April 29, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: My Feelings about April and God

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
April 29, 2015-TCS # 448

So, My Readers. I am sure that All of You have That One Time of The Year when If Any Anything Bad is going to Happen, It is going to be in That Month. In Other Words, In Everyone’s Family, There is always that One Month of The Year that You dread it coming because You believe something crazy is going to Happen. For Some, It is a Months like September (for those of 9/11), October, May, or  (Hopefully Not) December. For Our Family, It seems to be April. Nearing The End of March, We see April coming and We think “Oh No! Not Again!”, Every April, I can’t WAIT for April to be over with and Come Out of It Unharmed. So, Why Exactly do I Hate April? It seems that April is The Month that if Someone is going Pass Away or Something Bad is going to Happen, It will be in That Month and Believe Me, It has happened before. You See, Several Members of The Smith Family have passed away within Days of Each Other in Different Years, The First was Uncle Doc on April 14th, 2007,(on Our Birthday Calendar, We put “Homecoming”), The Next Year, 2008, on April 17th, My Mom’s Dad, Popi passed away and finally, on April 11th, 2010 My Grandma Honey’s Mom, “Grandma Mimi” as We called her, passed too. That is also not to Mention that My Grandma Honey’s Dog, Sugar passed away on April 30th, 2010. So, Since Popi past away back in 2008, April has been sort of a “Bad Luck Month” for Our Family. April of This Year, of course, was No Exception, Both Personally and In The News, It has just been a Bad Month; The Napal Earthquake, Baltimore Riots, The Crazy Weather as well, and If You watch The Show Gray’s Anatomy (Spoiler Alert!) They killed off Derek Shepard (aka McDreamy). Not to Mention, The Scary Newsletters (at least for Me) Newsletters 444 and 446, because Those aren’t Good Numbers and They came in The “Bad Luck” Month of April, How Fitting. Now, I will say that There is Some Light that did Come Out of April, Don’t Worry This Newsletter is not going to be that Depressing, I promise You! It seems like When Things are Crazy in Our Family, That is When The Best Conversations between My Mom and I show up. Some are Me educating Her about Geography and History, and Some are Extremely Inspirational. There was One Conversation We had about God and His Blessings. A Talk about How God, Our Prayers, and His Blessings work. It is at a Time when We are both waiting patiently for The Big Blessings and “Breaks”. After I was Done Talking to My Mom about it, I posted about it on Facebook. It Read The Following, “So, My Mom and I have the most interesting Dinner Conversations! This Evening, We talked about God's Blessings, Praying for a Request for Something, and How They all Work! So, This is How I see it. I believe that God runs a Restaurant, like a 10-Star Restaurant, The Best there is. The "God Cafe" I call it. So, You come in and sit down, God's Servers (Angels) give you a Menu. You Say, "Dear God, Please give me XYZ". A New Break, The Right Person, The List goes on. Then, God starts Cooking it. Well, because We are sitting at a 10-star Restaurant, it takes a Very Long Time to wait for Your Food (Wish) to be served to You. People not for God, are Outside protesting for Whatever Reason. While You Wait, Minor Blessings (Appetizers) come to You. This is going to be a Good Meal, You Think. Each Year passing by You wonder if it will come. (Great Blessings equal Great Worthy Waiting Time) You Yell, "Hurry Up God!", "I AM WORKING ON IT says God!!!!!" in a Loving Way. We are at a 10 Star restaurant, it must be Really Good. When You finally get The Meal, It is THE Best Meal You have ever had! Some People order small meals like Never-Ending Appetizers or something you can cook at Home. Others tho, Like Me, Order Big Meals and although we have to wait for them, They will be So Worth It! Until Then, God is back there working Very Hard with His Special Touch with Your Meal. So, For Now, Enjoy The Appetizers and Drinks until Your Meal comes! Oh, and Don't listen to those Protesters, They don't know what They are missing.”
So, I Pretty much explained that When You ask for Something Big, God has to Cook It. Now, I forgot to Mention that There are Many Other People who are sitting along with You at God’s Restaurant (The God Cafe) and They may get Their Meal before You do, but Naturally, That happens at a Restaurant. Also, If You ordered the Best Meal on The Menu, It takes a Long Time for God to get what He needs for The Meal and to whip up the Ingredients. Some People, I should mention, are More Helpful than Others. Most wait while The Appetizers are Served, Others, They help Serve The Appetizers. One Other Talk about God that We had, was Yesterday, This Time I told My Mom how I believe God sees all the Craziness happening around The World, from ISIS to Baltimore. I believe that The Bible talking about things like The Rapture, makes God seem like a Very Unforgiving, Merciless God and Yeah, I know, The Universe is God’s Creation, so It is His Universe to Control. I, personally refuse to believe that The Rapture is going to happen in My Lifetime because The God that I know, Does not want to Make The Call. And, I am Sure, There are Days when Even God Himself has a Bad Day and He is like “THAT IS IT! I’M MAKING THE CALL!” and Jesus says, “God, Calm Down! It is Alright!” Call Averted. But, I believe that, We as Humans can stop it and Create Peace around The World. We are Part of God’s Universe, right? So, Why can’t We try and Make Peace. Now, Okay, If It happens, it happens, It is not in My Control. But, The Earth is Very Beautiful and I would not want to Leave it without Seeing The World that He created. I Believe that God is more Peaceful than People make it seem like. All in all, This is All What I Believe with All This. I hope that You are Inspired as much as My Mom was when I told her both Stories. I think, The Biggest Point that I want You to Get is Go to God’s Cafe and Pray (Order) for Something Big, and Imagine How Great of a Meal that You are going to Get when Your Plate finally touches The Table. My Order has been to have The Chance to see The World and Marvel at All The Great Sites and Write about It. My Payment for My Order is with Love for All. 

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. I hope to see You all as I travel around The World!

April 22, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: The IKEA Ride

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
April 22, 2015-TCS # 447

So, My Readers! Happy Earth Day! Let’s Celebrate The Earth, Keep It Clean, and Marvel at All that God has created. If You can go, do it. If Not, Look at a Site on Reddit called “EarthPorn”, The Places that They show on there are Real! So, on to My Newsletter. There was An Exciting Event that happened This Week, It will sound boring at First but, Then, Gets Exciting! So, This Past Saturday, My Mom and I were just going to go to The Grocery Store and then, Come Home. That is all that We were going to do, I was a little tired that day so It was Okay with Me But, After We did Our First Errand, I thought, “We can’t JUST go to The Store, I know I am tired but, We Have to do Something Today!”. I perked up when I thought, “Well, There is a New Water Tower that was built, Let’s Check that Out”, So, We did. Well, In a City like Our Neighbor to The North, Frisco, It grows VERY Fast with New Roads, New Neighborhoods, and New Road Signs! Oh, The Life of Me! So, One Sight to see turns into Two, and then Three. It is the 3rd Sight that holds a Surprise, but The Exciting part is Coming! The 3rd Place was Downtown Frisco, The Old Downtown Frisco where not as much happens compared to New Downtown Frisco. We drove past a little Festival called “Frisco StrEATS & Music Festival”, something like that. Wow! What a Surprise! My Mom and I find the oddest things on Our Drives. So, on the way to What I thought was going to The Grocery Store, My Mom said “Why don’t we walk around IKEA!?” I thought, Okay. Now, We are at The Exciting Part. So, As I mentioned back when I wrote the Newsletter about Nebraska Furniture Mart, I had never been to IKEA. So, Why not Visit while We were out and sort of Compare in Our Heads versus Nebraska. So, We walked in and It was as if We hopped on a Roller Coaster, A Roller Coaster that meets The “It’s a Small World” Ride at Disney. I have to say, in respect to IKEA, that it is a Very Structured Store, One that You have to Walk all the way through, It is a Different Type of Store than I have usually been in. But, Hey! We are Here, It is pretty much the Closest to Sweden as We can get, right now, and Our Friend, Monica would be Very Proud; On The Ride, We go! Click-Click-Click-Click Up the Escalator and Down a Small Hill. Wa hooo!!  Then, The “It’s a Small Room after All” starts. And, Believe Me, By American Standards, It is a Small Room. It makes You realize that Americans (and, Yes, Texans especially!) have Big Houses. The Rooms were anywhere from 1,000 Square Feet to 275 Square Feet, the Average Size of a House in Sweden (and, Elsewhere in The World), We saw the 375 Square Feet House that would be a Good Size if I have to Live by Myself. The 275 Square Feet, was Getting a Little Cramped. You could easily Get out of Bed, be within a Few Feet of The Kitchen and Table. You would Never leave Your Bed because The TV is right near Your Bed. It was amazing to see a Model of what Some of My PTLS Family Members live in. It makes us realize that us Americans and Texans, Love Our Stuff. The More Stuff, The Better. In Fact, In Plano, It is the More Stuff, The Happier You are; At Least, That is What They say. I don’t believe them! More Stuff, Does not make You make you have. But, I have heard that Not having so much Stuff is actually Freeing. Now, Do keep those small comforts like a Pillow (at least for Me) or a Toy or a Stuffed Animal. Most Definitely keep Your Clothes! The Rest can be replaceable. A Bonus is that, in the event of a Move, You don’t have to move so much stuff! Anyway,  We found some cute “Gifties” as My Mom would say, along with some cushions for some of Our Chairs. Now, At The End of the Showroom Segment of The Ride, Structure tells us to stop at The Restaurant but, We figured that We would save that for Last. Now, We get a Little Excitement and Go down a Longer Hill with a Wave or two. Our Hands in The Air, We say Yay! Yeah! Then, We move on The Marketplace Segment of The Ride. This is where The Ride goes on a Conveyor Belt so, You can get off and get on when You need to. The Marketplace is to get the little items that you need, Things for Your Room’s Organization, and other things. I saw the Room Organization Section and I got off The Ride to see it. I need a New Organization for My Map Collection! Funny how walking through a Store can do that to You. I said that we would think about it, just thought I would check. Back on The Ride. Then, We get to The End of Marketplace Segment and We come into The Warehouse Part. Now, at Nebraska, You do not set foot into The Warehouse, so This is New to Me. That Warehouse, I have to say was Huge! Back in The Showroom Segment, You were supposed to grab a Shopping List and Write down what You wanted along with a Bin Number. Then, You come to The Warehouse Segment and You find the Bin Number, Voila! You have your Build-Your-Own Furniture. With Visiting IKEA, You have to mention that Yes, You do have to Put Said Item Together, from an Easy Bed to The Much-Harder Shelf. Or at least, that is what I have heard anyway. So, Then We come to The Finale of The Ride, The Check-Out. Now, again The Structure claims that You visit The Restaurant and hop on The Ride, Marketplace, and then The End of The Ride, You try the Cinnamon Bun for Dessert or Visit the “Swedish Food Market”. Well, We visited The “Swedish Food Market” and then, We walked to The End. Now, I have to say that After Check-Out, The Way that The Signs are and The People, it feels like leaving customs in an International Airport. After We hit The End, We dropped our stuff in Our Car and headed to The Restaurant. Now, IKEA has plenty of Shortcuts but, You have to know about them. Now, We hit The Restaurant and I have a Helping of Authentic Swedish Meatballs along with Mashed Potatoes, and Lingonberries, Oh how Monica and My Swedish PTLS Family would be Proud. Now, I will say that They also served French Fries and Mac n’ Cheese as Sides, so American! I did not have either. I did however try Lingonberry Juice which was really good. I noticed while walking through here that I saw Jars of Lingonberries Everywhere! It was Funny to see all The Swedish Words for Things and Try to Pronounce them. They ought to have an Audio Tour with How to pronounce those, it would help immerse you in The Swedish Culture and Try to Understand It. My Meatball Meal, by the way was Really Good. My Mom, of course, tried to Vegetarian Version of it and She really liked it. And, That was Our Little Trip to Sweden via IKEA. So, Thank You IKEA! So, Those of You still wondering if We ever made it to The Grocery Store, Yes We Did! After Words, My Mom wanted to take a Picture of us at The Bluebonnets that she passed every day coming and going to Work. I realized that we had not done that in a Very Long Time, The Last Time We did was when We were Kids. So, I think I owed her that one, The Picture came out Great! All in All, That was Our Fun Adventure. Funny what My Mom and I find on Our Drives, even if We are just going down The Street. By The Way, IKEA really does not have a Ride, although I kinda wished that It did. I would ride it! I would call it “The IKEA Experience”, Make Note, IKEA, It’s a Good Idea!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Take a Drive! You never what You might find! Bluebonnets and Lingonberries. 

April 15, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: My Funny Names for Things

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
April 15, 2015-TCS # 446

So, My Readers, I present you with Another Way to Get to Know Me, As If You don’t already know Me. As If! Sorry, Had to add a Little 90’s Joke there for You! Anyway, To Know Me, You have to know that I often come up with Nicknames for those I am close to like, Aunt Joey, Aunt Angie, “My Kristin”, H.J Angel and”My Dear Deb” just to Name a Few, Shoutout! As Well as Acronyms and What I call “Funny Names for Things”. Now, the Funny Names that I have for Things usually is Inside My Head and I only Mumble them to Myself when I am near them, and Some of Them I use constantly. So, The First Funny Name I use is for The City of Atlanta and Fulton County, Georgia. You See, As I have mentioned before My Mom’s Side of The Family lives in Atlanta, including My Grandma Honey. So, This Name is for Several Reasons. In My Head, I call Atlanta, “The Mother City” and Fulton County (The County surrounds Atlanta) “The Mother County”. This is for Two Reasons, One because All Roads Lead to Atlanta, All The Highways Signs in Georgia and as far away as Virginia point to Atlanta. It might also point to The Fact that I have been wanting to move there to be closer to Family. The Second Reason, is because because Atlanta is The Capitol of Georgia, It makes it The Mother of The State of Georgia. Normal Georgians would tell you that “The Real Georgia” is Outside of Atlanta but, that is not The Point. So, The Next Few Funny Names have to do with PTLS. You See, Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS for Short) was named after Dr. Potocki and Dr. Lupski from Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine to whom we owe all credits; Therefore, In My Head, It makes Houston, Texas; Texas Children’s Hospital & Baylor, the Capitol of PTLS. In Other Words, Where PTLS Started. But, Here is where My Names for Things gets a Little Crazy. You See, As You know, I come up with Made-Up Cities (like Christianville) and States. So, Why Not come up with a European Union-style setup for My PTLS Family, known The PTLS Union or Known by It’s Official Name of Potocki-Lupski Syndrome Union of Families. So, that Comes from The Belief that We are all a PTLS Family or Union of Family Nations. With All This Put Together, Houston is “The PTLS Union Capitol”, The Heart of All Things PTLS. The Conference is held there, The Doctors are there, and PTLS was founded there. It might also show That I Love how The European Union works, as well as My Love of Geography, History, and Politics. So, With that, The PTLS Union Capitol City is Houston and The Capitol Building is Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. So, Before We move on from The PTLS Union Capitol, I have a Funny Name for The Road that surrounds it. You See, There is Road that surrounds Houston that They call “The Loop”, It is Interstate 610 or Loop 610/”The Loop” locally. In My Head, It is called “The PTLS Perimeter”, A Reference to Atlanta’s I-285 (The Perimeter). I hope of the Day Where The City of Houston renames Loop 610 as “PTLS Perimeter” in honor of Dr. Potocki and Dr. Lupski. For now I call it that, after all Houston is “The PTLS Union Capitol”. So, The Next Funny Name is something I use a lot, “PTLS Family Members” and “PTLS Members”. You See, Families with Kids that have PTLS, are considered Family to Me, They have been for quite some time. So, With that said, “Families with PTLS” (We used to call them that) makes it sound like We are Strangers. It just does not sound right! So, I Believe Now that “These People” are My Literal Family, My PTLS Family. If Said Person is Part of Your Family, You refer to them as a “Member of Your Family” so Same Thing with Potocki-Lupski Syndrome, If You or Your Child have PTLS, Welcome to The Family! You are Now part of My Family. Now, to be fair, You may or may not like some of Your Family Members, that is Okay, No Family is Perfect. Because You are a Member of My PTLS Family, then You are a “PTLS Family Member” or “PTLS Member”. I think, “PTLS Family Member” is more for People I am close to and “PTLS Member” is a General Family Term. Now, Finally, My Last Funny Term is What I refer to as The Made-Up Company I work for, WTSOC Communications & The Christianville Spirit. I write for My Newsletter, The Christianville Spirit and In Christianville, It is tied with One of The Local Channels, WTSOC-TV & AM. WTSOC is not a Real TV Station, It’s call letters mean “The Spirit Of Christianville”, however I am working on making it a Real Company and My Job that I will get paid for. All in all, I hope that explains All My Funny Terms for Things. Now, You know me in a Better Way.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Find Something that You are Passionate about and Do It!

April 8, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: The Story of Lost in Dallas Hills

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
April 8, 2015-TCS # 445

So, My Readers, I have an Interesting Story to tell you. You See, If You have been reading My Newsletters, You would see that I write some really good Stories, some Examples include, The Untold Story of Lynee and My Story about H.J Angel among many other Stories that I have written on Here. But, Did You Know that My Story Telling Skills go further back than The Beginning of My Newsletter? Yes, That is Right! You See, Every Now and Then, I look through what I call My “History Box”. I made This “History Box” way back in 7th Grade in Middle School, It was to Collect Old Things from School and Other Past Memories, most of them were School-Related. I have Pictures of Old Friends; My Graduation Diploma, both from Senior High School and Elementary School; and, A Couple of Artifacts from Years Back like as far back in Kindergarten (around that time, I wrote that My Favorite Holiday was Mother’s Day). Then, I found a Book, If You will, that tells a Story called “Lost in Dallas Hills”. I re-read it and wondered What some parts I was referencing as well as Remembered some other parts.. Now, The Reason behind Why I am such a Good Storyteller is because of My Teachers, Mrs. James and Mrs. Bachman. They helped in Many Ways because They knew that I had the potential in write a Good Story. Problem was that My Mind was running faster than My Little Hands could Write. As A Kid, You have to remember how to Spell Words and Make Sure that You use correct Grammar, among other things, which is a Little Struggle today. So, Mrs. James and Mrs. Bachman came up a Genius Idea to have Me Dictate What I wanted The Story to Say. So, I am going to Read This Story to You and Then, I will “Translate It” Afterwords. This Story, by the way is called “Lost in Dallas Hills”. It was Dictated and Written when I was in 4th Grade, in 1997, when I was 10 Years Old. Enjoy!

Christian and Michael were Brothers. Christian was a nine year old boy who had curly, brown hair that turned black when it got wet. He had big, brown eyes and he was tall and thin although he loved to eat and eat and eat. Christian loved to study maps and international geographic information. In fact, he was an expert on roads in the United States. Michael was seven years old and he had reddish orange, straight hair and brown eyes. He was short and skinny like Christian. Michael liked to talk a lot to his friends and often got in trouble at school. Sometimes Michael was mean to Christian and Christian would cry, but they still loved each other. Christian, Michael, and their family went for a drive. They saw a beautiful canyon that they wanted to go to. Too late, they passed it. Then, Christian saw a sign that said Welcome to Dallas Hills. Mom said, “Wow! What a beautiful country.” They drove through the country side. Christian started getting hungry.  He wanted to eat at the country club. They stopped and ate dinner. On the way home, Christian said, “Can we go for a walk?” Mom said “ok, but don’t get lost.” Christian and Michael walked about 15 Minutes. They looked around and couldn’t see the car. They saw a coyote and were afraid. They started to run very fast. It started to get dark and Christian was very sleepy. Michael saw a house and lights were on inside. No one was home but they still went inside and fell asleep. Christian woke up when a black dog started licking his face. He woke up Michael. They were so hungry they looked in the refrigerator. There was nothing to eat. Suddenly, a ghost flew out of a closet. Christian and Michael ran from the house. The coyote started chasing them. Then they heard a voice calling “Christian, Michael, where are you?” It was Mom. Christian yelled “Mommy, watch out!” Christian and Michael fell on Mommy. “Ugh” said Mom. We saw our dad and we all got on skate boards and went down the hill, crossed a bridge and jumped in our car. We drove out of the Dallas Hills complex. Then Christian asked a question. “Can we go to the beautiful canyon?”  Mom said, “yes” They ran half way into the canyon and back into the car. Then, they ate lunch at Harvey’s in Dallas County. Finally, they went home and they never got lost again. The End. 

So, As You Could Imagine, Some Parts were Easy to Translate and Remember, but Other Parts weren’t. The First Part of The Story is Describing The Characters of The Story, Christian and Michael (aka My Brother and I). At The Time, I had been Eating a lot but, Not Gaining Weight, that was until in Middle School but, I digress. Anyway, The Main Part of The Story, The “Dallas Hills” part is a Story behind The Story. You See, My Mom was dating a Guy named Mr. Jeff and He had 3 Kids, Jeffery, Alex, and Elizabeth (known as “Izzy”). So, Every Summer and in between, We could go up to Our Lake House in a Place called Nocona Hills which was Out in The Country where There is Nothing Around. The Part that mentions The Country Club, The Hill, The House, and Walking around Freely is all Referencing all The Fun that We had up at The Lake House. We would go to Dinner at The Cafe called The Country’s Club, There were Times we even walked back to The Lake House from The Cafe. The Hill,. of Course, was My Favorite Part about going there. The Hill (Which was a Big Hill) felt like a Roller Coaster going down it. The Coyotes, That is a Texas Thing. The Canyon Part, I think, references Enchanted Rock; A Place that We went to visit when We went down to My Dad’s House in San Antonio. And, then, The Most Important, The Mention of Harvey’s. Funny Thing, I do not Remember going to a Place called Harvey’s. I finally figured it out, It translates to “Arby’s” like The Sandwich Place. At The Time, as My Mom pointed out to Me, My Speech wasn’t that Clear so The “Ar” part in “Arby’s” came out as “Har”. The “By’s” came out as “Vey’s”. The Skateboard part always makes me laugh when I re-read it. To Me, It sounds Heroic and At The Time, My Brother loved Skateboarding. The Black Dog part of The Story, I don’t remember having a Black Dog, but It may refer to Izzy’s Dog who she named “Nocona”. All in all, It is Funny to re-read things of Your Past, to Remember, and To wonder, “What was going on in Your Head at that Time?”. Fortunately, For Me, I also had a Wild Imagination and I still do.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit.  Thank those who Inspired You when You were Little to become What You are when You are Older. 

April 1, 2015

The Christianville Spirit: Me and My Numbers

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Sparkles
April 1, 2015-TCS # 444

So, My Readers, If You have been here a while or not, and I know that Some of You have been around since The Beginning (aka My Veterans) and Some of You are New. In which in Case, if I have not welcomed you, Welcome to The Christianville Spirit! I have always numbered Every Newsletter since the Late 100 Series Newsletters. So, With Someone who not only likes Numbers but, Studies them in something called Numerology, Each Number means Something. Now, Funny Enough, I did not like Math when I was Younger and to a Literal Mind, Math is a Nightmare. But, Now that I have gotten older, applying Math and Numbers to means more because I apply them to Things that Interest Me like Watching The Miles (or Kilometers) count down to The Next City, Doing Math to Figure Out Number Meanings, or Figuring Out Time Differences between Different Places, I have PTLS Family Members around The World after all. But, Certain Numbers, both Good and Bad stand out. I’ll do the Bad Ones first, then The Good ones. Bad ones are 444, 464, 446, 466, and Of Course 666. Good ones on The Other Hand are 111(and, My Favorite 11), 222 (and 22), 333, 555, 777, 888, and 999. Also I should mention My Confirmation Numbers 2 and 11. So, What do These Numbers mean Exactly? Well, Numbers Individually mean one thing (or Sometimes, The Same Thing) and Sequential  Numbers (which are The Ones that I pay close attention to, mean something else.) I can tell you what each of these numbers means Something. For Example, 111 Means Alignment with Your Spirit Guides (meaning God, The Universe, or Destiny, depending on what You believe), 222 (which is My Favorite) means that You are going in The Right Direction, 333 (Another Favorite of Mine) is as My Friend, Jeremiah, whose Mom (a Pastor) taught me, means God’s Phone Number and Cosmic “YES” to a Question You are Asking, 444 (This Newsletter Number) meaning Cosmic “NO” and Spirit Guides don’t recommend doing What You are Thinking, 555 Means a Life Changing Thought Just Occurred (Funny How I remember that one, Because that is not an Easy One to Remember), 666 means Your Thoughts or Intentions are NOT Aligned with The Universe, 777 Means that a Lesson has been learned, 888 means that A Segment of Your Life (Emotional, Career, or Relationship) is Ending, and Finally 999 means Completion. Now, How do I find these Signs? In The Time on A Clock, Phone Numbers, Highway Numbers, and Even Newsletter Numbers; Pretty Much any thing that has a Number in It. Sometimes, You will be thinking in Your Head, “Should I Do XYZ? (Get That Job, Move, or Other Life Changes, sometimes Simple) and then You look over at the Time or a Phone Number on a Billboard and It says 333 (Meaning “Yes”) or 444 (Meaning “No”) as well as any other pair of Sequences. So, Back to My Point here, Being Attentive to Numbers can make you Happy (like 333 and 222) or “Number Sensitive” as I now call it. Sometimes Though, You see or Hear a Sequential Number and wonder what You just asked or thought of When You saw it. As For This Newsletter, Number 444, I think it turned out well and I kicked It’s Butt! Even though, I was a little “Number Sensitive” about The Arrival of It. All in all, It all  is in What You Believe, but It also shows that Your Destiny can be happening as You see Those Sequential Numbers, both Good and Bad, They are Your Guide to It.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Happy Counting!