October 26, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: Ode to Michael (You Don't even Knooow)

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
October 26, 2016-TCS # 517

Greetings, My Readers! Today is a Special Day in My Family! I like to think of it as The Only Reason that I celebrate The Month of October (besides Autumn Foliage) because after all, I Hate Halloween. That Reason of course, is My Brother, Michael. You See, Today is actually Michael’s Birthday and He turning 28 Years Old. Yes, I can’t believe it either. So, Let’s Sing to My Brother!
Haaapppy Birthday to You, You smell like a Poo (Just Kidding!); I Love You, My Little Brother, and You smell like One too! Now, Isn’t that Nice?! Anyway, I’m not sure that I have actually written a Newsletter on My Brother’s Birthday or not, I have always written one near It (Either Before or After) but, Never on It. So, Why Not, Write a Newsletter about My Brother, Michael. Now, I have done Odes to My Mom, PTLS Family Members, and Myself, but Not My Brother. So, I am going to do a Ode to My Brother, Michael entitled Michael, If It weren’t for You (You don’t even Knooow!). By The Way, “You Don’t Even Knoow!” is one of My Brother’s Trademark Sayings! So, Without Further adue, Here it goes!
Michael, If It weren’t for You (You don’t even Knooow!)
  • I would not have a Little Brother
  • I would be an Only Child. Which Frankly, would be Very Lonely and Totally NOT helpful with My Development of PTLS
  • I would not have had You to Push me to do Things in a Helpful Way
  • I would have not had help to Get up onto The Jungle Gym that I wanted to go up on as a Child, but It was too High for Me to Reach. So, You helped push Me up to go up there. I probably would say, just Given Up
  • No One to Talk about Guy Things and Help with Girlfriends
  • No One Helping and Supporting Me as much as You could when We went to Our Dad’s House.
  • No One to say “C’Mon Christian” to get me to do things because I was stubborn to do things sometimes
  • No One to come with the Term “Butt Buster” on The Trampoline when We were Kids
  • No One to see How High I could jump when We were Kids.
  • No One to call me “Chris-Pee-In” when We were Kids because It hard to say My Name as a Child.
  • No One to Teach Me about Art. And, Not The Art that School teaches you, The “Funky Art” (as I like to call it) that You taught me
  • To Show me that “Art is subject to One’s Own Interpretation”. the Most Crucial Thing about Art because There may be Art that offends People or that People don’t understand.
  • No One to Introduce Me to Your Friends in High School or Senior High School.
  • No One to Show me Typical Behaviors with Friends and Acceptance from Your Friends as well
  • No One in Our Family that has such Long Hair
  • No Little Brother to be Proud of His Big Brother’s PTLS
  • No Little Brother to take The Big Brother Role. Even We though switch those Roles every Now and Then.
  • No Little Brother to also to be Proud of
  • No One whose Name I mix up for Time to Time, It is Michael, Not Micheal
  • No One to teach you that It really does matter, The Girlfriend that You choose. I guess that Goes for The Both of Us.
  • No One to hang out with Us on Family Breakfast Sundays
  • No One to Show My Mom and I how Proud to feel when You are hosting Your Own Art Gallery (at least in an Art Gallery)
  • No One to Give Extra Love to The Dogs Sometimes
  • There would not be a Handsome Boy Dog named Paco that Is Your Dog. The Dog would be in an unpleasant place had You or Us, not taken care of Him.
  • No One with Your Humor to almost name Your Dog, Paco; Grandpa Banjo before settling on Banjo and Finally, Paco because it sounded like Taco.
  • Other than Autumn Foliage, No other Reason to Celebrate October.
  • No One to talk about News and Politics, but in an Interesting Perspective than Others.
  • No One to Write a Newsletter about Today (Hehe)
  • No One to show us This Strange City that You live in known as Denver, Colorado.
So, as You can see, I have quite an Awesome Brother and I wish him to Happiest of Birthdays. All in all, I Love My Brother very much and I really do Miss Him a lot while He is up in Colorado. And, I cant wait to see My Brother doing His Dreams in The Future.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Every Now and Then, Show Your Family Member appreciation and Love. They will Love You Back!

October 19, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: About My Vision

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
October 19, 2016-TCS # 516

Hej Hej, My Readers! Hej Hej (like saying “Hey Hey”) is Swedish for Hello. I love to say different greetings in different languages. Shout Out to Friend, Monica Shevell who is actually repatriating back to The United States from Sweden. I am sure Sweden really enjoyed you, Monica! So, on This Week’s Newsletter! So, Quite Often with PTLS Members, There tends to be a Theme with The Types of Questions they ask like Potty Training, Routine (known Internationally as a “Ritual”), and Various Questions, most of them I have covered at One Time or Another. However, I’m not sure if I have covered This Following one Yet, Vision. To Me, Vision, is Something that falls in The Category of Themes that My Mom speaks about. It is more of a Health side of PTLS, more than a Life Style and How-Does-It-Effect-You kind of thing that I would normally write about. But, Hey! People asked and I am answering. So, In Regards to it, My Vision in general has always been Good. However, I was Very Sensitive with My Vision when I was Younger. If I was in Situation, where The Sun was too bright, like on The Beach, Movie Theater, Inside Houses and School; I would put My Arm over My Eyes because it was too bright. I remember Times that We would be driving to School (This was in Middle School, I believe) and We would be driving towards The Sun as It was Rising and I could only stand it for a Few Minutes before I started Squinting and Covering My Eyes because It was Bright. Even if I was sitting in The Back Seat of The Car, The Sunlight was still too bright. You See, If We arrived at School at a Certain Time, The Sun would be Rising if We arrived later; If we arrive Earlier, then The Sun would not be so Bright.  Whenever I walked from a Place where It was Dark into a Place that was Light, I would have to shade My Eyes. Funny thing, It is reverse now! As I have gotten into My Young Adult Years, Where I had trouble going from Dark to Light, Now I have trouble going from Light to Dark. However, It is still hard to get an Eye Exam because The Lights hurt My Eyes. When I say Good Night to My Mom at 2 AM (Refer to “2 AM Talks with Mom” Newsletter), It is Light in The Living Room but, Dark in Her Room and I have trouble seeing when I walk in to Say Good Night, It takes a little bit for Me to adjust to it. Then again, I sleep in a Dark Room too though. It really helps me Sleep. Actually, My Room believe it or not is on The East Side of My House and Because of The Sun rising in The East, It would be Pretty bright in There, so I put Cloth Blinds on The Window and It makes it nice and dark in there, so much so that My Mom calls it “The Cave”. Also, as I got older, I got My Vision checked once and They said I needed Glasses only to be worn at Night, well I wear My Glasses pretty much Every Day to see better Long Distance when I am Indoors anywhere. I wear them at Night, as well as if It is Cloudy outside. A Few Years ago, because of My Sensitivity to Light, I started to wear Sunglasses even though, The Thought of having them on My Face bothered me. I eventually made it a Routine/Ritual to wear them because It really helped me see better and Not have such Light Sensitivity. I kind of wish I started wearing them earlier!
Anyway, I got used to Them and I wear them anytime I am Outside in The Sun. I actually got My Eyes checked recently and My Vision is slightly off, but not by Much and So, I got New Glasses because I had not gotten ones in a while and I needed New Ones. So, Imagine seeing Through My Eyes for a Second. Hehe, Imagine! My Eyes in General are like The Definition of a TV Show in The 90s, like maybe Later 90s. With My First Pair of Glasses, My Vision is more like a Show in The 2000’s and Finally, My New Glasses are like an High-Definition Television in 2016. Confusing, Right? That is The only Way I could think of Explaining it. I used to think that Glasses were for Nerdy People, but actually Both of Glasses that I have, make me look Older. I Guess, The Youth Gene of PTLS does not work with Glasses! Kidding. All in all, Glasses really do help you See better, Look better, and Of Course, Help with Light Sensitivity.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Hyper-Sensitive Eyes can make it a Challenge. Give it to Adjust!

October 12, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: The Best Transit System

Paris Metro

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
October 12, 2016-TCS # 515

G’Day, My Readers! I don’t think I have used G’Day as a Greeting before, if not in a While. G’Day, is Hello in Australia, only You would say “G’Day Mate”. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter. So, When I was in Colorado, visiting My Brother for My Birthday, I got to meet some of His Neighbors including His Neighbor, Kyle. After I started talking to Kyle about General Things, It lead to Telling him about Myself and PTLS, leading to talking about Sweden, and Then He asked an Interesting Question that I should answer in My Newsletter. What is The Best Transit System and Why do You like it? In Short I answered London, Paris, or Singapore. In Person, I think I answered Stockholm. Kyle himself says Salt Lake City. Coming from a City where Our Transit System isn’t that Great (No Offense Dallas!) at least compared to Cities in Europe or Asia. If I had to Name The Best Transit System by The Ability to Get Places, at least in The United States would be New York City because although The Subway is not that clean but, It can get You Places very Easily. In The World, I would still say London, Paris, or Singapore and Let’s add Tokyo in there too. I feel like London’s System is roughly easy to figure out and It gives You access to Various Locations, in terms in Cleanness, It is Okay. Paris’ System is rather Extensive when You look at it. Then again, The More Extensive it is, The More Easy access. But, on the other hand, Have it be a little more spread out because It is always Healthy to have Stations within Walking Distance. Believe Me though, People in Europe walk A lot! Singapore’s System, I am Told is Extensive and Most of all, It is Clean. In Fact, I have heard that It is The Cleanest in The World. And, We are talking Absurdly Clean. I would give credit to Singapore’s Very Strict No-Chewing Gum Law in It’s City-State. That is another fascinating thing about Singapore’s System is that You can Pretty much get all the way across The City of Singapore as well as Singapore, The Country and Yes, They are both under The Same Name. I am told that because of Many Reasons (Most of them Cultural) Singapore is probably one of The Safest Transit Systems and Safest Cities. Between after all, to have Indian, Malay, Chinese, and Thai (among many others) Cultures sitting in One City-State, You have to keep it Safe and Keep it Peaceful. Pause for Moment! I have to say that It really is Amazing that, that many Cultures can be in One Place, Peacefully. Unpause. The Next City would be Tokyo, Japan. Now, If You want to talk about Extensive, Look No Further than Tokyo! Tokyo’s System is Extensive to The Extreme. Then again We are talking about The World’s Most Populated City and The World’s Most Populated Country. Trying to Figure out The System here is Beyond Complicated. However, In terms in Access to Locations, No Problem at All! I feel that The More Access to Locations for People to travel to, but as well as It is Easy to Figure out, that is What makes The Best Transit System. From What I have Learned or Heard is The Following in Summery. Tokyo’s System is Hideously  Complicated but, A Ton of Access Points. Singapore although It is Small Country/City, I am amazed at How The Transit System that get across The Country very Easily, is Very Clean, and Very Safe. For Paris, It is fairly Easy but a Little Complicated. Most Importantly, You can get to a lot of Tourist Points (even if You have to Walk a bit), Get to Meet Locals, and Even Learn French a little bit. London’s System, It is travelled by Everyone which makes it, a bit Congested. It is Cool how they have a River Taxi on The River Thames. In The United States, In New York City, You have to know what Subway Number or Letter that You want to go on, and It is cheaper than a Taxi. However, as much as You want to know The Locals, It is a Rule of Courtesy not to Stare at them on The Train. All in all, You can learn a lot about A City (or Country) by It’s Transit System. 

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. You never Know What You might See and Who You might Meet, if You ride The Local Transit System.

October 5, 2016

The Christianville Spirit: Happy 10th Year and Steven

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Encourages
October 5, 2016-TCS # 514

Happy October, My Readers! Yes, Some People just love October. It means Autumn, Pumpkins, Pumpkin-spice Lattes, and Of Course, Halloween. Me? I only like it because It is My Brother’s Birth-Month and for Fall Foliage but, Halloween is in Not My Favorite Holiday. Anyway, This Week’s Newsletter is actually a Very Special One. As You, My Readers know I have written This Newsletter for 10 Years and Have been Celebrating My 10th Year of Writing since Last Year starting in November of 2015. However, It took me a while to start Writing My Newsletter at First, My First Newsletter was on November 1st of 2005, but, I really did get fully started until October 4th of 2006. I started writing on Different Days after that until I choose to Write on Wednesday because It was the Middle of Week, Nothing much was on TV, and We usually did not do anything that day anyway. What is Funny that My Grandma Honey has been printing Each and Every Newsletter that I have written and One Time gave me the Prints that I now call My Records. Well, I marked The Newsletter on October 4th, not realizing that I had written  one more previous on November 1st of 2005, therefore My 10th Year Celebration is in 2005 because It was truly My First Newsletter. Anyway, So I am going to Share The Newsletter that I had written on October 4th of 2006, for Most of My Readers except Veteran Readers, This is an Unseen Newsletter. So, Before I Share This with You, Here is The Background Story of This Newsletter and This one has Several Background Stories in it. I am realized that Pretty Much Every Story I tell has a Background Story. So, The First Part is, When I first started writing, I wanted to treat My Newsletter The Christianville Spirit as a Newspaper because In My Made-Up City of Christianville, The Christianville Spirit is actually a Newspaper. Truth be Told, that is how I came up with It’s Name. I figured that My City of Christianville needs a Unique Name to It’s Newspaper instead of Something The Christianville Morning News or The Christianville Times, which are The Most Common Names for Newspapers. The Next Part of It, is I mention that The Beginning that it takes place in a City called Brooke, Tennessee which is a City I named after My Childhood Friend, Brooke and Is a Suburb North of Christianville. I liked to think The Made-Up City of Brooke to be like Plano and Christianville was like Dallas but, in a Different Layout. The Following Part is The Biggest Part of This Background Story, I had a Friend in High School named Steven. Between My other Karleen and His Friend, Mark, We had a Pool Party at His House one Summer, I think it was 10th Grade going into 10.5 Grade (A Repeat of 10th Grade) and Me and Steven became Best Friends. Anyway, to say The Least, Steven was and still is, Very Much into Disney and more on The Lines of Tigger. Yes, like Winnie and The Pooh, Tigger. Now, to be Fair, If You have to pick a Disney Character to be interested in, Tigger is a Pretty Cool Character bouncing around all over place and Could get pretty Far and Pretty Fast. So, After High School, Steven could not go to Senior High School (11th and 12th Grade) because Due to Behavior associated with His Special Needs, It was getting a little out of Hand so, He had to a Group Home where Hopefully His Behavior would be Better Managed. One Day, My Mom and I went to Wal-Mart one day and on Our Way out, We ran into Steven’s Mom and She told us how Awesome Steven was doing at The Time. Anyway, on The Unseen Newsletter! Enjoy!

The Christianville Spirit
serving the Christianville Metro Area
Oct. 4, 2006
Brooke, TN-
Yes, C. Metro Area the title is nice and SUPER TRUE. sooo, here’s the 411. Christian Centeno ran into Mrs. Vandeneykel at a Wal-Mart in Brooke and Mrs. Vandeneykel gave him excellent news. his best friend, Steven Vandeneykel has actually made it 10 weeks of Excellent Behavior which this reporter would say is a pretty staggering record for him!! that is awesomely amazing and us of the staff of The Christianville Spirit couldn’t believe that this was even happening down in San Marcos where he is at. so, i’m sure he is about as happy to hear about it even though he’s already known. but, now at least Christian Centeno and the WHOLE Christianville Metro Area now knows. sooo, keep saying your prayers for him and not to mention his buddy, tigger.
and, hopefully. he will make it to next step will be a place CLOSER to home! if anyone wants to chant for him here’s a good one. LETS GO STEVEN or GO STEVEN GO.
pick which ever one C. Metro Area that u would like and we’ll puts signs in throughout the C. Metro Area!!

So, The “Serving the Christianville Metro Area” was the Original Tagline for My Newspaper that turned into a Newsletter. He eventually moved closer to Home but, It did not turn out well so, His Parents decided to bring him back Home. All in all, Steven was a Good Friend to Me and I wish Him The Best in His Life.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. It is always Good to celebrate all aspects of Life. Happy 10th Year of Writing, Cheer to My Friend, Steven!