December 7, 2022

The Christianville Spirit: Christmas Opening Numbers II

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Moves Mountains 

December 7th, 2022- TCS # 794 


Happy December (Again), My Readers! Okay, I realized after I looked on My Calendar that I scheduled My “Happy December” Newsletter This Week, and I wrote the “Happy December” Newsletter a Week earlier. Silly Me! So, I guess You could say that I am giving You, My Readers. Not One, but Two “Happy December” Newsletters This Year! I feel the Voice of Santa coming... 

Okay, Why not Slide into it then. (Cue the Jolly!) Ho Ho Ho! You! You have been a Good Reader of The Christianville Spirit Read Christian’s Newsletter Every Week! Or At Least, Every Week that I have written My Newsletter! For That, Christian’s Reader! He thanks you from The Bottom of His Sweet and Loving Heart! Happy December Twice! Ho Ho Ho! 

So, In the Spirit of My “Happy December” Newsletter, Since We had already talked about Hallmark-Land (aka “Hallmark Christmas Movies”), What about Some Music for Your Christmas-To-The-Nines House?! Well, People have Different Styles of How They like to Open the Christmas Holiday Season! Let Me Show You! I am going to Show You via a “Happy December” Newsletter from The Past! I will let the Me from 2020 take it from Here! Enjoy! And Happy December Twice! 


This Newsletter was Orginally Written on December 2nd, 2020 (Refer to Newsletter 713) 


Happy December, My Readers! Wow! Honestly, I can not tell you How Relieved I am to say that! I was The First One to say “Let’s Put up The Tree and Call It a Year!” Sunday after Thanksgiving was as Long as I could wait and Up, The Christmas Tree went! Compared to The Normal December 1st Decoration Date, I call that a Record! 

Happy December, Everyone! The Final Month of This Crazy-Beyond-Crazy Year of 2020! By The Way, 2020 according to The Lunar-Zodiac Calendar (Chinese New Year to Us, Americans) is Considered “The Year of The Rat”. Yes, Really. My Apologies for The Shivers that The Following Statement May Give You. In short, There are 12 Animals in The Lunar Calendar, The Rat being The Last One before It starts over again with The Ox. I say “Oxen” because It sounds better. For The Record, The Last Year of The Rat was 2008 and The Next One is in 2032. How The Chinese consider The Rat lucky is beyond Me! I digress. (Inhaling and Exhaling) Anyway, What a Year it has been, but More on that after Christmas. It is that Time of Year again though! It is My Favorite Time of Year, The Month of December filled with Christmas Cheer, Christmas Music, Christmas Lights, and above all, Christmas Magic (And, Believe Me, It can happen!). I know I Write The Following Statement Every Year but, I Love December because of One Holiday, Christmas. I do however have a bit of a Different Swing to My “Happy December” Newsletter. So, This December and Christmas Holiday Season, I am going to Talk about Something that My Friend, Deb and I talked about in Our “Shows”, as We call Our Talks. So, Question. Oh Boy! A Question, We have not had One of Those in a While. So, What is Your “Opening Number”, If You will, to The Christmas Holiday Season? What Song is Always The First One to get You into The Holiday Season? I know that for My Uncle Scott, It is “Christmas Vacation” from The Movie National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation. For Me, I always Open and Close The Holiday Season with “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by N’Sync. I am Old-Fashioned that Way. Now, Some People will say that They have an “Opening Number” and Others will tell you that Whatever Song comes The Radio first is Their “Opening Song” is. But, Believe it or Not, These “Opening Numbers/Songs” have an Impact. What do I mean by That? Well, There are Some Songs like “Christmas Vacation” or “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” that I feel Ease You in The Christmas Spirit whereas Other Songs, Drop You into Christmas like It’s Nobody’s Business! Now, At The Realization that This Theory sounds a bit Cynical, I assure you that in My Heart, It is not Cynical. Okay, maybe a little. This Year did a Number on Me, as well Everyone Else.  

Now, The Thing with This Theory is that it depends on The Person, just like Some People put their Christmas Tree up, literally The Day after Halloween, on November 1st. Some People wait until The Middle, Somewhere between Just before Thanksgiving to The First or Second Week of December. And, Finally, Those People who are Late to The Christmas Spirit Party and Wait until a Week before Christmas to Decorate or Even, Shop for Christmas Presents. Not Judging in Anyway. It makes me wonder though, Perhaps for Those People who don’t want to as They say “Be Assaulted by Christmas Music, Everywhere They go”, Perhaps are Listening The Wrong Kind of Christmas Music. In Other Words, The Ones that Drop You into Christmas and You feel like You just feel on Your Head. So, What is The Difference? Well, according The My Friend, Deb, It is Songs that mention about Snow, Winter, or Joyous Aspect of Christmas, Those Songs ease you into Christmas. A Few that come into Mind, Other that The Ones that I mentioned previously Perhaps start with “Frosty The Snowman” (Cheesy but, Easing), Then “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” (A Nice Story about Santa’s Best Reindeer. Oh! And, You can Rehearse The Santa’s Reindeer Names!”, and End with “Santa Claus in Coming to Town” (Nothing is More Joyful than Santa coming to Town!). Then, You are eased into Christmas. Welcome to Christmas! Welcome The Holiday Season! 

Then, Of Course, You have those like I said, before that Drop You into Christmas. Honestly, That is not Fair to do to People. Do Not Use Those Songs as “Opening Numbers”. Unless, that is, You are The Kind of Person who enjoys Being Dropped into Christmas. Let’s Hop on The Roller Coaster and Ride! To Drop You into Christmas, Myself and Deb, suggest Much More Emotional Songs to Start Your Holiday Season. This Year, We don’t need More Emotion than We already have. So, Stop Reading if You don’t want to Dive in! Stick The Easing Christmas Playlist. You have had Your Fair Warning! So, Start with Something like “Please Come Home for Christmas” by Any Artist. The Eagles are  

My Favourite Version of This Song. (Nothing says Christmas like Missing Your Family. Family is Very Important!), Then We go into Deeper Emotions with “I’ll have a Blue Christmas”, Most People recommend The Elvis Presley Version. (Blue Christmas is Self-Explanatory. A Sad Christmas), and Finally, The Saddest Song on The Christmas Dropping List, “Christmas Shoes” (Basically about a Child who must get Christmas Shoes from their Family Member because It is Their Last Christmas”.  

Now, Enough with The Boo-Hooing. There are Some Goofy and/or Mobid Christmas Songs that Can be Your Christmas “Opening Number”.  

The Following Songs come to Mind. “Grandma Got Ran over a Reindeer” (By Far, The Most Morbid Christmas Song!) and Of Course, “I  saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus” (Again, A Bit of Very Strange Christmas Song!).  

And, Finally, There are Some Feel-Good Christmas to be an “Opening Numbers”.  

Here is a Personal Favourite, “The 12 Days of Christmas” by The Muppets. The Best Classic Christmas Song by Version of It! Of Course, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by Bare-Naked Ladies (Yes, It is a Religious Song but, To Me, Anyway. It is a Feel-Good Calming Song) and, “Christmas Time” by Bryan Adams. (Nothing says Christmas Spirit like People Young and Old being Cheerly Happy!). All in all, There are Many Christmas Songs out there! Happy or Sad. Good or Bad. So, Choose Your Best “Opening Number” and Of Course, Happy December and Welcome to The Holiday Season! 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Choose Your “Opening Number” Wisely! It can Make or Break Your Christmas!