matchmaker. As in, walking up to the Prettiest Girl around and saying, “Hey, Check Out My Son, He’s a REALLY Good Catch!” and You always say, “Moooom!”. But, You never know if that girl might be the Girl of Your Dreams!
  7. If You have a Bully or Hateful/Hurtful Person in Your Life, “Momma Bear” will come out and it will NOT be Pretty!
  8. In My Case, If You have Special Needs, Your Mom will go to all lengths to get you what you need, help you in anyway possible, and be there for you when you need her. Even going through many teary-eyed and bull-headed IEP Meetings!
  9. They know what is best for You, Way before You Do.
10.          and, Finally and Most Importantly, They are Your Mother and Whether You Like it or Not, They will be the only person besides Your Soulmate that will be by your side Forever!
So, Those are My Reason as to “Why We Have Moms” and I wanted to add another reason of that, In My Case, they are your Road Buddy or Your Chauffeur when you want to go somewhere. By The Way, That is a Condition that Can not be taken advantaged of. 
All in All, My Mom and I have always had this system where I ask her, “Mom, Why do you do this?” and she answers, “It is in The Book of Moms!”.

Thanks fore Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cherish Your Mom, She is Your Best Friend!