June 24, 2020

The Christianville Spirit: The Politics of Sleeping 2.0

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Brings Hope
June 24th, 2020- TCS # 693

Happy Summer, My Readers! Boy, I am Sure that You are Happy to hear that. At The Same Time, This Dreaded Coronavirus is not Necessarily Done with Yet. Although I really wish that It was! I want to go to The Beach! But, I don’t live near The Beach. Well, 5 Hours to The Beaches of Galveston or 7 Hours (I think) to The Beaches of South Padre Island in South Texas. But, Those Beaches are not of The Best Quality. The Good Ones are East of Louisiana or South into Mexico. Anyway, Lately, There has been A lot of Politics happening in Our Country. None of Which that I will get into. All I will say, is Just Keep Spreading Love in Any Way that You can, because We all need it! So, Let’s Take a Spin into Politics with Love! This Week’s Newsletter, I am rerunning a Newsletter about that! Politics with Love!

Portions of This Newsletter was Originally on December 7th of 2016 (Refer to Newsletter 523)

Happy December, My Readers! It is now My Favorite Month of The Year, December! I Love December because of My All-Time Favorite Holiday, Christmas. Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter. So, I realized Something on My Trip to Spain last week. I have been on 3 “Red-Eye” Flights in Europe in My Life and I realized that I have trouble sleeping on The Plane there. Yeah, Yeah, Follow this Travel List, like a Special Pillow, Choose The Seat Wisely, Bring Headphones (Noise Canceling is Best), Don’t Drink (I don’t, except for Soda), Be Careful about Carry-ons (It is better to have a SMALL Carry-on under The Seat because it takes up Valuable Space!), Take Sleeping Pill (Be Very Careful about that, Read on it and Test it before hopping on a Plane)... But, Really, does anyone actually follow that Advice? Well, for Me, Sleeping and Traveling don’t Work. I am too Excited to see the New Place and Of Course, all the Noise on The Plane, and Lack of Room in between Seat, among other things. The Trouble with it is a Newsletter that I am going to Rerun. You See, Every Now and Then, PTLS Family Members ask Questions that roll into Themes, I like to Think. One Week, It is a Potty Training, Sleep, Walking & Talking, and More. I believe that This Gold Newsletter that I wrote on May 27th of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 452), not only answers that Question, but My Own Question to Myself of Why I have a Hard Time Sleeping on a Overnight Flight. So, With Further a due, Here We go! Enjoy!
I have an Interesting Topic that I have to tell you about. Although, Each Time I think about it, It is a Very Odd Topic. You See, Sometimes either in My Half-Asleep Mind or My Mind when I about to go to Sleep comes up with Either Ideas that are Just Plain Genius, like Travel on a Dime Agency (called Dime Travel)? Any Takers to Help Me with This One? As My Uncle Bruce would say, “Ohhhhhhh Yeah!” or Ideas that are Just Plain Weird! How about The Politics of Sleeping? (Hmm... The Politics of Sleeping..) So, that is what I am going to tell you. Now, It seems odd to write about Sleeping when I got up at 2:45 Today, but Hey, It Flows. However, What about those people in Places like Australia that are about to go to Sleep or Elsewhere in The World, well This is for You then! I present to You, The Politics of Sleeping! So, Blame It on The Fact that I watch The News a lot or How I am interested in how Geography, History, and Politics mix together, to come up with this idea. But, that is okay. You know those Moments where A Person has a Certain Sleeping Style, One Person will wake up at the First Sound they hear and The Other will keep on Sleeping, You wake them up and be Like “How Can You Sleep like That?!” Trying to Figure Out just how to Sleep like The Other Person. So, How do People Sleep? Well, that is an Interesting Question. So, like Normal Politics, We have the “Heavy Sleeper Party”, “The Middle Sleeper Party” and “Light Sleeper Party”. The Light Sleeper, wakes up at The Sound of Anything, Mowers, Babies Crying, Car Driving By. Meanwhile, The Heavy Sleeper can sleep through The Snoring, The Car Noises, The Road Noise, or White Noise. (I think when I am on a Plane, I revert to the “Light Sleeper Party”) I am probably likely a Middle Sleeper. So, Now the Question becomes, How EXACTLY do People Sleep? Well, This is Where it gets More Broad. There are People who love to have Absolute Silence when They Sleep, Any Noise can and will disturb them. There are The White Noise Sleepers, that would be Me; They need a White Noise, a Little Road Noise, a Fan Running, a Little Music Playing (like a Lullaby or The Type of Music they use to Massage, gentle music along with The Sounds of Ocean Waves), Ocean Waves (That’s Why People love going to The Beach; My Grandma Honey would prefer to Sleep that way!), White Noise Machine (That would be Me; I like the “Waterfall” Sound, The Best). There are also People who would rather not Sleep alone and It comforts them with Someone that They love with them. There are People who have Machines like a CPAP Machine that helps them breath and preventing Snoring. Speaking of Snoring, There are Two Kinds of People, Those that can handle Snoring and It is sort of like The Other Person’s White Noise and Those of Us that Can not stand it! The Funny Thing is that We don’t realize that We are doing it. It took me to wake up half-asleep, half-awake and I heard Myself snore, Very Weird! Now, The Most Fascinating Part of The Politics of Sleeping are Dreams. Now, I have heard that Dreams are The Sub-Conscious Mind trying to communicate with You. You would probably think, “Now You want to Communicate with Me, like when I can not do anything about It.... Now?!”. It goes without mentioning that People have Good Dreams, like a Passed Loved One coming to Visit, Images of The Future, Getting Married, or What Have You. and Those who have Bad Dreams, otherwise known as “Nightmares” or “Night Terrors”. For The Sake of Those going to Sleep in a While, I won’t mention Images. Now, I should tell you that Whatever You are thinking about in The Last 5 Minutes before You go to Sleep is Most Likely What You will Dream about. Now, Here comes the Tough Part, Shutting The Brain down to GO to Sleep. For Me, that is Hardest Part both at Home and Traveling. There are Many Different Ways that People do it. Some just Ride It Through (that would be Me), Some get up and do Something Mind-Less, and Finally, There are People who do Meditation or People who use Soothing Music (refer to The “Massage Music” segment I mentioned before). Now, My Advice, and This One I will admit is a bit hard for Me, but Turn Off your Electronics at least an Hour before Bed. Ha! I don’t follow My Own Advice! It actually is My Mom’s Advice, but I digress. So, The Point is that Everyone sleeps in a Different Ways so You better hope that You find Someone (if You are Single like Me) who has The Same “Sleeping Party” as You do. Otherwise, Prepare to be Woken Up MANY Times! As in The Lion King, (Singing Aloud): “Beeeee Preparedddd!” All in all, If You are Reading This before You go to Sleep, Good Night and I hope You have Good Dreams! and I hope that I did not make any of You that are Awake, Sleepy.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Sweet Dreams to All, No Matter How You Sleep.

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