May 29, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: Christianville Explained

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
May 29, 2013-TCS # 353

So, I think that The Newsletter I’m going to write is well overdue for those who are either just getting to know me, have known me for a while, and Yes, even My Veteran Readers that have known and followed my newsletter since the beginning, Welcome onto Christianville Spirit Highway! So, I’m sure that you are wondering about Where the Term, “Christianville” came from. You See, when I was younger, like around 4th Grade, I would pace back and forth in the yard when I thought no one was looking or I was bored. I had even Ironed a trail that I paced on. While I was pacing, I would hum the sounds of the road or imagine a different version of Dallas, where the bridge over the Trinity River was more like the Golden Gate Bridge, South Dallas was where the Zoo was (which it actually is) and a city below it, which was a dirty city. I named the Dallas-like City, Christianville; South Dallas or locally known as “Oak Cliff” was considered South Christianville and The dirty city was Elizabethvania (which is presently a much cleaner city known as “Izzyville”). I believe the theory that Elizabethvania was that it was to make the City of Christianville look more attractive and nicer. Now, I should mention that it was no reflection on the actual person that the city was named after. Anyway, After some imagining of the city, I left it alone for a while until I hit a High School Age. That was when I decided to write a list of Information about this “Made-Up City of Christianville” and This is what I came up with..

The City of Christianville is The County Seat of Christian County, TN

The City Of Christianville is along The Tennessee River. Which Mississippi is on The Other Side.

The Highlight of The Christianville Skyline is The Tower of Christian Smith and The Christian-Izzy Bridge. The Christian-Izzy Bridge is Part of The Christianville Skyline, Just as Much as The Tower of Christian Smith is.

Nearby Brooke, TN is Home to Christian Smith. The Areas Around The City Are Considered "The Christianville Metro Area"

The New England Cities And Nor'easter Village. Which is North of Christianville is Christianville's Feel of a Non-City Feeling.

The Newspaper of The Christianville Metro Area Has an Unique Name to it. It is Called "The Christianville Spirit"

Christianville's Basketball Team is called The Christianville Timberwolves.

West Michael Street, In Downtown Christianville is The City's Teen Hang Out Street.W. Michael St. has Plenty of Shops and Chairs for Local Teenagers to Hang Out and Talk.

Christianville's Famous Best Friends Festival is a 5 Day Festival to Honor Christian's Best Friends.Each Day of The 5 Days Is a Day For Each Best Friend. It Is Held on November 16-20 on Friends St.from Brooke to S.Izzy St.

Christian's Best Friends Festival Day List:
Nov.16-Karleen Day{Presentation Of Friends Of Year And 'Parade Of Karleen Frishman'}
Nov.17-Brooke Day{Christian Smith And Brooke Herrick Fair. In Brooke, TN}
Nov.18-Meredith Day{Meredith's Fun Day}
Nov.19-Whitney Day{Wacky Whitney's Play In Downtown Day}
Nov.20-Steven Day{Tigger Parade}
The People Of The Christianville Metro Area Say that The Intersection Of Christianville And Tennessee St. Is The Heart Of Christian Smith

On April 19, 2006. The City Of Christianville Started The Sister Cites Program. The Sister Cities Of Christianville, TN are:
-Karleen City, Karleen-
Michaelville, Michael-
Stevenville, Steven

So, After I came up with that list, The City of Christianville became more real to Me. If You have noticed, My “Made-Up” City of Christianville is in The State of Tennessee. The Reason behind that is because I love the East Coast of The US (along with many other places) because The Smith Family lives in Atlanta and I have always wanted to be there. Plus, Tennessee seemed like a good fit and it sounded more like it flowed when you said, “Christianville, Tennessee.” Also, in the notes, you can see where this newsletter, “The Christianville Spirit” got it’s name. Funny Thing, is that, “The Christianville Spirit” in Christianville it’s self, is actually the City’s Newspaper. So, Anyway, as the city’s reality started to set in, I decided to draw maps of city and Believe Me, I have edited them many times but, they are in detail of the Downtown Area, Metro Area, A Light Rail System known as CARTA (Christianville Area Rapid Transit Authority); as well as The City of Brooke (named after Childhood Friend, Brooke Herrick) which is more like Plano. or More like, Exactly like Plano. By The Way, I should mention to that the names of Cities, Streets, Places, and The Days of Christian’s Best Friends’ Festival are all named after something or someone that is important to me. The Names; Izzy, Meredith, Whitney, Brooke, as well as “Herrick” occur alot in the city because those are the people who I grew up with in “The Jeff Era” (Mr. Jeff is the nice guy that My Mom dating and was there for us when we were kids) and I refer to them as my “Childhood Friends” or “Long-Time Friends.” When I was in High School, My Mom said that I should “Write a Blog” since I enjoyed writing all through School and it started as an Email to Friends & Family about my thoughts of the day or The Events in Christianville. Then, as it grew, I moved it to a Blog Site and now it has thousands of readers around the world. Now, I direct my writing toward Living with PTLS and My View on The World. All in all, I’m always taking requests for topics and I hope you enjoyed learning about My City of Christianville

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I really appreciate all My Readers, You are all Very Important to Me. 

May 22, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: In My Best Friend's Honor

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
May 22, 2013-TCS # 352

So Today, to me, is a Special Day because of Someone Special. You See, 5 Years Ago My Best Friend Lynee, passed away (I had posted on Facebook that it was 4 Years Ago, but, it was actually 5). Lynee was someone that I was really great friends with when I was in 4th Grade. It was when I was much less social as I am now (Hard to Believe there was ever that time, I Know) and My Words were less clear then. I always like to point out too that she was My First Crush and I didn’t know that to do with that. However, She was one of those friends that understood me, even If I didn’t talk clearly. So, In Honor of the day that she passed away, I gave today a Special Name instead of the depressing name, “Lynee Watson’s Homecoming” So, I refer to it now as “Lynee Day”, which is my day to celebrate her life, even though I only was with her in 2 Classes, in Fourth Grade and The other in Tenth Grade. I even am changing a Street Name in Downtown Christianville in honor of her and put her on the map. Last Year’s “Lynee Day” was not an easy one for Me because it was the First “Lynee Day” after I found out that she passed away (which was 2 Years after She actually passed away). This Year is more about Celebration of Her Life. Anyway, Sometimes when I think of her; I think of those “Master Card” Commercials, Only My Version and In My Words, “A Friend is Easy to Find, A Good Friend is Harder to Find, and An Awesome Friend who You Loved...This is Priceless.” We will always have Friends that we either meet in Elementary School who continue to Travel with Us in our Life, Friends who will become more Special, or Just Friends that come into your life and Stay for a Season. Lynee on the other hand, She’ll be around Forever even though She is in Heaven but, also, She is My Guardian Angel as well. What Kind of Friends do you have in Your Life? All in all, Make the Best of Your Friends. Keep The Great Friends in Your Life and Give them a Special Place in Your Heart.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cherish, Respect, and Never Let Go of the Friends you love because you never know what Tomorrow will bring.

May 15, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: Why Do We Have Moms

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
May 15, 2013-TCS #351

So, As You all know, Sunday was Mother’s Day here in The United States, I say that because Mother’s Day is on a different day in other parts of The World. But, Anyway, Mother’s Day is a very important holiday to Me because of one thing that I am ever grateful for, My Mom, as well as Moms in general. Moms are Awesome! But, Why do we have Moms? Now, I’m sure you are reading this, thinking, “Why do We Have Moms?! What kinda of Crazy Question is that?” and others would wonder and ponder about it. So, I’m going to answer that question, “Why Do We Have Moms?”. Well, Truth is, there are alot of reason why, but here are MY Reasons Why.
  1. They birthed us; through hard labor, sometimes, Hours of it. In My Mom’s Case, A C-section that she felt the whole time (the anesthesia didn’t work!)  
  2. They are our Secondary Quilt, Beanie Baby, or Blankie when we are Babies (Because We like to Snuggle)
  3. They are “Best Friends” when we don’t have any Real Friends and They always will be, whether you like it or not.
  4. In The 90’s (And, Probably still now) They are Our Seat Belts when someone slams on their brakes. Even though We already have our Seat Belt on.
  5. They are our Protecter, Guard, and Guard-Rail Fence against Evil, Mean, or Hurtful Forces.
  6. (If You Let Her Do This One, You are Lucky) They are Your Matchmaker. As in, walking up to the Prettiest Girl around and saying, “Hey, Check Out My Son, He’s a REALLY Good Catch!” and You always say, “Moooom!”. But, You never know if that girl might be the Girl of Your Dreams!
  7. If You have a Bully or Hateful/Hurtful Person in Your Life, “Momma Bear” will come out and it will NOT be Pretty!
  8. In My Case, If You have Special Needs, Your Mom will go to all lengths to get you what you need, help you in anyway possible, and be there for you when you need her. Even going through many teary-eyed and bull-headed IEP Meetings!
  9. They know what is best for You, Way before You Do.
10.          and, Finally and Most Importantly, They are Your Mother and Whether You Like it or Not, They will be the only person besides Your Soulmate that will be by your side Forever!
So, Those are My Reason as to “Why We Have Moms” and I wanted to add another reason of that, In My Case, they are your Road Buddy or Your Chauffeur when you want to go somewhere. By The Way, That is a Condition that Can not be taken advantaged of. All in All, My Mom and I have always had this system where I ask her, “Mom, Why do you do this?” and she answers, “It is in The Book of Moms!”.

Thanks fore Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cherish Your Mom, She is Your Best Friend!

May 8, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: Ceremony of Letting Go

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
May 8, 2013-TCS # 350

 So, When I was in school, usually at the beginning of the School Year, I would have to fill out an Introduction Sheet of things about yourself including your class schedules. But, there was this one question that would always stump me and that is “What don’t I know about you that you would like Me (The Teacher) to Know?” It would always stump me because I never knew what to say, after all I’m pretty much an open book to Everyone that I know. So, This Week, I’m going to, in a way, answer that question. You See, Whenever Someone wronged me or In Most Cases, When I Broke up with Someone (or Someone Broke-up with Me) I would do a ritual, in my case, A “Ceremony” if you will. It was and still is My Way of moving on. So, for example, after I broke up with Ali (Ex-Girlfriend the 1st) and Madison (Ex-Girlfriend 2nd), I would grab anything that reminded me of that person and throw it in the trash. By The Way, that can mean Photos, Gifts they gave me, and Anything that reminded me of them. I thought it was no big deal with My Ex-Girlfriends until I did one partly for someone that we’ll call, “Mom X-2.” To Me, it was a big deal this time because I loved this person greatly and at the time, I was not ready to do the ceremony because I am a man of Second (and, Third) Chances and I had a little hope that this person would change but, they didn’t. Of Course, There will always be a segment of My Heart that still loves “Mom X-2” but, she hurt me very deeply and this is what I had to do. Now, I did not do the full ceremony because there were things that she gave me that is very special and still means a lot. But, Sometimes, unfortunately in life, you have to lose things and people; whether they move away; Pass Away, like Grandma Honey’s Dog, Sugar; or They somehow, just forget about you because They have moved on and/or they just got busy with their lives, like some of My Childhood Friends, But, I am a firm believer though, that Everything happens for a Reason, whether you like it (and, You might) or Not. As They say also, that when you let someone or something go, someone or something new will come along. In My Case, In the course of a couple months, I’ve had new PTLS Aunts, meeting new PLTS Family Members, Like Madison from East Texas and Uncle Brent’s Dad, “Putt”; You can’t top it off without occasional and entertaining Skype calls with PTLS Uncle Brent, and finally while I wait for My lovely Soulmate/Women of My Dreams, I have nice and safe “Dates” with Married Women like Monica and twice weekly “Dates” with PTLS Member, Raisbel (who I call, Raisy). And, as for Grandma Honey, She is currently in the process of hoping for the arrival of a new dog(or 2 or 3)! Good Luck with That! All in all, People of all shapes and forms will come into your life and they’ll either stay for a while or forever.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Come into My Happy Life and Hang Out for a Bit or Forever.  

May 1, 2013

The Christianville Spirit: An Exciting & Unnerving Week

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Fills Your Heart & Lifts You Up
May 1, 2013-TCS # 349

So, This Week has been quite an interesting week for Me, both Exciting and Unnerving at the same time. First, The Exciting News, My PTLS Uncle Brent’s Dad was coming up to Dallas for Business and He wanted to meet us while he was in town. So, He said that He wanted Seafood for Dinner. so, I picked for us to go to Rockfish because it was nearby where he had to go, plus it is really good. So, as My Mom and I were waiting, we see him walking toward us through the Parking Lot (he likes to be called “Putt”. sort of like Popi used to be called, “Bud”) We noticed that, “Putt” looks exactly like Uncle Brent. I should say that “Putt” is a really cool person and he reminds me a lot of Uncle Brent. He lives in a town that only a True Texan can pronounce, Mexia (Ma-Hay-Yuh) and I actually know how to pronounce, considering I was born in Texas. Anyway, We all had pretty much the same meal, Crab Stuffed Flounder with Ponchatrain Sauce; Only with Different Side Dishes. Anyway, The Company was Awesome and We got to teach him all about PTLS and He taught us what he likes to do. We look forward to seeing him again soon. It was a great visit. So, now on the Unnerving Part. So, Many Years Ago, when I was younger, I went to this place down near San Antonio with My Dad, there was a creek and a dam. All the kids, including My Brother, were playing in the creek so, I joined them. As I was walking on the cement slab, which was covered in algae, I walked on it like all the other kids were and I slipped and landed on My Two Front Teeth. Little did I know that several years later, the nerves inside would die and the two teeth became Gray. So, I had to have a Root Canal Yesterday Afternoon and I was REALLY Nervous all week before, including The Day of, and at the time of the appointment. Yes, Another Dentist Story! Anyway, I have never had a Root Canal before so I didn’t know what to expect or what was going to happen. So, On the Day, I also had a Neurologist Appointment earlier than I was going to.  Yes, Two Doctor’s Appointments in One Day! Now, The Neurology Appointment was No Big Deal because He just had to ask questions about My Headaches, test my nerves, and get my my muscle strength, then get an updated MRI scheduled, so I can figure out the Headaches and General Update on My Brain. But, I was more nervous about The Dentist which was going to come after the Neurologist. So, When it was over, we traveled up to The Dentist. Luckily, My Mom was there with some Natural Remedies like Lavender & Rescue Remedy (which I believed, helped a little bit) on the way there and once we got there. So, Once we got called in, I sat down, and got CNN on The TV. It was really nerve-racking because I know that The Shot (The Numbing Needle) was coming first. Again, Luckily, the Doctor asked me while reading my nervous signals, “Are You Nervous about The Needle?”, And I answered, “Yes.”  The Doctor said, “Well, We can do it without it if You want”. I was more worried about The Needle and If I had it without The Needle, It might hurt worse. However, I reminded Myself and The Doctor that the root was already dead, so I didn’t think I would feel it and I didn’t! It felt very weird like pressure on the teeth, when they were drilling. the only thing that got me was that I gagged when they were trying to take the X-Ray in the middle of The Procedure. It also helped that I was surrounded by Pretty Women, one being My Mom rubbing My Legs to keep me calm through the whole procedure. All in all, It was so much better than the needle and No Pain!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. As The Much Over-Used Saying goes, “Keep Calm, It’s Just a Root Canal!”