March 22, 2023

The Christianville Spirit: My Mom's Birth-Month (Tradition)

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Creates New Beginnings 

March (Marzo) 22nd, 2023 – TCS # 806 


Happy Birthday, My Readers! Okay, so This is an Odd Greeting but, It is quite meaningful. Now, YesIt may or may not be Your Birthday This Month, although I know a lot of People who have Birthdays in March (“Marzo”, as I call it), but One Highlight Person wants to Wish You Happy Birthday even if It is not, My Grandma Honey.  

Speaking of which, She wishes Her Amazing Daughter (aka My Mom), A Very Happy Birthday!  

Okay, so My Mom’s Birthday is on Thursday. So, I figured that I would write This Newsletter to Celebrate My Awesome Mom! My Mom does A lot! A lot of Things that Youtuber’s would call “Behind The Scenes”. She Helps and Messages PTLS Family Members around The World; Let’s not forget Translating Information about PTLS in Different Languages whether It is an Official Release or A Chat with a PTLS Family Member in Another Part of The World; She is The President of The PTLS Foundation; She Teaches Health Science Classes; She does ahem.. (Clearing Throat) Lactation Consulting (Refer to The Newsletter about that. Newsletter 563; September 2017), Integrative Medical care, Medical Education, and Parenting Coaching; and, Of Course, She’s got Her Two Awesome Sons! Me who loves Geography and My Brother, Michael who an Artist and Brilliant at Woodworking in Her Home Life. She is a Very Busy Person! She does not get Enough Credit. Seriously! Yes, I realize that I am bragging about My Mom! I am doing so in The Most Humble Way! What can I say?! She is My Mom! By The Way, This Year is Big Birthday for Her. So, Do Wish Her The Biggest of Happy Birthdays! Happy Birthday, Mom! Thanks for All the Hard Work that You do! Don’t What I would do without You! Woot Woot! 

Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter! While We are on The Topic of Birthdays. This Month has been a Month of Celebration with PTLS Awareness Month as well as My Mom’s Birthday this Month. “It’s My Birth-Month!”, My Mom would say. Our Friend, Max told us that You should celebrate Your Birthday not just a Day, but A Week, or Even The Entire Month. The Possibilities are Endless. It was in 2019 and More so in 2020 that I came to The Realization that I have not written about My Mom’s Birthday. I had written about Grandma Honey’s Birthday. So, Why not do both!  

First I should mention The Birth of, In My Humble Opinion, the Best Mom Ever! Then again, I have a Good Relationship with My Mom. To Me, that is Very Important. Come to Think of It, a Little Deeper, If It was not for My Mom, 

I would have not been born! Cause and Effect! You can follow it as far Back if You want! 

If It was not for Great-Grandma Mimi, There would not be Grandma Honey; If It weren’t for Grandma Honey, There would not be My Mom and Of Course, as I always say; If It weren’t for My Mom, then There would not be Me. Funny if You think of It that Way. It becomes More Interesting the More You look at it and Yes, even how far back You can go. So, I thank Grandma Honey, on Her Birthday for Giving birth to My Mom, who gave birth to Me. 

As You have heard Me say, I am proud of who I am. I would not be here Today if it was not for My Mom being Born. Believe it or not, Both My Mom and Grandma Honey have Interesting Birth Stories of Each Other. For Grandma Honey, When She was Pregnant with My Mom, She went to The Hospital 3 Times with False Labor until The 3rd Time (3rd Time’s The Charm, They Say!) when My Mom was finally born. However, Funny Story, as a Result of Grandma Honey pushing so hard birthing My Mom, Her Knee came up to Hit The Doctor’s Nose and Broke It! Oops! Now, of Course, with that kind of Luck in The Family, You know that My Mom birthing Her First Child, Me, would come with an Interesting Story. My Mom gave birth to Me via Cesarean Section without ANY Medication, She basically felt Everything. Well, Okay, She was given anesthesia but, It did not work. Plus, I was in Distress trying to come out, so The Doctors decided to do a C-Section and Like I said, She felt Everything. I believe She felt Everything with BOTH My Brother and I (The C-Section Meds did not work when Michael was born either) at The Times we were born. My Mom likes to refer to it as, “Natural Childbirth by C-Section” 

So, A Word to The Wise, Anyone who messes with My Mom or Grandma Honey, My Mom She felt Everything and My Grandma Honey will Break Your Nose. To Me, that is Love! So, to Continue The Honoring I will Rerun a Newsletter about My Birth but, It also honors My Mom in Many Ways. 


Portions of This Newsletter was written on  

August 9th of 2017 (Refer to Newsletter 556) 


So, This Birthday Newsletter is going to be a Little Different. Less than Traditional. So, Something that Most People don’t think about, Your Birthday is not just Your Birthday, It is also for Your Mom. Your Mom?! You would say. “It’s MY Birthday, not Hers!”. But, Here is the Thing, We would not be here without Our Moms. Our Moms giving birth to us. My Mom and I were talking about it one Night and I asked her, “What would You call the day of My Birth?”. “Mother’s Day of Birthing” and Everyone has one. In Other Words, In a way, Your Birthday is mainly about You but, also about Your Mom. So, What about Your Mom? Well, in Honor of Her, My Mom is Awesome! The Thing is about Your Mom is that You don’t realize how much She does for You from Birth to Now. I Thank My Mom for that Every Day and not just in a “Thanks Mom for Dinner” kind of way. After all, She birthed me, She burped me, She cuddled me, She took care of me, and Sent me to School among Many, Many Things. She does a lot too! She does a lot of Work (that is often Unseen, as to How hard she works) and Representation of not only Myself but, My Special Needs of Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS for Short). That Alone deserves an Award! She does a lot of Work for Furthering PTLS and does not Get Paid (Which She should, just My Bias here!) and Eventually Will be! She tells me that She knew I had Something Special about Me and that I was Unique from The Minute that I was Born! From The Moment that She felt Everything giving Birth to Me, She knew She was going to be in for Quite a Ride! Not in the Very Least a Typical Up and Down Ride! How about an Up, Down, Upside Down, and Spinning Ride?! and, Quite a Ride that She has ridden up to Now and Will continue to Ride. Now, Imagine this Whole Ride of PTLS, Working Hard Unseen, and Raising Him Up. Comes to Her Oldest Son turning 30 Years Old on Friday! That is just Cray-Cray! I am not a Gift Receiving kind of Person (It is not My First Love Language), I would rather feel Love with Quality of Time. I would rather Celebrate The People that I know and Love as My Gift. So, that is My Gift to You. All in all, I Thank You to My Readers for Being in My Life. And, I thank My Mom for Birthing Me for You to be in My Life! 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Giving Birth to Give Life. Now, that is Love.