October 7, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: No IQ 14th


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October 7th, 2020-TCS # 707 

Happy 14th Year to Me, My Readers! Wow! That is an Awesome Greeting This Week! Tell Us Why! Well, Believe it or not, I am One Year away from My 15th Year is Writing! Yes, Really! So, This will be The First Newsletter of My 14th Year of Writing! The Only Thing about it is that It kind of Confuses me a Bit and I will explain why. You See, It took me a while to start Writing My Newsletter at First, My First Newsletter was on November 1st of 2005 (by That Standard, in November would be My 15th Year of Writing) but, I really didn’t get fully started until October 4th of 2006. I started writing on Different Days after that until I choose to Write on Wednesday because It was the Middle of Week, Nothing much was on TV, and We usually did not do anything that day anyway. What is Funny is that My Grandma Honey has been printing Each and Every Newsletter that I have written and One Time gave me the Prints that I now call My Records. Well, I marked The First Newsletter that I wrote to be on October 4th, not realizing that I had written one more previous on November 1st of 2005, making My 15th Year Celebration This Year because It was truly My First Newsletter. However, I have been celebrating My Newsletter Years by The October Standard and It would not be Fair to basically skip a Year of Writing. Confusing, Right?! In Either Standard, I have been Writing a Long Time! So, I am thinking that I will use the October Standard and Celebrate My 15th Year, Next Year in 2021. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter! So, to Celebrate My 14th Year of Writing, I am going to Reshare a Newsletter that explains that People with Special Needs (and, Us PTLSers) should be Treated Equally! Enjoy and Happy 14th Year to Me! 


This Newsletter was Originally Written on August 29th of 2018 (Refer to Newsletter 604) 


Hola, My Readers! I am happy to be on My Regular Newsletter Writing Schedule! I missed you guys! So, There is Something that came to My Attention This Past Week that Made Me feel “Special”, and Not the Good “Special”. You See, in Having Special Needs, which One would think is Easier than being Typical, don’t have to worry as much about Life’s Worries, It is an Easy Life! Or, so We think anyway. Okay, Given having Special Needs, gets you some Bypasses and Help as well but with it, comes those Times. This Story is one of those Times. You See, In order to have the Help You need as well as Trying to be as Independent as possible, You have to get Services to help you. Services can be given via The Government or The State in which You live in. In Texas, That means It is given via The State of Texas. Basically, It’s getting The State, Medicaid, and A Coordinator Company to all agree in Giving You Services. It is really complicated! Basically, I have a Case Manager that I see every month and They basically check in to How I am doing. The Extras like Supportive Employment, In-Home Services, and so on, You have to request. Anyway, so Along with The Coordinator Company checking in, The State checks in to see How you are doing in terms of Your IQ, to see See if You need The Services or not. This only happens once every few years, The Last Time being in 2013. Now, It was not The Test itself that bothered me, It was that I was not prepared for It. Now, Truth be told, An IQ Test is not something You need to be prepared for, unlike School Testing, The SAT, or ACT Tests. But, A Psych Person told us to come in, and We thought it was only to Update Yearly Paperwork but, It turned out to be that They were going to Test My IQ, I was Tired and still recovering from Going to Sweden. So, The Person told My Mom leave the room to do The Test. I tried My Best, even with My Perfectionist Ways. Now, They is No Wrong or Right Way to do The Test, Just give it Your Best Shot! But, The Thing is, The Way in which You are treated when comes to IQ Testing as well Other Ways of treating People with Special Needs, tends to swing towards, (In a Child-Like Voice) You be Careful Now because This Person is Speecial! In Other Words, Asking something like “Can You do This?!; Match Shapes?; Numbers? (Frontwards, Backwards, and in Order); 2 Plus 2; Geography Questions (Nailed It!); Science Questions; and, Sometimes, Psych Questions (Luckily not This Time). If It were You, It would make you feel Less Than. Thank God that They changed The Name in which They call Someone with a Low Score, (Pardon The Language here) Mentally Retarded. Today, They use The Term “Intellectually Disabled”. Ya Know, to My Mine, that Sounds like a Machine or a Robot that is messed up a little bit. Not quite that It is Useless but, Quite that It needs a little Tune Up. Computer Nerds, On It! Another Theory is an Office Printer that You need to go to The Printer itself to press “Print” instead of on The Computer. If You do try Pressing Print on The Computer, The Printer say “Intellectually Disabled”. Now, In My Mind, One could read that as a Joke like “A Priest and Rabbi walk into Bar..” and Truth be told, It could be a Joke. But, To Me, It is not. I have known that I have Special Needs and I embrace It! PTLS makes me who I am. But, My Readers, It is NOT Who I am or What I am, if that makes sense. If Someone introduced me as “Hey Guys, This Christian, He has Special Needs, He has PTLS” versus “This is Christian, a Great Friend of Mine”, It makes me feel better. I am proud of Have Special Needs, but to Reminded of It, Is basically Putting a Label on The Office Printer saying It does not work when, It just takes getting up to Clicking “Print” on The Machine and Surprise! It works just Fine! Now, I may not excel in Certain Areas like Math, unless It is showed in a Better Context. I may not be up to The Social Level of People that are My Age. But, I do excel in Other Things, like Geography, History, and Politics. Not to Mention; Road Signs, Human Emotion, and Intuitiveness, to name a Few. I don’t need an IQ Test to tell me about that, because I already know about that. Heck, A Couple Years Ago, I was able to Fix My Computer after It had a Virus. All in all, PTLS makes Me Special, but I like to say that It makes me Unique. 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Don’t Judge, Don’t Limit Us Incredible People! 

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