August 17, 2022

The Christianville Spirit: 35th Year Renewal

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Moves Mountains 

August 17th, 2022 – TCS # 781 


Happy New Age to Me, My Readers! As The Date of This Newsletter, I am a Year Older!  I am now 35 Years Old! Yes, I can’t believe it either! Every Age Year, I tend to look at Various References, like Pop Culture, Movies & TV Shows, Geography, and so on for Things that have My Age Year. 33 was The “Trinity Year”. 34 refers in The One of The Most Classic Christmas Movies, The Miracle of 34th Street, Which brings me to This Year. 

 This Year, My 35th Year. Honestly, At First, I would be lying if I said I was not really Ready to Turn 35. I mean, 35 is a Big Age! When You start Thinking about Settling Down with Your Romantic Person, Get Married, and Yes, Even have Children. When You reach 35, It is like saying “It is Now or Never”. I had an Awesome Entrance into My 30s with My Brother surprising me for My 30th Birthday; Sweden for My 31st Birthday, 32nd was a Much more Toned Down; 33rd was in Quarantine (Thanks to The Old ‘Rona); and 34th was Very Quiet for My Standard. But, My Mid-33rd to Mid-34th Years are Not Something I want to Remember because A Segment of Higher-than-High Anxiety that has took a While to come down from! I guess You could say that was My Mid-Life Crisis that Everyone says that They have either in Their 30s or 40s. But, Now We enter into My 35th Year!  

So, 35 in Reference! I laugh at Myself with This One but, About 10 or 15 Years ago, when I was 25 and Younger, I thought that 35 Years Old was considered “Old”. Yes, That dreaded word, “Old”. For The Record, 35 is Old, but, It is not “Old, Old”. 35 is still Young, but Not into “Young” Young. I find that Young is much nicer word than Old is. In Terms of Numerology, The Numbers 3 and 5 equal 8. The Number 8 means Renewal. Of Course, In Geography References, This one Honestly Cracked Me up when I thought about It. 35 in The United States is an Interstate Highway that actually goes through My Home Area of Dallas. Plus, It has a lot of History in My Life. When I was Young, with My Mom living with Me in the Dallas Area and My Dad living in San Antonio, We had to Travel 5 Hours South every Friday (or Every Other Friday) and 5 Hours North every Other Sunday to visit My Dad, using Interstate 35 through Waco (Meeting Halfway) and Austin. I remember Austin Traffic quite fondly, No Matter What Time of Day, There was Always Traffic. Even at Night! As an Added Note of Geography, The Average Speed in Neighborhoods or Small Roads in The US is, Guess What? 

35 Miles an Hour! And, Finally, An Interesting Fact that I did not Know, The Minimum Age of Presidential Candidates in US, Ireland, Russia, Among Others....Honestly, I thought It would 30 or 25, but It is actually 35. So, I can run for President if I wanted to! 

Anyway, So, Here’s to Hoping for a “Renewal Year”! 


Anyway, Onto This Newsletter, I am going to Rerun a Newsletter that explain a Different View about Birthdays. Or As My Mom and I refer to It as “Mother’s Day of Birthing”! Because, After All, Your Mom did give Birth to You on Your Birthday. It sounds a Little Strange but, It is True. That might be Why Your Mom wants to Celebrate Your Birthday The Best that She can! Because She did it!  

So, Happy 35th Birthday to Me and Happy 35th “Mother’s Day of Birthing” to My Mom! 


This Newsletter was Originally Written on August 9th of 2017 (Refer to Newsletter 556) 

Happy Birthday Week to Me, My Readers! Yes, Folks! This Week is what I refer to as “My Birthday Week”. Why Celebrate Just a Day when You can celebrate the Entire Month and Entire Week of Your Birthday? Genius Right? I would believe so! It is much more Fun that way. I still can not believe that I am turning 30 Years Old This Week. It just baffles me! This, However is the Last Newsletter of My 29th Year! I had a Really Great 29th Newsletter. I went to Spain and Spoke in front of PTLS Family Members; I went on a Cruise with A PTLS Family Member without My Mom, The First Trip I have done without Family of Mine since, like 5th Grade (1998). I have grown up a lot in My 29th Year. So, Adios to My 29th Year! So, This Birthday Newsletter is going to be a Little Different. Less than Traditional. So, Something that Most People don’t think about, Your Birthday is not just Your Birthday, It is also for Your Mom. Your Mom?! You would say. “It’s MY Birthday, not Hers!”. But, Here is the Thing, We would not be here without Our Moms. Our Moms giving birth to us. My Mom and I were talking about it one Night and I asked her, “What would You call the day of My Birth?”. “Mother’s Day of Birthing” and Everyone has one. In Other Words, In a way, Your Birthday is mainly about You but, also about Your Mom. So, What about Your Mom? Well, in Honor of Her, My Mom is Awesome! The Thing is about Your Mom is that You don’t realize how much She does for You from Birth to Now. I Thank My Mom for that Every Day and not just in a “Thanks Mom for Dinner” kind of way. After all, She birthed me, She burped me, She cuddled me, She took care of me, and Sent me to School among Many, Many Things. She does a lot too! She does a lot of Work (that is often Unseen, as to How hard she works) and Representation of not only Myself but, My Special Needs of Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS for Short). That Alone deserves an Award! She does a lot of Work for Furthering PTLS and does not Get Paid (Which She should, just My Bias here!) and Eventually Will be! She tells me that She knew I had Something Special about Me and that I was Unique from The Minute that I was Born! From The Moment that She felt Everything giving Birth to Me, She knew She was going to be in for Quite a Ride! Not in the Very Least a Typical Up and Down Ride! How about an Up, Down, Upside Down, and Spinning Ride?! and, Quite a Ride that She has ridden up to Now and Will continue to Ride. Now, Imagine this Whole Ride of PTLS, Working Hard Unseen, and Raising Him Up. Comes to Her Oldest Son turning 30 Years Old on Friday! That is just Cray-Cray! I am not a Gift Receiving kind of Person (It is not My First Love Language), I would rather feel Love with Quality of Time. I would rather Celebrate The People that I know and Love as My Gift. So, that is My Gift to You. All in all, I Thank You to My Readers for Being in My Life. And, I thank My Mom for Birthing Me for You to be in My Life! 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Thank You for Being My Lifetime Gift.