March 15, 2023

The Christianville Spirit: Interview with PTLS Adults II

The Christianville Spirit

The Spirit that Creates New Beginnings 

March (Marzo) 15th, 2023 – TCS # 805 


Moi, My Readers! Wow! This is a New Greeting, You might say! You are Right, It is! It is The Greeting to mean “Hi” in the Odd Language Country of Finland!  

Actually, An Honorable Mention, We do have a PTLS Family Member who lives in Finland! Shout Out to Her! In Case You were Wondering, The Greeting is Pronounced how It looks. It sounds like The Beginning of The Word, Moist. My Apologies for The Potential Trigger that You might have saying that word.  

Before I continue with My Newsletter, I will tell you that I made a Few Edits to Some of My Existing Newsletters on My Website to Make Them Look Much Better in The Way of Formatting. The Newsletters that have been edited are The “My Fascination with Europe” Series (I, II, and II) and “Fun in Learning Geography Extension” Newsletter. I tried making Country Names & Country Codes, Letter Accents, and Unique Geography Information in a Bigger Font. A Verdana Font (For Some Reason, I call it “Veranda” Font).  

Anyway, Let me know if Like that font. Presently I write My Newsletters in Cambria Font.   

Anyway, on to This Week’s Newsletter! 

So, As Part of PTLS Awareness Month, I decided to re-hatch a Creative Idea based on Something that I have tried before, Just in a Different Way. A Project of Sorts. Related to My Newsletter. A Newsletter Project! So, I thought that The Previous Interview that I did with My Brother, Michael (Refer to “My Brother’s View on Me Newsletter”) gave me an Idea to try doing an Interview with PTLS Adults.  

The Reason being that You always hear My Point of View on All Things PTLS but, What about Other PTLSers? An Idea! After going round and round in My Head about How to do this Project, My Mom and I came up 4 Questions that We feel that PTLS Family Members would want to know about Being a PTLS Adult. Next Part comes, Which PTLS Adults are Easy to get a hold of and Most Importantly, The Most Willing to do This Interview. In This Case, I found it Easier to just do Video Chat instead of Traditionally sending them the Questions via Email. I found it a lot Quicker doing it that Way! 

For The Record, I have Done one Interview already with PTLS Adults; Lil’ PTLS Sis, McKenna and My Best Friend, M.P Twinee (Refer to “Interview with PTLS Adults” Newsletter). I Figured that I would pick Two more PTLS Adults to Interview!  

So, Consider This “Interview with PTLS Adults II”! 


For My PTLS Adult Interview, I have chosen The PTLS Adults that I know and Love. Allison (aka “PTLSer Als”) and My PTLS Brother, Tyler.  

Now, Before I continue, I Chose Allison (“PTLSer Als”) because I have known her a Long Time, Longer than Most PTLSers that I have known and Met. Of Course, with The Exception of O.G Stacy whom I have known longer than PTLS has had a Name.  

One Other Note, because Allison is presently going to College (via a Community College), I have decided to Separate her “Favorite Part of School” Question, Answers! 

Now, I am going to make it Easy for You to Read. I will have The Question in Bold and Then, I will put both Allison’s and PTLS Brother, Tyler’s Answers following The Questions. Baring in Mind, That These Two PTLSers are Different in Some Ways and The Same in Other Ways. So, Let’s Get Started! So, Without Further a Due. This is The Interview with PTLS Adults! By The Way, The Answers displayed in My Newsletter are written (Mostly) in Their Words. Enjoy! 

PTLS Adult I: Allison (PTLSer Als). “I’m so Excited”, She would say. 

PTLS Adult II: PTLS Brother, Tyler. "'Sup" (Slang for What's Up). He would say. 


TCS: What Was Your Favorite and Least Part of School? 

PTLS Adult I: Allison*/** 

*High School 

Favorite: Graduation & K-Pop Club. (Listen to Music and Learn a Dance). It was Cultural and Relaxing! 

Least Favorite: Gym Class. Obstacle Exercises, Climbing and Running & Doing Sit-Ups 


Favorite: Effective Communication Class. (Learning about Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication) 

Least Favorite: Turning in Assignments late & Time Management  


PTLS Adult II: Tyler 

Favorite: Social Studies & History. Cool Stuff to learn about. Including the American Civil War. 

Least Favorite: Math. Not My Thing! 


Regarding Eating, What Textures of Food Turn Your Stomach and Which Ones do You like? 

PTLS Adult I: Allison 

Like: Sushi /  Japanese Food 

Dislike: Fish Skin 


PTLS Adult II: Tyler 

Like: Fried Steak / Shrimp 

Dislike: No Comment 


Name One Anxiety Trigger? 

PTLS Adult I: Allison 

Taking Tests (Academic) 

PTLS Adult II: Tyler 

Being in Big Crowds 


Regarding Job Futures, What Job would You like to Have? 

PTLS Adult I: Allison 

Flower Arrangements 


PTLS Adult II: Tyler 

Nascar Driver 


And, That Concludes My Interview with PTLS Adults! I would like to Thank both Allison and PTLS Brother, Tyler 

for doing This Interview! It may or may not have been Easy but, I appreciate Their Hard Work in Doing This! All in All, This Shows that We don’t let PTLS define us but, We are all PTLS! 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Surround Yourself with Friends that Understand Each Other! 

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