February 7, 2024

The Christianville Spirit: PTLSers Translated Remix

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Shines Brightly 

February 7th, 2024- TCS # 844 


Ahoj and Happy February, My Readers! Yes, This is a more Common Greeting to Me than You Think. Every Month, on First Day of The Month, I always tell My Mom, Happy (Insert Month Here)! Happy February; Happy March (Marzo); You get The Idea. Speaking of March (I call it Marzo), PTLS Awareness Month is coming up soon! Get Ready! I am Very Excited! For Now though, It is February, The Month of Love. Now, Not Everyone agrees with Valentine’s Day but, Love Anyway! So, on to This Week’s Newsletter! 

Yes, I am sure that You have heard This Greeting before, but It actually is a Greeting used to Not One, but Two European Countries! It is also used in Slovakia, not to be Confused with Slovenia. In Local Languages it is even more confusing, Slovenia is SLOVENIJA (SLO) and  

Slovakia is SLOVENSKO (SK).  

Sounds Confusing, doesn’t it? I digress. 

To be Fair, Slovak and Czech are Very Close Languages. For Two Separate but, Divorced Countries, not only does Czech Republic (Czechia) and Slovakia, formerly Czechoslovakia speak Languages that are close to one Another and They are still Very Good Friends. Anyway, Speaking of Languages, I was looking at “On This Day” posts on Facebook the other day and Found a Gold Newsletter that kind of seems like It is in It’s Language. PTLS Language. I know, You are thinking that This is another Language to learn next to National Languages (Like English, Swedish, Czech), Love Language (Refer to “5 Love Languages” Newsletter”), and Language of Music (Refer to “The Language of Music” Newsletter). But, Here’s another Language to Learn. PTLS Language! Now, Luckily, PTLS Language is Pretty Easy to Learn if You know how to Translate It. In This Case, that is What I am going to do! with PTLS Awareness Month and Day coming up Next Month, It is always a Time of Spread Awareness about Potocki-Lupski Syndrome, talking about What It Means, Refreshing People’s Memories of What is coming for Their PTLS Child, and Of Course, Most Importantly, to Teach New PTLS Family Members about Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS) and What it is about. 

Now, a lot of PTLS Members always want to know about Certain Questions, like What on Their Young PTLS Mind. 

You See, For PTLS Family Members, It is One of those Questions that They are curious about, but Are not sure whether They want to hear The Answer or not. Sometimes, In Our PTLS Family,  

We get Questions that that more Standard,  

“Will My Child be Okay?(Yes They will),  

Potty Training Related (Me, at Age 3);  

Walking or Talking Related (Me at Age 4 or 5);  

When They got Diagnosed (Me at Age 3);  

You know, The Basics. Then, There are PTLS Family Members who are Curious about Deep Things like Thoughts, Intuition (which We are Very Good At), Adulthood, and Struggles (Refer to “PTLS Adult Struggles” Newsletter for that!) as well as Many Other Things. So, What was I thinking when I was Younger? Well, This is It. I have figured that I should make This Newsletter a Christianville Classic, That Way PTLS Family Members can always go to This Newsletter and Many Others in My Christianville Classics List to Reference to Any of Their Questions. So, without Further A due This is The New Christianville Classic, “PTLSers Translated” 


This Newsletter was written back in March (Marzo) of 2014, Refer to Newsletter 395.  

First though, I should mention a  

Disclaimer* This may or may not apply to Your Child but, I hope that It is Easy to Understand. Happy February! And, I can Wait until PTLS Awareness Month! Enjoy! 


So, Everyone, This is The Last Newsletter of March (Marzo), PTLS Awareness Month. In Honor of PTLS Awareness Month, I’m going to help PTLS Family Members “Translate” Their Child’s Behavior. The Way I am going to “Translate” is that I am going to share My Experiences on some of The Things I did when I was Young. There was a time when I did something called Stimming. I stim in a different way now, by way of being on My Computer. But, The Stimming I did was called pacing. You See, One Day at Our House, I found a little section of Grass and Dirt under a Big Tree, I would make sure No One was around and then, I started walking back and forth. In My Mom’s Words, “I would hippity hop, back and forth.” Back then, I didn’t really know what it was called or what it looked like to others, I just knew that I liked the feeling of it. As Soon as I started going, I would start mimicking the Sounds of The Road in Dallas. To explain to those who live Elsewhere, To Me, it sounded like someone was hollering. When I was a Kid, I called it “The Holler Road.” I later found that it is grooves in the road that help with Tire Traction that made a High Pitch Noise. Anyway, I would hear the sound of The Holler Road and I would mimic it. Other Times, I had a Wild Imagination! In My Mind, Our House was sort of a Welcome Center, in the Events I pretended that We lived in Oklahoma and The Other Side of The Creek we lived on, was in Texas. Now, that I think about it, It probably was because Our Lake House was close to Oklahoma. Other Times, In My Mind, Our House would be a Welcome Center/Customs House on The Texas/Mexico Border. Our House was in Laredo, Texas; The Creek was The Rio Grade River, and Across The Creek was Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (This Thought came from My Dad taking me down to Laredo & Nuevo Laredo, because it sounded cool and I wanted to check out Mexico). You Know, When You are a Child with a Creek in Your Backyard, Anything is Possible! While I was pacing, I would look at the ground, even though The Ground was the Same going to Back and Forth but, I would picture these things I Mentioned in My Mind. Once I started pacing more, I actually could picture the ground showing me driving on “The Holler Road” or Picture People coming into Our “Welcome Center” and Signs that lead people through The House to Laredo, Texas or Marietta, Oklahoma. Usually, Someone would come out to see what I was doing and Redirecting Me by Jumping on The Trampoline with Me or Go Inside to Play Video Games. So, The Next Thing I want to “Translate” is an Obsession that I have noticed that A lot of PTLSers have when They are Young. It seems like we PTLSers are Obsessed at One Point about Doors. I’m not sure exactly why But, I can tell you that I, in fact, have gone through that Obsession. Now, Keep in Mind though, It may or may not be The Same as Your Child, but This is How I saw it. For Example, The Elementary School that We went to, was an Open Plan School, Where You would walk into the Center of The School and You entered into The Library. From There, There were two-paired wood doors that led to Each Grade. Two Glass and Wood Doors to Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades. Well, I believe, back then I was in 3rd Grade, The 3rd Grade Doors had a unique sound to them that I liked. They made a “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise. For Some Reason, I loved that, “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise, so Any Chance that I got to Open the Door and Hear it make that Noise, I took it. I’m sure at One Point, it annoyed all the Students and I stopped doing it until The Next Time I had a Chance. I should mention that Our Old Elementary School doesn’t have that Open Floor plan like it did in The 90’s. The City of Plano redid it a Few Years Ago. Really, The Only thing that is Original, is The Gym. To be Honest, Although Off Topic, I kind of Miss the Old Days of Elementary School and All the Fun that We, The Barsi’s, and The Herricks had together. But, The Door Thing, I’m wondering that PTLS Kids like that same, “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise, “Bang”, or “Squeak” Noise but only with different things like Cabinets or Other Doors. My Mom tells me that I used to sit on The Kitchen Floor and Open and Close Cabinets. I don’t do it anymore and I haven’t for a Very Long Time. All in all, Doors and Stimming are Fun to us Kid PTLSers but, It doesn’t last long because It would look silly. 



Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Sometimes, You have to see The World through Someone Else’s Mind. 

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