August 16, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Surprises in My Birthday Week

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
August 16th, 2017-TCS # 557

Happy New Age Year to Me, My Readers! Wow! Folks, It has been quite a Week, This Week! I mean that like It was One of The Best Birthdays that I have had. I am a New Age now! I am now 30 Years Old! Can You Believe that?! I know I can’t! So, 30 Years Old. What do I know about 30 Years Old? Well, 3 in Numerology is a Good Number, It is a Godly Number. In Sequence, 333 is not only “God’s Phone Number” as My Friend from Middle School, Jeremiah’s Mom, Miss Marilyn taught me that. It also means Cosmic Yes! 30 is the Age, that when The Big Things in Your Life start happening. You find The Love of Your Life, You Find a Great Job, and Have a Family, that is if You want Kids. I have heard that You would have those by 30, So I am thinking that means before You turn 31. Then again, that is My Old-Fashioned Self speaking and Influenced from Watching probably too many Romantic Comedies and Hallmark Movies. So, A Question I get about being 30 Years Old, How does it feel? Well, It took a while getting used to it. I have found that It is an Odd Age because It seems Old, but Yet You feel Young still. It is Very Odd. 

You Know, in Life, Surprises come when You least expect them.  Surprises even start back to The Moment when You find out that Your Mom was Pregnant. She did not know that She was going to have Kids. After That, The Next Surprise is when Your Child is Born, You don’t know if It is going to be a Boy or Girl and It pretty much sets the Track of the Whole Child’s Life. After I was Born, My Mom was Pleasantly Surprised when She found that I was a bit More Unique than She expected. She was Surprised to find out that I had a Duplication of Chromosome 17 before it was known as Potocki-Lupski Syndrome and, then Fast Forward to My 30th Birthday where I had Surprises The Whole Week.

 So, What did I do for My Birthday? Well, as far as I knew I was going to FaceTime with My Brother back in Colorado, Maybe hang out with My Mom’s Former Student, Girl’s Group, and Go to Dinner with Max. Oh, but, as My Brother would say “You don’t even Knooow!”. 

So, I am sitting watching a Movie on Wednesday Night, My Mom is in Bed, Her and I are the only ones Home. Well, I heard the Dogs start barking and Then, The Front Door opens. I say “Mom?”, thinking maybe She went Outside for Some Reason. I look toward The Hallway and In walked My Brother. I say “Michael?!” I laugh at Myself the way I responded but, The First Thing I said “What are You doing here?”. thinking, Why is Michael here and How did He get here? Did He just Magically show up? Did Santa Claus in His Off Time, bring him? He actually came to Texas to surprise me! and, Shocker! My Mom actually had been keeping the Surprise from Me for like, Two Weeks! Bonus here! He was the one who planned on coming down to Plano to see me for My 30th Birthday. What a Great First Surprise! Oh and I had Him for a Whole Week! 

So, on Thursday, We were going to go to Dinner with a Friend of Ours but, She was not feeling good. So, We went to Downtown McKinney to Eat Dinner instead. After We ate Dinner, We stopped by that Texas Wines place that We went with Uncle Craig back when He was here and Then, I got Myself some Good Cherry Pie (My Favorite!) from a Place called Pie Emporium. They have Fresh Pies, with Fresh Ingredients, and Pies that are in Season. 

On Friday, My Birthday, My Brother and I went for a Drive. I showed him the New Cowboys Headquarters, Practice Stadium, and Hotel near it. The Hotel was Brand New (18 Days Old at The Time) and I wanted to see Inside of it. After driving through another “Life Style Center” as Uncle Craig would call it, We went to Dinner at My Mom’s Friend, Max’s House. That was a Surprise too! I thought that It was going to be Just My Brother, Myself, My Mom, and Max. It actually was My Mom; Max; Former Neighbors, Robin and Woody; My Mom’s Former Student Friends; Barb, My Mom’s High School Friend (The Person who found Paco); and, My Brother. It was an Awesome Dinner Party! It was Good to see Robin and Woody again! I really miss them as Our Neighbors! They were The Best Neighbors! It was One of The Best Birthdays I had had. 

On Saturday, another Surprise that was a Minor Surprise, but We got to have Dinner with My Brother’s Friend (and, My Friend), Spencer. We went out to have Thai Food. It was pretty authentic! It was good to see Spencer again. I have not seen him since Shortly after My Brother moved to Colorado, Two Years Ago!

On Sunday, was another Surprise! A Surprise Pool Party with All of My Neighbors That was a Total Surprise and I was Pleasantly Surprised! It was Fun to hang out and swim with them! I have to say that I have Most Awesome Neighbors! Very Loving and Very Supportive.

For The Rest of The Week, We did Memorable Things like We watched a Great Movie, Inside Out. Had Great Talks with My Brother. He got to meet My Great Friend, McKenna. I have to tell you, It was One of The Best Birthdays I have had. The Surprise of My Brother coming to Town really meant a lot to Me. All in all, The Surprises of My Birthday Week were Beyond Amazing!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Surprises in Life come when You least expect them. Sometimes They make up for The Sad Things in Life and Make them Better.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Birthdays and friends and brothers are great!