September 21, 2022

The Christianville Spirit: Me and The Season of Autumn Rerun

The Christianville Spirit 

The Spirit that Moves Mountains 

September 21st, 2022 – TCS # 785 


Happy Autumn, My Readers! Oh Yes. The Season of Autumn is here once Again. Autumn, an Old English Term for What We Americans call “Fall” is an Interesting Season. A Season of Change; A Season of Letting Go (I have heard This A lot considering This Crazy Year of 2022); And, Of Course, A Season in Which We can Peacefully Admire Nature! And, Honestly, I think We need to Reconnect with Nature to Reconnect with Ourselves! Anyway, To Explain about Autumn and My Feelings about It, I am going to rerun a Newsletter about It. 

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Portions of This Newsletter was written on October 8th of 2014 (Refer to Newsletter 420) 


So, The Season of Autumn (or Fall, as it is Normally called) and I have, I guess You would refer to as a Love-Hate Relationship. Autumn is a Season that covers September, October, and November as well as Two Major Holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, Why do I have a Love-Hate Relationship with The Season of Autumn? Well, I will start with the Happy Side of Autumn. You See, I Love Autumn because of The Leaves. What People call The “Fall Foliage” and I Love It! Unfortunately, I don’t live where There are a lot of Tall, Pretty Trees. To Describe what The Trees are like here, They look like Over Sized Broccoli. So, I celebrate Autumn’s Foliage with Looking at Pictures of and Reading Fall Reports from My Favorite Area of The Country in Autumn, New England. I love seeing those Eye-Blinding Colors! It is Beyond Amazing! Other than The Foliage, The Temperatures are finally coming down but, It is in that Comfort Stage where it is Not too Hot and Not too Cold. Of Course, We can’t forget about Thanksgiving with All The Turkey and Stuffing You can Eat. So, Now comes Why I hate The Season of Autumn. Okay, It is not Autumn’s Fault but, It put, In My Eyes, a Very Ugly Holiday known as Halloween. Halloween means a lot of Things that I hate and I will explain why; Pumpkins, Scary Things, Horror Movies, and Costumes. Now, Pumpkins are not at the Top of My List but, There is a Reason. You See, Back in The “Mr. Jeff Era”, We used to Carve The Pumpkins and That sounded fun..until I found out what was Inside. What is Inside is Pulp but, to me, It looks like Seed Covered Orange Goo coming out. It makes My Stomach turn just looking at it, and At Times, Thinking about it. The Reason being because It Looked Gross to Me. You See, As I have Told You many times about My Texture Issues. Well, I have Texture Issues with The Way Something feels as well as The Way It looks. Now, On The Upside, I would probably enjoy watching Pumpkins being Chunked in a Fun Event known as “Pumpkin Chunkin’”. It would be Interesting to see How far They would go. The Next Couple Reasons are Truly Why I Hate Halloween. Scary Things like Horror Movies, Haunted Houses, and Scary Costumes. I do not like Costumes in General, so making them scary is Much Worse! Of Course, I Hate Costumes, Especially The Scary Ones as well as Any that has a Mask. My Mom actually explained it to a PTLS Family Member once and Now, I know why I don’t like Costumes. “They (The PTLSers) don’t have very good Depth Perception, They Can’t see very well in 3D”, My Mom says. She also explained that We like it when You can see the Person’s Face, not a Scary Mask covering The Face. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the Cute Child Costume that is not Scary and I can see Their Face clearly. 

I would never watch a Horror Movie, unless It is a Horror Movie in a Funny Way. Although, It seems like Most of My Friends (including My Brother) like Horror Movies and I don’t understand why You would. It probably pertains to The Fact that I don’t like People and Animals in Distress. To Me, Besides The Movie Scaring The Pants off You, There is usually a lot of People in Distress in Those kind of Movies. Haunted Houses, Definitely Hate Them and Believe Me, I have Tried a Few. Those being Van Helsing at Universal Studios Hollywood, One at Sea World in San Antonio, and Fiesta Texas’ Fright Fest, Most of these with My Dad. So, At Least, I can say that I tried them and I Hated Them. So, I would rather celebrate with The Fall Foliage, Hot Apple Cider with Caramel, and Cool Weather. All in all, I Love The Weather Part of Autumn, Eating Stuffing at Thanksgiving, and Spending Time with Family. But, I can do without Halloween, A Little Christmas Music helps get me through. 


Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Cheers to Apple Cider and The Beautiful Fall Leaves. 

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