July 17, 2024

The Christianville Spirit: Word Play Revelation Remixed

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Shines Brightly 

July 17th, 2024 – TCS # 863 


We need God, My Readers! Boy, Ya Know that is The Truth! This is a Very Meaningful and Very Direct Greeting because It is Very True. All of Us of Humanity need God Right Now. Well, We need God all The Time but, Right Now, We Really need God. God is Testing All of Our Faith in Him and Let Me tell you, It is not an Easy Test to take! Funny Thing, I never thought A Test of This Sort would happen in My Lifetime. Now, Yes, I realize that Everyone says that, “Why in THIS Lifetime?”, In whatever Numbered Lifetime This is for You. I would take a Shot Guess and say that This is My 12th Lifetime. Seems like a Good Number of Lifetimes! Then again, I am an Old Soul, so It might be more than 12 Lifetimes. I just thought that 12 was a Good Number in This Context. Question though? If You were to Shot Guess, How Many to Do You think You have lived. Answer in whatever Avenue of Social Media that You have for Me (Facebook, FB Group, Comment, or Email). So, Speaking of God and Lifetimes, In Each Lifetime; On Earth, We call it “Generations”, We have an Idea of God. Ranging from God is a Harsh and Merciless Person to God is Love and Accepting of All. The Second One is The Most Pure and Simple View of Him. At least in My Opinion anyway. The View of God is Very Opinionated, so I try to tread lightly in Opinionated Topics. I have written a Newsletter that I am going to Rerun about My View of This Topic. I hope that You keep an Open Mind about This View of Mine. Enjoy! 


So, On to My Newsletter! When I go to Bed late in My Routine, Often I think about Travelling to Various Places, Think of My Future, Maybe Where to Travel to Google Street View, or Just Whatever happened in My Day. However, Sometimes, It usually when I am laying ready to go to Sleep that I have Revelations about Things. Other Times, It can be Before I go to Bed, but Still Late at Night. They can be about How Things are, What Might be Happening, Intuitive Things, and Of Course, in This Case, How a Simple Greeting or Thing that We say has a Word embedded in it that I had Never Noticed before. After Thinking about The Word, I notice the Embedded Word in it. An Easy Example, The Word “Dog” can be turned around to Make “God”. In This Case, It was about The Words, “This Morning and Good Morning”. I am going to Share a Rerun that will Explain it! I will let the Me from 2015 Explain. 



This Newsletter was Originally written on  

February 25th of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 439) 


So, My Readers! I have an Interesting Story to tell you. You See, Every Now and Then, I have these, “Oh My Gosh! That is how Life Works!” type of Revelation. It is usually things that we often overthink. This Story is an Example of that. The Other Day, I thinking about How a YouTuber that I watch who is leaving on trip to a Country that He did not tell anyone that He was going to. I found out that He was going to South Korea, but I digress.  

Anyway, I thought, “This YouTuber is Leaving This Morning” and This was 1:00 in The Morning when I thought this. The Best thoughts come in The Middle of The Night, Whether You are Awake or trying to sleep. In My Case, I was awake watching TV. So, I thought, “Why do We say, ‘This Morning’?” as In, (In a News Voice) “In The News this Morning, X, Y, and Z Happened” or “You Wouldn’t believe what happened to Me this Morning!” I thought of The Biblical saying that says, “This is The Day The Lord has Made, Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It”. That is The Whole Saying, by the way. I only thought of the shorthand version, “This is The Day The Lord has Made”. I probably thought of that saying because I heard it a lot at the Church that I used to go to.  

So, I thought about The Word, “This Morning” and studied it in My Head. I thought, “If You removed The “T” in “This Morning, It would be ‘His Morning.” It made perfect sense to me! If He, meaning God (“The Lord”) made the Day, Why can’t it be

His Morning”, “His Afternoon”, and  

“His Evening.” I told a Friend of Mine this, I call her “My Dear Deb”, She is related to A PTLS Member, I call “My Kristen” (Ha! Double Shout-Out Here!). My Two “Mys”, I call them. Anyway, I told Deb about it and she tells me, “And He just gives it to us.” I realized that We say, “This Morning” every day, as well as “This Afternoon” or Evening. 

 So, What do I do when I have those Late-Night Revelations, You Ask? I tell My Mom when She is Half-Asleep at 2 AM when I say “Good Night” to her. It ranges from, a Short “Good Night Mom, I Love You” to a Late-Night In Depth Geography Lesson. Anyway, It amazed me though, how a Thought about a YouTuber leaving on a Trip in The Morning turned into that. That Brings Me to The second of Three Revelations!  

So, When You wake up because of a Noise or because of some disturbance, You always say, “It’s 3 O‘Clock in The Morning!” Well, Again take away The “T” in The Morning, and What do You get? “He Morning!”.  

Again, It is “The Day, The Lord has Made”, so why can’t it be

3 O’Clock in He (His) Morning. 

 Okay, so In My Head, ‘He Morning‘ doesn’t make as much sense as ‘His Morning‘ but, It means the Same Thing. So, after I told My Mom about it, I told her when she was half-asleep, so I told her again, the Next Night after I had told Deb about it. My Mom told me that In Norwegian and Swedish, They say, “Good Morning” too.  Only when It is translated from English to Norwegian, It comes out as “God Morning.” (In Norwegian, They put a slash through their Os so it looks like this ø and in Swedish, it’s ö. Gød Morning, Norway;  

Göd Morning, Sweden) Hmmm, God Morning, He Morning, and His Morning, it all references God and We don’t even realize that We are saying it Every Day. It is a Wonder why, on Good Morning America, That they always excitedly say, “Hi Everyone! Good Morning America!”. It would sound sad if They said in a Bland Voice, “Good Morning America.” Now, as I was growing up all the way to Senior High School, that would be the Start of Our Day, watching Good Morning America and Now, that I realize it, I have heard many versions of People saying, “Good Morning America.” It is sort of like You have heard many Versions of Your Own National Anthem, Some do it really good and Others, not so much. Not Judging though, Guys! Anyway, it is Amazing that We say things that we don’t realize tie to God. It must be one of God’s “Secret Blessings”. All in all, With a Little Word play, You can find out things that You never would have known about. Stop and Smell The Roses, if You will. 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. God Morning, God Evening, and God Night.